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Dec 08 mums - any more for any more?

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JumpJockey Wed 17-Apr-13 21:02:20

New thread! Hope this is ok smile

DeidreBarlow Tue 25-Jun-13 07:49:49

Yay!! Huge congratulations MOM. Lovely newssmile

Rubena Tue 25-Jun-13 12:54:55

Congrats Mom x

Rubena Tue 25-Jun-13 12:55:25

And lovely to see you back!

beans37 Tue 25-Jun-13 14:40:42

Arti, the trendsetter! Well done Mom! X

ShadyLadyT Tue 25-Jun-13 17:11:44

Aw, Mom, that is super news! Hurrah!

Actually I was back from Spain last Wednesday! But it's been mad since, for reasons which I will subsequently explain. But I really WILL be doing a big catch up tonight because DP has just gone off to London for 3 days (so I can please myself, without anyone needing to be on the computer or moaning that I am being antisocial). More anon.

Vagolajahooli Tue 25-Jun-13 20:48:40

Woohoo Mom congratulations & hope this means we'll 'see' more of you.

Spot your comment about my before photo made me giggle. I couldn't be faffed measuring & the scales are never helpful esp as I'm trying to gain muscle so I decided to do a before & after photo instead. However, the after photo won't be taken for sometime yet.

No more exercise talk as I will be confining it to twitter. DB & Rubes have dragged me over there and I'm hooked.

Have started my next unit already & quite enjoying it. Oh and I got my last assignment back and with its results I have a credit overall. Woop woop. I annoyingly lost marks because when I uploaded the assignment to the uni webpage the page numbers dropped off. But otherwise she waa happy.

Vagolajahooli Tue 25-Jun-13 20:49:27

Hi Lady looking forward to hearing about Barcelona.

Artichook Tue 25-Jun-13 21:24:09

Colic and/or reflux. OMG. My heart breaks for DS and also a little for me.

ShadyLadyT Tue 25-Jun-13 23:43:46

Oh Arti - did you have an appointment today? What a rotten shame. I hope whichever it is, it is a mild case. Poor you (and him). Have you been given a treatment programme? How is DD2 now? The story about your SIL's pregnancy is quite a jawdropper. Blimey.

Spain was lovely - friends' villa was very swish. However, we were like the Clampetts with our scabby luggage and pasty faces. My sore throat was so heinous I could barely speak for the first 24 hours. And then I drank a load of Limoncello and it must've cauterised it or something grin It still really hurt but it wasn't agony. Then Barcelona was fab and the girls were really good. Total gems - we did a lot of exploring and museums etc. It would have all been glorious but I didn't find DP easy to travel with. I think I have got used to my trips alone or with the girls and have got out of the habit of factoring in other people's (at times annoying) requirements or pace. Plus he is a terrible flier whereas I enjoy plane journeys.

Our trip was rounded off with a lovely day at my Mum's and then it was straight back into this mortgage malarkey. We have applied for another one after being knocked back, I have done all the legwork and research and it appears to be going through this time....we shall see. It is all a lot more complicated than it first appeared and as a result of these things which are specific to us, there's a lot more paperwork than normal. A surveyor from the bank came today to value the house and I am hoping we may have a mortgage offer in a few days although things could still go wrong. I just want to pay off our debts and finish the house. It would take away so much stress. We'll see. It's hard not to get one's hopes up.

Rubes - are you now out of the window for DS to get the pox? When is your hol? I know it's soon. What news on your folks moving near your brother? And how is DH?

Vag, I got your Barca recommendation too late but I will keep it in my back pocket for next time. So are you actually Shredding as well?

There was some general chat a bit ago about good carbs and bad carbs. Well, for those bf etc, the GI Diet is probably a good one to follow because you still eat good carbs like pulses, some wholewheat pasta etc. Also, doctors recommend it for general health as it is so sensible and healthpromoting. But er...probably crap for fast results grin

Spot - just wanted to say how fab it is about the job. Still feeling apprehensive? Sorry about the indignities of the Wee Doctors. I know it's no comfort but it will be like shelling peas for them, watching people piss, and once you've have the procedure you will have a pelvic floor of a 12 yr old and will therefore have the last laugh.

