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It's April 2013, the time is now & HERE ARE OUR BABIES!

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toobreathless Mon 15-Apr-13 22:10:08

Our first post natal thread!

Cooking & Cleaning can wait till tomorrow
for children grow up we've learnt to our sorrow
So wipe away cobwebs and dust go to sleep
I'm cuddling my baby cause babies don't keep!

A thread to celebrate the highs of life with a gorgeous newborn and the lows of sleepless nights, stitches, feeding traumas & Baby blues.

Dysgu Tue 07-May-13 21:59:45

We use reusable nappies most of the time but we do have a pack of Asda disposables too at the moment. I am not keen on then TBH but do like the Sainsburys ones. I use disposables when we are going out as I don't like carrying a heavy bag of wet real nappies. With the girls, we used Lidl nappies when we used disposables - but they don't seem to start until size 3.

I have not seen nappies with a wetness indicator - I am now intrigued. There is a bit of me that wants to try them but I can also see how it would make me feel I should change it more often.

BonaDea Wed 08-May-13 00:55:55

I'm also using pampers. I like the wetness indicator esp as I can usually spot the blue line through white vests so don't usually have to strip LO to find out! I don't obsessively check it and think it is fine to use your common sense - twice every half hour would drive me mad! But, for example, if he is going down for a nap or we are about to do a car journey and the nappy is not obviously full I will check to see if it is wet.

Tonight for the first time I'm trying out the pampers night time nappies - think they're called stay dry. Meant to last up to 12 hours. Obviously I would still do a change for an obviously dirty nappy but it is good to think I don't have to change him because it always rouses him and makes it harder to get him to drop off again! Will report back.

As we are talking toilet issues... Google tells me it's normal but does everyone else's LO do the straining thing at times when they are doing a poo? Sometimes LO literally goes red in the face, all scrunched up, legs straight and making really uncomfortable straining/ pushing noises. It is like he is really in pain! It seems this is quite normal but what are your experiences??

ElliesWellies Wed 08-May-13 00:57:29

I am also using Pampers New Baby with wetness indicator. But I don't tend to change her nappy unless I can feel through her clothes that it is getting heavier. So the indicator isn't doing much for me - I just think the Pampers ones fit her better...

ElliesWellies Wed 08-May-13 00:59:09

BonaDea Yes the straining sounds normal if my two are anything to go by.

toobreathless Wed 08-May-13 01:45:32

Also using pampers here (size 1) as DD is too small for our reusables at present. I take the wetness indicator with a large pinch of salt, I suspect it's just there to try and make you change the nappy more often. DD has a nappy on her toy doll (pampers size 1) & the indicator has changed colour on that! How?? It's a soft doll and not been anywhere near water! I also think the night time nappy thing is also a con.

DD2 is now 4 weeks old & so sweet smile thankfully DD1 still adores her. DH said that while DD2 & I were away in Wales for a few nights DD1 looked in all the downstairs rooms every morning saying 'Beebee Lest?' baby Celeste) apparently she said 'mummy' once as an afterthought grin

dysgu glad to hear Evan is doing so well.

AmberLav Wed 08-May-13 01:51:53

I always used Pampers with DS (who is nOw 2), but picked up some Sainsbury's size 1 newborn ones for E, and I'm really impressed by them (particularly by how much cheaper they are!). I've tried the trial Pampers one from the bounty pack with the wetness indicator, and it did appear to me to be a gimic, but then both DS and DD seem to have quite tolerant skin that can cope with waiting a bit longer for a change. Pampers in particular seem to be so good that the child can be left ages till the dampness might irritate the child....

Clothing wise, we had to go straight to the 0-3 month size, as DD is so long, but she was over 10lbs when she was born. M&S is definitely bigger than Mothercare...

AmberLav Wed 08-May-13 01:56:05

BonaDea - I think it's called "Poo Face", or that's at least what it was called in our house! DD doesn't do it yet, but the 2 year old still does a version of it, and it still makes me giggle!

EssexWelsh Wed 08-May-13 02:58:20

I've tried most brands, all seemed pretty good and I've noticed quite a few had the wetness indicator and initially I didn't even now there was such a thing until one wise friend shared amongst 6 new mums and none of us had realised!

