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Feb 2011 - We're 2 - enough said!

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wigglesrock Tue 19-Mar-13 09:32:48

wigglesrock Fri 22-Mar-13 07:03:14

Robinsparkles and americanexpat glad ears are on the mend and skin is improving.

Anna also loves washing dishes. It's Mr Ws go to activity when he is about. I'm a mean Mum and don't encourage it as it takes me about 30 mins to wipe up.

We'll have awoken to snow but it's now raining so hopefully will melt - again with the mean Mummy blush I'm supposed to be heading into big town for a bit of a mooch about sans enfants. I feel like I haven't done anything on my own for months so don't even care if my alone time actually entails sitting in traffic for hours smile at least I get to pick the music or turn it off. We have quite serious music listening wars at the minute mainly between Anna and Olivia. It's a One Direction v Calvin Harris standoff most morning! Actually I'm sure people would pay money to see that wink

Have a lovely Friday everyone, and hope you have the snow you want grin

tadjennyp and americanexpat I realise that you are probably muttering "call that snow,.I'll show you snow" grin

wigglesrock Fri 22-Mar-13 07:06:02

oh xposted with ledkr, hope dh gets on ok today with grandfather.

Loving the Easter name changes envy

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Fri 22-Mar-13 18:10:38

Ledkr, you've been deleted before? shock I'm surprised at you wink ha ha. I would have felt like telling that poster to stfu too so I can't imagine how you felt having had to go through what you have! Some people are just tossers aren't they angry.
Hope your DH has gone on ok with his GF.

Wiggles hope the snow melted. We've had it all day and all night here but it's too wet to stick. I'm sick of it - Spring, where are you?!

Well, ladies, I have just completed day 10, level 1 of The 30 Day Shred! <<bows>> I'm rrrripped baby! Well, not quite but there's a bit of a change.
I did it most of the times without weights because I am THAT unfit.

Creameggkr Fri 22-Mar-13 19:10:53

Well done robin I might start it again I'm so off the gym.
Ok. Every night after her bath I have dillys best nappy pjs and bag in a pile by the fire. Last night we couldn't find it anywhere for ages Nd so gave up and got another.
Just now I watched her get the bag run around to the back of the sofa and carefully stuff it underneath it taking care no bits were showing.
The other one is there too! I am beyond stunned.

Creameggkr Fri 22-Mar-13 19:11:17

Sorry vest not best nappy

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Fri 22-Mar-13 19:27:49

Ha ha, little Rascal! grin

Ok, I spoke too bloody soon about the snow! It's snowing so hard that it's sticking now <<sigh>>.

americanexpat Fri 22-Mar-13 19:39:04

ledkr - Hope your GFIL is on the mend soon. Has he been seriously ill long?

Robin - the greasiness is a bit off-putting but how wonderful that your skin is so much better. I can't take all the credit, remember I stumbled upon it by accident. grin Also, well done on the Shred, how did you cope with Jillian's voice for that long? shock

wiggles - anything less than 10cm of snow is just flurries here. grin

wigglesrock Fri 22-Mar-13 19:39:40

Anna does that too shock I lay her pjs and stuff on her bed and when I'm out of the room she stuffs them all back in a drawer!

robin No, we're snowed in good and proper. Got the girls to school this morning and principal decided about 2 mins before we got there to close it. The electricity supply has been a bit iffy so he didn't want to piss about. He was right, not sure how safe it would have been trying to get the girls back from school.

So I didn't get out this morning but ended up having a really nice day doing absolutely nothing blush Oh I tell a lie- I might have liberated an Easter egg!

Mr W is on nights, not sure how that's going to pan out this weekend. The area in which he works is covered in snow, so think he might be out rescuing stuck cars or hiding out in work watching tv shock

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Fri 22-Mar-13 20:15:43

American no, you CAN take the credit! For about 6 years I have struggled and you are the one who has freed my hands from their wrinkly, cracked prison, and for that I shall be forever grateful grin.

I haven't been drinking! Ok, one G&T but I'm on the [tea] now.

