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October 12 - 6 Months already?? Where has the time gone?

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Thechick Tue 19-Mar-13 06:16:21

Previous thread -

Cavatina Thu 27-Jun-13 15:53:28

wound what is KIT day? boo to people asking you what you plan to do, they can mind their own business... In any case babies are different your second may sleep all night, you never know. It does pass and I must admit to have completely forgotten about the sleepless nights with DC1&2... or else I would have not said yes to No3!
donna previous extraction (by my dentist) also took 45min of pulling, was horrendous, then got infected, antibiotics and time off work etc, then one day my hygienist told me "he does not really like taking teeth out", no shit Sherlok!! so this time I asked him to refer me to a dental surgeon...
Went to see a nursery, LDN is rubbish really super expensive and the "outside space" was tiny andnot really outside, next to a cafe with outaide smoking tables. am so depressed.. considering begging for redundancy and emigrating sad
running how are you doing?

woundbobbin Thu 27-Jun-13 20:37:58

KIT day stands for keeping in touch you can do ten before your official start day and they pay you which is why I'm doing them if I had the money I wouldn't bother but we are skint. That nursery experience sounds unfortunate do you have other options? Aside from running away.
Dunno if slightly is still reading but was it you who was going to run the GNR?? I'm finding it really hard to fit in running on evenings & weekends feeling tempted to splash out (go into debt) on a baby jogger pram then I could just run in the day not sure if this is wise I've made some silly purchases due to sleep deprivation anyone tried running with a pram??

Cavatina Thu 27-Jun-13 21:44:34

wound hate running...but seen dads and mums doing it in the park, always thought is a bit mad but totally get the idea now, tbh I am strugling to find time for anything these days, it was easier when she was smaller, as she would nap in the pushchair and ebf meant we could spend all day out, now betweem cooking feeding and napping I struggle to squeeze a walk. will never lose weight...
my company does not do KIT days (or if they do no one told me hmm )

woundbobbin Wed 03-Jul-13 11:29:23

I was going to say maybe KIT days are a public sector thing but remembered I have a friend who works in a bank and it was in her contract that she had to do 10 KIT days which she was in a bit of a mood about because she didn't need the money! Anyway mine start next week so this is my last full week at home with dd (boo)
I have found a jogging stroller for £50 on gumtree just across the city am excited at the prospect of running again so hopefully it's a goer.
Hope everyone is well grin

woundbobbin Thu 04-Jul-13 09:13:57

Hello out there grin
Two things
1. How low is your cot to the floor mine is currently on the middle setting IYSWIM I think I need to drop it down before dd can pull herself up but I suppose if I wait for her to do that the 1st time she will do it she will prob do it in the cot & fall out!

2. Are any of you taking DC to weddings this summer. We are going to four dd has been invited to three. Any tips on how to manage I will take her out of the ceremony if noisy etc but thinking should I take books or quiet toys or snacks or none of the above do small children "enjoy" weddings??
Hope everyone well. X

Cavatina Thu 04-Jul-13 11:08:25

ayee wound how nice would it be not to need the money envy.
Cot on middle setting but found her this morning sitting trying to pull herself up so probably will be lowering soon, not sure when as it will mill my back for sure. Decided to monitor development in anticipation.
Have not taken babyCava to weddings so no experience, may be try rice cakes etc but not sure food appropriate in church (if indeed church weddings..). BabyCava is a curious cat and quite vocal so looks around all the time smiling or chatting so I am sure she would enjoy a wedding but not sure the rest of the crowd will...we have some work done in the house wich leavess no floor for her to play, therefore been going to the local children centre, itis nice even though I am rubbish at making friends with the mims (asked one of them who is doing blw whether she has any recipes she has tried for pudding and she looked at me and said, "well babies do not need pudding, and he eats what we do" Felt well and trully chastised hmm. Same mum was asking for help from hv as her son not putting any weight for last three months.. each to their own I say..
is very quiet here, hope everyone is busy and sleeping

woundbobbin Wed 21-Aug-13 20:18:07

Just wondering if anyone is still out there?
If so hope you are all ok and can I ask for advice?
I need to start weaning dd off breast milk early starts & late finishes at work plus a no children allowed wedding far from home which I must go to as bride already a little miffed I can't guarantee a over night stay at the hen. Question is dd has a morning & evening feed (+ overnight but ignore that) so how much milk should I put in her cup? And should I warm it in a saucepan?
Sorry it's such a boring question. grin

Thechick Wed 21-Aug-13 20:55:44

Hey I'm still here!! All is good in this corner. I go back to work in 4 weeks and not looking forward to it at all. H is lovely. He's sleeping well and eating well.

