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Feb 2011 - We're 2 - enough said!

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wigglesrock Tue 19-Mar-13 09:32:48

flusteredmumto2 Thu 05-Sep-13 11:28:43

I've had irregular bleeding for months. Sometimes painful dtd, bladder problems, bloating and pain. My dr is about as much use as a chocolate teapot had been a couple of times but always got brushed off as it was my body adjusting to the contraceptive pill until I saw a female student dr that sent me for all the tests. I just never expected it. Most the time I'm rational and know that its unlikely. I just wobble and panic. The scared is always there though. I'll never put off going for a smearagain though! Its taught me that much.

MizK Fri 06-Sep-13 14:44:28

ledkr how's Ella getting on at secondary school? I was a mess when DD1 started, remember it well, was so scared of her being pushed around etc, she's been absolutely fine and has loved it!

flustered good luck with medical stuff, I'm sure all will be well, they're terribly clever at catching these dodgy cells before they turn into anything too sinister, good luck with college too.

wiggles A's love of Disney sounds so cute! (am also jealous as we get nothing but Peppa goddamn Pig! Cassia even showed me up at the park by referring to me exclusively as Mummy Pig throughoout the afternoon. Hope nobody thought it was a commentary on my physique!)

ponyo glad yu got pics of A and C togetherr, mine weren't great! Cassia keeps mentioning A randomly, so hope you are up for a play date soonish!

All fairly calm here, trying to shed some pounds and get fit. have been swimming and running since July but only started dieting a week or so ago, fitness is actually steadily improving which is so weird, have been a bit of an exercise phobe for a long time! Just one day I decided that if I was attacked or chased or something ( I'd been watching The Fall and was seriously spooked!), I wanted to be strong and able to run fast!
Hope everybody has fun and relaxing weekends x hello to everybody I've missed!

americanexpat Tue 10-Sep-13 16:04:14

It's been ages since I posted, you fell off Threads I'm On. shock

flustered - fingers crossed you get good news soon, you can't help being worried though.

ledkr - I hope you're feeling better (and that your DH isn't under the patio right now).

L's sleeping is atrocious right now. Is there a 30-month sleep regression? I spent 2 hours getting him to bed last night, loads of tantrums and tears, until I finally put him in the car around 9:30. hmm He's been difficult to get to bed since we moved but I was away for work last week and now he's refusing to sleep.

Ledkr Tue 10-Sep-13 16:11:00

Bad night here last night. She's doing longer at nursery so missed a nap hence overtired and vile.
Woke at one and would settle till dh took her into bed with him in spare room then I couldn't sleep at all.
She napped at nursery today though which is good as we now have a horrible night of racing around with Ella who has dancing and then an audition for this years pantomime.

wigglesrock Tue 10-Sep-13 23:10:52

americanexpat that's pants - you must be knackered brew Anna still wakes through the night but she is really good at going to bed. Hope it improves x

ledkr are you on the road to recovery, hope you're getting some rest too.

blizy did you get a rescheduled appointment yet?

I think I'm coming down with that horrible old virus everyone had last year. I feel like death warmed up and have an upset tummy - the world's worst hangover with no good time the night before virus.

Anna is still proving herself to be quite the headstrong little character. She threw an almighty strip on Saturday morning because she couldn't wear Sofias earrings. To the point where she stormed into Sofias room, got a stool, pulled it over to the bookshelves, opened Sofias jewellery box and tried to pierce her own feckin' ear shock

wigglesrock Tue 10-Sep-13 23:13:56

she threw an almighty strop not strip. The stripping she saves until we're picking up the girls from school hmm

On the plus side - she took to the pants/potty with no bother at all.

Ledkr Wed 11-Sep-13 13:11:31

Dilly is full if strops at the moment and cannot bear being told she can't do something she wants like wear Ella's tap shoes or bring stones into the house from the garden!
The day is one long round of tantrums here.
I spend my day shaking my fist at her back!
She still needs her nap too but often not until its late so fucks up bedtime but if shes overtired she wakes in the flipping night. I can't win

ILovePonyo Wed 11-Sep-13 16:25:05

Woah, I am very appreciative of A's sleep after reading some of these posts! For the past few weeks she has been going to sleep no bother, which is amazing but I think I'm due that after months of it taking hours to get her to stay in bed and sleep wink
We have to be up at 6 to get ready for work and so on so unfortunately the chance of a lie in on the weekend is slim, A just seems to wake up at that time naturally now, but if that's the worst thing about sleep right now I am not complaining!

