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March 2013- here we go....

(984 Posts)
Oodsigma Sun 10-Mar-13 09:37:39

Welcome old & new to the other side!

I'll start with a stats list!

Ood -ds 7/3/13, dc4! Elcs

If anyone wants to add any more details feel free!

leniwhite Wed 24-Apr-13 20:47:37

Pud that's a good idea grin

Worsester sounds like you're having the same issues as me - and why is 6pm the witching hour for everyone I wonder?

DS has been sucking hus hands constantly since OH left at 6pm, and despite three feeds. Even a top up from the bottle. No poos since this morning either so I'm expecting a terrible incident shortly in the nappy dept.

Boobs should be detachable.

Eigmum Wed 24-Apr-13 21:08:14

Whop whop, dh took 2 ounces of aptimal from the Tommie tipped bottle and cried when it finished! I know the virgin gut purists will hate me but I am SO happy. My poor boobs have been on exclusive call for 7 weeks nearly and I couldn't take it anymore. The nipple thrush is a bugger, hoping the drugs work soon and little one seems happier today but you are right everything is yellow. Going to see how things go for the next week with a bottle (or two) . If the thrush goes away I'll keep up some feeding in the longer term. If not then bottles all the way here we come. thanks for all your supportive comments yesterday, knowing that stormy and leni babies were having the same thing made me braver. I am also taking probiotics so hopefully it will clear up.

WingDefence Wed 24-Apr-13 21:12:47

leni I forgot to comment about your post, sorry blush

I don't know what to say about your DS not opening his mouth wide enough I'm afraid. Are you doing the nose to nipple trick? To do that you have to make sure that he's far enough away from the nipple so that it isn't directly in front of his mouth but he has to lift his head to get it in. BUt I'm sure you already know this, sorry.

DD doesn't open her mouth now as wide as she did at first but I still have no real pain and my nipples seem okay so I'm not as worried.

I may go to the weekly HB clinic tomorrow afternoon just to ask about these cluster feeds that seem to happen at any time of day. I fact, I think DD's main feeds are always in groups and never one, then break, then the next, then break but come in groups of a few at a time. hmm I fully expect the HV to tell me that it's all normal for a nearly 4week old but it would be nice to have the reassurance I suppose. DS isn't at preschool on Thursdays so we'll have to factor in doing something with him too which may scupper things.

DD's in the middle of her early evening nap so I'm going to get changed for bed and then give her her last feed at ten-ish tonight. Fingers crossed for a long first sleep... +++

WingDefence Wed 24-Apr-13 21:15:50

Cross-post with you eig. You are going through such a difficult time of it and I'm so glad your DS (or did you mean your DH as you wrote?! grin) took the bottle as it's tough to know when best to introduce it when still hoping to bf.

I pray all of you suffering with thrush heal fully soon x

pudtat Wed 24-Apr-13 21:52:25

Right, just ordered a load of lovely finishing touches for nursery (book shelves etc - he has a lot of books already given how long it'll be before he can read!) and off to bed for as long as he'll allow. Prob will go til 12-1 ish, but wondering if I should introduce a feed at 11-ish to get him through the night more? Would usually wake again at 3.30 and then 6. Perhaps I'll worry about this tomorrow!

See you later ladies, hope thrush is packing its bags for all those suffering.

SoYo Wed 24-Apr-13 22:05:02

Wing we have the same in pretty much all daytime feeds being clustered until she falls asleep after one. Also we never have daytime naps of more than 15mins unless in car or out in fresh air. What a pest!

LO was taking a bottle a day fine from week 2-6 but then had 4 days without & now screams blue murder whenever one crosses her lips! Tried 3 types & no go. I've had to stop for a couple of days for my sanity, I desperately want her o take a bottle though just so I know n my head I could be apart from her for a couple of hours if I really wanted to or needed to be. Oh well, maybe next week.

Eig glad you managed the bottle trick & are feeling a bit better!

Sorry to all posts I've forgotten to reply to, can't scroll & it's nearly time for first transfer fail says the optimist.

pudtat Thu 25-Apr-13 01:08:28

Hi Zig. Just catching up properly from earlier. BabyConnect app is very comprehensive. You can record nursing, bottles of milk or formula, nappies and their precise nature grin, sleep and a host of other stuff. Prob is if you're not careful it's a bit like that tendency some people have to go on holiday or to a party or whatever and spend the whole time looking through a camera lens rather than enjoying it, iykwim? However, all of that bar sleeps we are recording for bf coordinator anyway and ability to see patterns on charts is great (though I'm a stats geek anyway...)

