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January 2013 - part 3 - where we have to stop them rolling off the changing mats!

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octanegirl Sun 14-Apr-13 17:14:37

Ok, here we go with the new thread - we got to exactly 1000! Hope everyone enjoyed this balmy day. I got Felix out loads in the buggy smile

mrsbugsywugsy Sat 11-May-13 14:05:05

glorious dd rolled for the first time yesterday too smile would that explain the grumpiness then? she has also suddenly become really chatty, she sounds a bit like a clanger.

creepy have you tried bravissimo? they are much better at bra fittings than m&s.

Lostbobbles Sat 11-May-13 14:10:53

Glorious, yay for your DD. best feeling ever watching these little people develop grin

Creepy 36J shockshockshockshock good lord you must have chronic backache hmm

Better night last night 12,3,6.30. Then 7.30-8.30. 12pm bottle was a disaster , but managed to get her to drink 3oz this morning sat in her highchair. not that daytime bottle is any help but think I am going to have to try get her used to it again when she is not so tired and progress that way --famous last words

Had dd1 dance class this morn, then sent DH to library to sort homework about stamps, now off to birthday party then going out for dinner with for dinner as DH away again tom. which reminds me must make my shopping list for himgrin

Birdies Sat 11-May-13 14:25:16

Sleep is getting worse here sad I just don't know how to improve it. I'm so tired.

glorious that's really cute. Was she on her front when she first rolled? I'm still waiting for the rolling but maybe she will after this never ending wonder week!

creepy wow, that a size to be proud of! M&S are crap at fittings though. I am 34FF and only got the right bra when I got fitted by a rigby and Peller woman. Even then it took me weeks to wear it in to the point where it was comfy round the band.

happyhow Sat 11-May-13 14:51:47

I vowed never to get measured at M&S again after I came out of there crying as teenager with the ridiculous size they said I was. Debenhams were just as bad. Bravissimo all the way, I say.

Mother in law surprised me with going out for coffee earlier which was nice.

Bailey decided he wanted a quick feed at 1am and then it was play time. Took til half 2 to get him asleep again. I was all for taking him and his basket through to the sitting room and leaving him there so that I could sleep.... I didn't though but he's def going into his own room soon. I'm hoping he's one of these babies that sleeps through once they're on solids.

CreepyCrawly Sat 11-May-13 14:52:04

M&S measured me at a 42E! Bravissimo is 100+ miles away unfortunately. They don't look as big as they apparently are, and my back is ok luckily! I'm gonna order a few and keep trying. The back size feels good on this one so I know I'm right there. I hate bras! Life would be much easier if we all went braless!

Ladies with the rolling babies, are they going front to back or back to front? I can't believe how quick they're growing, it only feels like yesterday we were all wondering if we'd felt little kicks!

Tugstonia Sat 11-May-13 15:51:56

Creepy you can order online from Bravissimo in multiple sizes to try on, and then return those you don't want/don't fit for free. Agree that M&S are pants for bra sizes!

DD feeding properly again now, albeit with some teething gel rubbed on her gums first. She fed 4 times in the night, last one at 4.30am and I couldn't go back to sleep so am knackered today <yawn>. Birdies hope you can get a break today and maybe nap a bit?

Glorious that's brilliant your dd rolled! Good to know all the night wakings have paid off smile

glorious Sat 11-May-13 17:16:40

Awh thanks everyone thanks

Yes it was front to back birdies and she was doing half rolls for a week or 10 days first so perhaps not long for your DD creepy.

bugs people say they get grumpy before they do something new but I don't know really smile . Hooray for your DD too. Clanger noises sound better than the dinosaur we seem to have.

Hope things improve soon birdies , it's so tough.

AppleCrumples Sat 11-May-13 17:29:01

Ivy keeps raahing at ds1 teddy bear before madly chewing his nose! Think these blasted teeth are driving her nuts smile she is also trying to roll but not quite doing it which upsets her.

Its so lovely seeing them turning into these little people. Its going so fast though 19 weeks on tuesday!

lollipoppi Sat 11-May-13 17:29:45

Can't help on the bra front, I only have little boobies! hmm

DD is defo going through some sort I growth spurt or teething ...... Or god forbid, both!
Her fist is so red where she is chewing at it, she won't take a bottle and just generally screaming!

I got my first "ohhhh I think she is ready for a rusk" comment today shock
I politely replied that she is only 15 weeks old and when I decide to start weaning, a rusk wont be the first item on my shopping list! (Have you seen the sugar content in them!!)

Angielka Sat 11-May-13 20:58:54

Thanks for making me feel better about losing my hair... it hasn't applied to body hair in my case unfortunately.

Oh, and eating chocolate while losing weight was ok at the beginning, but I seem to have got stuck. Bfing will only get me so far.

Lots of knuckle gnawing and half rolls (feet in the air, toppling over and landing on her side) here - and plenty of grumpiness.

