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Feb 2011 - We're 2 - enough said!

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wigglesrock Tue 19-Mar-13 09:32:48

Reastie Thu 09-May-13 07:59:08

Yay blizy that's great news, bet you're a bit relieved to have someone. Hope he settles in easily

ems I did a huge grin to you not poisoning Noah this time . Alice through the whole of dinner last week kept sticking her hand in her mouth and making herself gag confused . Btw I still have that baby yearning, but then I've only got one! I wonder if it's just a natural feeling we all have forever more to some extent confused . In a way I'd love another but don't think I can do it again. Ask ledkr she's had loads wink

Ledkr Thu 09-May-13 09:37:38

Arf at wiggs thinking shell give up vanity at 45 grin
You just try harder lol. I tried years ago to stop dying but it looks greasy and dirty to me. Off in a bit to get it dyed actually.
reastie that would piss me off too how rude.
can she go to them instead?
Or come home late (drs app or meeting) and see if dh likes finding it like that.
I would defo mention the carpet (can you make sure shoes come off after the garden)
And the lunch (can you put the lunch stuff away please as I've got loads to do when I get in)
This is why I pay for childcare tbh I've never found it works with family.
Dh told me yesterday that his mum used to smack their bare arses often so good job she's not doing mine really.
And ems no it won't go away unless you have a dilly and then you will be cured. I actually curl my lip involuntarily when I see a newborn now ha ha.

wigglesrock Thu 09-May-13 10:36:24

blizy yay to new mindee smile Am sure it's a bit of a relief!

reastie the dishes would drive me mad but not the toys so am well and truly on the fence wink

emski I read them, I quite enjoyed them. I can't seem to get any new books that I can get into at the minute.

I will be honest from the minute I had Anna I knew I was done, I didn't have that feeling with Liv but I've not wavered at all in the past few years. I think maybe that's why I've been so lazy laid back with Anna and the poor sleeping, funny eating, bloody mindedness, is that I know it'll only last for a bit longer and then that bit is behind me.

I think for 3 you have to be really really sure. I knew we would be fine with space and our car wad big enough etc - silly things but they can make a difference. Also I think I benefited from the slightly bigger age gap. There's 2.4 years between S and O and 3.4 years between O and A.

Funny enough I met a friend yesterday who is training to be a nurse and she was doing a placement with a community midwife and she was saying that she didn't even have an inkling of wanting another even after spending the past few weeks with yummy babies and their yummy smellsmile

It is pissing it down here, it's because I painted my toenails and got the girls summer school dresses - I've cursed the weather grin

Reastie Thu 09-May-13 13:32:24

wiggles it's what I call washing drying weather here today (really windy!). Got 3 loads of washing outside on the line grin

ledkr ems wiggles and all those on weight loss, I can't recommend highly enough x train fit dvds . It's only £13 for a box set of 6 workout dvds and a stretch and yoga DVD also. It's pretty non frills but I've been doing it a month (about 3 - 6 workouts a week) and can really feel a difference in my fitness and feel more toned. Each workout is around 50 mins to an hour though (and there's one killer circuits workout which is 80 mins) so it's hard (well, I find it hard) to get time to do it. If you can manage it, it's definitely worth a go (I don't work for them, honest, it's just the best workout video I've found for improving fitness and feeling the difference). This morning I did the arms AND legs workout [smug] . I've lost 6% of body fat in 2 months, I put that mainly down to these workouts. I now only have 3% to go and I'm officially in the normal/healthy range <cheers> if you read to the end well done

Ledkr I am exceedingly fussy with shoes off indoors! It was FIL who decided to push the buggy into the playroom after taking Alice for a walk through the mud hmm . We have a huge mat by the front door which we picked to be bigger than the size of the buggy on purpose so as not to get the carpet mucky <rolls eyes>. Tbh it's odd as DH doesn't really seem to care or mind about the mess they leave and I make him clear it up often on principle of refusing to do it . Maybe he does he just daren't tell me it does grin

wigglesrock Thu 09-May-13 13:47:50

reastie you lost me when I realised you actually had to do the exercises, buying them with good intentions isn't enough? wink

Reastie Thu 09-May-13 14:12:31

grin wiggles. Is that shred DVD still in the wrapper then?!

wigglesrock Thu 09-May-13 14:41:48

No it was fecked through the window when I realised irritating Jillian was smile

Off to get Sofia from school then taking O and A to get their hair cuthmm give me strength or vodka!

