May 2006 Babies

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AbiGilby Tue 09-May-06 15:56:54

I thought I’d start the ‘May Babies’ post natal thread. Hope that’s OK with everyone.

I’ve put together a list of who’s who using Hockeymum’s update on the ‘May Babies’ ante natal thread. I hope I’ve got it right! Feel free to correct me!

Babies that have arrived:
AbiGilby 20 April DS Isaac
Hockeymum 21 April DS Theo
Enid 26 April DD Beatrice
Tortoiseshell 01 May DS2
Seashells 02 May DD Tabitha
Helsi 03 May DD Charlotte
Mandymoo 05 May DS Tom
Louismummy 07 May DS Oliver

Still awaiting their arrival:
Bouj Due 29 April
Squidgeymiller Due 29 April
Snaggletooth Due 01 May
Monkeychambers Due 02 May
Cori Due 04 May
Evilstepmom Due 04 May
Xena Due 04 May
Grygielmm Due 05 May
Lovecloud Due 06 May
Crumpet Due 07 May
Asur Due 08 May
Faeriemum Due 08 May
Kittenpaws Due 08 May
Supersonic Due 08 May
Alicats Due 09 May
Mumsy32 Due 10 May
Imafairy Due 13 May
Fenny1 Due 15 May
Preggiemum Due 16 May
Mummyjojo Due 17 May
Nez Due 17 May
Inkyminky Due 18 May
Spoo Due 19 May
Cmac Due 20 May
Plama Due 20 May
Winkygirl Due 20 May
Bubbles28 Due 22 May
Momamia Due 23 May
Littlemisspiggy Due 24 May
Potpourri Due 24 May
Runtus Due 24 May
Zzoey Due 24 May
Jjules Due 25 May
Ladyoracle Due 25 May
Handbagaddiction Due 28 May
Sniff Due 28 May
Theincubator Due 28 May
Mula Due 30 May
Thebecster Due 30 May

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Maddison Tue 09-May-06 16:04:13

Hi, I'm from the May 2005 Post natal thread, just wanted to congratulate you all on your bundles of joy

I actually feel quite sad that my DS2 is almost a year old, feels like 5 mins ago that he was newborn!!

hockeymum Tue 09-May-06 16:18:56

Well done abi for that update. It's nice to see who has popped! I didn't realise there were so many already.

How is Isaac doing now, is he a bit more awake sometimes? Theo looks at things more intently now than he did before but is still a sleep head and loves to be in the fetal position all the time, its only when we open him out to change his nappy that we realise how tall he actually is, he looks like a little ball most of the time!

momamia Wed 10-May-06 08:45:23

Hi moms with babies just thought i'd pop over and say hello. I can't wait to join this thread!!

I hope you and all your babies are doing well.

Speak to you soon.

AbiGilby Wed 10-May-06 14:08:03

Isaac is gorgeous. He’s a bit more awake sometimes, but usually in the middle of the night! We are seeing the MW tomorrow about his jaundice, and, poor little lad, has antibiotic eye drops for an eye infection. Otherwise he’s well and putting on weight. He now weighs 5lbs 11oz! He’ll be three weeks olds tomorrow. That’s nearly a month. Where have the days gone? In a sleepy blur – I guess!

Just a question, has anyone else been given vitamin drops to give their babies?

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hockeymum Wed 10-May-06 15:10:00

Abi, I havent been given vitamin drops for Theo and have never heard of that before either. All babies are given three lots of vitamin K either by drop or by injection at 1 day, 6 days and 20 days old. But the midwife is doing them. Sorry cant help with that!

AbiGilby Thu 11-May-06 14:56:48

DS only had one injection of vitamin K at birth, and no mention of any follow-up injections at all. These vitamin drops are horrible. We have to drop 14 drops into his mouth everyday for the next year!

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AbiGilby Thu 11-May-06 14:57:58

Oh, and jaundice is gone – we’ve been discharged from the WM! Yippee.

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evilstepmom Sun 14-May-06 21:15:49

hello! rose meadow was born on thursday 11 May at 2.40pm! we came home this afternoon and will keep in touch...congrats to all of you who have "popped" and those who will

louismummy Sun 14-May-06 21:44:29

well i'm back from hospital again!!! I was feeling really breathless and dead knackered. They rechecked my iron levels and it had dropped more. to 6.5 so i went back to hospital for 4 units of blood on friday, back home 24 hours later. at least i had my own room. i feel like a new person, plus ollie was only up once last night . and is definitely settling down more.

hockeymum Mon 15-May-06 10:07:05

louismummy - sorry you had to go in again but glad the blood is doing the trick, anaemia is horrid but especially with 2 lo's to look after. Keep resting for a bit longer to let your body get used to the new blood volume.

congrats evilstepmum - welcome to postnatal!

AbiGilby Mon 15-May-06 10:07:40

Congratulations evilstepmom and welcome Rose. If we’d have had a girl, Rose would have been her middle name (it’s my favorite girl’s name, but DH doesn’t like it so much, so the compromise was that it could be the middle name!)