Can we all share LOs sleep patterns, as my DS has got himself into his own routine which seems odd. Wake about 8, playful, happy, feeds, approximately 3 hours later feeds again, sleeps about 11-11.30 then awake, sleeps about 1-5pm, may open eyes a bit but very drowsy then awake 5pm til 11pm then sleeps all night waking for 2 feeds. I ask as every book says newborns can't stay awake longer than 45 mins and get them to sleep to avoid them being overtired but DS is awake 5-11pm and I mean wide awake, he gets really fussy about 8, like he's overtired and cries but there is literally nothing you can do to get him to sleep, tried it all! He eventually gives in about 11 but has been as late as midnight. Is this normal? How can I get him into a routine where he has shorter naps and less long awake time and to bed by 7?? I heard of the elusive 6 week old babies that go through the night abc I'm desperate for DS to be one of those grin

AmberLav Wed 08-May-13 03:58:26

Essex - I've yet to meet a baby that has read the baby book... They are all different, and trying to get them to follow a schedule at this age will often just be a source of frustration to the parent...

I appear to have managed to produce two very different children - DS was a very difficult-sleeper, whereas DD seems to be a sleep monster - normal is often whatever your child is doing

That said, as they get older, the closer they get to a 7pm bedtime, as they start to sleep more at night and less during the day.

The best sleep book I found last time was Good night, Sleep tight for both an explanation of patterns and gentle sleep training...

Oh, I've not listed DDs routine at 2 weeks as it changes every day, but she definitely sleeps a lot more than her brother did!

usernamegoeshere Wed 08-May-13 06:25:29

Thanks for tips on clothes!

Baby username is being difficult, she just needs constant attention, she screams all the time, we can't put her down, she even cries in her sleep. I keep getting tearful then guilty for feeling bad. Still have new bouncer arriving today for her and might take her out after Hv has been.

usernamegoeshere Wed 08-May-13 06:27:03

Nappies wise we are using Huggies, though we will need change when we run out sad

AmberLav Wed 08-May-13 07:09:11

User - is baby username your first child? Is so, I'd suggest just taking each day as it comes, and get a good sling so that you can manage to get some things done around the house...

My first DC sounds like he is like baby username, and my next door neighbour is going through the same with her second, so I've been giving her tips - her main problem is that her first DC is getting upset at all the attention DC2 is getting, hence my question about whether you are on your first child.

My neighbour and I have each had a boy then a girl, at similar times, so it's quite easy to compare how different they are - I'm glad I had the more difficult child first, as E seems a doddle so far!

As time goes by, everything starts to get easier, and I have a gorgeous little 2 year old who is a fab big brother and a right little personality! He's off chattering at his daddy just now!

usernamegoeshere Wed 08-May-13 07:18:53

Thanks Amber yeah she is my first, & until 2 days ago we couldn't really complain at all, though she did go through a little 2 day phase like this around day 9. Am looking at slings now, will be nice to not feel tied to chair!

HadALittleFaithBaby Wed 08-May-13 07:58:52

No routine here at 3 weeks either! Still BF on demand although she took a bottle of EBF last night with DH while I did tea - nice to give him the baby for a bit! We do have a certain consistency - wide awake from about 6.30am, then feeds and (hopefully, I'm shattered!) sleeps for a bit. She usually feeds for a long while at some point in the day. We're trying to encourage her to relax at bedtime by having a bath and settling her down early.

I'm a bit concerned that we get quite a lot of 'poo face' but the poos remain infrequent....

Teapig Wed 08-May-13 09:15:04

No routine here either, it's pretty much feed and sleep. Teapiglet seems to only go for 2 hours between feeds and I'd love her to sleep for longer periods at night, any tips are very welcome.

Re nappies, we have quite selection of brands I bought before Teapiglet arrived. Sainsburys are our favourite at the moment.

Today is a big day in the Teapig household, we're braving the supermarket for the very first time. Fortunately we're being accompanied by my sister who is a seasoned mum but it still feels like a big step to me as we'll be driving there and using the baby carrier for the first time.

Trishstar Wed 08-May-13 09:53:00

Hope you ladies get these little ones into routines soon xx

Hunter feeds every 4-5 hours and sometimes sleeps the whole stretch between, sometimes some of it and sometimes none of it! At night he is now getting better tho and generally sleeping. However after a feed anytime between 4-6am he takes a bit more settling x think we need blackout curtains!

Poo that is yellowy green?? Soft consistency. That ok? He's on aptamil and whatever ebm I can get out (normally 1 feed a day)

And was weighed yesterday and is 8lb grin at 5 weeks 3 days x

BonaDea Wed 08-May-13 10:03:29

Glad it's not just us with the poo face. Sometimes it worries me as he seems so distressed!