ILovePonyo Thu 09-May-13 20:51:16

wiggles grin at 'fecked through the window' grin

reastie I would have said yabu BUT if their home is super tidy why can't they do that at yours? And if there's 2 of them it doesn't take much to have a quick tidy and wash up, its not like you're expecting them to clean your whole house is it? So yaNbu in conclusion grin I've been going to the gym recently, I;m determined to shape up a bit before my holiday. The woman at the gym measured and weighed me and looked surprised that my bmi is (just) in normal range bitch

Ooh emski is broody grin wink I don't think I want another, and we deffo couldn't afford it until A is older, but one of my best mates is pg and due in August, I am REALLY looking forward to holding her cute little newborn! (and then giving it back).

I'm off to watch secret eaters on 4plus1 now, I love this programme!

americanexpat Thu 09-May-13 21:29:26

Fecking Jillian, she drives me batty.

reastie - YANBU if their house is clean and tidy and there's two of them. I've put those DVDs on my wishlist. I have a stack of exercise DVDs (which recently ended up in the boot of L's tricycle hmm) but get bored easily.

I am v v broody but we're waiting at least until we move to consider it. sad My cousin is having a baby in September so hopefully will be able to get some newborn cuddles there.

MizK Sun 12-May-13 21:27:35

Hey girls. Feel bad that I haven't kept up but I do read all your updates n my phone, just never get round to saying hello!

blizy glad you got a mindee, must be stressy being self-employed when business is slow. Wish you lived near me I'd snap you up in a second!
ponyo I've been laughing at A's sweary ways and also tutting at bitchy gym instructor! We should so meet up soon, been too long.
reastie I think venting on here re: your PILs is the wise choice, don't rock the boat because you just need to hang on til Alice is a bit older and at nursery and you can banish them from your home unless you're there to keep them in check! Must drive you nuts, my mum used to 'tidy' at mine which seemed to involve wildly squirting bleach around the kitchen and putting things in bizarre places just to confuse me. Oh and just saw your latest FB pics, you look absolutely amazing, you really are so slim and look really happy in the pics! Slightly jel!
american aww to you being broody, brave woman! Your cousins baby will send you into overdrive I bet, newborns are virtually irresistible I think...their smell! the little nails! (However I am immune due to having 3, enough's enough!)

Big hello to ledkr, tad, wiggles, emski and hobknob, and everybody else xxx

Just tootling along here, C is still the world's biggest pain in the ass but gorgeous enough to get away with it. Honestly I do dread taking her anywhere these days because she ALWAYS kicks off - demands gifts, trips to the park,or access to my handbag - she walks along wearing my sunglasses, trailing my bag on the floor and she also likes to try to post my credit cards etc into any available slot or grate in the street, dammit! Combined with a 10 year old who is being extremely tricky they are a handful! Luckily my angel DD1, 13 yo and pretty near perfect is helping me cling to sanity! touches wood frantically lest hormones suddenly turn her into a lunatic
Nearly finished my Access course and looking forward to 3 months off, yay! Also, and please don't say I'm a selfish cow doing this, I'm off for a week in Valencia with sisters and friends in June. My first ever girls sunshine holiday child-free, can't wait! have never been to a sunny beach without children and their paraphernalia in tow, looking forward to being carefree and silly for a week. Until though its lots of studying and getting older 2 through Duke of Edinburgh stuff, residentials and all that fun stuff!

