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January 2013 - part 3 - where we have to stop them rolling off the changing mats!

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octanegirl Sun 14-Apr-13 17:14:37

Ok, here we go with the new thread - we got to exactly 1000! Hope everyone enjoyed this balmy day. I got Felix out loads in the buggy smile

Lostbobbles Tue 16-Apr-13 21:37:50

Ps: Anyone got any self soothing tips?

Lora1982 Wed 17-Apr-13 06:23:23

Bunty your probably an expert at tongue tie now but i got given this link..

Lostbobbles Wed 17-Apr-13 07:01:54

Night from hell, she is well and truly dummy addicted. My ears are still ringing from her screaming. Ended up feeding her twice after 10.30 feed, then took her into our bed at 4 and she still screamed for 30mins. We've created a monster hmm. Resilient little madam will give her that, she doesn't give in easy.

lollipoppi Wed 17-Apr-13 07:52:30

Bounty hope DD is ok, I didn't realise she had had it done twice already hmm

Lost, keep going, I'm sure after a couple of days of cold turkey she will forget she ever had it, has she found her thumb?

DD had a good night, slept from 9pm-5.40am, her personal best smile

shakemyhead Wed 17-Apr-13 08:48:25

Orla was in her carry cot (suitable for overnight sleeping) she's far too big for it. We got a £35 ikea cot. Dubbed the Romanian orphanage cot as it is rather basic. She loves it - only wakes for a feed at 3.30 ish. Sat night she went 10.30-6.30. Will even take morning nap in it. Try n put pic up.
Bunty bad news re tounge tie.

Angielka Wed 17-Apr-13 09:09:24

Oh dear lost sounds tough. Hang in there.

We got 9-7.30 last night. I feel human again!

BuntyCollocks Wed 17-Apr-13 10:47:22

Thanks all, I love how supportive everyone is here. It's so nice having people going through the same things, isn't it?

I pretty much always feed to sleep blush so no great tips from me. I also have two dummy addicts. L

Tugstonia Wed 17-Apr-13 10:52:03

Oh good I found you all!

Bunty sorry to hear that about dd's tongue. Really hope you can avoid getting it snipped again.

I am a zombie again today. DD woke up EVERY HOUR last night ffs... She sleeps in my bed now (DP kicked out to living room sad ) as she refuses to sleep in the babybay which is literally attached to the bed, and has never slept in the moses basket. Am taking her to the cranial osteopath today to see if it helps the sleep situation. She is 11 weeks today so was thinking it could be the dreaded Wonder Week but she was 2 weeks overdue and the WW goes by due date doesn't it? Is there a Wonder Week at 13 weeks?!

BuntyCollocks Wed 17-Apr-13 11:24:34

Thanks tugs. There's one at 14 1/2 weeks. Maybe she's hitting it early?

DD is LOVING her jumperoo.

Meringue33 Wed 17-Apr-13 12:35:58

Cannot wait to get a jumperoo! LO can't quite hold head up confidently yet. Almost tho...

I have made it my mission today to crack daytime naps. My strategy involves not allowing him to oversleep and miss a feed, as that makes him cranky and not able to sleep again later. Following advice on another thread I'm also timing his awake time and starting wind down when the next nap is due rather than wait for him to get really tired and cry.

Morning nap was a success, put him down in pram and pushed it in hall for a bit. He cried for 2-3 mins then stopped and lay awake. I wandered off to kitchen and he self soothed and fell asleep!

Midday nap involved two five minute spells of crying, a bit of pick up, put down and walking on shoulder, he then fell asleep on my shoulder and I put him down into carseat where he is now asleep, in advance of going to pub to meet NCT friends.

Only problem now is if I stick to the strategy I will need to wake him in pub and feed him... Oh well I could use some practice at bf in public! Wish me luck :-)

theboutiquemummy Wed 17-Apr-13 17:46:40

marking place wink

Where do you get a jumperoo ?

BuntyCollocks Wed 17-Apr-13 17:56:02

Jumperoo smile

AppleCrumples Wed 17-Apr-13 19:35:57

Ivy is now 15lb9! She has basically gained 10lb in 15 weeks <massive baby emoticon> also can't believe shes 15 weeks already.

Her sleep has gone to pot this evening and have just put her in pram and turned hoover on! She just is refusing to settle and now overtired and screaming! Annoying as usually a good sleeper sad

Meringue33 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:35:03

Screamy evenings. I don't think I can take much more tbh. Am tempted to bring forward his 10pm bottle of formula to 7pm to see if it would knock him out. Just worried he'd then wake up at 3am when I'm getting used to a sleep until at least 4.30am, sometimes as late as 6.30am. I suspect it'd also play havoc with my milk supply, which is already a bit compromised.

Those of you who have older DC - when does this phase stop? Is there anything I should be doing or is it just a matter of waiting til he matures out of it??

glorious Wed 17-Apr-13 21:01:17

Really sorry that the tongue tie is back bunty. And tugs what a shame the sleep is up and down.

We're having to work really hard on the daytime naps here too. I'm just taking the path of least resistance and walking or bouncing Ellen to sleep, but not always quickly enough to avoid the overtired angst.

