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November 2012 - The thread where it all starts to get easier. Pretty please?

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StuntNun Wed 13-Mar-13 22:29:25

Previous thread:

Jims Thu 14-Mar-13 13:48:18

Waaay too much to comment on but here's what I remember:

Eliza glad you've escaped.
VQ well done you for getting this far with bf. I'm still on a week at a time mantra. 18 down...
detective hope the feeds are going better. Babies that don't feed are so stressful.

What is it with naps in the cot? 10 mins - that's all. The boy is absolutely knackered and it took me 40 mins to get him to go to sleep the first time. I thought swimming would knock him out this morning but as soon as we got home in the buggy he was awake again. Must remember cannot complain too much as he's very good at nights. Repeat to self over and over as I now leg it up the stairs. Again. Think I will be walking the streets with the buggy, at least it's sunny if cold.

Pikz Thu 14-Mar-13 13:48:27

VQ that is a plan... Hope you are kicking ass as I wrote this! Do the formula... I say this as someone who drove themselves into the ground feeding. I now enjoy feeding time as the zoo and playing.

Welcome back Glenda.

My boy is being the biggest trooper. Vomits up mucus and then just laughs. Amazing how babies are so much better patients than adults.

Jims Thu 14-Mar-13 14:09:37

so it turns out he'd rolled from front to back for the first time and got stuck - despite having done the opposite several weeks ago! am now trying to make tea one handed as F won't be put down and I have to go to nursery parents' evening later so need something in the oven.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 14-Mar-13 14:59:18

pass it's good that you realise you have a problem with your fanjo. I too have a fucked up fanjo though hopefully yours is not as bad as mine. I actually got the date through for my fanjo surgery....27th march. It's not feasible to get it done so soon so most likely will be towards October time. I need people to help me with childcare as I won't be able to lift anything for 12 weeks. I recommend you going to dr and getting a referral to GYN. The problem is most surgeons will not operate until you are 100% sure you have completed your family so even if there is a problem it is likely you will be referred to woman's physio first. I had problems after having my daughter and was seen by GYN and basically left alone with physio until family is finished.

vq that's sounds like a very organised plan. I know nothing of regular formula never mind lactose free so cant help much but sending some hugs!

As for me I had a great night with J. Like actually awesome! We have him EBM at 7.30 then he fed from me for around 40mins at 10pm. Then he went in cot at 11.15 and slept til....<drumroll please> 4am!!!! He was then back down by 4.30and slept til 7am!! Woo fucking hoo!! So tonight we are going to do the same thing with bottle of EBM. Who knows if that's what worked but I'll give it a try. I have a stack in fridge and freezer so may as well use it!

PennieLane Thu 14-Mar-13 15:03:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 14-Mar-13 15:07:49

Finally he's asleep! First time all day/night, he is on his belly against my belly after feeding, I literally have to hold him tummy to mummy otherwise he lays on his back and tries to wrench my nipple off with his gums by pulling his head back.
I have to go out in 1 hour so hopefully he'll sleep until then.
I don't dare move and my drink is just out of arms length sad arse.

I have just hovered in tesco over formula, one more stab at continuing to bf, if he's still refusing sleep and yelling its going to have to be formula for us.

horseylady Thu 14-Mar-13 15:21:57

Vq hope you got sorted!!

pass drs for you lady!! Get it checked!!

Erm sophia I like those shoes!! They too would constitute as no heal for me smile

Not much more to add. Am very sleepy. But my mood has now somewhat lightened. Until dh comes home probably!!

fruitpastilles Thu 14-Mar-13 16:03:04

VQ you have done brilliantly feeding J for this long, what ever you do next will be in his and your best interest! Happy mummy = happy J.
I always feel really guilty that I wasn't able to establish breast feeding with S, J has had 5 months of mummy goodness.
Today I am mostly thankful for calpol, and I am thankful that I have actually been able to get some into S!

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Mar-13 16:04:47

Thank you all. I felt the force of the quiche with me smile

donna it was that very reason that I am stopping. My mental elf ain't wot it should be, and my poor body is shattered. Enough is enough. I will be ok.

pikz thank you x I love the feeding time at the zoo comment.

Well, I went to the clinic at 1.40 and booked in to see the nurse. I was told I was second on the list. Really? said I. I was told at 9.15 that no names would be taken until 1.45. The girl said the other lady (who I had seen this morning) had put the name down. I will be writing to the Practice Manager.

Jags went ok. He was very brave and smiling again before he left the room. Hope he will be ok.

Saw my mate who is the HV. She knew nothing of lactose overload so I told her all about it and she looked totally bamboozled. She asked if I would like to see a dietician, and I politely said that diet has no effect whatsoever on overload - it is an absorption issue and that I had already done everything I could to rectify my side of things. She advised me to give him regular first milk, and if it is a cows milk issue then it will be clear very quickly, and to get in touch and he would be put on lactose free milk.

izzy well done both of you! Long may it continue.

sweetpea1112 Thu 14-Mar-13 16:06:56

Izzy that is bloody marvellous sleeping!

O has taken to mewing like a cat when tired. Cute. Glad I don't have a dog.

sweetpea1112 Thu 14-Mar-13 16:08:13

Tits same to you as I said to VQ - you are bloody wonderful for breastfeeding for this long - problems or no problems. No guilt to be had of you feel formula is right for you.

StuntNun Thu 14-Mar-13 16:09:18

Sweetpea, I rub the cream into J's scalp about ten minutes before his bath, putting loads on, then wash it off in the bath with a facecloth to remove the dry skin. Don't use shampoo as it will dry the skin and if you're going to use bath additive, use one for eczema / dry skin such as Oilatum Junior or Dermol.

