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November 2008. Almost 4.5 and counting down to school <gulp>

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LeggaDAISYcal Fri 22-Mar-13 23:36:05

Ta Da grin

Oblomov Sun 24-Mar-13 07:39:45

Count me in.
It is only a few weeks to. We get school results.
I was pg with ds2 just before ds1 started school. I was off work, fully paid. And my mum said to make sure I really enjoyed this time with him, just before school starts because its a very precious time. So I am doing that with ds2. I just can't get enough of him.
You all going to have to give me more clues about about who you were before, coz I can't work out all these name hanged smile

Honeymoonmummy Sun 24-Mar-13 07:47:16

Hello all, it's a while since I've seen this on active threads! I was never a big part of the MN group but I have a lot of you as friends on FB although haven't gone through to check initials - I know Daisy, thanks for the wii!! smile
I just had a family celebration on FB yesterday and I was showing off my -rubbish home made cakes grin
It's scary how quickly they've gone from tiny babies to nearly ready for school isn't it?? I've been thinking about an all inclusive too but just don't know where to start location wise!

Rosa Sun 24-Mar-13 09:05:05

Found you ....minirosa is already in a kind of preschool that goes until they are 5 then she starts school. The last year so from Sept its play mixed with preperation for elementarty. Having to write , colour in lines, use scissors, sit for more than 5 minutes etc its quite good I think as it breaks them in a bit and there is still lots of play. My eldest started elementary here last Sept and is now reading and writing great. last night she read 2 pages of the dreaded fairy books. I was / am so proud as we had stopped 'learning" english since September and she just got one with it. Some of the ch/th/sh she got a bit wrong but otherwise it was great!!!
Minirosa has had scarlett fever - it is doing the rounds here but seeing as we knew it was about it was caught early . I probably would not have gone to the doc as she had a temp and a sore throat but it was when the red marks came up I was a bit hmm off we went - a throat swab later and she is now on 10 days of Antibiotics..... Will come back and catch up later.....waves to everybody!

LeggaDAISYcal Sun 24-Mar-13 11:41:08

ooooh, hello everyone smile lovely to see everyon in the pne place again grin

We#re also going to Staithes it is our favourite UK destination and has been for many years. Twinkling's visit aside wink, I'm worried it will become a tourist mecca after Old JAck's Boat and lose it's "get away from it all" appeal like Balamory did for Tobermory! We're also staying next door to Old Jack's cottage so am envisaging hoardes of children with cameras outsied "our" door from dawn to dusk.

Would love to take my lot abraod, but I am under strict "stay out of the sun" orders from my rheumatologist and a family of five is a lot harder and more expensive to find accommodation for!

typing is a bit rubbish, so apologies...fat fingers today!

ceebeegeebies Sun 24-Mar-13 13:39:30

Hi everyone smile

I did wonder what Old Jacks Boat was but have realised from Daisys post...never watched it which probably explains my confused

Opener not sure if this is going to make you feel better but I would be surprised if a day has gone by where J hasn't tried to hurt S in some way hmm His favourite trick is to stick his leg out as S walks past...doesn't help that S is the clumsiest 4 year old EVER wink However, they totally adore each other the rest of the time and love sitting next to each other on the sofa snuggling (so cute!) so I am guessing it is just what siblings do (I bloody hope so anyway!!)

foxbasealpha Sun 24-Mar-13 14:53:40

hello!! KP here (formerly londonboots - it's been so long, can't even remember why i changed...)

our news in brief - moving back to Australia in 9 days (eek!!) and 25 weeks pregnant with #3! timing not brilliant in that regard, but it's just worked out this way...all well. and it's a girl.

ceebee (MN really needs the @, right?!) on the speech thing, we've been quite worried about M too. according to my sister in law (a speech therapist) in Aus (via Skype) and a speech therapist brought in by the nursery (from the council), what he does is a really common problem called 'fronting' (interestingly, his best friend at nursery has the exact opposite problem). anyway, both said it usually resolved itself but it can help to have some speech therapy before starting school as if it causes an issue being understood then that can cause other issues... we had just arranged a referral via the nursery and then we confirmed our relocation back to Aus...but we are planning to get some speech therapy when we are back in Aus. hope that helps?

the school year in Aus is calendar year, so M will start school at the end of Jan 2014. this is good (as he'll be a bit older and there's a real movement in Aus to push back school until kids are older, similar to many parts of Europe) and bad (as at this stage, have no childcare in Aus...) will be an interesting time...newborn, 4yo, 2yo...DH working new, busy job....i hope this was all a good idea!!

twinklingfairy Sun 24-Mar-13 15:42:04

Aw, I am we'll jealous Foxbase, I had hoped that we would be having our own move to Australia this year with DHs job.
But they pulled that site from the options sad
Now he is really hoping for Scotland. But the other end to us, so still working away.
I had really hoped, with this new job, that we might be able to join him somewhere exciting but it looks like I am stuck here for at least another year or so.
We considered a move down to be with him but I am now talking myself out of it.
The LOs have a good school up here, lots of friends, good music teacher (free too, cos its my dadwink) good dancing and swimming classes.
It is just my hankering to move away from my home town that would make us move.
When it was Australia, it seemed like a good adventure for us all, but just to go to the South of Scotland doesn't really seem worth it.
The site will probably only be a year or so long.
Buuuuut, from there, in the future, DH would have a far far easier time getting home to us.
Where we are is so remote the nearest big city, airport, is a good 6hrs drive.