Reastie Mon 13-May-13 18:12:25

Helloooooo mizk . I was only thinking of you yesterday. How are things with you and OH at the min? You are too nice re: the pictures blush . I still have just over a stone until my BMI is healthy but I'm getting there grin . Btw go and enjoy yourself on your holiday. 13 years is a long time not to have any time away like that to yourself and you've been studying really hard so deserve a treat methinks.

ponyo I've never watched secret eaters, is this something I should try to catch?

americanexpat Mon 13-May-13 22:44:59

MizK - Enjoy your holiday, don't feel guilty for a minute. I'm away for a hen weekend in a few weeks, I'm bloody excited since I've only spent 1 night away from L. G&Ts on the beach followed by a lie-in. grin Yes, little fingernails and the sight of a little baby chin makes me melt. [sigh]

ILovePonyo Tue 14-May-13 10:15:41

Hi all! Quick post from me...

Mizk hello there! Your holiday sounds great, good for you, you deserve it smile C sounds so funny, would be lovely to meet up soon, I reckon she and A would get on well (A can teach her to swear wink joking!) I kept meaning to text you about meeting but I am rubbish at staying in touch so will deffo text you soon!

Reastie ooh yes secret eaters is great grin it's on thurs channel 4 at 8 I think, I usually watch it on +1 bcos of A's bedtime shenanigans hmm but lots of people stuffing their faces but thinking they eat healthy did make me more aware of the amount of crap I eat too. Love the pic of A in high heels btw!

American I have a hen do soon and I'm looking forward to the lie ins more than the rest of it, I'm such a saddo! grin

Sad news, A has stopped saying "poddidge" and started saying "porridge" instead, boo I like poddidge it's cuter sadwink

wigglesrock Tue 14-May-13 11:35:23

MizK not a thought of guilt must enter your mind and that's an order grin

To all those not on FB I told A what a graveyard was this morning (we passed one and she asked it wasn't as weird as it sounds smile ) she then went round Sainsburys informing people of their imminent demise blush

We are now in the throes of First Communion countdown hmm Olivia has already announced that she is fed up with it - join the queue pet! Sofia still had her pious head on. Thankfully the rain looks to be on way out - Sofias face when I told her she could wear an anorak over her dress was a picture wink evil Mother alert

Big waves, am off to attend to the Grim Reapers nappy!

blizy Wed 15-May-13 10:27:37

Mizk, enjoy your holiday and on feel guilty, you deserve a break and some me time.

Wiggles, grin at Anna.

Yay, I hav bagged another mindee, a 2 yr old boy for 3 days a week. N is starting next month!

Hope you are all well. X

americanexpat Wed 15-May-13 21:31:35

blizy - well done! Are you still looking for more mindees or are you at capacity?

wiggles - grin at St S the Pious.

Ponyo - aww bless at "poddidge porridge". L called me mom the other night instead of mommy or mama. sad

The weather here is gorgeous finally, twas nearly 30C yesterday. shock I have my little vegetable patch nearly planted - it's lovely living in a climate where I can grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers outdoors with no effort. grin

Reastie Thu 16-May-13 13:21:41


A gem from MIL this week. She told DH that the best way to stop children biting other people is to bite them back (AIBU to be shock ?)

Re: saying things in an endearing way, Alice always says pegar pig instead of peppa until yesterday she said a very grown up peppa sad . I'll be inconsolable when she starts calling me Mummy instead of mummiebs

blizy that's great news

american envy of your weather

ponyo might have to try secret eaters. It won't make me feel guilty for how much I eat though will it I'm a pig ?

americanexpat Thu 16-May-13 14:56:21

reastie - I have heard that before. Yes, it works in the same way that hitting a child teaches them not to hit others. hmm

I've just realised I have to wear a bathing suit in 3 weeks. shock Crash diet in progress not really. Not to mention the depilation that will be required. hmm

ledkr - I've just read your thread in Property, hope you get your wall sorted asap. Those builders are shocking.