American maybe he's a bit unsettled after the move and you being away? A went throu a really unsettled patch about month ago which coincided with going on holiday, her not going to nursery everyday as dp was off work and her being a bit un well. She was waking in the night etc then it just stopped out of nowhere shock hope that happens for you too!

Wiggles hope you feel better soon cake Haha at A piercing her own ear grin grin
A is little miss strop sometimes too, she apparently gets grumpy at nursery with one particular worker who tells her to tidy up, she has a good grumpy stare apparently!

Ledkr A loves stones, she's always stopping somewhere annoying like a car park to pick some up hmm I'm always finding them in my pockets.

Flustered Any news? Hope you're ok.

I,m off to yoga soon in the hope it will help my aching back as my fb friends will know! I've tried it before but usually get distracted/start thinking about what I'm having for tea/get bored so need to concentrate! Haha.

americanexpat Wed 11-Sep-13 17:47:48

Ponyo - I remembered your problems with A when L started refusing to go to bed. Apparently there is a sleep regression at this age. It was 10 fecking o'clock before I got out of his room last night. hmm Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and DH and I spent a romantic 30 minutes on the sofa, exhausted and watching 30 Rock on Netflix. hmm

wiggles - hope you're feeling better, tummy troubles are absolute shite.

L loves stones too, we go for a walk with his tricycle and the boot is full of rubbish treasures when we get home.

Reastie Wed 11-Sep-13 18:37:42

Good grief yes to the obsession with stones! what is that all about!

wiggles hope you feel better soon x

granny how are things going with the beautiful Amelia?

Ponyo how did you find yoga? FWIW took me a few classes to get into it, first time I was a bit 'what is this all about?' and found it a bit dull. Then I found my inner ooommmmmmmm and found it so lovely and relaxing and like my body was being stretched and relaxed.

ledkr how is the op recovery going? Are you back at work yet?

american hope the sleeping issues sort themselves out. Alice is up and down with sleep. Last few days she's gone without a nap and been an utter stinker all afternoon. She still doesn't sleep longer at night without one though hmm and is never asleep before 8pm. A friend of hers has 12 - 13 hours every night and 1 - 2 hours every afternoon envy envy envy

Did I tell you Alice and I are off to see Chris and Pui live next month? <excited> <saddo>. We are front row blush .

ILovePonyo Wed 11-Sep-13 20:10:34

Reastie I found yoga pretty good! I am not at all flexible so found some bits a bit tough, but I liked it and will go again. I meant to say, I usually go to cruse at this time on a Wednesday but at the last meeting we decided to do fortnightly sessions, so I thought I would do something else in the that time and yoga seemed a good idea! I'm glad you said you got it after a few sessions, I definitely didn't 'get it' first time! The bit at the end where you just do breathing is so hard, I couldn't just focus on my breath!
I did grin at you seeing chris and pui, then again at the fact you're front row! I like pui, I think she's really funny smile

American ugh it's horrible when your evenings are spent trying to get a child to sleep sad what a rubbish way to spend your anniversary! Much sympathy from me. Hope tonight is better.

Does anyone watch adventure time? We have just discovered it, dp and I like it more than A I think! We spent an hour watching episodes we'd recorded when she went to bed the other night hmm

Ledkr Wed 11-Sep-13 20:45:46

What channel is it on ponyo?
reastie A sounds like D a bit. She mostly still has a nap after lunch but its getting dangerously late but if she doesn't have one she wakes in the night (overtired) I have a bit if a fight to get her to nap a bit earlier.
Nap or not she's a right whinger between about 4 and bedtime! It's so hard to deal with and today when I was IN THE PARK IN THE RAIN I felt really anxious about going home!
She wants to do stuff like pull a chair up to the Cooker and stir dinner hmm but has meltdowns when I say no.
I literally count the hours till bath n bed.
I'm working on getting her to bed earlier each night in the hope it will improve her mood in the day!
Said to dh today how glad I am that we aren't having any more grin

Ledkr Wed 11-Sep-13 20:58:14

american hang on there it will change soon.
I remember cooking a romantic meal for our anniversary a few years ago, Ella was little and kept getting out of bed and calling us, then one if my lads came in through the back door and asked "is there any for me mum?"
Another time dh got stuck at work so I are mine drank the wine and went to bed!!

