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It's April 2013, the time is now & HERE ARE OUR BABIES!

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toobreathless Mon 15-Apr-13 22:10:08

Our first post natal thread!

Cooking & Cleaning can wait till tomorrow
for children grow up we've learnt to our sorrow
So wipe away cobwebs and dust go to sleep
I'm cuddling my baby cause babies don't keep!

A thread to celebrate the highs of life with a gorgeous newborn and the lows of sleepless nights, stitches, feeding traumas & Baby blues.

LikeCandy Mon 20-May-13 12:39:01

teapig BabyCandy is covered in little red spots - they started on her face but now they're on her neck, behind her ears, on her torso and arm tops. Her face is now clear (except for 1 impressive zit) after about 2 weeks.
Apparently they're caused by the oil secreting glands starting to work and some babies get full on acne - unlike adult acne it won't scar, but you shouldn't use any products on it, or squeeze the spots.
I guess it may be a similar thing that teapiglet has? Can you call your HV for some advice if you're worried?

BabyCandy had her first set of jabs this morning, she cried & I cried!

On an unrelated, selfish note - I'm annoyed that her name seems to becoming crazy popular. We didn't know any before she was born, I'd never seen a thread on it, but now it's mentioned all the time on the baby names forum! Oh well envy

YummyDollie Mon 20-May-13 13:23:02

birdbrain17 well done oh thank you for the advice am having a practice now with your instructions am determined to venture out this week without an expressed bottle so I HAVE to feed her in public will check back when it happens!

leluella Mon 20-May-13 14:31:59

Well health visitor has just been for the second time in a week to weigh baby lelu as she was concerned about slow weight gain and as baby lelu hasn't gained any weight since last Wednesday we have been referred to the hospital tomorrow for checks. Baby lelu is 4 weeks old today and is only 400g over her birth weight. Me and HV both a little confused as breast feeding going well, lots of wet and dirty nappies and baby looks well but very long and lean. Worried about tomorrow and feel like I'm failing my baby in some way, has anyone had similar situation with weight gain?

toobreathless Mon 20-May-13 16:31:34

leluella it sounds like your HV is being super cautious. 400g over birthweight isn't too bad at 4 weeks! Generally it's more helpful to look at centiles, the actual centile doesn't matter! But crossing several should trigger a closer look. It does often take babies a couple of weeks to 'find their centile' though.

My first Dd was born 8 lb 8 and then had very poor weight gain, much worse than your baby & was 10 lb exactly at 10 weeks. She also had bright green, foul nappies and we have a strong family history of asthma/eczema. She was diagnosed with Cows Milk protein allergy & did well on a dairy free diet. We had CMP allergy confirmed on skin tests/blood tests/challenge as part of a trial. Aged 2 years she has grown out of it smile

So fast forward and DD2 is now 6 weeks, born 7 lb 8, was exactly back to birthweight at 4 weeks (& didn't trigger referral!) and is now at 6 weeks 400g over birthweight. She is also quite screamy and very sicky. I suspect CMP allergy again & will ask for proper referral to Paeds at 6 week check.

It never hurts to be on top of things, don't worry too much about tomorrow. It would be sensible to keep a feeding dairy today/tonight plus a count of wet & dirty nappies. Your baby looks well & this is the most important thing, try not to get too fixated by the numbers. Offer the breast at every opportunity and it might be a good idea to get along to a BF group just to get a feed observed & check there are no obvious problems there- it sounds not.

HadALittleFaithBaby Mon 20-May-13 16:33:16

Hi all.

leu no experience but I hope things get sorted soon. Was she a good weight to start with?

I've found the more I feed in public, the easier it gets. I don't feed with a pillow anyway but tend to cross my legs and put her head in the crook of my elbow which works well enough.

We've had a good day. Went to a BF support group this morning - no other Mums attending while I was there (!) but the support workers all had kids and seemed lovely and very encouraging. Then my old friend from school visited with her daughter who is 4 months. She seems huge next to Faithlet! Can't believe she'll be that big one day!

LikeCandy Mon 20-May-13 16:40:31

Lelu I've just looked in our red book and BabyCandy had only gained 400g by 4 weeks. We had a week with no weight gain too, so the week after that I made sure she was freshly fed before weigh in. It's surprising the difference a full belly can make!
She's now back on the 50th percentile, where she was at birth.

birdbrain17 Mon 20-May-13 17:46:00

thanks tea I feel very proud of myself smile. yummy good luck, let us know when you've done it!

Anyone had their 6 week check up? Just booked mine for next week and wondering what happens...

LoobyLou33 Mon 20-May-13 18:12:58

kitten and photo how are you doing today? Hope you've had a bit of rest, it makes such a difference. A friend's midwife advised taking bf one day ( or perhaps it was one feed) at a time which I thought was good.
i bf ds1 for 11 months but this time I've still had very sore nipples/poor latch and felt overwhelmed. It really does get easier but these first few weeks are relentless. I read a great article on kellymom''s website, I think it's under FAQ and called "are mums meant to love bf 24 hrs a day?" Spurred me on!