Speaking of pelvic floors - Arti - what did your pelvic guru have you doing to clench your way back to 4/5 3 wks post partum? Was it just clenching? Apparently everyone should be exercising their pelvic floor, simply because it deteriorates with age. I know mine has gone a bit with pregnancy and it needs to shape up a bit. Please tell me how to train it grin

DB - how is DS getting on these days? I am having some trouble with DD2. She has always been a robust child, and prone to the odd bout of violence but it has really come back with a vengeance. She gave DD1 the most goddawful bite yesterday (she got sent straight to bed, but it was nearly bedtime anyway) and then blow me, she did the same tonight. I don't know how to punish her except by taking her beloved ragdoll away or even worse, her cuddle vest. Except I cannot bring myself to do either. She is so unrepentant though. She never cares if I shout, or even tell her I am sad or disappointed at her behaviour. The child is teflon.

I'd better post this before it vanishes.

ShadyLadyT Tue 25-Jun-13 23:57:27

RIght, back again. DD1 has an awful cough and is so distressed, I have been up to her about ten times already. It does not bode well for tonight. DP is away for a few days so at least it won't be waking him up.

So many of our ranks are going down the 3 nippers route! Love it! You had me going a while back, when you were talking about the third child being a 'treat', which I can see. But the sleepless nights frighten the flipping life out of me. Well, we'll see if we get this money and then I HAVE to decide once and for all. It might seem like a stupid thing to wait for but not having the birth of my choice at my advanced age is not the route I want to take - should I decide a 3rd is a goer. DP says it's up to me, he is happy either way. Hmm.

Beans, Jam (and now Mom!) - how are you finding this pregnancy?

Sybs - is there some hope with your job then? What's the timescale?

Invis - don't think I didn't see you poke your head around the door! How is it all going?!

Australian ladies - our next book club choice has been chosen by an Australian lady of our village. It's called A Fortunate Life and she tells us it's an Aussie classic. I haven't started it yet. The print looks fairly small. Ring any bells?

Oh crikey, it's nearly midnight and I haven't got halfway down my list! But I must try to go to bed. How did your Mum's 50th go, Kayz?

DeidreBarlow Wed 26-Jun-13 08:24:14

Urghh I feel shocking! Been up most of the night with a fever and have a shocking headache. Maybe I've over exercisedhmm. However DD is a big off colour too, with s bad cough etc.

Lady thanks for asking DS is good at the mo. I still have my meeting next week with the HT but since I sent my letter in they've been a lot nicer about him and as far as I'm aware he has been good. I can sympathise DS was a biter! It was awful and tbh nothing really worked as a deterrent he just grew out if it. How is DD2 for talking? DS wasn't great and a lot if his biting/lashing out was born out of frustration. He used to really struggle to say what he was feeling.

DeidreBarlow Wed 26-Jun-13 08:25:35

Oh and the only thing I used to do when DS had bitten was to lavish concern/affection on the victim and ignore him. He hated that

ShadyLadyT Wed 26-Jun-13 10:13:13

Sorry you are feeling rough, DB. Sounds like you need to give your bod a rest from the exercise for a day or two. Mind you, there seem to be loads of bugs around at the mo. Glad DS seems a bit better/happier. DD2 is good with talking - if she wasn't, I'd have a lot more sympathy. Basically, she is a very sunny child and charm personified (as long as she is happy with everything, which is most of the time) and always has been but she is very protective of her own interests. If someone tries to take something off her or stop her from doing something, she will say "NO! GIVE THAT BACK TO ME!" or do a bloodcurdling scream in their faces at the top of her voice. "AAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHH!" It's lucky that she is a good girl most of the time because if I ever have to cross her it's absolutely horrendous and she will NEVER give in no matter what you say or do. I think she has decided that biting is a way of sealing the deal, in case the other person is in any doubt. Both bites the last couple of days have been when DD1 has tried to take something off her but frankly, DD2 doesn't always fancy sharing.

If I so much as give DD1 a cross look, she immediately obeys. She hates thinking I am annoyed with her. DD2 couldn't give a monkeys if she thinks she is in the right and it makes disciplining her virtually impossible.

I think that I will try the ignoring her and lavishing attention on the victim as you suggested, DB. Both girls vie for my attention so it might work.

