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October 12 - 6 Months already?? Where has the time gone?

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Thechick Tue 19-Mar-13 06:16:21

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Cavatina Sat 20-Apr-13 10:16:26

passing brew &biscuit around
rinning you are juggling amazingly well! you organised dd1 to have a nice sociable morning dancing and playing I am sure she will enjoy, while looking after dd2, and she is improving anyway so no need to feel bad! We have to compartmentalise often to be able to survive the whole motherhood lark! Good news dd2 doing better they bounce back pretty quickly.
wound envy for good 6h sleep, well done babyWound! there is hope for us all!
slightly extra brew for you! musical minis sounds like fun, may be I will wait a little for la cava to be a bit older. Food festival sounds great have fun ( and extra cake).
chick respect for even trying to lose weight whilst breasfeeding, I am too tired to contemplate it, cake food only thing keeping me going. I have 5kg to lose to get to pre-preg weight, it will be a struggle I think..
I feel like I have been hit by a truck this morning, and even though the sun is shining outside dont thing will be able to enjoy the day, not looking forward for 10 days of 24h solo care as dp away, hope she stays healthy.
she is surrently in her bednest trying to eat her big toe, no sign of settling for a nap aaarrrgh
more coffee pls!

Thechick Sun 21-Apr-13 06:56:55

Thanks Cava I have about 10lb to lose to get to my pre preg weight and another stone after that would be lovely but not too fussed. I just want to be able to fit into my clothes. I'm fed up of leggings all the time. I have a wedding in June too, so would like to be back to normal by then. Hope everything is okay without your dh.
Hope things are better with your LO Running

RunningOutOfIdeas Sun 21-Apr-13 07:21:50

Morning every one. No vomiting from DD2 yesterday but the diarrhoea continues...

chick and cava pregnancy seems to work wonders for my weight. Both times I have ended up weighing less than before I was pregnant. My problem will be going back to work. I seem to be incapable of sitting at a desk without snacking. It is not helped by the company restaurant selling the best carrot cake.

Cavatina Sun 21-Apr-13 09:02:14

another hideous night here, she was awake and would not settle 1-5am. Am seriosly considering getting radical, moving her to her room in the big cot and starting sleep training. I feel I need to teach her to sleep as current state of affairs is upsetting for all. She also only had two 20min naps yeaterday so I knew I was in for a bad one. She is not unwell, not teething, not sure what causes it. Some nights she will feed to sleep ome she wont. am shattered today and not feeling up to it. no help from anywhere for a week so moral very low sad. sorry for moan
running glad you naking progress, keep her hydreted diarrhoea takes longer to clear ime.
chickknow the feeling have not tried any pre-preg clothes, I fit in my jeans but have been living in the them for 6months now, + two bf tops I bought and this is it pretty much so boring. good job for moving H to his room, I feel the same way about moving her but needs must, will have to do it while papa is away, proly will not make much dif as he does not do night anyway and I am survuving on not much sleep for the last six months
must go and buy babyCava sunhat today, will be te highlight of my day.
time for brew and more [biscuits]

woundbobbin Sun 21-Apr-13 09:05:36

Morning everyone.
We went back to wake ups every 90mins last night hmm currently drinking a vat of tea am going to try and persuade dd to watch the marathon with me!
It was lovely and sunny yesterday we went out I should have had sunscreen, sunglasses & sunhat for dd had none (bad mother) ate x2 Icecreams & had a pint so won't be weighing myself for a few days. Much respect to you guys actively eating properly I keep crashing by the afternoon if I don't have some sugar!
Hope dd2 continues to improve running.
Happy Sunday everyone grin

slightlyroundthebend Sun 21-Apr-13 15:52:20

Another shit night here too, with a drunk husband. So angry today I could be spitting venom! Will explain when i have calmed down a bit.

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 22-Apr-13 05:37:22

Cava, Wound and Slightly hope you had a better night. Slightly hope your husband has made it up to you.