ILovePonyo Wed 11-Sep-13 21:36:31

It's on Cartoon Network ledkr, it's sometimes a bit too scary for A but we like it!

Aren't naps odd, A has a nap at nursery everyday and just lies down with the rest of the children and goes to sleep by the sounds of it. At home however, no chance! No matter how tired she is the only way she will go to sleep is in the car hmm It's getting frustrating now trying to keep her awake if we're driving anywhere in the evening or timing naps with car journeys.

At bedtime A has started wanting to read magazines for her story, like those Disney ones that we sometimes buy her as a treat for the free gift tat I have decided to be a mean mummy and say no more magazines at bedtime, only nice books like the gruffalo blush I cannot read through the boring mini stories and crap puzzles anymore!!

wigglesrock Wed 11-Sep-13 21:53:07

ponyo we love a good free pressie magazine smile . Anna got the Peppa Pig one yesterday - meh, not the best. Glad yoga went well. Hope back starts to improve.

americanexpat We've been married for 15 years tomorrow - we are getting a big takeaway and going to bed, probably to sleep blush

Anna hasn't napped in ages, she doesnt even have a doze in the car anymore.

reastie am strangely envy of you seeing Chris & Pui. I heart them, Chris was always my favourite.

Still feeling pants but no point moaning - there's a whiff of the burning martyr about me. Although we have booked our summer holiday for next year. It rained for 16 hours solid last Saturday - Mr W cracked on hour 13 and booked a week in Ibiza at the beginning of July grin grin grin

Ledkr Wed 11-Sep-13 22:04:59

Oh lovely wiggs ella asked about Ibiza the other day. As I've bored you with before I have pals in Es Cana whom I've not seen for years.
I might look at flights for half term just for me n Ella as the pil have same half term this year so will be expecting to descend on us.

americanexpat Wed 11-Sep-13 22:35:33

I had no idea toddler mags existed. shock L loves books though, tries to coerce us into reading him 25 books at bedtime delaying tactic. He's very attached to one of my childhood books which my mum found in the back of a cupboard at the moment but it's 60 fecking pages. hmm

wiggles - 15 years! shock grin We didn't even get a takeaway, just ate cereal in front of the telly. blush

ledkr - D sounds a handful. grin at wanting to help cook. L burnt his hand on the stove (not seriously, managed to find a hot spot on the outside of the oven) twice within a half hour one day and now isn't interested in it.

reastie - L used to sleep like that, happy to go into his bed by 7:30 and I'd have to wake him at 6:30, plus a 2 hr nap during the day. [wistful]

Ponyo - I have been driving L around for naps the last few weeks. blush Quick trip around the neighbourhood then plonk him into bed. As wiggles says, anything for an easy life.

Reastie Thu 12-Sep-13 07:53:58

Wiggles envy of your holiday all booked. I've been thinking about our next year holiday recently and wondering if we should try something abroad but not sure if it will all be too stressful (I get stressed by these things). Happy anniversary and hope you feel better soon.

Alice just watching snowman and snowdog and asked me what happened to the boys dog (the one that died) and just tried to explain it (very badly)

American you didn't know toddler mags existed?! shock . Alice loves them, PIL buy her loads of them (I think I bought her one once). Our local shop sells the free gift toys from old unsold mags for 30p, which I know is cheky of them but it's fab from our point of view as, let's face it, the best part of the mags are the plastic tat. I have a cbeebies doctors set and mr tumble toy and car up my sleeve hidden in case of emergencies with Alice I bought yesterday.

Ponyo glad you liked yoga. Am a bit envy as I really enjoyed my old class (it was full of old ladies and then me!). I have no idea what that program is you mentioned btw.

Oh, classic joke from Alice yesterday whilst DSis was looking after her. They were watching pingu.
Alice: knock knock.
DSis: Who's there? Alice: Pink.
Dsis: Pink who?
<alice continues watching pingu>
<the penny dropped with dsis about alices pink-who comment whilst watching pingu and she gets fits of giggles. ALice seems unaware of what she's said>

americanexpat Thu 12-Sep-13 17:45:53

reastie - grin at Alice's joke. Honestly I didn't know there were magazines aimed a toddlers, but I rarely look at magazines while shopping since I don't have time to read them anyway. I have a couple on subscription and a new one came yesterday but last month's is only half-read.

wiggles - envy of your holiday too. I think we're spending our hols visiting MIL and GMIL in November. hmm

I meant to ask how the other babies toddlers are talking? L is putting sentences together and will hold a conversation (similiar to NeedTo's B on FB, though a little less clear), but my cousin's baby who is 2 months younger uses single words but isn't combining them. The nursery has told me he won't shut up he's speaking well but I don't know what's normal.