For sore nipples... A. Get help from bf supporters it helped me loads tho still a bit sore, b. I pumped and gave the occasional feed in a bottle with extra formula to give boobs a rest from the bad latch c. What someone said about reclining with baby on your tummy. I did it today for first time and the latch was much deeper and not sore at all. A relief!

If a bit of combination feeding gets you through at this stage I really think it's worth it. Just to encourage you -not to pressure though - my overriding memory of bf was it was convenient, lovely for bonding and pretty easy despite some struggles along the way. Keep posting here to express how you're feeling, mn is great support!

DD has the snuffles and has been asking for boob all afternoon, I suspect a sore throat cos she keeps waking up crying. Poor little thing!

Ha ha re shopping I've done lots of window shopping online at 3am! I remember spending hours last time researching cloth nappies to pass the time!

leluella Mon 20-May-13 18:19:26

Thanks for your feedback too candy its good to know that this is not unusual and doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. Baby lelu was 8lb 3 at birth so quite big, my gut feeling is that she is fine but still hard not to worry although hopefully visit to hospital will reassure me.

miarosemum Mon 20-May-13 18:59:14

Lelu...ds is now 6 weeks but at 4 weeks had gained 450g and Hv was pleased with the weight gain..I really wouldn't worry at all, like you said she is feeding well and is a happy baby smile

LikeCandy Mon 20-May-13 19:25:33

lelu BabyC was 8lb5 at birth and had lost 12% of her weight by day 3, we've exclusively breast fed (despite MW pressure to FF at day 3 checkup weigh in!) I used to be in tears at each visit from the HV, I'm sure they think I'm a crazy person! But there's no doubt she's a healthy looking, lively thing now!
Good luck with it all, have faith in yourself hugs

BonaDea Mon 20-May-13 19:58:13

Lelulla - didn't want to read and run. Ds also lost 12% of birth weight in first few days which meant he lost over 1lb v quickly before starting to gain.

Weight gain then took a while to get started and I think he was 3 weeks before getting back to birth weight. He is now gaining well and has no issues, we just had a rocky start. Some if these HVs need shot. They are over cautious and frighten people! Am sure all is fine but update us after the hosp!

Kittenmummy Mon 20-May-13 23:11:26

looby thanks for asking - I had a good day today as managed to get a couple of naps in, much needed as night was really one of the hardest I have had. Dd was not a happy bunny, there have been other nights where she woke up more but this was much harder as I have less stamina left. Was meant to go to bf group today but didn't make it - no chance with how tired I was so I felt bad about that at first but I think staying at home and taking it easy was what I needed.

Wishing you all good nights! Might be back here in a few hours...

LoobyLou33 Tue 21-May-13 04:14:57

Lelulla yes I've had a similar experience, dd was still slightly below her birth weight at 4 weeks in fact. She only started to gain at about 13 days so we were having to go to clinic and get her weighed every 2 days. the midwives were actually more cautious than the HV ( was seeing both!)
I think she did need some coaxing along as sleepiness and poor latch meant she wasn't feeding enough at first. But it sounds like your DD is feeding well. I'm hoping dd will be above her birth weight of 7:13lb tomorrow when we get her weighed, she is one month old today wohoo!

KelleStar Tue 21-May-13 07:00:29

Ugh! It's morning! I am hanging with a manky cold and cough that DD caught when Wilf was born. She has now given it to me and Wilf and we are really suffering and were both up most of the night coughing and feeding. Now tucked in bed with the two little ones watching DD's tractor ted dvd's. I am going to try and beg a family member to take DD for a bit today as I could do with some rooming in with Wilf to boost my supply a bit.

Feeling a bit lost and sad, DH can't spare any time at the moment with work being so busy, he leaves at 6 and comes home anywhere between 6-9 depending on work. He only took 4 days pat leave, he's also got to work weekends for the next few weeks and looks as though our week off in mid June may be cancelled. The joys of owning your own business. We've just had to 'retire' one employee who has lung failure and can't do the work, another is off for 12 weeks to have a hip op and recovery, our apprentice can't be arsed to get out I bed (and he is the foremans son).

It's just frustrating as MIL will be up driving me mad and breaking all the progress we make with potty training and no dummy, she'll also allow DD to do things she is not meant to. Yesterday it was unbearable and they decided to go for a walk with out letting me know, just snuck out for 2 hours and didn't answer her phone. She will moan if I sit down or go up with Wilf for a nap, she is meant to be there to support me, not make me feel worse and more tired. And I can't say a thing since I sent that wrong text a few months ago hmm. The only joy is, today she has to take her parents to the hospital for their various appointments, so I get some time to slob around.