Only thing is hard to back fill data on a device like iPad (scroll wheels get really annoying) but easier from a computer which you can do with the same log in. Hope this helps.

Eigmum Thu 25-Apr-13 06:03:25

Ha ha for typo's yes meant bby took bottle! Husband has had a few drinks to help him.

WingDefence Thu 25-Apr-13 07:28:00

Baby connect sounds good - I wish I'd heard of it when I was looking for apps. Perhaps it's because I was only searching for bfing apps not baby apps?

DD went from 10:30 till 2:30 then till 5:30 which was all good but then woke for the morning just before 6/30 and I've been feeding her and pumping since then. She definitely seems to sleep lighter in the mornings.

SoYo thanks for the info about your feeds. And interesting about the bottle - I won't leave it a few days in between them then if it can lead to bottle refusal confused

Hope everyone else had good nights.

worsestershiresauce Thu 25-Apr-13 07:49:14

Thanks for the swaddle tip WingD. I'll have another go with it. I did try, but dd fought like fury to get her hands free every time and stressed us both out. She calms when I hold her tight though so theoretically a swaddle should work.

Hi Leni - at least I'm not alone!

Horrendous night last night. DD frantically fed and projectile vomited constantly until 2am. By then we were all out of baby grows and energy so both fell asleep until 5am. DH is going to sterilise the bottles tonight and start an evening bottle feed. It doesn't sit well with me, but I'm going to keel over if I don't get a bit more sleep.

pudtat Thu 25-Apr-13 09:21:38

Worcestershire, can you express so that she can have a bottle of your milk? Would that provide a compromise?

Re swaddling, someone earlier on the thread got advised by a friend to be ruthless and this has worked for us! Trap flailing arms and legs and pull tight. You can always reswaddle later once they have calmed down if it is a bit of a rubbish job. Also, a tip I had from one of the maternity support workers when I was in the MLU was to put a blanket over the swaddled baby tucked in under the mattress on both sides. This holds wriggly legs down in particular which are our biggest problem. Best done with a light slightly stretchy blanket if you have one, but I have managed with a cot sheet.

A good night here. In bed round 8.30. You gave me the confidence to tackle the 12.30 feed as a dream feed and just to bf on the basis that your LOs were only feeding for maybe 10 mins or so. Meant he hardly woke up, and went back down really easily. Awake again at around 4, and again I just bf him as he refused his bottle. Stirring from 6.15 but not actually awake til 7 when he had a nice long bf and bottle. Happy to go back down for a nap again at 8.30 too. Result!

StormyBrid Thu 25-Apr-13 09:22:28

worsester at this point, DD is a bit too little to be consciously moving her arms out of the swaddle. Can you try getting her swaddled and then just hold her for a while and see if she calms down? Mine always wriggles like mad when being swaddled, but it's because she's tired. Once she's in and her arms are secure she chills right out.

As for the fussing and headbutting - my first reaction on reading that was it sounds like she's really tired and fussing because she wants to sleep, particularly as sitting still in a darkened room gets her to sleep. Music and pacing and so on are perhaps being a bit more stimulation than she can cope with when tired. Maybe try getting a comfy chair next to where you want DD to sleep, and sit there quietly in the dark holding her for a good few minutes until she's calm and sleepy.

pudtat yes, a dream feed at 11ish would probably help. With a bit of luck he'll keep sleeping right through to the 3.30 feed. Which could potentially mean six or seven hours of blissful peace and quiet. grin

leni I suspect 6pm is the witching hour here because even if we've not done anything terribly exciting and had good naps, it's still been a long day and DD's ready for a good sleep. And possibly a day's worth of feeds with inadequate burping catch up by then too.

We had a less peaceful night that usual - she woke up during the dream feed and cried a bit, but straight back to sleep after. Same with the 3am, though I don't blame her for crying then, the service was being dreadfully slow as the man had dozed off on the sofa. But she didn't wake up until 7am, so I'm feeling fairly well rested anyway. She was getting pretty sleepy by 8am so I took her up for her nap and she's still asleep now - clearly made it past the 45 minute danger zone. Plan today is try taking her up the first time she gets that drowsy rather than trying for longer awake times in the hope of longer sleep times, because that's clearly not working!

StormyBrid Thu 25-Apr-13 09:24:55

Crossposted, pud. Glad the dream feed worked for you!