Wrt to how much milk, are you expressing or ff??
I think if ff you should put too much and just let your LO drink until she's done. If expressing, maybe what comes out times 2.

woundbobbin Wed 21-Aug-13 21:40:42

Hello chick grin
I'm going to do cows milk I appreciate not advised before 12 mths but she is almost 11 months & I was just going to add in slowly. (Can't express - nothing comes out. Tried formula dd having none of it - she has had a bit of cows milk likes it on her cereal etc)
Sadly dd still waking up at least twice a night - she has slept for 8 hours in a row once it was amazing fingers crossed for more of that.
I've not massively enjoyed going back to work I'm desperate not to end up staying till 8 at night but its so hard to get away on time!

Cavatina Fri 23-Aug-13 08:19:18

Helloo, I am still around, all well here, lo sleeping 12h nights from 6.30pm (cannot believe my luck, fc it continues..) and on three meals a day. Still bf fist thing and last at night but she is losing interest very quickly. She weaned herself off the after lunch bf so I give her a bottle with formula, drinks about 130ml. Sorry no much help.. but agree with chick would give more and see how she gets on. I postponed returning to work so due back beg Nov and not looking forward to it. But before that going on hols next week! and then a month away to our house abroad. hoping to sort out childcare before then. Are you going for nursery or CM?
wound sounds like progress on sleep front, you will get there I am sure!

Thechick Fri 23-Aug-13 20:34:25

I jinxed myself by saying he was sleeping well. Have had a couple of really crap nights. Boo!
My LO is going to be in nursery 2 days and with me or dh or my mum the others.

woundbobbin Sat 24-Aug-13 20:51:14

Good to know people are still out theregrin
I'm very lucky my parents are doing my childcare i don't think a nursery would take her can't see them pushing her round in the pram for hours to get her to sleep.
I keep telling myself she will sleep soon but the long term sleep deprivation is a killer especially at work! I try not to worry to much especially as she has no teeth yet and I hear sleep is worse when they are teething! Are yours crawling yet mines not people keep telling me not to worry about that I wasn't worrying till I was told not to worrysmile

Cavatina Tue 03-Sep-13 07:42:41

we are crawling very fast. and pulling herself up, but not cruising yet. is a PITA as we are on hols and all floors are tiled...But her feeding gone to pot a bit, seems like she has outgrown all the baby food, will not be spoonfed any longer, will not take any jars or my home made stuff, or porrige, so this morning custard filled croissans, grapes, figs and peach pieces, last night aubergine dip and fried courgettes...night before grilled fish. not sure it is enough though, so trying to up her milk, still bf morning and evening but give her a bottle as well. Oh well, am sure it is a stage, but she cannot use the spoon yet so a bit of a struggle.what do you offer in terms of food?

milk Tue 17-Sep-13 14:48:02

So how is everyone celebrating 1st birthdays?!? grin

woundbobbin Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:06

Dd was one yesterday we went to

woundbobbin Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:59

Sorry posted to soon. We went to the aquarium and a farm park she loved it. And she slept from 8.30 last night till 6.30 this morning that's a record yay. grin

ToucanBlack Wed 23-Oct-13 19:54:08

Hello! I was on the October threads and remember lots of you, but I'm a name changer.

DD is turning one on Friday I'm feeling a mixture of shockgrin andsad. This past year has flown by. A year today my waters broke and I was on my way to hospital. Today I'm feeding my beautiful baby girl before she goes to bed, then getting busy making her birthday cake!

We are having family round (for said cake) and going to the Zoo! Can't wait!

How is everyone else celebrating?

Thechick Wed 23-Oct-13 21:03:56

We had a party. It was lovely seeing friends and family. How are all the babies doing, do we have any walkers and any words?

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