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December 2012: 8 hour sleeps and chubby chops all round

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WillYouDoTheBunnyHop Mon 25-Mar-13 21:08:25

New thread for us ladies

SpottyTeacakes Wed 10-Apr-13 21:02:11

Hmm I can hear ds already sad I hope he goes back to sleep it's only been two bloody hours...

SpottyTeacakes Wed 10-Apr-13 21:11:46

Nope he's up sad going to be a long night....

MaMaPo Wed 10-Apr-13 21:38:34

It worked! She took the feed with no problems. The secret must be wakefulness - now I think about it, she has rarely been offered the bottle when fully awake. So we've been getting ready a little late as her waking has got earlier and earlier, and as a result she's been cranky and refused the bottle.

Of course, I'd only expressed less than 2oz so I expect her to be awake for a feed again soonish. But tomorrow I will express a full 5oz and we will see how we go.

Oh spotty - I have my fingers well and truly crossed for you.

IsThatTrue Wed 10-Apr-13 21:57:36

DH just had to push DS in the pram to get him to sleep tonight is not looking good. Poor thing is snuffly and coughing. I'm really hot (no temp though) and so is DS (again no temp but feels hot).

Sorry to hear of others having troubles. And thanks for the rat sympathy, they should be dead in a week or so. Thankfully big dcs nth have high sleeper beds so I'm confident they're ok. It's just ds2, I may have a week or so of co-sleeping ahead of me or staring at him in his cot while I fail to sleep

ddas Wed 10-Apr-13 23:09:53

I don’t think I’ve posted since the beginning of the antenatal thread but have been keeping up with the thread so thought it really was about time I posted rather than just lurked! Plus I saw a mention of possible Guildford meetup which is where we are moving to in a couple of weeks- slightly scary prospect since where we live now I have formed a good circle of mum friends through nct etc whilst we don’t know anyone in Guildford. Nct was a good way of meeting new mums with ds as it’s a pre’-formed group but feel quite daunted about having to do it on my own now especially since I look closer to 18 than the 30 yrs I’m actually turning next year which I find makes people pre judge you before they get to know you and realise.

I had my little girl on the 5th december 2 weeks earlier than my edd by elective section due to a bad tear with my ds. Was really scared about having a section but was pleasantly surprised that the recovery was actually quite quick and much better than the traumatic delivery with ds. Most notably I could sit down without being in agony for months!

We had a tricky start with bf- agree support can be lacking in areas especially as a second time mum as they just assume that you know what you are doing as you’ve been there before whilst in reality every baby is different. She lost over 14% of birth weight so we ended up back in hospital where we were told to just go straight to formula but as I was not keen to stop bf we agreed a plan of bf with formula top ups. To be fair working in hospitals myself and seeing babies become very unwell when bf doesn’t work I understand where they were coming from but emotionally I just wasn’t ready to give up and with all the hormones your doctor hat comes off and the mum one stays put!. Weight improved but with a toddler to look after as well (only a 16 month age gap!) the routine of bf, then formula top and then express to build up supply every feed was just not sustainable so have ended up only bf in the morning and evening post bottle. Although think she hardly gets much from me and maybe it’s the whole she’s my last one so don’t want to give it up-but I do wonder if I’m doing it more for me than her. I just have to remember that the important thing is that as soon as she was getting more formula she was happier and finally gaining weight but think it’s natural to have this maternal guilt! Especially since never produced enough milk for ds either. It’s been great being able to read about other people’s experiences on here as helps you realise you’re not alone. seconds lots of admiration that you managed to keep mixed feeding for as long as you did. pidjin you are definitely right that as long as your baby is loved and getting fed one way or another then you are a good mum. and we have to remember that we are very lucky in one way to have the option of formula as although some bf groups would shoot me for saying this, some people do have issues with insufficient supply and pre formula those babies would have become malnourished and very unwell totally negating the benefits of breastmilk.

Wow this is turning into an epic post so apologies but just wanted to respond to a few things if you have managed to read this far down!!

fod and honey re age gaps: we decided we wanted a 2 school yr gap but didn’t want another baby born at the end of the school yr so ended up with a small gap of 16 months although 2 school yrs. Not sure how I would have coped had it been shorter than that as we were lucky ds was walking by 10 months so no need to be carried everywhere during pregnancy which must be hard and by time new baby arrived was quite independent ie able to feed himself, talking etc which has made life easier.

honey I’m a worrier by nature too and nice to see that someone else is too! Ds did everything very early- by now at 4 months could already hold a bottle, nearly sitting unsupported etc whilst dd is nowhere near doing those things which worries me but have to remind myself that she is still within the norm and can’t expect her to be exactly like her brother and she will be her own special little person. And she is much more smiley than he was- can’t actually remember him laughing till much later on. We used to say he was a bit grumpy! But is now a very happy toddler who doesn’t stop laughing!

