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October 12 - 6 Months already?? Where has the time gone?

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Thechick Tue 19-Mar-13 06:16:21

Previous thread -

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Sun 24-Mar-13 22:18:44

Hello and welcome celestia and running!

We started weaning today - some banana mashed up with a bit of formula. DH and I were very excited, and dd loved it, she couldn't get enough! Interesting poo resulted - it had black bits in...I live such a glamorous life these days!

Cavatina Sun 24-Mar-13 22:40:29

hahaha dupain, fruit mashing and poo monitoring, glamorous it ain't! it is fun though, discovering what they like and don't, it is part of getting to know them I guess.... same poo result here from mashed banana btw

lisbethsopposite Sun 24-Mar-13 22:55:16

OMG I go away for a few days... Weeks, and what has happened????
You seem like nice people but where is everybody? Please come back.

Thanks cherry for thinking of me. I was on a bit of a downer but better now. Fed up enough of baby in RL that I didn't want to talk baby too - does that make sense?

What's up firsttime? Are you ok?
Thinking of you Yomping & fjordmor.
We DTD this weekend. Can't say worth the wait but god it felt good.

I don't know who people are on FB. Hmmm

Think I have the oldest baby (sept 24) so 6 months here. Just got 2 teeth in last few days. Thank god for cal pol.

smile4me Mon 25-Mar-13 03:07:25

lisbeths we are all on FB... there is a cheat sheet so you can figure out who everyone is! smile We have been missing you! hopefully now the teeth are through P will give you a bit of a break!

slightlyroundthebend Mon 25-Mar-13 04:22:11

Oooh I wonder if roles are reversed now and where us newbies watched from a distance not posting the original starters of this thread are doing the same....watching but but not posting?????
Hi lisbeth ds was 26th Sept so we're close and agree bout calpol I would of been more demented without it. 2 teeth here too but judging by amount of drool guessing no3 can't bee too far off (wishful thinking)
Dupain smile at banana de loves it too I had a mega blend of fruits this weekend, my shopping trolley never looked so varied and healthy! He's loving it!
Tell you what though I'm starting to think this "feeding solid fills them" is a load of shit! Ds ontop of bottles today has had baby porridge and later apple& pair (hehehe) pear puree and is currently on 2 bottle tonight what's the crack with that? All on all so far he's woken 6bloody times tonight I can see the end of my tether quite clearly. Dh starts new job tomorrow so really want him to go awake so doing it myself tonight yawn!
Haha hubby just asked if cow&gate are in partnership with redbull hahaha

Cavatina Mon 25-Mar-13 09:16:33

they proly think what a boring bunch just as well we got out before they got in..
it is a much slower thread now..
hehe slightly for cow&gate/redbull partnership, is a great idea, you heard it here first(your hubby should go into management consultancy). no sleep here either, babyCava went to bed at 8, then woke up at 10, 1am and proceeded to amuse herself by farting, burping, chatting, waiving hands etc until 4.30, then 6am feed and now up for the day at 8. It is all a blur now, papa moved out of bedroom at 2 I think, so I am at the end of my tether. How long is that going to go on for?
have a headache and my whole body hurts. She however is mega churpy blowing raspberies presently while I am an my third cuppa and 2nd pack of rich tea.
Also hair still falling out and skin gone from dry to really greasy and spots, wtf? hormones? no sign of period here..
rant over hope you ladies have a happy Monday

woundbobbin Mon 25-Mar-13 12:30:10

Is it that boring (must think of something more exciting to say) babybobbin's cold better today so I gave her some baby porridge made it according to the packet instructions and it was super watery she was massively more interested in the spoon than the porridge most of which dribbled out I sense this weaning process might be slow ! Ok I'm off to think of something hugely exciting to post that will have them returning from Facebook so fast that mark zuckerberg will have a massive strop and will post about it on AIBU! grin

Cavatina Mon 25-Mar-13 16:23:00

grin go wound zuckeyboy watch this space!
am sitting in the hallway, cinnamon roll cake in oven, babyCava sleeping in pram outside scandinavian style, thinking of something exciting to post too.
in the meantime this is my technique for feeding babyCava puree: spoon goes half way in, press tongue down gently while tipping spoon 45% so it touches top gum and slowly withdrawing spoon while depositing puree comfortably midway thus avoiding spitting or gagging. Am genious!
btw also find instructions for preparing baby rice and porrige makes it very watery
at baby yoga today I was commenting on how cute one of the babies is in his dugnarees when the mum told me she thoughtnso too until her so-called "friend" from the same group told her he looks like plumber. He is 5 months old! why are some of us so mean! as if life being a mum is not hard enough...tell you am not looking forward to the schooll gate brigade... oh well home education always an option...
oops oven timer off, must run or else no cake for tea for the cava household

Cavatina Tue 26-Mar-13 15:53:28

helloo lovely people hope all is well, another long night babyCava waking up every two hours ghrrrr. Trying to figure out the wonder weeks has anyone followed for your lo?

squidkid Tue 26-Mar-13 18:26:02

Hello lovelies. I was one of the original thread (well we've not been gone that long, but it feels like it sometimes!) - I'm glad to see people are continuing in our absence!
Felt like I left without a goodbye, so love and luck and just to add to the comments saying it's definitely not personal, it just seems like where our group naturally progressed to and most of us prefer it more private.
Here in squidworld we are having shit sleep (after a very easygoing baby who slept through the night from 6 weeks old!) and lots of new exciting developments, so I'm trying to just take it as it comes, and not analyse too much. My motto is "everything is a phase!" I am proud of myself that I've managed to exclusively breastfeed to 6 months (baby squid is 6 months old on Saturday), with a lot of luck and support. We haven't had any solids yet, but that will all change grin on Friday - and I am so so excited.

