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September 2012 - They're on the move

(326 Posts)
WhereAreMyShoes Mon 29-Apr-13 07:38:35

Hello everyone. Hope you all find us safe.
Welcome to any newcomers too.

DD just tried to brush her hair with a hairbrush. Very clever!

NightmareWalking Wed 01-May-13 22:20:26

Ladies, can I ask for your happy thoughts for the next few days please - off to stay with PIL until Monday. FIL hasn't spoken to me since our wedding day and last week MIL accused me of lying when I told her DD's first word was 'Mum'... going to be an interesting few days!

WhereAreMyShoes Wed 01-May-13 23:01:26

Oh god Nightmare. Sounds like it's going to fun! sad
Could you actually tell them to actually fuck off? I'm not one for confrontation usually but arsey inlaws is really something we shouldn't have to put up with.
I suppose you're expected to smile and nod so in that case I shall send you my most patient and kind vibes. keep the knives out of reach

Tell them DD's next words were 'grandad's a dickhead' shock grin

Forgetfulmog Thu 02-May-13 08:28:11

Garrr the dreaded inlaws! Good luck nightmare, keep your chin up.

It's only for the weekend. Repeat as necessary!

Take lots of wine to see you through

NightmareWalking Thu 02-May-13 08:31:50

Thanks! I like the 'dd's next words' idea! I'm practicing MN classic did you mean to be so rude for FIL. I've a bit more time for MIL as she's poorly and it seems to be affecting her personality a bit so feel sorry for her (MS).

Lots and lots of wine. That's the trick.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 02-May-13 09:42:04

Nightmare hope your weekend goes okay.

Just give him a death stare and tell him to eff off if you have to. I'm just so grateful I get on with Dps family. Have had a few run ins but everything is okay now.

My Dps brother has just broke both his elbows so we've been pretty much helping him do lots. They didn't put him in a cast though just two slings and told not to move his elbows. Must be crazy painful.

WhereAreMyShoes Thu 02-May-13 19:23:35

I think I just lost my last post after DD pressed the back button on my phone.
Anyway, it was mostly waffle.
But wanted to say Penguin I hope your appointment went OK and you're feeling alright.

DD still ending up in my bed as I want sleep more than and extra few inches of bed grin

She's not too keen on veg purees at the mo and prefers to eat whole veg but likes jarred puddings hmm

ballroomblitz Sat 04-May-13 08:15:46

Oh a shiny new thread with lots to catch up on. Haven't been on in a little while as I've been moving house. Finally done and dusted. Just a lot of painting, cleaning and unpacking still to do.

Good to have you back shoeprincess . Glad Oliver settled well for you at nursery, that's half the battle. I'm also going through a tantrummy, cheeky stage with ds but he is 5.5yo! Really pushing boundaries at the minute and my patience along with it. I honestly don't know how you are doing the night-times along with getting up for work. You must be constantly wrecked.

Hope your appointment went ok penguin . I've been on cerazette twice and bled the whole way through taking it both times. Why I switched to the microgynon this time. I'm still waiting on my colposcopy apt ffs. Rang the secretary at the hospital the other day as it's been over two months now. She said it should be this month. Good thing I'm not worrying over it, although I'm dreading having it done.

Good luck for your dp getting through wherearemyshoes . I have a lot of family that have been in/are in it. I don't know how creepy it sounds to say straight after that statement that I find nothing sexier than an army bloke grin Hope you're recovering from your op.

Oh nightmare that sounds awful. Hope you get through the weekend unscathed! Good on your dd's mama. My ds was like wherearemyshoes and took forever to say anything (still sees a SLT) and his first word was car!!

Welcome forgetfulmog

I did cc with dd leetleloo. First night 40 mins (bloody awful listening to her), second night ten minutes. Every now and again we have a ten minute squealing session but on the whole she goes straight down. Now if I could crack her taking naps during the day that would be great. She fights it like nobodies business and we've got in the habit of taking her out in the pram or car to sleep as otherwise she's a nightmare from mid-afternoon through sheer tiredness.