Teapig have you tried cluster feeding in the evenings to get a longer break at night. Ds is 7 weeks. I tend to have little one on my breast from around 5pm with little breaks in between to get him full and sleepy before bed. So, big feed at 5 pm, little bounce in vibrating chair or lie on gym mat , another feed at 6.30, then clothes off and into bath, massage, 'jammies' on (in reality just a clean nappy, vest and sleepsuit), upstairs to our bedroom, another little feed and cuddle and into cot. Managing to get him down by about 8pm that way and he wakes around 1 and then 5 (although still very variable!!). Time intensive but seems to be getting him down and gives us an evening (although I'm usually joining him by 9.30!).

Day time routine is tricky because he doesn't want to sleep really. And if he doesn't nap during the day the night time is a nightmare. The stuff about them getting over tired is soooo true! I've resorted to taking LO out for a walk in the pram or a drive somewhere to make sure he gets 2 hours nap in the morning then again in the afternoon. In the afternoon I sometimes put him in his sling instead or we have a nap together if I have time. I'm hoping that over time he will get used to these naps and take them without me having to take him out, drive him round or wear him!!

He feeds on demand usually every 3 hours or so...

Mama1980 Wed 08-May-13 10:44:21

Teapig- I hope your supermarket trip goes well! smile
We don't really have a routine as such Alex feeds every two hours 24/7 the routine he had in the nicu. Mostly he doesn't sleep in between during the day but does generally overnight.

Teapig Wed 08-May-13 10:55:01

bona I haven't tried cluster feeding in the evening but I'll give it a go. Your routine sounds good, I will give it a go with Teapiglet.

ElliesWellies Wed 08-May-13 10:57:45

No real routine here although she does thankfully tend to settle between her feeds during the night. 5 weeks old today!

LikeCandy Wed 08-May-13 11:09:54

We're not worrying about a routine yet!

BabyCandy and I go to bed sometime between 11-12, change and feed then down in her sleeping bag in the co-sleeper cot. She usually wakes 3ish (hen she sleeps in with me), 5ish, 7ish and then she's awake for a couple of hours. Tried going to bed earlier but she still didn't sleep until midnight!
We co-sleeping proofed the bed (no duvets/ pillows/ can't roll off) and since then we've been getting so much more sleep. She feeds lying down then goes straight to sleep again. I'm probably getting 6-7 broken hours a night, which is fine!
I'm not worrying about day time, it depends what we're doing as to how she sleeps/feeds. She tends to cluster feed either afternoon or evening,

We're on sz2 sainsburys nappies (<10 left) then we'll use reusables (little lamb) and lidl sz3.

Good luck for your shop tea! We'll be going into the city by ourselves for the first time later, we've been to our local high street and to baby group alone, but this involves the bus!! Exciting!

LikeCandy Wed 08-May-13 11:17:32

Oh and mama on your recommendation I bought these wrist rattles (the lion and mouse) lets hope she likes them!

num3onway Wed 08-May-13 12:40:43

Dd varies from day to day,she always had at least one long period of being awake tho.
She is 5week 1 day.

In bed at 10 last night til 1.30, feed (4oz) and bk to sleep til 4.30 changed and fed (4oz) awake til 6.30. Then slept til 9. Awake and a change and 5oz feed.
Fell asleep at 10 until 12.30. Feeding now

Teapig Wed 08-May-13 15:23:40

Well our first trip to the supermarket went well. Teapiglet slept through the whole thing and it was a nice calm experience. To be fair though we did go to Waitrose, not where we usually shop. It was good for getting used to these things though and our first without DH. Not sure we're ready for the bus yet but we're getting there.

Teapiglet is 2 weeks old today and back up to her birth weight of 8lb 9oz.

Does anyone have experience of lop sided breasts? My left boob got engorged early on, it's no longer painful or lumpy but it's a lot bigger than the other I call it the mega boob sad I really want them to even out but I'm not sure what to do. I can't tell if it's still an engorgement issue or if actually the smaller boob is the one I should focus on as maybe I've neglected that while trying to un-engorge the other. I'm going to go to a breastfeeding group next week but if anyone has had a similar experience I'd really appreciate any words of wisdom. I keep worrying I'll forever be lopsided.

BonaDea Wed 08-May-13 15:27:34

Tea pig I'm lopsided anyway and I think most people are a bit so no change there for me!

A lactation consultant told me it is quite normal for one breast to make more milk and for babies to favour one side. Not sure that helps! Call la leche league helpline?

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