DP bellowing at the top of his voice that she is a wicked girl certainly didn't work (he lost his temper as the first bite was really bad - deep teeth marks and the most awful bruise now). Not only did she laugh but she actually shrugged. She's 2 ffs. And then he had the cheek to say she's a lot like me! Doing it at home is bad enough but if she tries it at pre-school it's going to be a lot harder to sort out (as you know, DB).

beans37 Wed 26-Jun-13 11:25:10

That is tough, Shady. I don't really know what to say. DD1 once bit DD2 so hard she drew blood adn there's still a little scar there a year later. She got the bollocking of her life and had to report it to DH that night, which was horrible for her! But she sounds like she's a bit like your DD1 and hates being told off or in bad books, so it's easy to instil the fear into her!

I am finding this pregnancy harder than the first two. Not sure if it's age-related, or having 2 already, but I'm so much less mobile and feel like I'm bigger already than I was with certainly DD2. But am fitter as am having to walk the dog every day, which is actually really nice. If a bit of a hassle at times! But bathtime and bedtime for the girls is hard work as we're all tired and grumpy and usually ends with me shouting at one or other of them. Hey ho. But I do love being pregnant - love the wiggly feeling inside when they're having a party in your tummy. And have TOTALLY lost my libido this time round. I can look at DH and see how very handsome he is (to me!) and appreciate his firm bottom and no fat on him, but I can't seem to take it that step further to actually want to have sex with him. Poor chap!

Kayz, I can't believe your Mum is turning 50! Mine is 70 in a couple of years! So lovely to have such a young mum and to be one! Lucky you! And your lucky kids.

We're getting a new car soon! Always thought our Passat estate would last us for ages, but it doesn't fit 3 car seats in a row, or even 2 car seats and a booster, so we're heading for a 7 seater! S-Max baby. Am pathetically excited about it! And DDs are both so weedy and small that they're not allowed in booster seats yet anyway! Ho hum.

I also have very loose bowels this pregnancy, so seem to find myself on the loo rather a lot. Which is better than constipation, I suppose!

Mckayz Wed 26-Jun-13 11:39:15

DS2 was a biter. Never at play school though but was always biting me and DS1. Nothing seemed to work really. Ignoring him and lots of loud praise for DS1. Not as good when he bit me.

LadyT, mums birthday was ok in the end. She was fairly disappointed with my stepdad as he didn't get her anything. Just told her they could go to Paris. So now she's had to book it all herself. They're going to see the end of the Tour De France. So jealous.

Nolda Wed 26-Jun-13 12:37:51

Sympathies on the biting, Lady. DS used to bite DD on occasion and, like your DD, he is very difficult to discipline. The only thing that has any impact is taking his bedtime teddy away. But you say this is too hard for you, so I don't know what to suggest. The toy removal thing does feel wrong to me too, but nothing else works but we do save it for extreme measures. He says he loves his teddy more than me or DH and sending him to bed without it is hard. I hope the lavishing of attention on the bitee has a better result for you

beans37 Wed 26-Jun-13 18:40:30

Guys, if I have a homebirth this time, will it be messy? Should I have it in the kitchen? Would far rather our bedroom, but DH and I both worried about the mess!

I have had a different midwife every time so far, so am not yet comfortable with any of them for HB, but then if I'm in hospital chances are you've never seen them before anyway!

JamInMyWellies Wed 26-Jun-13 20:12:28

Beans having not had a HB I wouldnt have a clue how much mess there is. But I think all you need is some plastic for the yeuchy bits to land on. So your bedroom would be fine. But the kitchen would also work, handy for snacks. grin

Rubena Wed 26-Jun-13 20:54:46

Urgh so knackered. stress and lack of sleep relating to on standby for work of which I didn't get called. Phew. Ds made me feel a bit upset and I didn't want to go away even just a night. I also have a proper problem with worrying about random things happening to the kids. So tired.

Deids I hope you feel better soon.

Lady ds has an angry streak. When he gets tired he gets really angry and rude. Hate it but its probably definitely my genes [sigh] do t really know how to handle it but its mainly when he's tired and hoping its a phase.

Beans clearly no exp with the home birth. Imagine messy. But there's always protective measures!
New cars always exciting. We had to get a 7 seater just with 2 for issues when friends / family visit! (Plus tall family - needs legroom) So can only imagine with 3!