Lora1982 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:01:55

My mums got the fisher price jungle jumperoo its arriving chez moi tomorrow :-D

AppleCrumples Wed 17-Apr-13 21:19:38

Meringue most of mine have become more settled as they got older. As long as we follow a predictable routine with them they are usually sleeping through from about 6.30-7 by their first birthdays. It does get easier. Think Ivy is teething which isn't helping. Madly though i put her in her crib at 8 folliwing our usual routine of dark room, clean nappy, bf then into crib with a kiss. Put lullaby app on and prayed...and she finally went to sleep! shock Now watching miranda with a cream egg!

Can you try earlier bottle? Ivy is beginning to seem like she would prefer to be settled for the night a bit earlier. It probably would affect night feeds but if they can settke themselves then at least you know they actually need the night feeds IYSWIM

No jumperoo here when bouncer outgrown she wilk be able to sit on the playmat with her toys whilst i get on with things and mine have always had their dayrime naps in cot unless out in the buggy at nap time.

BuntyCollocks Wed 17-Apr-13 22:01:48

apple shock! Super boob milk! Cameron had put on 4 lb ish and I thought that was good in 15 weeks!

meringue we usually have shouty evenings too. Today she hasn't had her usual huge nap and she's been in bed asleep since just before 8 shock! She's had a lot of half hours here and there, and seems a happier baby for it. We also did our first baby sensory today and she loved it!

I think it is a phase they grow out of. I can't remember when DS did, though!

happyhow Wed 17-Apr-13 22:20:26

Bailey seems to want to settle for bed earlier now too which is good as we actually me because hubby always falls asleep on the sofa get some peace before going to bed ourselves although it does mean I'm back to a half 3 feed. He's sleeping for longer after that feed though too - this morning he didn't wake up til 8.15am! Got my breakfast in peace too which was a novelty.

I'm trying to get Bailey better with naps too. Just downloaded a lullaby app to see if I can stick him in his basket with that on and see what happens. I'm starting to get better at spotting when he's getting really tired which is helping.

Bunty - sorry the tongue tie is back. Hopefully she might be able to cope better now that she's bigger and won't need it snipped again.

AppleCrumples Wed 17-Apr-13 22:23:43

bunty i was sort of hoping that she would stay small for longer as she was early and much smaller than my others but no, shes another.chunky monkey. She just had to work a little harder to catch up! My friends 20 week old weighs less than Ivy. Thankfully her weight gain has slowed down now but she is following 91st centile.

The onky thing is i am bloody starving all the time smile

theboutiquemummy Wed 17-Apr-13 23:17:36

Thanks Bunty my doodle bug isn't do little any more and keeps trying to sit up x need to keep him occupied x

Hormonalhell Thu 18-Apr-13 07:37:54

Lostbobbles Lois sounds just like Charlie with the temperamental side, he can be proper happy one minute and then just change within seconds to an all out tantrum shock I'm dreading the terrible two stage

Pascha Thu 18-Apr-13 07:50:03

I'm really annoyed we sold our Jumperoo thinking we wouldnt need it again hmm. I'm scouring local sales for a second hand one now.

Currently lying in bed with a baby at feet sucking his hands and a boy beside me playing with daddy's model cars. Don't know what to do with the day yet, I expect it will involve a park and Daniel in the sling at some point.

I need to sort out some regular exercise now. With DS1 I lost loads of weight just by bfing and eating cake, ended up a stone lighter, but he is a 91st percentile boy. Dan is littler, much littler, and I'm still struggling to fit prepregnancy jeans, I think because he just doesn't take as much from me, being dinky.

Not fair. I want to eat cake this time round too angry!

lotsofthingstolearn Thu 18-Apr-13 08:02:37

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is doing ok. Life is going far too quickly DS seems to have grown every morning he's got up for the past week or so! Yesterday was just vile as I think he's going through some sort of spurt as he was all over the place with his naps and just got overtired!

I have a question and Just wondering how people are doing with the sleeping through thing ? I am getting so cross with people asking why he is not sleeping through!! We are still waking at 3am DS is thrashing about etc but his eyes are closed. The only thing I can do to get him to settle is give him a feed. It's almost like a dream feed. Ive put it down to only 2-3oz as he was going off his morning feed otherwise. Should I just try and push him longer? He goes down at 7 no problem, dream feeds between 10-11. He has a dummy and I honestly think he is hungry but some say I am setting up for him wanting that feed all the time.

I'm sure I've seen someone ask this on this group but can't find it. I'm sure it's all pretty normal but just wondered what other January babies were doing.

We have Jumperoo at the ready also btw and got another one for GP'S rationale was that I got 2 for the price of one from Gumtree and everyone just raves about them.

Re naps we have the lullaby on Ewan for daytime- works a treat- most of the time!

Pascha Thu 18-Apr-13 08:52:52

Hi lotsof

DS is bf'ed but he currently goes down at around 7.30-8pm and has a feed anywhere between 10pm and midnight whenever he stirs, then around 3-4am and around 5-6am. He hasn't mastered the art of sleeping much longer than 5 hours absolute max yet. We do get the occasional 8pm-2am sleep but its rare.

In the end, your baby is doing what only he will do and nothing anyone else says can make too much difference to that at this early age. One wake and a small feed at night at anything less than 6 months old sounds great to me. And anyone asking how he's sleeping can get the same answer: "fine, thank you" and move on the conversation without details (or "bugger off you nosy cow" if you've lost your temper wink)

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