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September 2012 - They're on the move

(326 Posts)
WhereAreMyShoes Mon 29-Apr-13 07:38:35

Hello everyone. Hope you all find us safe.
Welcome to any newcomers too.

DD just tried to brush her hair with a hairbrush. Very clever!

Macaroons Mon 09-Dec-13 21:07:14

Awww so many of you are expecting another baby! How exciting!

cjbk1 Mon 09-Dec-13 21:19:56

Cow and gate milks make her sick I should have said....feeling rather green around the gills myself now...confused

NightmareBeforeChristmasWalkin Wed 11-Dec-13 09:12:17

I popped to the £shop where they have Annabel Karmel biscotti things and they also had bouncy balls and play dough 3 for a pound so I bought some to keep DD occupied on the plane along with the biscuits! We're flying Thomas Cook so we'll see how helpful they are!

DD self weaned off bm and formula at 11 months so we put her onto organic full fat cows milk a bit early, she loves it thankfully.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 11-Dec-13 09:37:22

Oh I forgot to update. I'm having a Girl!!!

All excited, although cant get used to saying she or her.

shoeprincess2 Thu 12-Dec-13 07:38:45

Hello ladies big wave. So sorry I haven't posted for ages and ages. I had to move the laptop out of its usual place as the boys will press buttons and basically cause mayhem with it. So, don't get on much these days...Congrats to all who are pregnant (ooh, a girl demented. Great news).
So, Ollie is now 15 months and a gorgeous little boy (but very spirited and prone to throwing himself on the floor when he doesn't get his own way), He cruises and stands by himself, but still reluctant to walk. Has quite an expansive vocab, but I guess that comes a lot from having his brother to play with. Thomas is 3.3 and a usual rough and tumble boy. They both have quite full social lives at the mo with various Christmas parties. I love Christmas, particularly now Thomas seems to know what it is all about (though I don't enjoy the constant "I want that for Christmas" whenever he sees anything).

Looking forward to a few weeks away from work at Christmas. Nohing could have prepared me for the exhaustion. There;s no such thing as just flopping on the sofa when you come home from work. Oh well smile. Hope you are all well and I will try and keep posting more frequently. You ladies were brill when we were going through the early feeding frenzies!

Have a lovely Christmas xx

ballroomblitz Sat 21-Dec-13 21:39:15

Haven't been on this thread for ages but thought I'd pop on and wish everyone a merry Christmas. Congratulations to all the ladies who are expecting again!! How lovely having a little girl penguin and number 4 cjbk!! Wow.

Dd is doing really well. Chatting away with a good load of words, her favourite ones other than the repeated 'mummee' all day long being 'chocolate' and 'nana' (banana). Obsessed with bananas and I hate even the smell of them. Running all over the place, into everything and some hell of a temper. Hv couldn't believe the tantrums she throws, worthy of a two year old in her words. It's all very strange to me as ds was so behind developmentally. Late walker and even later talker.

Looking forward to this Christmas as it will be my first with dd as I spent last year in hospital with ds. Her main pressie is the bounce and spin zebra but honestly didn't get too much for her as she's not really into her toys so much now and I know how quickly they change so she'll get loads of stuff throughout the year.

I'll definitely make a point of checking in a bit more. Have a good one smile

cjbk1 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:46:27

I'm not really properly prepared for Christmas...I had lists...I had reminders and I ignored them coz I was 'too tired' been really struggling with working and looking after 5 people's (including myself) food and clothing needs to no mention all the school-min that's why I wasn't planning another bub but everyone survived...nollaig shona dhuit

cjbk1 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:48:12

SORRY! that was all about me!!!!blush
the children are all fine and Ava was asking for 'cook-cooks' ;chocolate from advent calendar first thing she's so much fun now, take care x

WhereAreMyShoes Tue 24-Dec-13 17:55:54

Glad to see you all back here.
I've got a couple of weeks off work and am all set for Christmas.
I've got the dc an IKEA kitchen which I'm making up tonight so they can see it when they come downstairs.
Also a little metal shopping trolley and some fuzzy felt that DD will most definitely eat.

I'm finally toilet training DS (he's 3.4) so that's taking up my whole annual leave.
DD won't let me spoon feed her now, she has to do it herself, which is handy at breakfast time etc but porridge is a bastard to get out of her unruly hair.