Sigh, big decisions afoot, and I am fearful that I will just go for the easy choice and stay put, let DH travel home to us.
And the longer I put it off the harder the decision will be to leave.

whoneedstosleep Sun 24-Mar-13 15:46:58

Hi everyone, so nice to here how everyone is doing.

Congratulations on number 3 fox, I think I did see that on Facebook. smile

I feel I'm missing out on this Jacks Boat thing!??

whoneedstosleep Sun 24-Mar-13 15:47:57

*hear! One handed typing whilst feeding is my excuse! ;)

twinklingfairy Sun 24-Mar-13 16:32:37

Oops,I was so caught up in the Australia bit I forgot the I am 25 weeks pregnant bit!!

widdles Sun 24-Mar-13 18:14:19

I'm here ladies
It's t c and I have the ever gorgeous Owen.

If anyone isn't on my friends list send me a request.

Owen is definitely ready for school but I am definitely not ready for my baby to leave me. He already goes to nursery at his school and integrates with reception regularly so for him the only difference will be wearing uniform.

Life had been a little difficult lately dd2 has been diagnosed with ADHD and we have to decide about medication and dd1 will be doing her gcse's next year so mega revision going on.

twinklingfairy Sun 24-Mar-13 20:02:12

Oh I saw that he was practicing his letters on FB, clever boy!
My J is attempting his name, but it is 8 letters long, so he has 3 letters he can do, scuppered by the 4th.

widdles Sun 24-Mar-13 20:12:33

I'm on a mission to get the kids to do at least 1 hour a day of school work through the holidays. They seem to slip back so quickly otherwise.

coolkat Sun 24-Mar-13 20:25:46

Coolkat here R is not quite ready for school as she paddies a lot - unfortunately no matter how many times she gets put on the stairs it doesn't seem to stop her having melt downs shock

C is 10 now an great most of the time. We are about to have building work done on the house so could do with the weather picking up - that and a trip to a caravan in a week. Remaining positive and it will all be an adventure grin lol

openerofjars Sun 24-Mar-13 20:46:43

Coolkat mine does that as well...

Right, everyone her apart from me is in bed, so what to do? Not doing housework or craft, have rum and coke but there isn't much on tv. Hmm.

widdles Sun 24-Mar-13 21:13:53

How do your little ones sleep? Owen has just stopped coming into my bed but was still getting me up every couple if hours to put his duvet over him but last night I put him in a sleeping bag and he slept all night, we will see tonight if we have cracked it or not grin

LadyBuzz Sun 24-Mar-13 21:23:39

daisy we have that problem now DD has turned 2, our room options went from 192 to 16 once we put 3 kids in!!
SIL is coming with us and it has turned out to only be £20 more than just the 5 of us shock.

J is a good sleeper the majority of the time - its getting him up thats the issue for us - he is so lazy!

ceebeegeebies Sun 24-Mar-13 21:29:50

S sleeps amazingly well - goes to bed at 7.30 and literally does not come out of his room EVER until he wakes up in the morning (which is usually between 6-6.30 <yawn>). Even if he has had a nap at nursery (which is a whole other story) and therefore is not sleepy, he just plays in his room, reading, playing with his toys then switches his light off when he is tired and goes to sleep shock

I try not to moan about his early starts as he sleeps so well wink

The issue with holidays etc is one of the reasons we stopped at 2 DC - just seemed it would make it more complicated in terms of hotel rooms etc.

Opener get another rum and coke and stay and chat here wink

Fox congrats on no 3 smile I had read that you were going to OZ but not that you were pg hmm

widdles Sun 24-Mar-13 21:54:12

I have 3 dc's. dd1 will be 15 next month dd2 will be 9 next month and Owen who is 4.

Because dd1 is older we generally have to pay adult prices for her and if we stay overnight somewhere we need 2 rooms which is horrible for me and dh and the kids

whoneedstosleep Sun 24-Mar-13 22:10:40

Sleep!?? No don't get much of that here!
E is in with us most nights, we co-slept until he was 2ish then he slept in his own bed really well for a while but since ds2 arrived 8 months ago he's back in our bed.

Love holiday talk....... It's my favourite thing smile

widdles Mon 25-Mar-13 10:20:55

Another successful night with Owen. He slept from 8 until 6 without waking, I'm so pleased with him

whoneedstosleep Mon 25-Mar-13 10:25:11

Well done Owen! smile smile smile
Has he just done it on his own or have you done any form of sleep training?

whoneedstosleep Mon 25-Mar-13 10:25:45

Just re read- a magic sleeping bag! ;)

widdles Mon 25-Mar-13 10:29:34

I was sorting out his wardrobe and found a fleece sleeping bag a friend have me, he wanted to sleep in it and hey presto we have sleep. I think he kept waking because he had kicked his duvet off and he needed me to put it back on him gringringrin

whoneedstosleep Mon 25-Mar-13 11:23:35

I'm pretty sure that's why DS2 (8 months) wakes so much overnight but I'm terrified of overheating him.

Anyone have anything nice planned for Easter?

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