I wish you all the best and will try and drop in every now and again.

(angelico Happy half-birthday for...yesterday was it? I know you were one of the very first on our thread to have your bean. Please come and join us - feel free to use a pseudonym!!
lisbeths hope to see you too - was a bit disorientating at first but lovely to see pics and easier format we think.)

Thechick Wed 27-Mar-13 03:44:11

Hello ladies. Sorry I haven't been around much, we've been getting really bad sleep and I've just been feeling really off. I've had a headache since Friday and was feeling a bit nauseous at the weekend. Paracetamol isn't really touching it. Ive been starving too. I think I just need a good block of sleep and ill be fine. Slifgtly my LO had eczema on his face mostly and we were told e45 by the hv but epaderm by the doctor. The e45 made it worse and the epaderm started working in a couple if days. He still gets occasional dry patches on his leg but it goes with regular use. Welcome back celestia, twins, my goodness. Very well done on the sleeping babies I'm very jealous and I'm also jealous of the sun you are getting running. Cava are you cooking all of the purees? (Apart from banana and avocado). I'm going back to sleep now. Will catch up on the rest of the thread next feed.

Cavatina Wed 27-Mar-13 08:37:02

morning lovely people, squid nice to hear from you.
chick sorry to hear you have not been feeling great, sounds very familiar, I attribute it to exhaustion, what helps me is eating a lot (proteins and carbs in form of biscuits and cake mostly, and I try not to worry what it is doing to my figure as just trying to survive) and getting out of the house. It is a shame, I think one night of 5h sleep will do for me as well, as you say, but no such luck chez cava either. Can your lovely hubby help? I guess can be stressful with him starting new job etc. Puree-yes, I cook myself, well is steaming really, my approach is every coupe of days introduce new food, so steam the carrot give her a bit then freeze the rest, then do the same with sweet potato etc so she gets fresh puree the first time and then the defrosted stuff. I also try to do it around our meals, so did steak with salad and sweet potato mash for us, steamed spotato instead of boiling it, took some out for her (enough for freezing too) and blended (have a handheld, is great), added butter, cream, nutmeg and seasoned the rest for us and voila! pear and apple only takes 4min to cook so it is easy too.
have to dash appt in town, will catch up later. have a good day

Cavatina Wed 27-Mar-13 08:41:26

oops sorry was slightly with hubby new job sleep deprived brain not working

woundbobbin Wed 27-Mar-13 09:32:49

We had a shocking night - lulled us into a false sense of security by sleeping 8-11 then woke hourly which worsened to crying - feeding/rocking - falling asleep in arms - put down - wakes as soon as the 1st body part touches the cothmm luckily dh stayed up with her for a bit so got some sleep he also bought her downstairs this am to give me an hour snooze when I came down they were happily watching cbeebies apparently dd loves peppa pig (not sure this is a good thing but to tired to care)
Dd ate some apple purée yesterday she wasn't that fussed on it I tasted it and it was a bit grim am going to try and make her pear purée a bit nicer today!
Going swimming later am not very brave at dunking dd under the water so we float around like those ladies who swim breaststroke to try and avoid getting their hair wet!

woundbobbin Wed 27-Mar-13 09:36:57

Oops posted to soon! Meant to say sorry your not feeling well chick sleep deprivation does make you feel so wretched hope you feel better soon. Agree with cava that five hours unbroken sleep would make a huge difference!

woundbobbin Wed 27-Mar-13 09:38:35

Also 1st message that weird word should read puree sorry

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Wed 27-Mar-13 10:34:03

Sorry haven't managed to post recently, I keep getting side-tracked by other threads and then dd wakes up! We tried carrot yesterday and she didn't like it but we'll have another go today. She loves the banana though!

In other news, she has stopped sleeping well at night so dh and I are knackered now, and she keeps being copiously sick (mostly over me) because she has a cough, which triggers the gag reflex. Lots of fun!

Hope all of you lot are doing well, I have read everyone's posts but no time to comment individually as dd has just finished her nap...

slightlyroundthebend Wed 27-Mar-13 10:48:42

Good morning ladies, hello squid nice to hear alls ok and nice if you "pop in"

Cava chick exhaustion is a killer isn't it once the initial adrenalin of newborn days is gone its a real slog. Baby slightly still full of cold he looked like something from one if the alien films when I got him up this morning.