Walkers- yep paeds physio’s despise them and they are banned in certain countries. We didn’t buy one for ds and having heard so many bad things from the physios will not be getting one for dd although can see how they can be useful especially when you have more than one child to look after.

Right better go and do the dream feed. & apologies for the massive post!! Will try and post more regularly so they are never this long again!

ddas Wed 10-Apr-13 23:10:45

wow didn't realise how long it was until it posted! feel a bit embarrassed!

FriendofDorothy Wed 10-Apr-13 23:53:49

Aw the Little Mister is streaming with cold and has s horrid barky cough. I am wondering if it is croup.

Have brought him into bed with us as I feel safer with him near. Weird I know.

Big Mister also has a steaming cold.

No sleep for me I think hmm

halestone Thu 11-Apr-13 00:11:10

Mama hope your ok and that you manage to get to see your play. I'm glad C went to sleep for you and that you've found a solution.

Ddas are you still bf? You did well to carry on with the weight loss gringrin

Isthat hope your rats go soon

FOD and Isthat hope your LO's recover from their colds soon.

Good luck Honey, grin

WL and Honey when my niece had measles they told my sister to take her out of our house. Luckily H never got it. Remember if your bf your LO's may have your immunity.

Spotty hope your having a better night.

Willyou, you must be exhausted with all that running around.

SpottyTeacakes Thu 11-Apr-13 00:38:50

Ddas welcome back smile

Well ds did three hours I got dp to give him a bottle (ff as no ebm out) and he took 2oz but wouldn't settle after (too awake?) so he's just had quite a big feed from me anyway but fingers crossed he might sleep a bit now....confused

Secondsop Thu 11-Apr-13 00:58:22

Welcome back ddas!

A quick, probably stupid question - Z has been sleeping next to me downstairs until a few minutes ago as we were watching TV so he's only just been settled in the cot for tonight. My sister did it and I am delighted with how hands on she's been as she's decidedly anti-kids BUT she's put him head-to-foot not feet-to-foot. This doesn't matter, does it, as he's in a grobag? He can't wriggle it above his head can he, unless he suddenly learns overnight to undo poppers?

SeymoreButts Thu 11-Apr-13 02:05:44

Yes it's fine seconds feet-to-foot is just to prevent them wriggling down under blankets, he'd have to be Houdini to get the grobag over his head!

SeymoreButts Thu 11-Apr-13 02:41:50

Argh, sorry to hear about all the unsettled babies. What's going on?!

mama good news about the bottle! I really need to try DS again but I never get enough time between feeds to express! We are on a hiding to nothing with formula, he just refuses it. I think you should go out. Even if C doesn't take the bottle, she's not going to starve in the time you're out and it will do you good.

ddas welcome back! grin Sounds like you had a bit of a rocky start, I'm glad things have settled down.

clarella I could only find powdered baby probiotics, the instructions said add to food so I mixed it up with a teaspoon of baby rice and he was very receptive to it. Hopefully we see some improvement!

honey I hope the cot is going well!

FOD I hope DS is feeling better soon. It's not weird at all, I always bring them in with me when they're like that. I read somewhere that the sound of the mother's breathing acts like a metronome for the baby's breathing while they sleep. But I think that was in the immediate newborn period, still goes someway to explain it though!

Quick WWYD. A friend leant us a cot with the mattress, I don't think she'd ever used it. Just got the mattress out of the box and it is completely covered in vinyl! It's a good sprung mattress, but the outer is, well, plastic! DH thinks I'm being silly and we should just use it because it will be fine with sheets on, but I'm worried it's not very breathable and a bit sweaty for a warmer climate. I've had a look at Ikea and a new mattress will be at least $100.

IsThatTrue Thu 11-Apr-13 03:13:16

seymore our mothercare mattress is a kind of breathable plastic one side. Maybe your one is the same. When was the mattress bought? If within the last 5 years I would use it. You will undoubtably be using a waterproof sheet some point soon anyway.

I can't remember when DS last fed sad so tired!

utopian99 Thu 11-Apr-13 03:51:02

ddas welcome back! We just moved down and definitely keen for a Guildford meet up. Have been looking at joining a network of classes called busy lizzies for exercise, baby signing etc too in the area, as I need to reestablish stuff we did up north.

mama sounds better re bottle? We're going nowhere with O and bottle, although it works as a sort of pacifier in the car, that's about it..

FOD and Isthat hope your LO's colds (and in isthat's case the rats!) clear off quickly. I'm not bothered by rats and mice but I'm sure I'd not sleep if I thought one might try to take a nibble of O in his sleep.. confused

.Spotty hopefully things are on the up again!

utopian99 Thu 11-Apr-13 03:52:25

So how do we arrange this Guildford meet up? When and where? Am mostly free from Monday onwards, although Thursdays less great for me.

