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September 2012 - They're on the move

(326 Posts)
WhereAreMyShoes Mon 29-Apr-13 07:38:35

Hello everyone. Hope you all find us safe.
Welcome to any newcomers too.

DD just tried to brush her hair with a hairbrush. Very clever!

ThedementedPenguin Thu 04-Jul-13 23:26:38

Aww good stuff. Thought I was on my own..

Have you had a scan yet leelteloo? Wow it's gone pretty quick, well maybe not for you but it has for me. smile I hope the sickness has gone for you? Have you joined a new ante-natal group?

Oh it'll not be long until he's under your feet all the time. I was getting annoyed cause Herbie wasn't crawling or moving, now I really regret it. Sometimes I just wish he would sit still for a second! It's only going to get worse isn't it?

I'm awaiting warm weather too, it shall be great to sit out in the garden again. Although there's not much shade in my garden for Herbie.

ballroomblitz Sat 06-Jul-13 10:27:02

So glad you and your dp worked things out shoes . How do you feel about having a third??

Glad your over your sicky period leelteloo . That all-encompassing tiredness is a killer. Ds didn't sit until 10 months either. We had him at the paed's for other reasons and they weren't worried about it at all. He's still not great at gross motor movements but there's nothing wrong with him. Been assessed plenty of times but he's just a clumsy child. As my dsis said, none of us were renowned for our poise either (remembering all the cuts and bruises I had constantly on my knees. Still have a scar there fgs)

Wee B isn't walking yet penguin but she's started to let go to stand unaided (for a few seconds before she falls on her bum grin ) I wouldn't know this as she waits until we are out of the room to do it, I've just caught her on the odd time. She was the same with rolling and crawling. Doesn't like an audience when she's first trying it out.

I still haven't moved to snacks. Infact I still haven't moved from bottle to breakfast first thing either, like ds was at this stage. I tried it the other day and she wouldn't really take her bottles all day then, resulting in an 8oz before bed and pretty restless night's sleep. So back to the bottle in the morning. With ds being off school she has been awful at bottles during the day and her naps. Too flaming nosey.

Still not a great eater but (and I haven't wanted to say this incase I scud myself) she has been sleeping through for about the past 3-4 weeks!! Goes to bed about 7-7.30 and sleeps through to anytime between 6.15 and 7am. Dad has her this weekend and he admitted he held her to sleep and gave her a yogurt after her last bottle last night for some reason so I'm fully expecting a fight to sleep when she gets back for a couple of days. Used to it now though as he messes up my routine every time which irritates me beyond belief.

cjbk1 Sun 07-Jul-13 09:44:42

I've never really had a life penguin and I'd talk all day long I'm just wary of not monopolising the whole thread shock I hate hot weather and it kills my energy so not really feeling much better than this time last year and I'm hoping that somehow the heat will be 'different' in Canada and more bearable as it is in Gran Canaria but not like Holland wink

ThedementedPenguin Sun 07-Jul-13 21:58:56

Cjbk1 I love how you say you never really had a life then go on to talk about all these different countries.

So I was at my mums during the week and we went onto the wii, on the wii fit board. I haven't been on it in 867 days so nearly 3 years. I've put on nearly 2 stone in that time. I'm gutted.

Also I lost my only pair of shorts that fit me. So I had to go buy more and I needed a size 12, only two years ago I was a size 6-8. I think I seriously need to do something about it. I cope fine on a normal day as I have jeans that fit, but when it comes to going out I get so angry and cry because I have nothing. I'm sick of feeling like this, but I don't do anything about it.

So I looked up slimming world but it didn't really tell me much about it, anyone tried it? I need something easy to do, has meal plans for me to follow. There's a meeting tomorrow so I think I'm going to go and ask some questions about it then decide if its for me. Does anyone have any other diets I could check out?

ballroom I'm so happy your dd is sleeping for you. I'm also very jealous as Herbie at most goes 6 hours now. I'm thinking I might try cc through the night. As I really don't think he needs it. But at the same time I don't want to starve him and by refusing I feel I am. Will be just wean himself where is ready or am I screwed into this for life? smile

WhereAreMyShoes Sun 07-Jul-13 22:41:00

Penguin don't beat yourself up about your body changing.
I've had two pregnancies in the last three years and it's shown me how much my body has changed shape.
My weight isn't really that much different but I have definitely altered the way I dress.
I've chucked out most of my old clothes now and slowly replaced them with new ebay stuff.
I was always so narrow waisted and ribbed. Still am now but my hips and thighs and bum are much wider. I'll never bother even trying River Island clothes again!

Thanks Ballroom we're doing great here now. Dp still well up for a third but it almost frightens me. The spd, the weight gain, the tiredness. I know it's all worth it but I think I need a break. Maybe in a couple of years we'll have another, but I think I need to get the copper coil fitted. Before we have another unexpected addition!