Isaac was awake from 12:30 to 4:30 last night. He fed and pooped, and fed and pooped! And OMG did he poo?!?!! I changed a full nappy three times. DH slept through most of it (in the guest room), waking to change Isaac’s nappy for the fourth time! I woke DH up this morning at 7:30 when Isaac woke for another feed (three hours sleep – yippee!!) and DH complained he was tired! Gggrrrrr!

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louismummy Mon 15-May-06 10:19:54

don't worry abigilly, you'll have a competion with your dh over the next few months about who is the most tired....

louismummy Mon 15-May-06 10:20:31

oops typo abigilby!

Asur Mon 15-May-06 18:01:58

Hi there,

just thought I'd join this thread now as little Hamish has made his appearance to the world (even if he was forced out!)

He arrived on Saturday but is doing well. He's kept me up for past 5 days (through labour then after) but I'm home now so hoping I can get a little rest - letting DH do everything except feeding - may as well make the most of him while he's on leave

So, I keep reading that you should keep your energy levels up while breastfeeding - do you think eating a whole box of Dairy Milk would count? My gran gave me a box and I can't decide if I should feel guilty about munching away on them all by myself

louismummy Mon 15-May-06 19:13:05

don't feel guilty, i'm about to have a chunky kit kat, they are calling me from the fridge!

AbiGilby Tue 16-May-06 21:33:26

My MW said calories are calories, and that cake and chocolates count! I take that to mean ‘wey-hey’! I’m sat here with a box of swiss chocs from M&S (gift from someone – no recollection who, but am grateful!)

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Asur Wed 17-May-06 13:22:59

That's good to know... I remember being told at ante-natal classes that it's better to eat 'good calories' like fruit and stuff... Have to say though, chocolate seems to work a lot better

Mandymoo Wed 17-May-06 14:29:28

Hi all - well Tom is now 12 days old and is a little cutie. He sleeps quite alot, waking every 2-3 hours for a feed, has a nappy change, some more boob and then goes back to sleep again. Managing to get a fair amount of sleep at night (although somehow DH manages to get more than me !!

DD is as good as gold but there have been moments when both of them have been in tears and me and DH have just cracked up laughing!!

Tom is still a tad jaundiced but hv is coming to see us tomorrow so will ask her about it then. The whites of his eyes are still quite yellow which is worrying. Will also get him weighed tomorrow.

Took him to his first toddler group with dd yesterday which he managed to sleep his way through. Going to take him to a mother and baby session next week when dd is at pre-school.

Hope that you are all ok and its been good reading all your posts - sounds like you're all having fun!!!!!!!!!

Take care XX

Mandymoo Wed 17-May-06 14:30:28

I was told that chocolate helps tp maintain breast milk supplies if breast feeding - probably a load of bull but it sounds like heaven to me!!!!

crumpet Thu 18-May-06 17:16:13

Hi everyone - ds made an appearance by cs last Thursday - a week old today... Shame about the non-homebirth, but the high blood pressure didn't leave any room for an alternative. As a plan B though, it went as well as could be expected - the staff in the hospital (consultants excepted, who were all tossers) were fantastic and the midwives' care was great. It is good to be home, and my recovery is so far much quicker than last time.

DD has reacted to the birth of a new brother in two ways - she loves him, but maybe subconsciously there is an issue as she came out in chicken pox yesterday... Sod's law, but she is coping really well - and thank the lord for family back up.

franch Fri 19-May-06 15:44:49

Sorry to crash ladies - first of all CONGRATULATIONS!

Just popping my head in because I'm looking for copies of this month's Boots parenting mag for newborns (0-3m) - you get it if you've signed up for the Boots Parenting Club. There are photos of little DD2 (now 8 months) in it and I'd love a copy or two for ourselves + grandparents Please post on my 'wanted' thread or CAT me if you can chuck a copy my way.

I'll post on antenatal thread too, hope you don't mind. Enjoy

cori Fri 19-May-06 18:32:06

Hello everyone. Sorry it has taken so long for my birth announcement. I have been exhausted. DS 2 Nathaniel Arden arrived last Wednesday the 10th of May at 11.10 am. He weighed 7 11oz. I had an elective ceaserean. We spent two nights in hospital and were discharged one week ago today. DS has been quite sleepy and a little bit jaundiced. I have had to wake him for feeds, the first few days were really difficult, he would fall asleep at the breast after only a couple of minutes , and was very difficlut to rouse. I also developed some sort of neck problem/ pain from sleeping in odd positions,DS would not sleep in crib so I was holding him all night. So have been incredible amounts of neck/shoulder pain from the strain. As a result I have not been able to B/F during the night time, the pain was just to intense.So DH has taken over bottle feeding at night. The B/F during the day seems to be improving though. Midwife is coming to weigh and hopefully discharge as it is day 10. Hopefully has put on a bit of weight. I have posted a pic on profiles here

AbiGilby Fri 19-May-06 21:22:23

Congratulations Cori and Crumpet.

Cori, have seen the picky, Nathaniel is a real cutie!

Crumpet, what's your DS's name?

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Imafairy Sat 20-May-06 18:34:03

Ahem - knock knock?? Can I join your club please??!!!!
Ben (DS2) was born on Thursday evening, and weighed 8lbs 8oz. Full details posted on the ante-natal board.
So far so good, although having problems BFing and DS1 has chicken pox!!! Am feeling emotionally and physically good though, so fingers crossed!

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