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December 2012: Dribbles, giggles and rolls!

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IsThatTrue Fri 12-Apr-13 19:41:14

Thought we should get a new thread before the night shift wink

Stacks Tue 30-Apr-13 13:48:37

Barbeasty I'm the same with housework these days. I'm in all day now noticing everything that needs doing, so whenever DH takes T for a little while I end up doing something I couldn't do with him - like cleaning the fish tank, hoovering, dusting, cleaning the microwave. All things DH doesn't seem to notice in his 4 hours of bliss after I go to bed with DS...

Can you imagine having 4 hours without a baby? All together, with no worrying about them waking up etc because your DH has boobs and is on duty? [daydreams parked out front of the house with sleeping DS in the car, too afraid to move him]

halestone Tue 30-Apr-13 14:12:23

Ohh stacks we use to do that sit in the car so we didn't wake her. Then we accidentally found out that if we threw our tops over the car seat and blocked out all the light and no fresh air hit her face she stayed asleep in her car seat. So we could just leave the car seat on the floor till she woke up grin

SkiBunnnnny Tue 30-Apr-13 15:50:26

That sounds nasty weejo! I'm a fainter too, it's pretty scary.

My place is an absolute tip atm as well barbeasty, I'm having enough trouble keeping up with constantly washing bottles and pumping that I didn't have time to even empty the dishwasher yesterday. Plus LO is letting me put him down even less than usual and I think he is still in a different time zone so up SO early!

SkiBunnnnny Tue 30-Apr-13 15:53:16

Laughing at "surprise wees" all to look forward to for me!

WLmum Tue 30-Apr-13 18:11:46

My house is a tip too, would love it to be cleaner and tidier but there's just no way right now. I try hard not to stress about it. Would say that I'll have a bit more time for that stuff when dd2 starts preschool in sept but I'll be going back to work then!

Re sleeping in car seats, the snooze shade is fab - I was a sceptic but was given one by a friend and use it absolutist loads. It keeps the wind off and light out. Quite reasonably priced too I think.

itsMYNutella Tue 30-Apr-13 18:19:15

Thanks Spotty and Barbeasty for giving me a glimpse of my future grin

Ski hope you're feeling better.

I put little man in his bouncer today and let him watch me cooking in the kitchen grin it went quite well. Then I went out for a walk and popped him in the sling - walked 6.5 km, which was a little further than I had intended- and some nappies are just finishing a rinse cycle hmm perhaps I need to move; living here seems to be having an effect on me.confused... I would not describe myself as some sort of hippy earth warrior. Honest.
(No offence to any hippies or earth warriors intended!)

Barbeasty Tue 30-Apr-13 19:48:38

Well any chance of velcro baby being less velcro as the evening goes on was undone when I cut his fingernail and sliced into the tip of his thumb. Not too much blood.... Just hoping that tonight goes the same way the last night after velcro day did. That was our 6hr night.

Stacks Tue 30-Apr-13 20:11:24

Good luck for the good night barbeasty but shame you've had a velcro baby all day. T was actually not too bad today, grumpy and tired when awake, but not too hard to get to sleep. I also managed to actually get him to swallow a dose of gaviscon! After reading up on reflux he actually does have lots of the classic symptoms - I just thought that because he doesn't cry much he can't be in pain, so can't really have it that bad. However I think he's probably had it since about 8 weeks - when his 'cough' started, and his bad sleeping (among other symptoms). Hoping the gaviscon will give a bit of relief for him.

Nutella sounds like an idyllic day. Of course in my mind there was no crying at all from LO - just contented watching, sleeping, smiles and sunshine. It was like that, right? smile

WL I got so much tidying done before bed tonight. It used up my 30m I normally get while DH does T's night nappy and PJs, but I found most of our living and dining room smile I did leave little piles of things for DH to put in the right cupboard etc though, got to streamline my tidying efforts. I've sent him off with a todo list to clear those piles!

Stacks Tue 30-Apr-13 20:13:57

Oh Ski didn't mean to forget you. I wouldn't worry too much about the housework while you're recovering. It sounds like you're ok holding LO though? I know you were a bit worried about that before. Sorry LO has turned to Velcro though, I guess LO missed you while you were in hospital.