I have to say I think we are getting through the night-time wakenings. It really helps that she is now in her own room as before I lifted her straight into my bed as I can't listen to her crying at 4am in my room. I'd stopped feeding her milk through the night a couple of weeks ago as there was absolutely no need for her to have it as she guzzles loads during the day. Last night she did wake up at 4.30am but just babbled and gurned a little while then went back to sleep until half 6.

Food wise she still isn't overly fussed to the same extent I was used to ds but getting there and cracks up when she sees me eating something as she wants share. Nearly on the move here. She can work out moving one leg forward crawling but then tries to stand up with the other leg. Can see her pulling up very soon.

She spent last weekend visiting ex's family and was spoilt rotten being carried about. She was a nightmare for the first three days home, wanting up all the time. I'm dreading ex having her every other weekend as I know it'll be the same thing every time she comes back. Added to that and I can't leave a room without her working herself into a state (and with stuff everywhere from moving I can't bring her into some rooms with me) so must be a bit of separation anxiety. Needless to say she has been very trying and tiring.

ballroomblitz Sat 04-May-13 08:32:46

Spoke too soon... and we have crawling. Good lord I'm in for it now!

shoeprincess2 Sat 04-May-13 11:36:35

Hi ladies! Thanks for your kind words welcoming me back. Oliver has slept 2 nights on the bounce, so I am quite pleased (and refreshed). Still feel like I have 8 months of sleep to catch up on, but feel like things are moving in the right direction!

Nightmare- hope you got through your stay with the outlaws. Wine should have eased the pain, but a few choice swear words always help!

Penguin- hope your appointment went ok. I am not on the pill, as it has never agreed with me, and I hated having to keep having my BP checked (white coat syndrome). So, can't add anything about which is the best to use.

Shoes- make sure you recuperate well from your op.

Ballroom- your colposcopy will be fine. Just a strong smell of vinegar, but no more uncomfortable than a smear. I had one over a decade ok and was fine (and I was more of a wuss then, than I am now!)

Welcome forgetfulmog and any other newbies that may be lurking... Can't believe that we are nearing their first birthdays. Also, Thomas turns 3 6 days after Oliver, so tempted to do a joint birthday party, but also think that Oliver should have one all to himself (like Thomas did). Difficult to decide...

Ol is almost crawling- lifts his bum up and tries to pull himself along. He has 4 teeth now, so teething has stopped for the time being. He is forming a lot more sounds and babbles quite a lot.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Makes no difference to me, as I don't work Mondays anyway smile xx

NightmareWalking Sun 05-May-13 07:32:11

Well it was going ok, managing FIL -even persuaded him to hold DD fr the first time - and not letting MIL's repeated jokes about kidnap and how I can go back to work now as she'll have DD. then yesterday BIL and SIL were invited round, they all sat up till 3 am drinking and now I have to try to entertain DD in the worlds smallest, untidiest box room as BIL and SIL asleep on living room sofas, argh. Home tomorrow thank god.

Ooh crawling, BAllroom, bet you're doing a hurried check of everything on ground level for baby proofed ness!

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 09:18:28

Good luck with the crawling ballroom! Thought dd was going to start a couple of weeks ago but she appears to have mastered rolling around instead so think she may miss the crawling stage altogether.

Hang in there nightmare! Are you going home today or tomorrow?

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 09:19:01

Sorry x post, just saw its tomorrow you're going home!

WhereAreMyShoes Sun 05-May-13 12:29:48

Nightmare here have some thanks brew wine you need it for putting up with them. I hope when you get home you get a chance to put your head back and breathe.

I've had a major clear out of the kids' clothes and a friend is coming round to get them in a bit. Because that's me making notions of not having any more children. And I need some space in my house.