Wiggles, crap! Although sometimes it's nice not having to go anywhere, until you run out of supplies.

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Fri 22-Mar-13 20:18:00

I meant brew obv!

ILovePonyo Fri 22-Mar-13 21:19:21

Hello all!

Well would you believe A did a poo on the potty this evening shock I don't think she knew she was doing to do it, she looked a bit surprised when it happened, I think she just went for a little sit down on the potty and out it came! Had to take her to the docs bcos she was in a lot of pain saying her bum hurt this morning, all better by the time we got there tho hmm

Robin wow well done re shred, I can't even find my dvd (excuses)

ledkr D is a clever one isn't she! That is so funny about hiding her pj's grin

wiggles hows the power now? Hope you're ok. We are planning on a pretty lazy weekend here too and theres hardly any snow!

Hi everyone else, I am very tired so off to bed soon.

Creameggkr Fri 22-Mar-13 21:29:06

Ha ha dilly hasn't done a pooh yet. Just a wah wah!
She has farted non stop today though really strains them out then laughs.

ILovePonyo Fri 22-Mar-13 22:09:14

wah wah grin I have feeling A won't be pooing or weeing on the potty again anytme soon, no rush though!

I'm such an immature child when it comes to A trumping (which is often), I always laugh, doens't take much to amuse me smile

reastie Sat 23-Mar-13 06:30:03

ledkr your easter nn is my favourite I've seen so far grin . How is gfil? FWIW I was hmm reading pil comments about traffic being quiet on friday as I've always found motorways are heaps busier on fridays especially earlier than rush hour as people try to get home early for the week end [useless fact]

I don't think I've ever been deleted on mn but I did get told off yesterday for using the hmm face. Can someone please tell me what it means? blush . I always thought it was a hmmmm/thinking/unsure type of face but apparently it's a hmpf sort of face. Have I been using it in the wrong context all these years??

ponyo go anya! I was doing something with alice the other day where we were thinking of all the words we could beginning with 'b'. I said burp and she pretended to burp and giggled thinking it was hilarious and then I said bottom and she sat there trying to squeeze out something smelly and then laughed again. Not sure where she gets this from DH

robin well done on the shred <takes hat off> , <shouts> you don't get abs like this for free! Are you finding it's getting easier now?

wiggles hope snow is ok. We're forecasted some today but not sure if it will settle

wigglesrock Sat 23-Mar-13 08:40:22

reastie No, hmm is more of "really"? face with a hint of disbelief and a passive aggressive tilt of the head wink

Snow appears to have stopped falling shock

blizy have you much snow?

reastie Sat 23-Mar-13 09:19:59

Wiggles, can't believe I've been using it wrong all this time blush . Sorry to everyone who thought I was a bit rude!

Creameggkr Sat 23-Mar-13 09:40:19

I use it as I

Creameggkr Sat 23-Mar-13 11:19:22

Not sure what that post is ?

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Sat 23-Mar-13 22:31:29

Did you fall asleep during that sentence Ledkr? grin

Reastie, don't worry, there aren't many people who use emoticons for the exact reason they're meant for. As Wiggles said, the hmm is often used in a passive aggressive way but I often use it in the same way as you. Sometimes I use it for different reasons ie to convey sarcasm and often as a sceptical emoticon. I often use the confused emoticon confused as an "eek" sort of face because sometimes that's how it looks to me. I have never thought you rude - the context that you're using emoticons in is usually obvious to me as it looks like a wondering sort of face iykwim.

americanexpat Sat 23-Mar-13 22:46:23

reastie - I literally LOLed at your Jillian impression. grin I use hmm whenever I'd raise my eyebrow at something.

I'm hidden in the bedroom posting from my phone because I need a break from FIL and L has been massively testing boundaries today. I'm on the wine as soon as L is in bed.

