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Dec 08 mums - any more for any more?

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JumpJockey Wed 17-Apr-13 21:02:20

New thread! Hope this is ok smile

McKayz Wed 17-Apr-13 21:07:51

Thanks Jump.

Deidrie, sad Sorry DS is being trouble at the minute. Fingers crossed that he comes out of it soon.

DeidreBarlow Wed 17-Apr-13 21:11:57

I don't think he'll ever come out of it think I've bred Satans childhmm

Honsandrevels Wed 17-Apr-13 21:31:06

Oh Deids, do you know what led up to it? He just sounds like he has a short fuse that in time he'll learn to control it better. Try and relax, wine, bath.. tomorrow is another day.

Sybs Glad to hear of other early teethers. Everyone recoils in horror when she shows them. There isn't much of a gap as the adult teeth are so big already.

Zj you are right that she got her first teeth at 3 months. Arti is at the other end of the scale!

Rubes Hope you are ok.

JumpJockey Wed 17-Apr-13 21:45:06

Deids, can you pop up and take a look at him sleeping? Even when I've been utterly pissed off with either of mine, if I look at them all sleepy and snuggled up it calms me down again. That way it's easier to start again the next morning. A bit like never go to bed on an argument - never go to bed still wishing you could chuck your child out of a window.

Hmmm, perhaps as a title of a childrearing book that might not sell so well.

sybilfaulty Wed 17-Apr-13 22:21:47

I can see it would be a big seller!

Deids, I've been there too, it's a horrid feeling. He is a dear little boy really. Pop up whilst he is asleep and stroke his head. I regularly do this to remind myself that I love them really. Hard when all buttons pushed. Hugs to you XXXX

JamInMyWellies Thu 18-Apr-13 07:34:57

Dudes you poor thing. Bloody children really are sent to try us. I do the same as sybs they always seem much sweeter while asleep. Unless they are asleep in your bed at 3am <glares at DS2>

Rubes what's up chick?

Thanks for the congrats. Hoping to know ignore it for a few wks and let my body do its work.

JamInMyWellies Thu 18-Apr-13 07:36:11

Bloody iPhone! Dieds not dudes

ZuleikaJambiere Thu 18-Apr-13 08:27:18

Just marking my spot on the lovely new thread, and hoping DeidsBoy (or even DudesBoy!) has got out of bed the right side this morning

beans37 Thu 18-Apr-13 08:43:56

JAM! Yay! How very very exciting! Will keep fingers and legs crossed! I keep forgetting I'm even up the duff, to be honest, apart from having to hitch up my v comfy maternity jeans! No time to look out for the flutters etc. think I felt them far more with DD2 at this stage.

Deids, poor lamb. Miserable feeling so fecked off with your littles. They all push us to our limits. Did you look at him sleeping last night? How are you feeling today?

DD1 got into her school. Yay! But it's really DD2 getting into nursery that I'm fretting about a bit. Bring on 30th April to find out. Eek! Need to do school run!


Indith Thu 18-Apr-13 10:02:24

I get you back on my threads and then you go and MOVE! HOnestly. I have no chance of catching up. Must got and work. Really must. I'm giving the dcs a bit of a mummy day to day so the littlies are with the CM until 3 then I'm grabbing them and doing school pick up so we can go to the park and play together.

Congratulations Jammy!

DB I'm sorry you are struggling with your boy. I second watching him sleep. "NEver go to bed feeling like you want to throw your children out of the window" is excellent advice. I'm sure the book would sell millions. In fact it should probably be suggested as the next MN book title. Seriously. It captures the tone of this website perfectly!

Dd didn't get into school. For the first time they have had to reject Catholics even before they get down to sibling level. It is crazy. The head is being lovely though, think she has all the sibling appeal forms now so she is going to get that underway and I think she seems to be suggesting that it will be fine but the impression I get is that they will be having to turn down some appeals this year for teh first time EVER. They NEVER turn down appeals. Playground talk though is that there have been quite a few applications form miles away, people who have moved away but still want their kids to go there and stuff. We'll see. TBH though I find that a bit random, because even if they are miles away if they are Catholic they are still ahead of dd who is local and has a sibling at the school.

Oh well. Work!