DD is moving a lot now. She's mastered crawling forwards and is pulling herself up on to her knees. She loves standing too but can't stand holding on to something, she needs to be held. She's just eaten half of my pasta with cheese. Or half of it is hiding up her sleeves.

cjbk1 Sun 05-May-13 19:51:41

hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend? Ava's very mobile and enjoying her swing outside and holds her arms up to be picked up now.we had a nice grandparent based day today smile
baby food containing pasta seems to give her a terrible bottom though, we avoided it but she had some accidentally today shock anyone else find this?
take care x

Forgetfulmog Sun 05-May-13 20:22:35

Cjb - are you giving tomato sauce with the pasta? Haven't heard of pasta itself causing problems but the acidity in the tomato might be too much.

ballroomblitz Sun 05-May-13 21:27:03

Yep the stairgate went straight on Nightmare . I have never seen such a personality change in a baby so quickly now she can get about. She has been in foul form the last wee while and today all smiles, chasing after me with the hover, shouting away to try and make herself heard over the noise of it. Just goes to show you how bored and frustrated she must have been. You'll need a break away yourself after your weekend. At least you can console yourself it's almost over. Do you visit the ILs regularly?

How is Ava with other products containing gluten or wheat cjbk ? Does she get a sore tummy or anything with it? I know, like forgetfulmog said, ds always reacted to tomatoes so certain pasta sauces would effect him as a baby. He still breaks out round his face where the juice has touched for a little while after. He loves tomatoes too. Strange now you've said that forgetful dd had a bit of a red bum today and yesterday she had tomato and pasta sauce for the first time. Never linked it as a possibility in my head.

NightmareWalking Sun 05-May-13 22:33:32

Red bums here linked to acidic fruits - k

NightmareWalking Sun 05-May-13 22:38:23

Sorry - kiwi, strawberry, pineapple. Always makes a while to make the connection though.

Ballroom - no, as they're 6 hours away we're not here often. Been two years since I was here last. Today was ok after the shaky start until FiL got drunk and started the 'after sun is more important than sun lotion' fight. This after I got sunburnt wearing factor 50 and DD is fair like me. Argh! Still had a nice day showing DD the sea for the first time and letting her eat a fair bit of sand!

leelteloo Mon 06-May-13 07:30:35

Gorgeous gorgeous weather!! gringringringringringrin
Happy bank holiday all

cjbk1 Mon 06-May-13 15:15:29

to all that asked; pastas mainly been in baby jars so far, because I can never make it soft enough like I can with other foods... so it's been with and without tomato...I made some lovely spinach and plum food (not together lol) but she's just having very bland today....take care x

Forgetfulmog Mon 06-May-13 15:33:23

Beautiful isn't it leetle! smile

ballroomblitz Mon 06-May-13 20:49:32

I'm very jealous of all the lovely sunshine. One drawback to living in N.Ireland and having all the lovely green fields and no hose pipes bans is the lack of sunshine. Was really heavy and cloudy all weekend with spots of rain until about 4pm today when the sun started to peep through.

I didn't think you were meant to give kiwi until 9 months nightmare ? I know my mum suddenly turned allergic and remember a report coming out that they don't know why kiwi is suddenly causing allergies in people recently. Funny ds also can't eat pineapple. Gives him in his words 'stingy lips and throat'. Only the fresh stuff mind, tinned doesn't seem to bother him.
Oh things like the after-sun remark would really annoy me. I don't think I'd be able to hold my patience as it's one thing I hate seeing is kids sunburnt through negligence. Ds is olive toned like me but even he had the factor 50 slapped on as a baby. Only the past couple of years he can go out with no sunscreen for some periods of time depending on the time of the day, strength of the sun. Dd is fair skinned like her dad (who burns in 20/30 mins no problems on a not-so sunny day) so I will have to be very careful with her.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 06-May-13 22:00:42

Oh my I lost this thread. Hope everyone is good and enjoying the lovely weather.

Ill catch up properly if I get a chance tomorrow. Early night for me as I have my niece tomorrow and every mon-fri for the next 12 weeks. It will be an eye opener for me smile

ballroomblitz Mon 06-May-13 22:04:12

Oh you have your sister's wee one too penguin ? There's not much between your two either. Good luck with that, you're braver than me grin

NightmareWalking Mon 06-May-13 23:11:04

Hm, I just heard not before 6 months for kiwi.. I'd better double check!

Home now. No relaxing here as DH is away with work tomorrow night do mad dash to unpack and get the washing on - finally sat down with wine before bed!

Good luck Penguin - hope it's all ok! I've been volunteered to look after my two nephews on Friday... from 7 am to 9 pm - with DD. Nephews are 2 & 4, I'm dreading it a tiny bit!

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