LikeCandy Tue 21-May-13 08:51:07

kelle I feel for you! I hope you get an easier day today smile

BabyCandy feeling a little sorry for herself after her jabs y'day. I expect she'll spend today asleep on me again.
I will spend the day considering wether or not we cosleeping for the next month

usernamegoeshere Tue 21-May-13 09:11:11

kelles that sounds rubbish, you poor thing.

Does anyone's babies make odd noises? Like every breathe is like her last, gagging, squeaking, grunting, panting... Worse after feed.

leu that HV sounds very over cautious, tbh I thought obsessive weighing was quite an old practise. I'm going to get baby username weighed today, she was 9lbs 1 at 5 days so expecting about 10lbs something now!

Am really hungry, hope this baby settles soon for nap, she keeps getting close then starts thrashing her legs around and wakes herself up crying. Started infacol yesterday, no improvement yet.

usernamegoeshere Tue 21-May-13 09:27:52

Oh like I just read your thread! Our MW scared OH with warnings on co sleeping then helped us to settle her in basket so we don't let her sleep with us since first few nights home. That study is interesting though.

HadALittleFaithBaby Tue 21-May-13 10:06:03

Oh kelle that sounds rough. Well certainly DVD and chilling is a good plan! Plenty of fluid and paracetamol for you. Can you get/do you have snuffle balm for Wilf? Pop a bit on a bib near him when he sleeps.
Sorry to hear your OH's work is so difficult. I hope it improves soon.

Well I tried dream feeding last night hmm in the hope Faithlet might not wake at 3....she usually feeds and settles between 9 and 10. About midnight she stirred so I tried to feed her. She puked all over me and it took me ages to settle her afterwards. She woke at 3 anyway! So I won't be doing that again! After her 3am feed she did sleep til 6.15 so I can't really grumble smile

Quiet day planned today here. Off to collect the eiectric breast pump from the post office in a bit. If it stays dry I think we'll walk.

Does anyone get a bit emotional as they grow out of clothes? Faithlet doesn't fit in any of her newborn/0-1 baby grows any more because her legs are long! I've packed them away. I did realise though it means she now fits in some 0-3 outfits that were too big and she looks adorable today! smile

BonaDea Tue 21-May-13 10:23:59

Faith I tried a dream feed last night too.

DS went down at 8, then I fed him at 10 when I went to bed. He slept through it but took a while to fall asleep properly again and I probably took an hour to do it start to finish. It bought me an hour in that he woke at 2 not 3 but then i did lose an hour doing it in the first place!!

However, when he fed at 2 he was quick and settled quickly. He usually wakes after two hours hungry after the 1am feed but this time he slept for 3 hours after the 2am feed AND settled again and slept.

So, although the dream feed didn't so exactly what I wanted (make him sleep for 4/5 hours after I go to bed) overall we had a better night perhaps because he was less hungry when he woke for his first feed.

Faith- sounds like your LO might also have got some benefit even if not perfect!? I'm going to persevere a few more nights and see what happens. Maybe you could do the same?

BonaDea Tue 21-May-13 10:25:22

*should have said he woke at 2 not 1.

num3onway Tue 21-May-13 11:47:49

Hello all!
Haven't updated in a while although have been reading now and then! Being kept on my toes by three dcs! Good to see everyone is doing well.
Dd is 7 weeks old and last week weighed 10lb 7. She outgrew upto one month clothes a good couple weeks ago and fills most 0-3 stuff except dresses ad dungerees which are still huge! Taking between 3 and 5 oz each feed. Sleeping for sometimes up to 5 hours.
Want to invest in some pampers baby dry to see if they help at night, anyone seen any good deals on them?
Are anyones lo's holding items yet?

KelleStar Tue 21-May-13 13:10:33

Likecandy... Have glanced through the study, I have mixed feelings, I don't co-sleep all the time, but often if baby is unsettled may come in for a bit.

Sadly another mum at bumps, babes and tots group recently lost her DC2 to SIDS, non smoker, breastfed, settled in cot next to bed, followed all the rules.

So I think that there is not enough detail to compare fairly as to the actual risk.

Before DC I was a heavy sleeper, but now I am very light and find I am aware of where baby is in the bed. DH and I have a single duvet each and on the times I co-sleep, I have a sheet/blanket. It works for us and we are aware of the risks.

HadALittleFaithBaby Tue 21-May-13 13:11:10

Hey num, good to hear from you. Sounds like you're busy but getting on ok. Tesco did have some Pampers on offer. Worth checking?

Bona I dunno if I gained anything - it was about 30 minutes to feed and settle her at midnight but at 3 she'll usually do 15 mins each side but last night she went back for more so it was about an hour! But then she slept later in the morning...normally wakes by 5.30 and it was 6.15. Maybe I will try again...

num3onway Tue 21-May-13 13:35:15

Will check tesco bona ty!

Dd has had her first injection appointment cancelled would of been at 8 week and 2 days. They can't give me a new date yet. If she Doesn't end up having it til say 10 weeks will she then have the others delayed? I have two old dcs but don't think this has happened before!

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