Hope you're all well and feeling the festive glow (Bailey's for dinner)
Bring on the next year of milestones.
And hopefully see some more babies joining us not me
thanks wine brew x

WhereAreMyShoes Tue 24-Dec-13 17:58:22

And congrats on your girly news Penguin. I had written a post saying that but I must not have posted it at the time due to some calamity or other!

Macaroons Thu 02-Jan-14 08:31:53

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy new year to you all!

On my way to work now...yawn DS woke up at 1.30am and 5am this new year wish: DS will get some decent sleep so hubby and myself can get some decent sleep too!

How are your little ones sleeping? Mine goes down at around 8pm and on a good day sleeps till 6am. Want to push that an hour later but it's not happening. (9-7 sounds so much better)

ballroomblitz Sun 05-Jan-14 22:31:49

Happy New Year to you all. Macaroons dd sleeps from 7.30-8 to about 7.30 (occassionally the odd 6am-ish start) but I think that's only because we are all getting up at that time for ds's school. She's been sleeping into 9am through the Christmas holidays which has been brilliant. The main reason I'm dreading school starting again tomorrow. I co-sleep with her now though - she was a nightmare sleeper before that and I was up and down countless times throughout the night.

ThedementedPenguin Mon 06-Jan-14 22:54:04

Ds bedtime is at 8ish depending on how tired he is. Ranges from 7.30-9ish (in bed by 8pm). He still wakes at night for bottles 1-3 times a night. Then gets up anywhere from 7-9am. Although Dp usually takes him downstairs so I can lie in as I'm finding it tough coping. We tried CC but we gave up as we were exhausted. Not sure what to do but would like it sorted before the next one comes along.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and was spoilt rotten smile

ballroomblitz Tue 07-Jan-14 13:13:49

I tried CC too (as well as gradual retreat) penguin. CC made dd worse to the point she started screaming as soon as we went up the stairs to her bedroom. My hv recommended for me just to CIO but she's such a clingy, attached to my hip baby even during the day to me it seems cruel - so I ignored her advice and will just lie if she asks grin

I think one of the main reasons she does sleep during the night is she doesn't nap at all during the day now except maybe once or twice a week. Despite the fact she could use a nap half time as she gets very grumpy in the afternoons because she's tired.

Is your ds actually drinking the milk penguin or is a comfort thing? Only asking as ds did that for a while when he was a baby. Wanted milk but only took an ounce or two. I started giving him water instead and he stopped getting up looking for milk.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 07-Jan-14 13:52:10

ballroom no he takes a full bottle every time he wakes up, whether it's once or three times a night. We tried water but he went nuts. Although that was a while ago so I might try it. Did you give it to him in a bottle or cup?

Was only up once last night so it wasn't too bad.

WhereAreMyShoes Wed 08-Jan-14 12:42:56

Happy New Year all.
Sorry to hear some of you are missing out on sleep. I had to do CIO with dd in the end as She was waking for comfort feeding and kept getting off the bed.
So once I put her in her own room I had to just leave her. Any going back in to calm her down made her even angrier!

She still sometimes cries to sleep but it means she sleeps all night so we're all happier in the long run.
She now sleeps from about half 7 till 7ish.

I'm on a keep fit frenzy, doing the 30 day shred. It's hard but I'm noticing progress so hopefully this year I will be free of baby weight. And bingo wings.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 08-Jan-14 15:06:05

Can I just ask, do any of you read to your dc? I've read so many threads on here about tucking kids in and reading to them. We just tuck ds in and leave. He generally goes to sleep quite quick at bedtime, we have no issues there. Am I the only one that doesn't do this?

How long have you been doing the shred shoes? Is it hard to do?

ballroomblitz Wed 08-Jan-14 15:29:35

Oh shred shoes.. some of my mates have done it and say it is exhausting.

It was a bottle penguin but I suppose if you've tried that you could try a cup? If he's taking full bottles though it sounds like he's hungry rather than for comfort. Have you tried supper before the bedtime bottle (you probably have)? Like Weetabix that would be heavier on his stomach. I had to do that for dd a while back but have just gone back to the bottle now as she eats constantly throughout the day.