Rubena Thu 18-Apr-13 10:37:35

Thanks all. It was just a shit hole arse buggery day. Dh had a bit of an exam looming meltdown and declared he's having a "motivational crisis" with less than 2 weeks left he's been in a rut. Not good. Then found out didn't get 1,2 or 3 school choices but was kicked while down with being offered the only school in Surrey which is well know to AVOID. Not in a month of Sundays is he going there. I don't even drive down the street the school is on. Its rough.
Dh was always thinking independent school from age 7 anyway, so I guess it's getting moved forward as winning appeal is highly unlikely in ours apparently, and they leave you hanging until a week before term starts which would be just awful.
Frantic morning of calls and We have an appointment this afternoon with one of the local private schools. Some are already full with massive wait lists and only one other we are waiting to hear back from. Did all this research ages back and now in a panic so haven't slept a wink worrying about all this, also as we will be moving in a couple of years or possibly earlier. So its all temporary and It's all the unknown.
But we have our health and things could be much much worse, I am aware of this. All will be fine.
Oh and the dog vomited everywhere as well as awful diarrhoea overnight, then the robot vac is programmed to run at 3am - you can imagine the rest.

Deids I've just seen your post. So sorry about the rough time you're having with ds sad hope all looks better soon.

On a nice note, had a lovely day catching up with a couple of friends and their kiddies who came around. I couldn't stomach a drink for 3 weeks during all that flu then we managed to get through 5 bottles if champagne in an afternoon / evening! FIVEsmile

Must post as phone can be dodgy.
Very happy for all the school acceptances. Least there's some good news with the results!

Sorry Indith but sounds like it will work out x

Indith Thu 18-Apr-13 11:19:57

Rubes I'm sorry, you are really having a hard time. I know the school stress well. It was hideous appealing for ds1. At least this time we have more security with being higher up the priorities.

I know it is so, so stressful. BUT you could flip it over and look at it another way. You will be moving soon so really, it doesn't matter that much. all you need is somewhere that is reasonable even if it isn't all that good. So long as it isn't an "over my dead body" school then it isn't that important. You just need somewhere with a friendly atmosphere which she can enjoy. I understand the allocated school is not an option but hopefully you can get on the waiting list for better ones or find an ok prep. You can instill the important values in her at home and support the early literacy and numeracy stuff at home. The important one will be when you move as that will be the school she will be doing most of her education in, doing SATS in etc.

sybilfaulty Thu 18-Apr-13 12:02:16

Huge hugs to you rubes you lovely girl. Reception can often be a year of flux but they are adaptable at that age and move schools etc easily. Hope this school today is good.

How are you today deids? Thinking of you and dear H.

Been working at home this am and accidentally silent 200 quid in boden. Oops. Naughty me.

sybilfaulty Thu 18-Apr-13 12:03:36

Spent not silent. Oops again.

sybilfaulty Thu 18-Apr-13 12:04:34

Needless to say, haven't done any work either. I must knuckle down.

Right, 3 from me so I'm off. Have a good day xxxx

EffiePerine Thu 18-Apr-13 12:42:13

Rubes: so much stress for you sad. Not how you want your first school application to go. Fingers crossed for a speedy and good solution.

Dudes (please tell me if you hate that name cos I am liking it a lot): I (6th?) the looking-while-sleeping tip. I've needed it a LOT.

Jj: glad I'm not the only one horror struck at the idea of 3!

DeidreBarlow Thu 18-Apr-13 12:59:52

Oh rubes what a shocker!! Really hope you get the school thing sorted, not really what you need at the moment.

I'm liking Dudes, in fact I often refer to DS as 'my little dude'. I did check in on the little dude last night, it made me cry...a lot! I am hormonal so that made me weepy. But his luttle dace all angelic and all i could think was 'why do you do it!!' Anyway this morning he woke up and came to ask me for a snuggle. Said his hands would be kind today and he wouldn't do it again. But we have been here before. sad

DeidreBarlow Thu 18-Apr-13 13:02:00

Oh and JJ "never go to bed feeling like you want to throw your children out if the window" would be an amazing book title!! Where do I buy itgrin

Indith Thu 18-Apr-13 13:26:47

Yes, you have been here before but he is learning. He is learning and remembering and that is so, so important. Some kids just explode more easily than others and children wear their emotions on their sleeves, they take time to learn to bite their tongue or to stay their fist and use words instead. A couple of years ago in his birthday ds unwrapped a book after having unwrapped a few things of lego or playmobil. His face dropped, he threw it to one side and said "that's boring, I don't like it." right in front of the giver! Last Christmas he unwrapped the garage (the one I ranted about that is suitable for 2 year olds), his face flickered with disappointment but he managed a brilliant smile, an almost enthusiastic "wow" and thanked his grandad. In those couple of years between 4 and 6 or so they learn so much about social norms and considering other people.