Mckayz Wed 26-Jun-13 20:59:54

Beans, there was no mess at either of my HBs. I bought a big taurpalin from a hardware shop for the carpet and the MWs bring mats and stuff for any mess.

spotofcheerfulness Wed 26-Jun-13 21:21:32

BEans, I pooed in the pool in front of SIL, but I don't think that was the kind of mess you were talking about. Still wouldn't have had it any other way though...

Another one hoping for the angry rude phase to go away of its own accord. I do get sad when I hear B copying what T says - it's like he's losing his innocence early...

Hiya, Lady, fab catch up! Had a giggle to myself at "it will be like shelling peas for them, watching people piss". Fingers crossed for your mortgage. So stressful for you.

I am anxious about the job, but I think especially as it's all unknown at the moment so steeling myself for it to be hideous, when it might be fine. For someone who has written self-help books, I can be a right old doom and gloom merchant grin.

Early bed tonight, am coming down with some kinda lurg....

Glad standby came to naught, Rubes.

ShadyLadyT Wed 26-Jun-13 21:29:37

I was born at home! My Mum can't stand mess and I know I was born in the bedroom so maybe she put down a groundsheet. I would like a 7 seater but DP isn't keen. When I do finally learn to drive I will buy something big and knackered and cheap. I would like to be able to ferry all the oldies in my life about, in addition to my kids of course.

Anyway, I am just trying to think who else had a homebirth apart from you, Kayz - JJ, Vag, is that it? That's a bit lame of your Stepdad, Kayz, not to get her anything but at least they are going to Paree.

Thanks for the tips about DD2 and the biting. She tried to bite my arm tonight, the little beggar. However, she thought better of it and didn't actually chomp.

Sorry you feel a bit blue, Rubes. Have a glass of plonk and put your feet up. Well, you know that sleep deprivation causes depression (both acute and chronic) so hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.

I'm not watching The Apprentice until tomorrow as DP still isn't here <noble>

DD1 had her taster afternoon at school today and she has another one tomorrow. I didn't think it would bother me but they wear their little uniforms and it did make me gulp a bit when she went in.ause

I would like to ask a nosey question. How much do people spend on clothes per month (or three or six months or whatever?) I used to buy endless clothes but obviously in the last couple of years I have barely bought anything cos I haven't got any cash. I might buy the occasional pair of shoes or skinny jeans or a cheap top, but nothing much. I really really love clothes but I am quite pleased with myself that I have got by like this. However, I suppose I am still wearing better quality things I have had for yonks. Or I was until the moths started munching all my best cashmere jumpers. What they really like, though, is merino. I have a Joseph jumper which I adored and which now looks like a doiley.

spotofcheerfulness Wed 26-Jun-13 21:37:58

Lady for the purposes of your poll I average about £20 I think. Will probably spend £40 every other month, IYSWIM.

ShadyLadyT Wed 26-Jun-13 21:48:39

Thanks Spot. That's interesting. You're bound to feel apprehensive about the's so unknown. How does DP feel about it?

TheInvisibleHand Wed 26-Jun-13 23:04:25

LadyT - you got me! I do follow on here fairly often, but I struggle to find the wherewithal to post. Partly because there is little interesting to say between the slog of work and home.

But that does mean I haven't said huge congratulations - I have been really delighted to see the club of 3s growing. As one of three myself, I loved it and am a little sad that the moment has passed for me. I think I might feel I'd be trying my luck now.

Spot - new job sounds exciting! Only right to be a bit apprehensive - the way I look at it, if you weren't a bit, it wouldn't be enough to keep you interested..

On the biting - DS used to bite at around the same age. It usually happened when he was knackered and usually to people he is comfortable around i.e. DD or us - basically, it was a bit of a loss of self control. He never bit other children/anyone outside the house and he grew out of it.

On the clothes stuff - I loathe clothes shopping, but like nice fabrics etc (esp for work where it feels right for what I am doing). That means I don't buy a lot, but might spend £500 once or twice a year on a few nice things in the sales. Though there is a trend for women friendly shopping evenings where they ply you with booze and then sell you discounted stuff. Went to one hosted by an Irish law firm and managed to buy a £350 handbag by accident. Ooops. DH thinks we're mugs - men's corporate hospitality is being lavished with tickets to the cricket, women are parted from their cash!

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