So clocks change this weekend don't they? Wondering if this will work in my favour ds currently doing bed time routine starting at 6 (he chose this time) and wakes to be up for the day at 6am will have to see.

So ladies sex drive has finally returned wahoo! Am trying very hard to keep a good relationship with hubby it would be very easy for it to get lost in the tiredness and grumpy days going on at the mo. I'm going to ask his mum if she'll have ds for a night in May when it's our 1st wedding anniversary. Has anyone else done a night away yet? Feel bit anxious but also feel it's time now.

So also in yay news I've finally got a place at musical minis, start in April, we currently do baby sensory and have done since he was 4 weeks but other good stuff has waiting lists.....still waiting for a water baby place he's going to be oldest one there when we get one I think! Anyone else do it? I think it's so important for kids/people to swim, I'm surprised by number of adults that don't but then I live in countryside and grew up with summers at the river smile Ahhh summer what's that again??

Best go he's stirring from nap


Thechick Wed 27-Mar-13 11:43:30

Thanks for all the sympathy. I really appreciate it. Dh does help a lot. I never feel any pressure to have the house looking a certain way or dinner cooked or anything. And he does try to get H back to sleep if he wakes soon after feeding at night, but I usually get woken in the process or sometimes only milk will do. I do try to get out every day but I think that might be the problem. I think I need a rest day and do lots of lounging and biscuit eating. Yay!!

slightlyroundthebend Wed 27-Mar-13 12:21:44

chick a day lazing would probs do you the world of good. Is your dh off over easter could he take baby out for an afternoon and let you watch crap tv or film uninterrupted??

Thechick Wed 27-Mar-13 21:28:06

I feel so much better after a day of not doing much. Dh is off from tomo so there will be lots of dh/lo time!!

Cavatina Wed 27-Mar-13 22:16:35

evening all,
hm seems like a tough time sleepwise for everyone.
wound sounds exhausting, hope you managed to rest a bit and have a better night. I have given up on rocking babyCava, my shoulders are killing me. Have not braved baby swimming yet, is it fun? I love swimming but pool I am member of does not do kids, went to check the local one and was not impressed with changing rooms- very cold and miles away from babypool. Also do you shower baby after swim or do it once you get home?
dupain babyCava was not crazy about carrot either, so I think will wait few days and try again. Hope dd gets over the cold soon
slightly yeyee for sexdrive, and yes is important to remember we are not just parents! We have not been away from lo, but I have done in the past with ds and dd1, after they were 6 months old, we would live them with my mum for a night, it was fine, and it was before mobile phones! It was nice to have some grown up time.
chick I second slightly lazing at home with cake and tv would be great if dh can entertain ds for few hours out of the house, otherwise you will probably not be able to switch off
BabyCava and I had a busy time in town today which pushed back bed time, and now she is finally asleep. Not looking forward to clock changing, is not summer yet! Weather will be sheeet for another forthnight at least, so I am on trying to figure out the shortest flight to a sunny place (north africa?) and do we need to remortgage the house to get there...
may this be the night our lo's finally crack the sleeping through the night skill

Cavatina Wed 27-Mar-13 22:17:48

chick crossposted glad you feeling better!

woundbobbin Thu 28-Mar-13 10:05:52

Better night last night which was a relief. Cava I have mainly stopped rocking because it was killing my back also dd fights by arching her back and I find I'm almost juggling her it only really works now if she is very sleepy!
I've been taking her swimming once a week since she was about 8 weeks (mainly because it makes her sleepy smile) we are lucky to have a lovely big baby friendly local pool with good baby changing etc it costs £4 to get in but I think it's worth it. You tube has videos of what they do at water babies so I've copied some of that sometimes I balance her on a float and push her along this makes me feel like I'm doing some exercise (prob burns about 2 calories) - re the shower I spin around holding dd in the shower then when we get in I have a shower because she tends to fall asleep in the car !
Am trying some carrot today expecting limited success !

RunningOutOfIdeas Thu 28-Mar-13 11:44:37

Hello All. We have been staying at a farm for the past 3 days with no Internet. I have come to rely on MN to get me through sleepless nights. Felt weird not having it.

DD1 enjoyed helping feed the farm animals, hunt for chickens eggs and horse riding. The nights were cooler because we were in the hills so DD2's heat rash is a little better. I had one really bad night - the smoke detector in my room went off twice (don't know why), then DD1 woke and was crying that her leg hurt, then DD2 decided 5am was the right time to start her day (after also waking at 2 and 4am).

I took both DDs to the beach with my mum yesterday. Put DD2 in the shade with mum while I jumped the waves with DD1. So mum spent most of the time wiping sand off DD2 while she kept sweeping her hands and feet off the towel she was lying on and getting more sand over herself. I think she may have now included sand in her weaning diet. Her nappies have been rather sandy today.

Chick glad you are feeling better. I really think tiredness can make you feel so ill and make any bug 10x worse. Can you get some regular breaks, even just an hour a couple of times a week, that it totally 'you' time?

Slightly sex drive - what's that then? I think mine fell in the freezer months ago.

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