Reastie Thu 12-Sep-13 17:55:54

american Alice is doing sentences too and has conversations (she won't shut up quite alot). I think this age they expand their vocab so much and so quickly that maybe your cousins baby toddler will suddenly put them all together? <clueless>. I was reading Alice 'Sam Pig's Trousers' (by Alison Utterly) earlier to Alice and tried to dissuade her as it's quite long and more for bigger girls and I couldn't be bothered but she wanted it and it used loads of long words and I wasn't sure about all of them blush blush please don't tell my alevel english teacher 'the rooks had snippets like gay pennons dangling from their rookery in the elms' - what on earth is a pennon?!!!

ILovePonyo Thu 12-Sep-13 18:40:17

American I think A's speech is good, nursery always say it is and she can have a conversation with you, also similar to needto's lovely B grin A loves the tat magazines, I try not to buy the pretty pink ones which are all princessy but have given in.
I think with talking A parrots a lot of stuff she's heard, it's amazing the things they remember. I think I've sai this before but we were out and saw someone jogging, she said "he's not using his walking feet" which is clearly a nursery-ism! So she remembers a lot of phrases and so on.

Reastie A's joke made me actually laugh out loud! That's really clever, she's so cute too from recent fb pics smile

Work is so busy at the moment, I had a snickers and a bag of crisps for my lunch today from the vending machine as that was all I had time for hmm there's no point going to the gym if I'm eating that for lunch is there?!

A is currently walking around unravelling a ball of string saying "come on string. I talking to you. String. Striiiiiiiing!" Earlier I gave her some smarties and she swallowed them whole, like you would do tablets, whilst laughing at herself shock
They are so weird funny at this age grin

Reastie Thu 12-Sep-13 18:45:59

ponyo shock to A swallowing whole smarties - I can't even do that! (I can't swallow tablets blush ). Love the 'come on string'

I should add re: alice's talking she may say alot but also we can't always understand everything she says/other people don't always understand everything either.

Ledkr Thu 12-Sep-13 19:00:44

Yes dilly doesn't shut up but we can't always understand it.
She says "Dorsery" instead of nursery but the other day when I said it her way she corrected me "Dorsery not Dorsery" we were in fits.
She also said this on holiday "don't wanna sleep with you Ella I wanna sleep here with daddy and mummy" longest sentence ever! It had to be about sleep didn't it?

Deliaskis Fri 13-Sep-13 13:12:37

Hi all,

Quick sneaky post from work as quiet day today.

Sorry to hear about sleep woes with 2yr olds and of course those of you with health woes too. Life can feel hard even when things are 'normal' and then anything added on top is just really hard to cope with. Fingers crossed for better health news and sleeping toddlers.

C is doing fine, had a few ups and downs with the potty training, she is great at home and GPs but a bit of a nightmare at nursery who haven't been great. I've had a chat with them though and they're going to step it up a bit.

I love how chatty she is at the moment, she has gone from zero to hero with the talking in quite a short space of time. At her 2nd birthday she was still saying hardly anything, but now she's full of it. She sat on the sofa the other night with a cup of milk and told us a whole made up story (well fashioned from excerpts from Peppa and Ben & Holly I think!) that went on for about 5 minutes and seemed to be one long sentence. DH and I were literally wetting ourselves it was so funny. That was one of those 'moments' that was just really lovely.

She had her first 'sleepover' at her cousin's last week. DH and I went to a wedding down south and so we went to stay at DSis's on Friday, went to the wedding Saturday and overnight, and then picked C up on the way home on Sunday. It's first time she's stayed on her own anywhere apart from MIL's, where she stays most Wednesdays.

Reeeeeally want to try and lose some weight and get a bit of physcial activity on the go as we want to go skiing in March, but have no idea when/how, etc.


Reastie Fri 13-Sep-13 14:54:40

wiggles are your girls into the bieber? 39p bieber/jls/the wanted tshirts from argos here (I'm thinking of christmas wink )

delia fab to hear from you. envy of the planned skiing. Hope you enjoyed the wedding at the weekend.

We are watching the little mermaid. I have to do a running commentry on everything which makes it a bit less fun hmm

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