SpottyTeacakes Tue 30-Apr-13 20:20:29

Just heard some really awful news from my sister about get friends baby. I won't go into detail but please everyone only use sleeping bags for your babies until they're out of their cots. Sorry I know it's a horrible thing to hear/think about sad

Gosh WeeJo (I think?) falling like that is a scary thought I hope you're ok?

Ds is so close to rolling front to back. Well actually he just bends right back so his body is in a c shape hmm also I think we have a tooth shock I think I can feel a tiny sharp bit. Will find out in a few weeks/days I suppose!

My house is a tip. There used to be things I'd do every day (kitchen sides and cooker too/loo/quick Hoover) but even they only get done once a fortnight week now blush

Stacks Tue 30-Apr-13 21:46:28

Hales - I've learnt carseat position is bad for reflux. Maybe that's why he generally woke crying rather than happy. I didn't mind sitting in the car though, it was warm in the sunshine.

Spotty - sad congrats on possible tooth though.

WeeJo - if you're knocked out at all it's usually an a&e job? At least a call to nhs24. Hope you're ok now.

itsMYNutella Tue 30-Apr-13 22:05:47

Stacks he was quite a good boy today. Of course when he is hungry or tired or bored or feels like making his presence known he cries. Mostly if I'm doing something and turn to look at him when he makes a noise and make some noise back at him that seems to keep him entertained.

While I was out I walked through a local wood and passed some old ladies, I let them have a flash of a snoozing DS (it's ok, he had a hat on - otherwise they would have told me off- I didn't tell them he wasn't wearing a jacket) think I made their week!

FX for all to have a good night. Nighty night! smile

ddas Tue 30-Apr-13 22:33:43

stacks gaviscon is so hard to get into them especially as they get older. Not surprising as it tastes horrible. At the end of pregnancy I had reflux and my morning sickness came back too- bad combination as if I ever tried to take gaviscon the taste would immediately make me sick. Hope it works and remember lots of other meds that can be given so if gaviscon doesn't do it there are others.
Can never put dd into car seat close to a feed as position seems to compress her poor belly resulting in a pool of vomit. Although better now we've taken some of the padding out- think we were in denial about how fast she's was growing up and left her in the newborn set up for too long!
Ds had 2 good settling in sessions at new nursery this week which is lovely so he'll go 2 days a week from tomorrow & me and dd are going to a baby music class on thurs which can't wait to take her to- some 1 on 1 time smile
Dd won't stay on her back now- as soon as you put her down rolls straight onto her front but after a while gets angry as can't move forward despite much trying (only in circles at the moment!) and can't always manage to roll herself back so keep having to move her back onto her back where 2 sec later she's rolls back onto her belly and the cycle starts again! Think it'll be like that till she can crawl if she's like ds.
Hope everyone has a good nights sleep fx. I'm not saying anything as past couple of nights she's woken up nearly every hour just wanting comfort so not holding much hope for tonight!

halestone Wed 01-May-13 05:40:25

Does a little dance singing 6 hours yay for 6 hours gringringringrin think i will have the biggest chufty smile ever today.

I forgot to say yesterday, hope your ok after your faint Weejo and that your headache has gone.

MaMaPo Wed 01-May-13 06:06:10

Morning all. Can someone tell me why C things 4.45am is a suitable time to be up for the day? Her 3rd wake up as well. No idea what is going on but I'm exhausted. I had stupidly thought sleep was improving. She seems tk be teething but didn't seem to be in pain overnight just constantly awake. In desperation have given calpol and herein her up - waiting for a tired sign so I can try to put her down again and snatch a bit more sleep.

She keeps looking up at me as though expecting me to play. No chance. Now she's singing. I'm not getting any more sleep, am I?

Stacks Wed 01-May-13 06:25:37

Oh MaMa, there's nothing worse than that happy, adorable cute face looking up at you at an ungodly hour of the morning asking to play. Particularly after a bad night. They just look so innocent and happy, but you're so, so tired. sad

We actually had a better night. I lost count of all the wake ups but there were a couple of hours on the clock I didn't get to see grin. However, T sounded a lot worse last night, with a more chesty sounding cough and some really high pitched cries sad I had to sit up and settle him up on the breast 4 times as he just couldn't/wouldn't latch on laying down. I hope he's not getting ill now too sad

Stacks Wed 01-May-13 06:28:50

ddas we were doing it totally wrong without realising - feeding then putting in car seat. Also if he had a crying fit whole out driving I was feeding him to almost sleep, then putting him back in the seat sad there's at least one journey where he sounded in real pain in his seat and I must have made it so much worse for him sad

SpottyTeacakes Wed 01-May-13 07:05:41

Mamapo I thought, looking at your photos on fb, that she must be teething. Hope you can rest today.