I hope everyone's well and not melting in the heat. I've not been away, just don't get a chance to sit and compose a post without being hung off or cried at!

cjbk1 Sun 07-Jul-13 22:43:35

well Holland was in the '90s to visit our grandparents who lived there for a few years and Gran Canaria was our only holiday pre-children&the only time I've flown outside the British Isles and I lived in Ireland from age 11-18 parents still those are my only points of reference for heat..Dsis is in Canada for 2yrs max hence the urgency to visit...but as for the things that Other People seem to do; nothing lol x

leelteloo Mon 08-Jul-13 05:18:18

Talking of shape change: I cannot believe how much I'm showing already! I look about 6 months gone. It just seems to be sticking out. I think it's because all the muscles are wrecked already & there is nothing to hold me in. As I'm trying not to tell anyone I just feel massively fat.
I love the heat and spent the whole weekend outside with the dc. Paddling pool, painting etc. dh gave me a few chances to get some naps in, so generally feeling more rested.

Macaroons Mon 08-Jul-13 20:22:28

Leetleloo - must be so exciting expecting a baby! Not sure we will have another baby... I really want one but DH doesn't. He's an only child so he doesnt understand. Sighhhhhhhhh.

Re shopping for clothes, I haven't got into shape yet, and not sure if I ever will. Was a 12-14 before and now a 14-16. Not happy...went into fcuk to try on some dresses and none look good in me... Sigh

I tried slimming world some years ago it did work for a while but then I didn't stick to it (counting number of syns is too depressing - eg Special K has 5 syns and you are allowed about 15 a day)

WhereAreMyShoes Mon 15-Jul-13 19:19:48

Urgh, I am actually melting.
How are your dc in this heat?

We've been over to my mum's to play in the garden but other than that we've stayed in. But our house is so hot. It's like an oven.
Dd is bfing with just a nappy on and is stuck to me with sweat.
Other than strip them both off and offer plenty to drink and high water fruits there's not really much else I can think of.
Dd isn't really bfing much more but still sweats a lot. Her hair is constant scarecrow mode!

My conservatory hit 40 degrees earlier shock

leelteloo Mon 15-Jul-13 22:50:11

I'm unusual in loving the hot weather. I hAte being cold and being able to sleep without covers is lovely. We've had the paddling pool out, had BBQs, not really been in the house much at all. The morning sickness and heat wasn't great but I've realised if I don't have milk I feel ok, so avoiding it. The dc are not struggling too much either: they must take after me.

Macaroons Tue 16-Jul-13 15:34:52

Yes it's so hot these days! How are your babies coping with this weather? Mine isn't sleeping very well at night, not sure if its because of the heat or something else, even though we got him an electric fan to use over night! To be honest I'm not sleeping well myself in this weather, and last night the electric fan in our bedroom went out of order in the middle of the night!!!! Not happy...

Want to pick your brains regarding going back to work. My maternity leave is due to end in late August, and I can only find childcare for 2 days a week in August and September before increasing to 4 days a week in October. I have accrued 30+ days off throughout my maternity so my plan is to first use up those annual leave days before formally submitting a request to work 4 days a week from 1/1/2014, say.

I have communicated my plan to my manager verbally back in mid May, followed by an email in early June after I got a formal offer from the nursery. I didn't hear back until today, with an email from my boss saying me returning back to work for 2 days a week in September would be "a drain on the rest of the team", and his "preference would be for me to utilise your holiday during September"

I feel very frustrated that they didn't let me know sooner (it's been almost 2 months since I told him the plan!!) and disheartened to see that I would be "a drain on the rest of the team". Had I known sooner that I'm not welcome to work for 2 days a week in Sept I wouldn't have arranged to start nursery in late July! (and saving me hundreds of pounds!!!) Will discuss with them... but just wondering what are my options? Can they force me to use up my holidays in September bcoz they dont want to see me?

Thanks for reading and thank in advance for advice!

leelteloo Thu 18-Jul-13 16:09:34

Sorry Macaroons, I've been out of the world of employment for 4 years and didn't understand all the mat leave stuff when I was there. Hope someone more knowledgable post soon.
We are just too hot here now: so sitting in darkened living room watching movies! Hot hot hot and feeling sick again. Xx

WhereAreMyShoes Sat 20-Jul-13 09:09:00

Macaroons, sorry you're having issues with work. sad
In my experience work have been very accommodating around maternity leave. Possibly because it's a female heavy workforce, but it may be an idea to speaking to your HR team if poss.

To be quite honest, if you went back doing two days a week you'd probably end up doing your full workload in a shorter space of time. Depending what you do obviously.

A good way to put it to your boss is coming back for two days is more than they have been getting from you in the last year, so in reality it would be extra help for your colleagues.
Is someone covering your post? And if so are they leaving the same day you return to work?

My cover left in April, long before I came back (she was so shit they found her a job somewhere else) So no one was doing my job, and me going back 2 days to begin with was a relief for them.

I don't think they can force you to take your annual leave.
But I would definitely check with HR or ask for written maternity leave procedures so you can see for yourself.

ThedementedPenguin Sat 20-Jul-13 12:44:06

macaroons that's a bit shit regarding work. I'm really not sure what way it all works. But I don't think they can force you to take all your A/L in September. I agree though you may want to speak to HR team.