No I don't do the reading thing as yet. During the day yes but not at night. I'll do when she gets a bit more interested in books, same as I did with ds.

Can I ask are any of your babies extremely clingy and how you cope with it? Dd is driving me batty atm. I can't even go to the toilet without her screaming the place down. If I leave her to do dishes when her cartoon is on she'll follow me down to the kitchen and scream 'peppa pig (or whatever it is)' over and over again until I go and sit down to watch it with her. She literally has be clambering all over me, standing on my feet, wanting up in my arms all day long.

WhereAreMyShoes Wed 08-Jan-14 20:43:23

Penguin, I don't read to either of the DC at bedtime. We have a fairly quick bedtime routine. DS stands on the toilet lid and DD sits on a cabinet in the bathroom and they both clean teeth. Then I have a go too.
Then bath, if they are having one that night.
Nappies, pj's then DS in bed light off. Then bf DD and bed, light off, lots of crying.

I've been doing the shred for 13 days but am really on day 10 as had 3 days off so far.
It's hard, and I hate exercise, and I have really painful knees due to bad joints and weighing too much.
But I am loving this DVD. I only had days off because I had a funeral and my knees were fucked.
It's made such a difference to my side on view and my arms are getting really toned. I've lost 7 cms off my stomach!
I'm on the shred thread on here. They're really helpful and supportive and it really motivates me to get it done.
I'm also going to try fasting as I still have fat to lose.
I'm going all out!

Ballroom, DD is seriously clingy.
She's quite shy too so when we're out she hangs on for dear life!
Luckily though she's alright when I'm at work, good job she's quite a daddy's girl. She's usually climbing on either one of us.

SquidTableau Mon 13-Jan-14 21:50:36

Happy New Year ladies! (Poster formerly known as NightmareWalking here smile)

Here we are having proto-tantrums when we forget to let DD get the post, or don't let her climb on the sofa and so on, a taste of whats to come! She surprises each day with what she's picked up. WhereAreMyShoes - DD is so shy outside it's like she's a completely different child sometimes!

Bed routine here is teeth - bath - massage - pjs & nappy - story - bed. We've been reading a bedtime story since she was about 3 months old, it's just a nice cuddle quiet time for us all. She is sleeping 8/8.30 ish through to 9am most days.

Hope all you little ones and (bumps too!) are coming along nicely.

WhereAreMyShoes Tue 14-Jan-14 18:45:36

Well hello SquidTableau, good to see you.
Yes, dd loves a good tantrum. She copies ds and lays all over the floor and rolls around screaming.
She also lays herself on the bottom step and has a moment.

Most of the time she's a little love though. She'll get away with allsorts as she grows up. It's the little face! (that's just like mine)

ballroomblitz Wed 15-Jan-14 23:18:26

Kind of glad to hear dd isn't the only clingy one shoes. I wouldn't say she is overly shy, a little bit. She really, really doesn't like men she doesn't know though and can be a bit odd with the likes of my mum if she's in my house and not in my mum's own house, the environment she's used to seeing my mum in.

Hello SquidTableau, ah the temper is unbelievable here. Ds never had a temper tantrum until he was three. I actually thought hoped we were going to bypass it with him so dd's has come as somewhat of a shock. She's a hitter and a biter too which we are working on - I have to keep her nails short as actually marked my face a few times in bad temper and sheer frustration shock

It is amazing all the new stuff they learn every day. Little sponges that pick everything up.

WhereAreMyShoes Sun 23-Feb-14 17:15:45


WhereAreMyShoes Sun 23-Feb-14 17:38:15

Ahem, sorry.
Hello everyone.
Just checking in.
DD is hot on biting her brother at the mo. And as she's now taught him to do it, (he's never done it before) we have to referee between them.
I just put her in the step for it and she did stay there. I think she understands from.seeing DS there!

I have an overdue friend and her lovely big bump and baby talk is.making me majorly broody. But I am still wearing my sensible head.

Inthebeginning Tue 25-Feb-14 23:46:11

Hi everyone,
Wondered if I could just dip my littlest toe into this thread? We are adopting a little one who should be with us in May. He was born sept 2012 so does fit here. I don't have anything to share yet obviously but am buying lots of stuff and trying to keep myself occupied by dreaming about what he'll be like. X

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