Ds went down fine at 7 woke 10:30, 1:30 and up at 6 shock great night by his standards.

SeymoreButts Wed 01-May-13 07:29:24

Just delurking to say hello! I've been trying to keep up with the thread but not had time to post while DD has been on school holidays.

We've had an ok couple of weeks, DS's sleep is still quite bad. Mostly he wakes every 2 hours but he's done a couple of 4 hour stretches recently. I had a dairy blowout last weekend and he screamed to high heaven the day after (and vomited a lot). So I went to the GP and we decided to try a partially hydrolysed formula. He was even more screamy after that so the next step is fully hydrolysed formula (neocate) which tastes disgusting and he probably won't drink. So the other option is for me to breastfeed for longer and stay dairy free <weeps>. I am not getting anywhere near enough calcium though.

Weaning is going pretty well, he loves sweet potato, banana and carrot. He hates apple and avocado. That's all we've tried.

ski I hope you're feeling a bit better now, what a time of it you've had.

Blimey weejo I'm glad you're ok, how's your head now? I'm a fainter too and had a bad case of the spins last week when I had a tummy bug and sod all sleep. Thankfully I got my head down before I passed out!

spotty that's a great sleep by our standards too, long may it continue! grin

Wow hales did you manage 6 hours too? Seems like you've turned the corner!

Barbeasty Wed 01-May-13 08:08:38

A better night last night- A only woke every 2 hours!

Hopefully he'll be a bit more willing to be put down/ sleep today! It does look like a lovely sunny day again today. I hope it lasts for a bit.

Don't know about gaviscon, but domperidone must taste pretty good- A gulps it down happily. It's having the side effect of making DD better at taking medicine, as she doesn't want to be out done!

Had a sad moment when we turned the calendar over to May this morning. A will be doing his settling sessions at nursery this month.

WeeJo08 Wed 01-May-13 08:25:10

Thanks for the messages! Headache much better today, thank you smile Think I'll go to the doctor to just ask what might be causing it as it seems to happen when I have severe cramps from a funny tummy so might be a reaction to pain? I find it hilarious though that if that's the case, why the hell didn't I faint during labour??! grin

Ddas C is exactly the same, rolls over on to her front the minute I set her down & then gets frustrated when she can't move/get back!!

It's Mum's & Babies this morning so looking forward to that smile

Quick question, what sort of cots/cribs are your babies in? We have a Mamas & Papas crib that was given to us by a friend, but I think C will be growing out of it pretty soon. Am thinking of one of those cots that grows with her i.e. become a toddler bed afterwards. Does anyone have one? Thanks! smile

WLmum Wed 01-May-13 08:48:18

mama snap! T up at 12, 2.45 and 4.30. I managed to get her to suckle til 5.30 but then when I put her back in her cot she immediately flipped onto her back, got her arm stuck through the bars and yelled.
Luckily thing is down for a nap now, no such luck for me!

stacks don't be hard on yourself, you were doing what you thought best with the knowledge you had.

spotty that just doesn't bear thinking about. Poor poor people.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 01-May-13 09:30:50

We've got a cot bed. Dd used it and when ds needed it we moved her to a single bed. It was a good transition smile

ddas Wed 01-May-13 10:32:36

We had a cot for ds but when dd needed it we upgraded him to a cotbed as won't be long before he needs it changed into the bed set up. Think would have been good to get a cotbed from the start as they use it for longer & not really much bigger than a normal cot.
seymour feel for you. Neocate really tastes awful & you forget how much stuff has dairy- would be easier it chocolate didn't!
The rolling anger has now spread to nighttime as last night she kept getting stuck in the cot bars then somehow manovered herself horizontally across the cot several times resulting in much crying and one very sleepy mummy today.

ddas Wed 01-May-13 10:34:12

spotty sorry to hear that. It's so easy to get complacent and forget that it does happen sad

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