The weather is great. I love it. We have been staying in Dps parents caravan this past week. It's been great but very warm. Sometimes warmer inside than out.

Herbie is doing great, although the heat is too much for him sometimes. He is such an active little boy is always on the go and so fast.

How's everyone else keeping?

cjbk1 Tue 23-Jul-13 15:52:44


Morning all, I don't think i need to worry about stealth boasting with you ladies do I? I've been having a fun but hectic time in Canada and have had the devils own job finding baby things ie prepared milk and pouches I don't know how they manage here then id finally got to the hotel Montreal then got a really bad tummy and vomited on the hotel walls! so I'm heading back to Toronto so Dsis's bf can mind Ava and I can sleep... I also
had a very heavy painful period in the middle of the pack of micronor (is this normal?) in the record breaking heat! but I am so lucky to be able to travel and hope you're all doing ok?
work force me to take hols all the time and try to force us not to take any off in certain months (4-5 in total)

ThedementedPenguin Sat 27-Jul-13 09:32:23

If any one is still here (HI)

Could you do me a favour, go to my pictures and tell me if you see two lines or am I kidding myself. Lol first test and I'm 6 days late

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 10:02:49

Cjbk; that sounds like a tough trip. It is so horrid being ill away from home and to have to look after a little one as well. Hope dsis and her hubby are now looking after you and you feel better soon.
I am on my iPod so can't look at the pic TDP, but is it positive????
I had my scan and results back and happy to report I am low risk: great news. So now I can start to tell people. I think most people will think I am mad because dh and I are very rocky. But I want my children to have brothers and sisters, especially if dh and I don't make it. They don't have much other family.
Ds has been poorly all week and I am shattered. He has a cough and a cold and is up loads in the night. I hope he is regularly sleeping through by Christmas or I can kiss goodbye to any sleep at all lol!

ThedementedPenguin Sat 27-Jul-13 14:01:00

leelteloo yes it's def a postive. I bought I clear blue digital one. I'm 3-4 weeks pregnant smile it's wierd knowing this early. I'm excited but also so nervous.

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 14:19:34

Wow baby 2 number 2!!! Congratulations!!!! gringringringrin

WhereAreMyShoes Sat 27-Jul-13 16:48:00

Oh brilliant news Penguin! Congratulations!
And well done Leelteloo, good to hear you're low risk. Now you can start to feel a bit less nervous hopefully.

For some crazy reason I'm getting a bit broody and slightly envy
Even though I'm waiting for an appt for the coil I must admit it would be nice to have another.

Then I realise I'm actually enjoying doing a bit of exercise and feeling slightly less wobbly more toned.

DD is not sleeping well at all. It's so hot and she's still getting used to the change of me being at work some days.

Cjbk1 I hope you're feeling better. Are you still over there? I've never been that far from home.

Not much else to report really. DD is very mobile but not actually walking yet.

Oh and I won one of the prizes for filling out the mumsnet census. £150 Mothercare vouchers. I actually did a little yelp when I got the pm. It's DS and DD birthday within 3 weeks of each other soon (as you all know!) so that's those covered.
Stupidly excited about winning a prize!

WhereAreMyShoes Sat 27-Jul-13 16:59:03

And Leelteloo, I hope you don't come across anyone who would be so rude as to say they don't agree with how you decide to raise your family.

A family is what you make of it.
There are plenty of committed couples that would make shit parents. A mum and dad under the same roof doesn't automatically mean a perfect family.

leelteloo Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:17

Thanks wherearemyshoes but unfortunately I have already had sinlaw on the phone saying "how shocked!!" she is hmm. She pretty much asked if I was nuts as it was only at Xmas that dh and I separated for a few weeks. She was a good support to me then but doesn't seem at all happy that we are trying to work on our marriage and have another child. Dh is not talking to her now. The thing is we didn't split up and we planned this baby; just want people to be happy for us.
Anyway, congrats on the prize, so awesome! I have never won anything other than a tenner on the lottery.
Ds sleeping well tonight so far but I feel wired and can't sleep, typical.

WhereAreMyShoes Sun 28-Jul-13 07:07:22

Fucksake, sometimes I wonder if there is actually somewhere that people learn to be so aresholey.
When it ever became someone else's business when and why a couple decide to have a baby is beyond me.
Shocked indeed. hmm

Some people don't know when to keep their mouths shut do they?
Saying that, when I told my sister I was pregnant with DS (my first) instead if saying congratulations (she never did say it) she asked how on earth I thought I was going to manage financially, and continued to make me feel uncomfortable and really shit about myself.

And when she does have children she'll want my support.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 01-Aug-13 11:46:03

leelteloo have you joined your new due date antenatal thread yet? I went to mine but I hate it so I'm refusing to go back.

Ill maybe try again in a few months but I'm not sure.

cjbk1 Thu 01-Aug-13 18:51:52

leelteloo and shoes yes I'm home now thanks and I got better quite quickly once i got back to dsis's but didn't do any more heavy-duty exploring after that wink I was worn out...and today was the first day of the summer hols I've been at home with all 3 so that's been fun but busy

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