Please don't let me put you off switching to formula VQ but my Ds2 had terrible trouble with lactose overload - seven green slimy nappies a day at four months coupled with tummy pain and nappy rash from all the awful nappies. Anyway with the agreement of the HV I weaned him early at 16 weeks and the problem cleared up completely within the week and I was able to keep bfing him until nine months. If it is lactose overload then there may not be much point using a lactose-free formula as your J will be producing lactase, just not enough to cope with the high lactose foremilk. Unless his gut lining is irritated and inflamed, he should cope fine with normal formula. What about buying one of those little cartons to give him a try before you get a whole box?

Tits why not buy the formula? You don't need to use it right away if you don't want to but you'll have a backup there ready for if / when you feel you need it.

DH is home from Austria. He's playing his guitar while I vainly try to settle an overtired screaming baby. Sigh. Still at least he didn't have to go back in to work today.

I haven't caught up yet so here's a massive (((( quiche group hug )))) for the rest of ya.

MissMummy1 Thu 14-Mar-13 16:10:14

Lots of hugs to you and your DSis YW xxx

Car shopping was a bit of a fail. We have decided to take a tiny loan through our CU and buy a reasonable cheapish second hand car. I will buy a newer one if/when I go back to work full time. Have seen a few so just waiting for a decision from CU before commiting. Narrowed it down to the following:

Ford CMax
Peugeot 307 estate
Chevrolet Lacetti estate (dp says no way)

This may all change. Any proud owners of any of the following care to advise?

VQ I think you are making an excellent decision x

DP asked last night if I wanted to mix feed/switch to formula. It is taking me hours to express anything and as I gradually pick up more work this is beginning to bother me a bit. His suggestion was totally out of the blue and hadnt even crossed my mind -she has been ebf until now. I am still undecided.

StuntNun Thu 14-Mar-13 16:11:19

Not sure if I was clear in my last post VQ, I meant buy a wee carton of formula to check whether it agrees with him or not.

fairimum Thu 14-Mar-13 16:13:29

when DS was on omeprazole, he had the capsules and we opened them up and sprinkled on some apple puree... and he had it from a spoon? was much better than the dissolving etc...

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Mar-13 16:13:47

I am thankful that J slept after his jags and is beaming and laughing in his bouncer.

I am thankful I got to school on time.

I am thankful detective posted that link for me this morning thanks and I have the support of this quiche.

I am thankful my baby takes a bottle, and that we have easy access to formula and medical care, jags etc.

I am thankful for my saggy old tits as they have served me and my babies well grin and will continue to serve DH well for the forseeable future (his words).

fruitpastilles Thu 14-Mar-13 16:16:36

VQ grin

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Mar-13 16:21:23

Thank you stunt as always sound advice, and encouraging to hear your experience. I plan to introduce solids next week once he is past the jags. He is 20 weeks and I was planning to start at 22 anyway, and open to starting at 20 if it seemed right. I will continue to offer the boob for as long as he wants it. I am in no hurry to swap completely and do not want to get sore norks. I am alternating feeds at the moment and it seems to be helping. He is going longer as not in discomfort so not seeking a comfort feed thus causing the spiral.

horseylady Thu 14-Mar-13 16:21:50

mm ford probably. Is the plan for you to go full time? I'm a bit confused with what you did/didn't do lol

Right rtw form do I go back end of June or end of July? I think I need to call the nursery as I've got no idea when he's supposed to start!!

horseylady Thu 14-Mar-13 16:24:27

vq good luck with the switchover. I've never heard of half these things. Someone was talking about children being at risk if a strawberry and raw tomatoes a risk.

I worked as a chef for a good 5 years and never bloody heard of this. I heard of ALOT of allergies. No one ever said about strawberries and tomatoes?!

MissMummy1 Thu 14-Mar-13 16:27:17

VQ you owe me a new phone - mine is now covered in spat out tea grin

Horsey I am a primary school teacher but have no ft job to go back to so I am tutoring in the meantime.

Lilliana Thu 14-Mar-13 16:41:42

Good plan VQ grin at thankful to boobs comment

second all said about switching to formula.

Yay wrt the sleep izzy, you needed that. Long may it last.

Jabs done and L seems ok after initial scream.

StuntNun Thu 14-Mar-13 16:44:23

<Cheers at the news that VQ's J is on the up.>

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Mar-13 16:55:58

mm oops!

horsey my DDs had their first strawberries sat outside A&E just in case.

Passmethecrisps Thu 14-Mar-13 17:08:01

Hi-20 James!! Woo hoo izzy! It was obviously my talking to that did if last night.

Fist bump to the ever stoic VQ. Is it any wonder that the UK has issues with BF when our HP seem to clueless about such issues. Little J has been given so much by you - you only need to look at him to see that. Moving on slowly now sounds like the right thing for you all.

No dexter watched yet BTW. I think it might be a weekend marathon job.

izzy at my 6 week check (which was actually at 10 weeks) I mentioned this and the doc thought I might have a slight prolapse. She said they would send me for physio. I think I am going to get a coil fitted anyway so I keep thinking I'll get it all sorted at once. I am being a total child about it though. Bizarrely after having had my norks and fanjo practically public property the thought of an internal makes me feel a bit queezy. I have AF at the moment so I can put it off a bit longer.

Was it yw that said receptionist gate was putting you off? In know exactly what you mean. My GP is really nice but he is a blusher. For example I once damaged something in my rib cage when coughing. It caused me sharp pain for months. Eventually I went to see him about it. He said I would probably benefit from a steroid injection in my breast bone - but he didn't fancy doing it so good luck!

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