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October 12 - 6 Months already?? Where has the time gone?

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Thechick Tue 19-Mar-13 06:16:21

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Cavatina Sun 12-May-13 23:04:54

wound you make me laugh! I know how you feel! I bought super expensive pukababy swadly thingy a while as I read on a thread is works magic for sleep, she hated it, thankfully it can work as sleeping bag too (are they really evil?? hm..) Hope sleepsuit works let us know!
shit weekend at casaCava, babyCava still unwell, very clingy, nap 1in mummys bed nap two on mummy (did not think will have to do that again as she is now 8kg, but rather enjoyed being pinned on the sofa watching About a boy, cannot believe used to think Hugh Grant hot blush), and took 1.5h to settle her to bed. so I am tired even after the duved day today.. pissed off am left on my own, I know dp working but he can go to bed and SLEEP uninterrupted however tired he might be...
running hope babyRunning ok

woundbobbin Mon 13-May-13 09:16:16

Epic failhmm
Stupid fleecy sleep suit.
Never mind off to the coast for a walk maybe some good sea air will knacker her outgrin

Cavatina Mon 13-May-13 13:06:37

wound never mind you have tried...hope walk was nice, I miss the sea..
off solids here so feeding every three hours day and night, feels like back to new born stage again hmm keep reminding myself it will pass but hard to believe when in the middle of it..

RunningOutOfIdeas Tue 14-May-13 09:56:45

Morning All. DD2 decided to be very generous with her vomiting bug and passed it on to me. Not surprising really since she did throw up all over me twice on Saturday. So I spent Sunday night hugging the toilet. Yesterday, while DD1 was at school, DD2 and I spent most of the day snuggled up on my bed, sleeping. It was lovely, helped us both feel better but has done nothing to help persuade DD2 to accept that her cot is where she should sleep at night.

Wound I have tried all sorts of sleeping bags, from 2.5 tog to sheet bags, and I have given up with them. I think they are fine if you don't have to pick your lo up and they don't wriggle around too much. However as soon as you start picking them up, I find the sleeping bag gets bunched up underneath them. So I have gone back to sheet and blankets. Hope you got some sleep last night.

Cava DD2 went off solids a couple of weeks ago. Then after about 5 days she was sick a few times. I took her to the gp who thought she might have rotavirus. She was fine after the day of throwing up. Hope that is not what babyCava has, but if it is then it seems to be a bug that lasts a week.

Cavatina Tue 14-May-13 19:48:30

helloo, hate the weather! another "summer" like last year and I am emigrating south!
phew, glad got it off my chest grin
babyCava came with rash all over her body, so rushed her to gp, who did some googling and told me it is viral rash, due to the virus she has been suffering since Friday. At least he hopes it is, but am to keep an eye on her. She has not had fevor today and manged few smiles but still off food and looks tired, so not sure what kind of night we are in for, always a surprise hmm
running love duvet days, glad you both on the mend. BabyCava has not slept in our bed during the night since we moved her to her room, but still naps with me during the day sometimes, I still feed her to sleep, sleep training postponed until she learns to self settle further notice.

woundbobbin Wed 15-May-13 21:39:21

Evening all.
Cava hope babycava feeling better & rash has eased.
Had a nice walk on the coast Monday dd slept despite howling wind.
Sleep is a little better - have thought of another design for dream sheep I'm going to develop a cot/mattress that rocks/vibrates when the baby crys!
Formula arrived yesterday still haven't tried it have no idea how to bottle feed must get on it Eddie Izzard on the 30th!!!
Going to take dd to the hay festival next week bit of culture will do her good! Sadly Caitlin Moran sold out before I got round to buying tickets!
Hope everyone ok grin

Cavatina Wed 15-May-13 22:19:19

ayee wound luuurve the Hay festival, we had a cottage 6miles from Hay (just sold it.. sigh) it is beautiful and great fun. Hay has changed a lot in the past few years I think, so many book shops have closed, it is slowly losing its authenticity imo, but still a great place! where are you planning to stay during the festival?
Like your dream sheep idea, surelly the Dragons will be interested? they did have kids no?
BabyCava is much betterm rash slowly improving and she managed some puree, watermelon, and yoghurt with prunes (expect poonami later). She is still fighting sleep, I am hoping she can crack it one day before I crack..
off to bed now, wishing all a good night

woundbobbin Thu 16-May-13 08:10:01

We don't live that far from hay & my parents live even closer so will probably stay at their house I love it to. Agree re hay itself loosing its charm a bit.
Dd was a bit awkward to settle last night but only woke twice after midnight & is still asleep now so I'm having a cup of tea in bedgrin
Hope everyone has a good day