DD2 decided naps were not required yesterday. She slept for less than 1 hour in total, fell asleep at 6.30pm and has now decided that 4.15am is the right time to start chatting loudly. I am not a morning person, don't know how I am going to cope with this.

woundbobbin Mon 22-Apr-13 09:44:05

We had another night of 2hrly wake up hmm she did go off once on her own with the Winnie the Pooh projector so maybe there is hope for it yet!
Busy day ahead going to nursery rhyme class then out to lunch and for a walk with sil. Will need much coffee & cake to keep functioning - weighed myself this am (inspired by you lot) have only lost 0.1kg since last weigh in which was a month ago (oh dear)
Hope everyone else had a good night & things are better with your DH slightly!
Have a good mondaygrin

Cavatina Mon 22-Apr-13 10:17:38

morning lovelies, just heard on womens hour today is the most likely day women start their "summer bikini diet"! que? not a chance for bikini or diet in casa Cava!
slightly hope husband is making an effort!
running is she feeling better? normal I think to be a bit unsettled after being unwell. I am concidering becoming a morning person hmm I am naturally quite nocturnal but now it is 27/7 anyway so all a big blur!
wound horey for Winnie! sounds like a nice day you have ahead!
no sleep improvement here but I took her in bed with me after the midnight feed so at least feel more rested, will worry about it later!
on a lighter note ds made a delish lasagna and left it on top of the cooker overnight, unfortunately sneaky pussycat1 was hiding under kitchen table and feasted on lasagna all night. so today looking rather smug and nt caring much for breakfast- no kidding! am pissed off as was looking forward to having some for lunch and freezing some for babyCava to give to her in a couple of weeks.
have a good day! xx

slightlyroundthebend Mon 22-Apr-13 14:36:47

Hello ladies am much calmer now, I think along with tiredness everything got on top of me yesterday. Saturday was lovely, we met some friends at food festival after dh finished work, I gave him a pass out so he could stay out for a few beers and really really didn't mind. Sunday morning was supposed to be my sleep in....first in 7 weeks, dh got up and I could hear him trying to sort out baby, baby screaming so sleep in ruined and me up that was start of anger, then no time for bath as dh fuckef off golfing with his dad for the day leaving me with teething child and sheer rage. Being left alone all day made me stew. How come in 2 days he gets beers and golf. I have a massive list of stuff I'd like to do but havent been able to for weeks....sleep in, quiet bath, go for run, dogs to vets, hair cut, go to loo by myself. Don't get me wrong I love love love ds, but also need a bit of "me" time. Not unreasonable.
Anyhow long story short we had a really good talk and he's taking a few days holiday to make up for weekend and to spend some time together. On one hand I feel I overreacted but also if I hadn't said anything it would of brewed into something huge.
cava at least you feel rested that better than exhausted I guess!
wound am sending positive sleep vibes for tonight let's hope light projector kicks in tonight, let me know I may have to purchase one!!

Cavatina Mon 22-Apr-13 17:12:13

slightly I dont think you overreacted. I would have been furious too. My GP recommended at least an hour of me time three times a week, it does not sound like a lot yet I have not been able to do it sad. Hope you get some me time and some quality family time as well.

woundbobbin Tue 23-Apr-13 15:43:09

Hello ladiesgrin
Slightly that sounds like a rotten situation - hope you enjoy DH's days off - its funny isn't it people are very quick to say isn't DH besotted with dd isn't it good that he gets up in the night & changes nappies all true but she is his daughter why the bloody hell shouldn't he do all that - and although he always asks is it ok if he goes out & I always say yes it does get under my skin a bit that I don't have that option - although I suppose in six months time I will. Still to go out for a whole day on your lie in day when baby is teething is a bit much really !
I've done almost nothing today just pottered around - spoke to the HV as dd's diarrhoea is still bad despite no wheat or dairy for a week & her skin is really sore (blistering & bleeding) she said go to the GP they've got no appointments for 2 weeks!
Cava maybe the cat ate the lasagne to stop you from eating it so you could be bikini ready for summer! grin