I desperately need some new bras - I have stretchy feeding ones that do nothing for me!

lolli well done you!

MarasmeAbsolu Sat 11-May-13 22:40:56

... found the way back after having dropped-out!
Back at work full-time, and DH is now on additional paternity leave. Cheeky LO has found her voice, and spends her day screaming at me/DH/her big sister. She is delighted by the noise she makes.
She also refuses the bottle, which makes my working day a nightmare. DH has to bring her to me for every feed she refuses (all of them with him so far!).
She has a place in nursery in July, so we'll need to crack the bottle before then!

Hope everyone has got some giggles - my one is a tough little customer, she gets me to work hard for a little chortle. She has already started with the back raises hmm

MarasmeAbsolu Sat 11-May-13 22:51:07

Oh Angie - losing hair like mad here too! plughole full of it, pillow in the morning, etc. I cannot remember when it stops. I remember a stupid hairdresser telling me scare stories after DD1, about hair bulb finite number of cycles, and multi-vitamin treatment bollocks. Anyhow - it all settled within 12 months.
I think it has to do with the fact that during 9 months you lose virtually no hair, but once you give birth, all that hair which remained now has to go (oh well, or sthg similar!).

glorious Sun 12-May-13 03:57:18

Up for 2 hours feeding and winding and still going strong sad But at least we started with 5 hours I guess.

mrsbugsywugsy Sun 12-May-13 06:43:06

pleased to report a better night here, feeds at 11, 3 and 6.30. dd also woke sometime around 5 but settled with a dummy. not sure if my plan worked or if things would have changed by themselves.

welcome back marasme. being back at work sounds tough.

Bunny222 Sun 12-May-13 08:32:52

Hi all. Am really missing that sleeping thru, we're having the first wakes anywhere between 1.30 and 3am, and then usually be again before the 6am ish wake up.
Previously wake ups were just for a cuddle, now its def for a feed. Is it a growth spurt looming? He is 14weeks and nearly 16lbs.

Am also stressing more when being away from him, no real reason as he settles great with my mum. Am also fretting about going back to work and being away from him, even tho its months away yet.

How long are you taking for Mat leave? And is it true that if u dont go back u have to pay back the maternity money?

mrsbugsywugsy Sun 12-May-13 09:50:40

bunny my understanding is that you keep your SMP whether you go back to work or not, but that if your work paid you anything on top of that then you might have to repay it. does your employer have a maternity policy? if so the terms should be set out there.

mrsbugsywugsy Sun 12-May-13 09:56:51

PS dd was 14 weeks adjusted when her sleep suddenly went to pot. I think it could have been a developmental thing as someone suggested upthread as she also started to roll over this week and to babble and squeal all of the time.

Cejay8 Sun 12-May-13 10:22:25

15 weeks here and after sleeping through from 9 weeks we're getting a 4am wake up call for a full feed as well - is this the 4 month sleep regression? Growth spurt?

Angielka Sun 12-May-13 11:39:47

15 weeks here too and have also gone from all night to a wake up for a full feed. Think it's more growth spurt than sleep regression because she is clearly hungry. Sleep regression is much, much worse in my experience wink

I've just extended my maternity leave to a year shock from 8 months. Different system because I'm not UK based so no help on financial side... marasme hats off to you being back at work and bfing in your breaks shock

lollipoppi Sun 12-May-13 14:00:37

Quick question on ff feeding, how many oz is your LO having in a day?

newbie6 Sun 12-May-13 14:53:23

Hi Lolli,

I ff and my LO is 4mths old, he is taking anything from 5oz to 7oz during the day at his 8am, 11am, 2pm feed and then about 8 to 9 at his 5pm feed which normally sees him through till about 3am?


Hormonalhell Sun 12-May-13 18:21:10

Lolli Charlie has about 5 feeds of 6oz a day on a good day that is but can sometimes have 25 oz other days. He 17 weeks and weighs 16lb

lollipoppi Sun 12-May-13 19:27:57

Thanks ladies, DD has around 25oz in a day, I've had my 2nd "she's ready for a rusk comment" in 2 days!! Milk is "just not satisfying her" apparently!!!!!???

I just need to perfect the smile and nod technique again I think wink

AppleCrumples Sun 12-May-13 20:24:52

Yeah smile and nod. I keep getting these comments i either smile and nod or point out some fruit and veg will be less calorific than mt milk...and since it was my milk that got her to this size i'll stick to that for now!

Ivy refused to sleep since lunch until an hour ago! The screaming! Took 4 boobs to finally settle her. Only happens at weekends if we don't go out in the afternoon am planning to never be in all afternoon again!

Meringue33 Sun 12-May-13 20:31:27

Smile and nod, smile and nod.

We had visitors today, their three year old observed me bf LO and commented: "I think your baby wants a bottle." shock

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