Cavatina Thu 16-May-13 21:51:31

aah I miss Hay.. the guy at Bullring antiques was on the vodka and tonic at 11am on xmas eve.... I thought may be it was a good time to have some bargains hehehe! and Tom the butcher at Small farms has the best ribeye stake yum! And elderflower sorbet st Shepherds, mmmm very envy.
Struggling with solids at the moment, babyCava will not have any meat hmm since she was unwell. I have been coking like mad and she does not care.. may be should get on the jars wagon if she does not appreciate mummy's gourmet meals... Last night she woke up every hour between 9pm-2am and then 5, am tired... Have a cunning plan to up the carbs and solids so may be she will sleep longer... Contradictory advice as to whether to give protein at lunchtime or teatime, proly does not matter as she will note have it anyway..sigh

woundbobbin Sat 18-May-13 09:12:00

Kicking myself for telling someone at playgroup yesterday that I felt dd was turning a corner in the sleep department - corner = massive u turn virtually no sleep last night so dh got up with her at 6 so I got 2 hrs sleep and he has now gone back to bed bit annoying cos friend is visiting this weekend and plan was to clean house and buy some food before she arrived at this rate we will all still be in our pyjamas!
Also yesterday someone asked me what my little boy was called she's a girl she is obviously a girl she has hair and a girly face
Anyway mood over have a lovely weekend everyone enjoy the sunshine if you have it grin

Cavatina Mon 20-May-13 13:12:31

wound hope weekned and sleep improved.. not much news orindeed improvement in casaCava, she still dodging sleep, I am up every two hours, and sometimes up to an hour to settle(last night 2-3.30...yawn). Sleep deprived and feeling pretty low. She is 7 months today and a lot of fun, but nights are a nightmare, wish I can relax and go with the flow, but keep thinking am doing something wrong...I wish can blame it on teething, but she has never really done good night sleep so almost giving up hope that one night I will wake up after 5h and she will still be asleep....

woundbobbin Mon 20-May-13 20:16:30

Sorry sleep is so rubbish cava - we are not doing much better here!
Was sat with two ladies who have 4 mth old dc at playgroup today they were moaning that after months of sleeping 12 hrs their dc had started waking once over night they were really worried that it was going to be a habit I wanted to bang my head on the table.
Have just given dd a bottle for the first time she drank about 10 mls will try again tomorrow.
Fingers crossed for more than 2 hrs in a row for you tonight cava!

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 20-May-13 21:27:29

Sleep is also crap here. DH will be home at the weekend so I at least I will have some one to share the sleepless nights with.

Thechick Tue 21-May-13 12:03:01

Wound I love hay. I used to work there selling papers but that stopped a few years ago. I loved the puzzle shop and that fish and chips place and it was just so lovely walking around.
H had an ear infection and an awful cold. It was horrible, he's never cried so much, my boobs didn't work to calm him it was horrible but he's much better now. Just very sleepy today. Weaning is going okay. We stopped giving food whilst he was ill and now he doesn't seem to be as enthusiastic about eating. His hand eye coordination seems a lot better though.

woundbobbin Wed 22-May-13 13:15:48

Advice please wise peoplegrin
Have had a letter from the health visitor saying she is coming round in a few weeks. Does anyone have any idea what this might be about? They've not seen dd since she was 8 weeks I've rung a couple of times re diarrhoea & measles vaccination but they didn't take my name so wouldn't have known it was me. Have looked in birth to five book doesn't suggest there is a routine check at 8 mths. Any ideas???

Cavatina Wed 22-May-13 19:57:41

wound have no idea! may be some new local initiative? mine only ever showed up once and that was it. I dont think there are any routine checks at 8 months. Are you up to date with vaccines? Can you phone and check? sorry not much help..
chick sorry to hear lo unwell, ear infection is painful, hope he feels better soon.
running hope you are getting some sleep.
Took babyCava to paed for sleep advice, he thinks she needs some tough love hmm. Seems she has gone through a grouth spurt as she she has grown 3cm in three weeks.. also no feeding overnight, not sure about that either, she drained both boobs at 1am last night in no time and went back to sleep. so none the wiser confused

RunningOutOfIdeas Wed 22-May-13 21:08:53

Wound sorry I also have no idea about the hv. Can you phone her back and ask what it is about?

Cava I decided I needed to get tougher with DD2 about sleep. I thought I had it easy with her. She had been a great sleeper. For most of February I was getting her into her cot by 8pm, giving a dream feed at 10.30 and then no hearing anything from her until after 6am. So the way she is now is such a change and I am finding it so frustrating. Last night was even worse. She woke every hour until 3am and then cried almost constantly until 6am. I go in every 5 minutes to reassure her and she stops crying but starts again as soon as I leave.