Reastie Thu 16-May-13 15:08:23

american it would take me 3 weeks just to depilate (if that's the right term) myself I'm very hairy grin . You're very slim anyway though aren't you envy . Which reminds me, on fb I saw a piccie a while ago of a couple of people I'm friends with I went to school with. Both have babies/young children. Both were in bikinis and had properly tight tummies with not a single stretch mark or line yes I looked quite closely . My stomach is like a wonky droopy map world map. No matter how hard I try I don't think I'd ever look like that. Are they lucky or is it normal to have a lovely hard beautiful washboard flat stomach post children (envious, moi, oh yes no wink ). You see, this is why fb should be banned (because of nosey people like me!)

ledkr off to find thread

americanexpat Thu 16-May-13 16:04:05

I LOLed at the thought of washboard abs - my bikini days are certainly over. I'm not very slim, carrying about an extra stone or so - BUT my tummy is very floppy due to the stretch marks. If I wear a lovely floaty dress with no waistband or magic pants, I look about 5 months gone. sad I'm currently awaiting delivery of this bathing suit. I'm hoping it looks modern and not frumpy.

blizy Sun 19-May-13 11:51:12

All quiet in here this weekend, hope everyone is busy and having fun. I have had. Bargainous weekend, was at a baby market yesterday and of loads of new toys and equipment, off today to pick pick up a high chair from gum tree, boring I know but I am easily excited!

ILovePonyo Sun 19-May-13 12:00:36

Hi all, just making sure you don't drop off my threads I'm on!

I was going to post a very grumpy post this morning after A was up at 6am, despite my best efforts to wear her out yesterday including park, swimming and soft play hmm However we had to go out in the car at half 9 and she fell asleep so I've just had a lovely nap with her! It's like my day is beginning again smile

Blizy well done on the bargains, how is it going with the new mindees?

Ledkr Sun 19-May-13 17:59:41

Hello all.
ponyo you should have come on my thread "what do you do with them early on weekend mornings" got some good tips.
I find it really hard as all I wanna do is have a cup of tea and wake up a bit and d is full of demands and winges just as she is all day really hmm
It's worse at weekend cos dh at work and Ella goes to her dads Sundays. I went out for a bit but d gets bored and tired so had to come home.
We now have elaborate play set in garden but even then she can't play without me giving her undivided attention. " come on then" she says if I dare turn away.
Far from feeling sad she's growing up I can't wait lol!!
Yy to work tomorrow.
Pil holiday at weekend so be poised for updates.

Reastie Sun 19-May-13 18:23:15

Ledkr I saw that thread. It does sound like Dilly is a major bit of a handful. Is she like that with everyone? Alice is often like that with me but she's placid and easy going (apparently) with everyone else (think it's a mother thing to put up with it!).

Blizy I love it when you get a good bargain! It's such a shame you don't live nearer me - you could have some of my old bits I have enough . I love the new piccies of Alfie on fb btw.

Ponyo lucky you getting a nice nap.

american I love that swim suit, doesn't look frumpy to me at all (although not sure if I'm qualified to answer!).

OK, so Alice has been doing swimming lessons for a couple of months. She started wobbly but then gained confidence and liked them. She's always cried after going under water/getting water in her face though. Last week she really didn't want to go swimming, kept saying 'no swimming' to me but I managed to talk her into going. She cried through 3/4 of the lesson and I'm pretty certain it's down to being scared of going under water. We have lesson again tomorrow and I mentioned it earlier and she went all quiet and wobbly lipped about it. Should I keep persisting in the hope that she will build confidence back up again or just leave it for a couple of weeks (it's half term next week anyway) and then come back to it? I'm really unsure what to do confused

Ledkr Sun 19-May-13 18:51:33

reastie that's how I can demonstrate how hardcore dilly is.
SHE CAN SWIM!! Not exactly normal. She's so "on the go" that she has no time for fear.
With mine I've always worked on the assumption that if they are scared then I pull back. I think they need to trust that you won't push them to do stuff that's scary. Being in the water must feel terrifying for them.
I'd send her again but give her lots if reassurance and take it slowly.
Swim teachers can be a bit pushy IMO remember she's your child and make her feel safe.

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