Cavatina Tue 23-Apr-13 17:37:52

hahaha may be I should appoint him as my nutritionist! Not sure bikini will ever be an option again sad
wound I would kick some serious ass at your surgery, they cannot let a tiny one wait for two weeks with these symptoms! poor lo must be suffering, can tou get an emergency appt? what if she gets dehydrated, or skin gets infected? it must be hard work for you now, yiu are doing what you can but she is not improving so she should be seen pronto.
babCava has been dodging naps and being a fussy eater today, she is now asleep on my bed in a manner of starfish (I was watching her ply with her new doll and gradually dropped of doll on top of her. hm, not looking forward to bed time..

slightlyroundthebend Tue 23-Apr-13 21:25:25

Full of cold :'(

woundbobbin Tue 23-Apr-13 21:59:11

Oh no slightly what a nightmare!
What with baby cava being contrary looks like we are all in for a joyous night!
Dd has been utterly bonkers this evening the 7 o'clock bedtime that we were so proud to achieve last month is long since gone she is back to sitting with us when we have our tea & then on the sofa she was launching herself all over the sofa making weird shouty noises but smiling we couldn't make head or tail of it very strange. Have just fed her to sleep am dreading putting her in the cot because she will wake up and scream so tempting to make self comfy and sleep in the chair with her but not worth the potential head injury!
Fingers crossed for everyone for a good night.

Thechick Tue 23-Apr-13 22:20:40

I like this

Cavatina Tue 23-Apr-13 22:43:58

slightly hot bath? cold sucks! brew
wound hope you managed transfer! may be do later bath time if she can stretch it? we do between 7.30 an 8 depending om her naps.
babyCava was fed to sleep and in her bednest at 9. will leave window open for the night as it is 24C in the bedroom way too warm.
BTW took her to the pediatrician for her 6 months check today and asked for advice on weaning. he is quite old school (he suggested staring at 17 weeks if she is ready..) but absolutely brilliant, a bit of a baby wisperer. He said no fish and egg until 8 months but meat (incl lamb) is recommended, also no cow milk (should use stage 3 formula for cooking and bfast porrige/weetabix) until she is one year old but full fat yoghurt is ok. Thankfully as she absolutely luurvs yoghurt.
Anyho, hoping for a restful night for all of us

Cavatina Tue 23-Apr-13 22:58:38

hahaha chick this is more up my street. Love the Rosso Fiorentino drawing, is me two weeks post partum minus the pearls and jewels in hair grin . Wish we were more accepting of our bodies, they perform miracles and serve us well regardless of shape..

Cavatina Wed 24-Apr-13 08:47:20

ok, so babyCava woke up at 4.45(after feed at midnight) and true to my resolution not to feed before 7 I gave water, dummy etc, she would not settle, not cryong just chatting and playing in bed with me; I cavd in and fed her at 5.30 still will not go the sleep so decided whatever, put her in her bednest and cover my head with duvet prepared for the worst, but she went quiet and was asleep within 5min, wtf?? She just woke up bright and full of smiles...Yet when I put her down for her nap yesterday around 2pm and thought she was ready she screamed the house down!
oh well resigned myself to go with the flow (until next sleep deprived night...)
Weather is glorious here, I feel more rested, planning a picnic with her at Regents Park the cherry trees must be in full blossom.
hope you all had a good night!

woundbobbin Wed 24-Apr-13 14:03:40

Cava dd woke at exactly those times last night maybe they have synchronised I fed her at 4.30 (was chuffed to have had 4 hrs sleep) she went straight back down and slept till 8 I even had a cup of tea in bed before she woke bliss!
Am currently having a coffee whilst she bounces around in the jumperoo (dh reckons best 50 quid we ever spent) she loves it is a bit nuts though she grabs hold of the parrot and really shouts at it - its got massive eyes shes always had a thing for big eyed stuff. We are having a silly day ive been making her giggle with epic renditions of circle of life (lion king) & beyonces if you like it then you should've put a ring on it. fingers crossed the neighbours are at work!
Cava hope you enjoyed the park raining here (boo)
Slightly how's the cold?
Chick liked that article
Hope all having a good day.