SeymoreButts Thu 11-Apr-13 04:34:05

Thanks isthat I think it's probably around 5 years old, I'm not sure why she hasn't used it. I had plastic sheets on the older DC's beds. I think I am just being a bit nutty. I hope you get a good stretch of sleep now.

MaMaPo Thu 11-Apr-13 04:35:30

Welcome back ddas. Out little ones are exactly the same age - Charlotte was born on 5.12.12 but due on the 15th.

Anothe v broken night - feeds at 11, 1 and now. At least she's going down ok. Something new though - I can absolutely hear her tummy gurgling and rumbling as she feeds. A sign that she's properly hungry? Or an indication of something else to do with digestion? I think it's the former; when I get up to her she's rooting madly, trying to suck the mattress. Yesterday I found her with her face up against the (luckily mesh and breathable) side of the crib, licking it madly. Poor hungry munchkin.

WLmum Thu 11-Apr-13 04:53:20

Ridiculous night here. Dd went down about 8.30, feed at 11.30 but back in cot after, feed at 1.30 stayed in with me until 3.30 when I tried her back in her cot. Wide awake shouting and squealing so I've brought her downstairs. What is going on? Don't know how long I can do this for so she better get back to the good old days sharp ish! Think I'm going to try keeping her awake more in the day as these last few terrible nights have coincided with long naps in the day.

utopian and ddas (hi btw!) I can do mostly any days except Thursdays and hopefully should be able to get dd2 looked after. Will have a think about nice places to meet, there's always Starbucks to fall back on.

HoneyMumandSon Thu 11-Apr-13 06:07:49

Thanks for all your well wishes. We got through till 4.30 with about 6 wake ups but most were easily settled. Woke himself up a lot less than the previous few nights and seemed quite happy. However after 4.30 he is still wide awake and wanting to play. How do I break this habit?! He dd have a poo so loud we heard it through the monitor. This is following or yesterday with so much force he lifted himself off my knee!

SpottyTeacakes Thu 11-Apr-13 07:05:18

Ds just had a massive poosplosion. I told dp and I went upstairs to get him clean clothes. Come back downstairs and dp is changing him on the white rug. Be careful, say I, as it's all up his back.

Three minutes later....

'Argh it's all on the rug, I didn't know it was all up his back did I??' hmmconfused

I expect this means poor ds still has poo on his back....

Utopian I can't do Tuesday or Wednesday.

SeymoreButts Thu 11-Apr-13 08:01:49

Oh no spotty I hope it comes out of the rug.

honey If you find out how to break the habit, let me know!

MaMa We've had the gurgly tummy during broken nights recently, but DS's sounds like it's coming from his gut rather than an empty stomach. I'm hoping the probiotics help.

DS has been a nightmare to settle for naps recently, I was feeding to sleep but even that has stopped working now! I managed to get him to take a dummy today and it seemed to calm him, but he wakes up around 30 mins later when the dummy falls out. Should I be taking it out as soon as he drifts off?

utopian99 Thu 11-Apr-13 08:41:55

spotty, wlmum, ddas - Fridays or Mondays then.. anyone else around the area?

SpottyTeacakes Thu 11-Apr-13 08:46:17

Hmm not sure Seymore... Would he wake straight away if you did? Ds often only naps for 30 minutes. Have you thought anymore about weaning? Hope you have a better night tonight...

It did come out, the rug is pretty manky to be fair but we want to replace the carpet anyway so not a big deal really!

MaMaPo Thu 11-Apr-13 09:06:59

Seymore, often I can tug the dummy out when she's drifted off. Sometimes she keeps it in the whole nap. Sometimes we don't use it at all. Babies - so predictable!

WL, I wouldn't necessarily assume that your broken sleep is due to too much daytime napping. I think the 4 month zone is marked by lots of weird stuff happening, and we're having the same picture (sleepy daytime baby, lots of night wakings). I think she's hungry at night. I have noticed that her best sleep in the last week happened when she's had lots of daytime naps, and the worst nights have followed not enough naps. Give it a go, and let us know what happens!

Barbeasty Thu 11-Apr-13 09:18:49

Seymore I don't know if you can get them in Australia, but a couple of friends have something called a dummy bunny. It's a soft toy which you attach to the dummy at one corner. It's much bigger for the babies to find than a dummy, especially in the dark at night, and they can gradually use it to find the dummy for themself.

We went to the Dr this morning. He looked at A's chart and said "this looks serious". At last! He didn't even bother with gaviscon, said we needed something stronger. We've got a prescription for domperidone, which he hopes we'll just need for about 4 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Hope all the babies are feeling and behaving better!

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