Tonight is not even starting out well. She is already crying and refusing to settle. I really don't know what to do.

woundbobbin Wed 22-May-13 22:39:08

I never imagined how complicated this whole sleep thing would be I certainly didn't think that dd would be almost 8 mths and never have slept for longer than 6 hours and generally not more than 2- 3 in a row.
People are telling me to be tough and leave her but that's not for me. I just feed her when she wakes (or dh rocks her) and she's back down in 10-15 minutes - she is very happy in the day so I don't think it affects her - I've reconciled to myself that it may be a year or so before I get a full nights sleep. Although I will continue to try soft methods (see Winnie the Pooh light projector)
Still if the tough methods work for you guys maybe I'd give it a whirl - otherwise I'll be alone on this thread whilst you are all sleeping grin

Cavatina Thu 23-May-13 08:48:02

morning meant to post last night but had to deal with bastard blocked duct ouch! never had that before...seems better now.
running must be even tougher for you as she actually slept before, what on earth makes them regress so drasticlly?
I think will have to give it a go as dp is behind it and I will not be able to "moan" if we dont try it, but not looking forward to it. Will keep you posted, off to Westfield with friend and babies, wish me luck.. heard baby facilities there very good...

Cavatina Thu 23-May-13 08:51:32

wound unlikely will be sleeping as my sleeping patterns need fixing too, she slept 1-4.30am but I did not...

RunningOutOfIdeas Thu 23-May-13 14:12:47

Well last night DD2 went to sleep very nicely at about 7. She was wide awake at 9. I ended up taking her downstairs, giving her a bottle and watching tv until she fell asleep at 10.30. Then she cried roughly every hour until 2am when she really started yelling. I gave her Nurofen cos I think she might be teething but this made no difference. When I picked her up she snuggled in to me with her eyes closed, as if she was falling asleep but she cried the moment I started to put her back in her cot. It seems that she is happy to sleep, provided it is on me, preferably with me walking around or rocking her. I simply cannot do that all night!

I don't think I have any choice apart from getting tough on this. So I giver her a dummy and her teddy, said ssshhh and walked out. She cries the moment I turn my back. After 5 minutes I go back in, she stops crying immediately and puts her arms up to be picked up. But picking her up does not achieve anything because she cries as soon as I start to put her down. So I just kept on with dummy, teddy and walking out. She didn't cry constantly, she would stop for a few minutes and then start again. At 3.15 she had gone completely quiet and decided to check on her to make sure she was OK (still breathing!). That was a mistake because she wasn't totally asleep and as soon as I got close to her she started crying. She only went properly back to sleep at 4am and was wide awake, ready to start her day at 6.30.

Does any one have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or what else could I do?

Cava and Wound if you do try anything similar and you find the crying is making you feel stressed, I can recommend using earplugs. I find that I can still hear DD, but the earplugs stop her crying drilling right through me. Without them I was getting even more stressed and then I can feel myself getting angry with her. Not good.

Crossing my fingers that this bloody awful phase ends today and all our DCs decide Thursday night is sleepy night.

Thechick Fri 24-May-13 06:24:26

Running how was the second night. I think as heartbreaking as it is you do need to keep at it for a couple of days for it to work.
Cava how was Westfields, which one did you go to? The feeding rooms at shepherds bush were the best I've experienced. A blocked duct is no fun. It's so painful
We have a plan to do with sleep. We are going to get him on 3 meals a day which hasn't happened yet if that doesn't work, a bottle of formula before bed, if that doesn't work then sleep training.

Thechick Fri 24-May-13 06:29:18

Oh and Wound I think it's normal for the hv to come again between 8-12 months. I went to see hv this week because I think H has a little squint and they said that they would make my appointment sooner rather than later.

woundbobbin Fri 24-May-13 07:55:28

Morning all.
Running hope you got some sleep for what it's worth (and you know a lot more about parenting than me) but I'm sure that you are doing nothing "wrong". From what I've heard chick is right re the tough methods if you've started don't stop I really hope it works for you!
Cava hope you got some sleep yourself !
Has everyone got good bh plans? Think it's going to be sunny we've got hay Saturday then hopefully a BBQ Sunday and maybe a trip to the gruffalo trail !
Eddie Izzard is Thursday night so far dd takes about 15mls from the bottle before screaming my dad is insisting I just go and dd will be fine nervous but I think I might chance it!
Have a good bh allgrin

RunningOutOfIdeas Fri 24-May-13 14:17:23

Well DD2 slept quite well last night. She cried when I first put her in her cot so I left her for a few minutes then went in, said sshh and put her dummy back in and she went straight to sleep. Since she was more awake going into her cot last night maybe that helped. She cried at 10 so I gave her a bottle and she cried for about 5 minutes when returned to her cot. Once again she went to sleep when I went in and gave her a dummy. Then for the rest of the night I only had to go to her 2 times when she cried and put her dummy in. She did not keep on crying when I left her room. This is completely different to the last 5 nights and I have no idea why. It was just like she had been in the last few months. So now I am crossing everything that tonight is as good as last night.

Wound I think your Dad is right. Go and have a great night out. The worst that can happen is that your DD feeds very little and you come home to a hungry grumpy baby. If that happens, cuddles and feeds from you should solve that.

DH comes home tomorrow. YAY!

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