Cavatina Wed 24-Apr-13 23:21:29

wound sounds like you had a fab day! here is to even better night!
It was lovely in the park but quite windy and I did not think the sun strong enough for me to wear suncream so I managed to burn today and look like the english on hols on the costa brava blush am applying aloe gel every 15min is very uncomfortable.
slightly hope you are feeling better.
It is rain here tomorrow so I am planning a quiet day at home

slightlyroundthebend Thu 25-Apr-13 11:41:53

Hello, slightly less snotty today and quite a good night he didn't settle easily but only one feed smile

Can I ask you lovely ladies about sleep. I still have to either feed or rock, friends have asked what happens if I put him him in the cot semi awake but he cries and cries so I have stuck with rock or feed but he's very heavy now and I'm worried I'll be rocking a 1yr old. I thought I'd be sorted by now :'(

Raining here - I would love some sun, Saturday we had a bit but feel like that's been it this year!

So next Sat (bh weekend) we're all staying at my pil for the night so she can see his routine. 2 weeks after that we are having a night away for our anniversary. I am so excited for a full nights sleep but I'm starting to get a bit angsty about mil and the suggestions she will no doubt give me. Ordinarily I'm open to suggestions but recently I feel like she enjoys pointing out what, in her opinion I'm doing wrong. I am very aware I'm probs over sensitive but still don't want the agro. New quib was when I let ds play with his food and was told o was teaching bad habits....oh Fuck off!

So im looking forward to the weekend day with hubby and ds on Sat and on sunday I'm going riding with my friend. I sold my horse a few months ago as I had no time to give him attention he needed so I'm borrowing my friends and going to blow cob web's! I've ridden and had horses since I was 7 so being horse less is a big adjustment. Can't wait just need good weather smile

Right off to cook crumpets...can ds try crumpets??

Ttfn x

woundbobbin Thu 25-Apr-13 16:04:41

Slightly I've nothing to offer but wanted to say that we are exactly the same as you - at night dd is fed or rocked to sleep in the day it's the car or the pram (she is to heavy to rock in the day) I totally thought we would be past it by now - it's her though she has never settled on her own she just crys and crys - I think these people who say oh just put her down & let her cry she will fall asleep on her own have never had a non sleeping baby!
Oh I was going to ask what do you guys think about early measles vaccination I spoke to the HV she said they are doing it at parent discretion (not helpful)

slightlyroundthebend Thu 25-Apr-13 20:35:00

wound I hadn't even thought about early immunisation ds going to be weighed tomorrow so I'll ask about it. Dh is of opinion that it's at 13 months for a reason but I'll see smile I'm kind of relieved its not just ds that needs help sleeping I was sure I'd messed up somewhere along the line!

Cavatina Thu 25-Apr-13 20:43:25

evening, busy day but more about it later.
slightly great yu are feeling better, and fab you going riding! I dont ride myself but think horses are awesome.
Sleep- babyCava is contrary as you may have noticed. She can self settle but I have not figured out why, it seems pretty random. same experience putting her down for the night, either screams right away or within 5min. I dont rock but feed to sleep. I was hoping she will figure it out but not happening yet. I am inclined to try some form of sleep training, the was a post on this thread a whie ago about gradual withdrawal which I would lie to try now she is old enough but it requires her to be in her own room which has not happened yet. I am also worried that we may miss the window and it would become a lot harder as they get older. Part of me hopes she will get there on her own, I can see her learning so fast presently. these are my thoughts.
pil- smile and ignore if you can, and vent here! and dont doubt youself, you know your lo best. enjoy the weekend away as I am sure you need it and they will look after ds well, he will be safe, it may not be how you do it, but I think it is important they have a relationship, which will be different from yours, I used to let mine (ex pil) to get on with it.
wound I asked the baby wisperer dr about the vaccine during our appt on Tuesday and he said he is reluctant to give before 12-13 months, and we do not have an epidemic here. do you have exposure? if not I would not worry too much about it.
ok, ds making burgers and babyCava waiving hands after 30min feed. Not a chance for a nice hot burger and some vino then, I think I am in for a long night...

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