Creameggkr Sat 23-Mar-13 23:17:16

Oh I feel for you american I really do.
Pil as predicted ate trying to invite themselves down for a visit.
I have used the complete sentence NO and will be sticking to it.
I am off work and want to spend time with my children and relax.
I know they really want to see d regularly but they were here twice very recently and we are away with them in half term.
We are away mon to thurs then dh working then I've got one day to work then one direction Friday then dh out sat and Sunday he's off to wembly.
We literally have no time but I can bet my life they will still try to find a way. It makes me so stressed.
If they contributed a bit to their huge food intake and maybe LEFT ON TIME then it wouldn't be such an ordeal.
D has been a mare.
Found and ate my nephews egg.
Smothered herself in sudocreme.
Chucked a fruit pot on the floor splashing it everywhere.
Peed on Ella's floor.
It's been a loooong day.

reastie Sun 24-Mar-13 07:27:46

he all

american hope you're surviving with as many mobile using loo breaks as you can manage. Don't envy you!

ledkr stick by your guns and say no. If you put something in the diary for next month at some point would that keep them happy? Would DH take D down there for a week end so you don't have to see them (and can have some time with Ella)?

Well, Alice now has my bug and poor thing was really poorly yesterday evening/in the night. Just kept crying and saying mummy in a really pathetic voice and generally looking really ill. I am v v v tired as I haven't slept much for a few nights myself with feeling a bit coldy, so am now absolutely shattered. And we're suppose to be facing the crowds at Ikea today. Oh joy hmm <---- (note that's used for sarcasm there wink ). And why will she NEVER take medicine when she actually needs it angry

Oh, and found this genius way here of how to do a child's hair in a pony tail using a hoover. Must try this myself but am slightly scared as our dyson is pretty powerful!

ILovePonyo Sun 24-Mar-13 08:23:03

Morning all. Another 6am start here, A didn't have a nap yesterday so was hoping for a bif of a lie in but no (grr)

reastie didn't you have trouble with the hmm face a while ago?! Poor A, hope she gets well soon. No chance of a nap for you today then? Good luck in ikea you'll need it wink I laughed at A saying b is for burp grin

ledkr like that using 'no' as a complete sentence, its nice that pil want to see D but they do seem to have visited a lot recently.

american how much longer have you got your visitors for?! Feel for you sad

Well have not done anymore poos/wees on potty but has just stood next to me and done a poo hmm (in her nappy of course)
We went to soft play yesterday and a little boy about 4ish was saying to her "you're a baby, you're a little baby" and good for A she did say to him "no, I'm a big girl" grin This was the same little boy that called me an old lady as my fb pals may have seen.

Snow is still coming down which is very annoying, bored of snow now!

Emski76 Sun 24-Mar-13 08:41:28

Hi all.
Noah has unfortunately started giving up his naps!! Thursday afternoon he slept really well, then Friday and yesterday afternoon he has gotten out of bed and come to his door numerous times then played in his room. He played with the door closed for an hour on Friday afternoon then came to his gate and called out 'I come out now??' Very cute. I think he still could do with a nap every few days though. I enjoy my afternoon rests on my days off and don't really want to give them up!!

Reastie, sounds like you and Alice have been really poorly. Hope your better soon. Enjoy Ikea today. i have a day to myself as dh is taking the boys to the in laws - woohoo.

Ledkr, D sounds like such a character, she's brilliant!! Noah definitely is more troublesome than Ben ever was at this age. He's so full of life and fun and Ben is such a serious child, its nice to have a wild one and a quiet one. Keep strong with your in laws.

Yes, yes, to Jillian on Shred's very annoying voice. They should have an option to shut her off for music instead. i did it 4 times last week but stopped because she was annoying me so much with her stoooopid voice.

Wiggles, love your fb pics of the girls in the snow....when oh when will spring arrive???

Creameggkr Sun 24-Mar-13 10:21:29

6 here too but dh got up. We are both shattered and watching tv under a duvet while kids play.
Ella has a party and we are hoping d sleeps at the same time so we can nap. Should be packing for our holiday really.
It's 3 hrs to pil and d doesn't travel well so but tough for dh to go alone yet.
We are staying about half an hour from them so that j can visit gf but no worries about them stalking us as they are working and wil just say no as in the evening we will be at the disco. Going to arrange to meet half way for dinner so that can be their vist until the half term.

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