Rubena Thu 18-Apr-13 13:31:41

Just dropped ds at Pre school and added dd today so we can tour this school. They had a running list of where all the kids are got in hmm
Just gutted i couldn't even give them one - although none of his mates are going to our first or second choice anyway.

Deids he will come round. Ds got in trouble and was back chatting teachers at Pre school last Monday. All because his little mate was / is naughty and he decided to join in. Crikey he got a stern lecture. He was do upset I'm hoping it was enough. We'll see.

Add me to the list of horrified by a third - and that was before we knew we'd be stumping up for independent school from Reception year!

Rubena Thu 18-Apr-13 13:34:26

Indith ds has done exactly that a few times re gifts. I've felt like I've been beating a dead horse trying to explain how to react. Glad you said that I feel slight better, I always get so stressed when someone gives him a gift.

Vagolajahooli Thu 18-Apr-13 13:34:34

Oh ladies you've had me happy & in tears this morning catching up on here. And fair bit of OMGs at Rubes post. First of all Rubes. Sorry about the stress I can imagine. I don't want you to send DS there so please don't, fingers crossed you can get him into the private school. Also sorry but I had to laugh out loud at the Roomba thing. Is he ok, did it get all up inside his wheels? Glad at least you are feeling well enough to tolerate 'liquids' again.

Dudes, you know how much I love your boy, he's a white vagboy2. When you wrote what he said about his hands I just burst into tears, I'm a bit emotional anyway today, & for the littledudeboy to say that, so precious. I blame his teacher, I've never liked her.

Jam wonderful news, good on DH for getting one past the goalkeeper.

Nolda your moving news is very exciting.

& ZJ will you be removing the goalie soon?

Lady I share your language class homework issues. I've got dutch class tomorrow morning & haven't done a thing.

Hi to everyone else sorry for the absence I've been really busy with my next assignment & have had the boys off sick. Plus DS1 had his first gymnastics comp & had loads of extra classes. Also DH is having a bit of a nightmare because he is currently owed 3 months worth of pay. He got paid December in February but that's it. The third party company that pays his contract is being really dodgy & not paying. They are blaming system errors but it seems more likely that they have financial problems. We keep getting given dates we'll be paid then the day comes & goes & no money. The latest is next Tuesday. We've had to suspend work on the London place until we can pay for the rewiring & dh owes twp months worth of tax so we are likely to get a fine. The whole thing has put us in debt on all our cards & UK overdraft & we can't rent our London place so in all it will probably cost us around 3000 in lost rent & interest. And that's if we get paid next Tuesday. We covered all the mortgages this month but we won't be able to next month. Fingers crossed.

But this morning I got some news that made me realise it's just money. I can't say much because I'm crying writing this, but a dear friend lost his wife this week. They have a 3 months old baby girl & his wife just found the PND too much. Sorry I can't write more & im sorry to dump this on the thread after all the good news (apart from poor Rubes & roomba). But it helpz that you know. I think of Traceface & feel so grateful that she made it & Spot. I just wish...

JamInMyWellies Thu 18-Apr-13 13:39:29

Gosh Vag that is so tragic. Sending you a massive squishy hug. Such a horrible thing to happen.

I do often think of Trace and I hope she is doing ok.

Rubena Thu 18-Apr-13 13:44:02

OMG Vag that's sad. It does out it into perspective. So sorry sad so easy to get do consumed by things that are nothing in the grand scheme of things......

Re Roomba, it was everywhere. Worst possible scene you could imagine. A mix of vomit and poo. Roomba got bogged. Dh completely dis assembled it and dried it out. Working fine again now but Un programmed for a bit until I know the dog is ok.

Anyway, Best go and clean up a bit for my meeting with the head mistress hmm

Urgh I'm so sad about your friend.... Emotional here too and no def def def not preg!

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