WingDefence Thu 25-Apr-13 09:50:58

Well done pud smile

When I swaddle DD I do it for the last feed and then put her down already swaddled into the basket otherwise the startle reflex arm flail kicks in when I lay her on the sheet to be swaddled. Then I tuck a single layer cellular blanket over her to just about the top of her chest and tuck it under the sides of the mattress a bit. And then I have two rolled up blankets on either side of her to really wedge her in! (Only up to her chest, not near her face/head.) that's also meant to help some babies if they are issued to the confines of the womb.

Right we're taking DS and DD on an 'exciting' shopping trip.

leniwhite Thu 25-Apr-13 10:54:18

I tried swaddling last night, but as DS is apparently akin to an octopus with the strength of an ox, by the time i had one arm in both legs were out!

On that note, the temp in the bedroom was 23 degrees last night even with windows open so should I put blankets on him? He felt hot in just a vest, what are the recommendations for summer sleeping?

plonko Thu 25-Apr-13 12:53:13

leni if he seems really warm you could just pop him in a sheet with no vest on. Completely guessing, but that's what I'd try. That way you can always add more blankets if the room gets cooler over night.

We had another good night here. He went down at 7 without so much as a whimper, up 3.45-4.10 and made a small noise around 6.30 but I put him in our bed and we both slept until 9.30!! I'm slightly in shock. Our 6pm witching hour is now only about 15 mins but this means we've been having banshee wailing around 10.30/11ish as well. Fun.

Anyway, we've been invited on a couple of family holidays and I have some questions. DS will be 6 months old for the first one, a four hour flight to somewhere reasonably warm. Wtf do we take?! I am going to sort his passport out in June when funds allow. What are the rules for taking formula on a plane? The second involves an eight hour flight but DS will be 12 months at that stage so I hope it'll be a bit easier... Really looking forward to them both but slightly terrified at the mammoth task of getting everything prepared!

worsestershiresauce Thu 25-Apr-13 12:56:14

Thanks for the tips everyone, I'm making notes. I suspect I am just rubbish at swaddling, and I admit I get upset when she fights it so probably give up too soon. I'll try again, and make sure the room is really dark. DD does have a problem with colic though, which doesn't help on the sleep front, so I obviously can't swaddle her when she's suffering. I've got drops from the chemist for that, and they do help.

Currently leaving her to self settle in a basket next to me whilst I have lunch. She's not liking it much.... Oh dear the screams have started!

zigwig Thu 25-Apr-13 13:28:18

plonko I saw a good post about taking formula on planes on another thread let me see if I can find it.

plonko Thu 25-Apr-13 13:46:47

Thanks Zig, that thread is awesome. Bookmarked so I can refer to it as often as I need to

leniwhite Thu 25-Apr-13 14:26:20

Our wonderful landlord has decided now is a good time to send round people to value the flat and builders to fix the mould. Last thing I need is strangers here whilst I'm struggling to feed and the place is a mess... The mould's in our bedroom where we all sleep!

Raging confused

pudtat Thu 25-Apr-13 20:47:40

Oops. Seem to have cocked up tonight, let him get over tired before bed and now have screaming banshee baby. Haven't had one of those for days...

Eigmum Thu 25-Apr-13 21:23:33

Little bit stressed, student doctor gave me wrong dose ( to low) of the drugs for the nipple thrush so 2 days in no improvement and have had to take a loading dose today in the hope that it improves. We have been on the nystan for 24 hours but no real improvement in little one either so worrying..

How are your little ones doing leni and stormy, give me hope. It is just on the tongue here but does look thick at the back.

.. Hopefully now I am on the right dose things will get sorted. Re things to take with a 6 month old. When we went with our 5 month old to Portugal I took his bouncy chair, had to buy a large cheap suitcase but t was great as it gave us an alternative to the buggy to sit him in!

leniwhite Thu 25-Apr-13 23:00:15

Eig the nystan took almost a week for DS, and it's hard to tell if the cream for me is doing anything at all hmm my nipples are all cracked, still itchy and massive pain when feeding. I assume you have fluconazole tablets? I imagine they'll work much better, I'm meant to go back for them if cream doesn't work.

DS fed all day today, maybe he wasn't getting enough milk because the last time I had to take him off so I could avoid howling in pain and give him a bottle - pumped straight after and absolutely nothing came out shock

It's so hot DS smells all cheesy despite top and tailing, and he's in the sling sticking to my cleavage - yuck. Been grisly all afternoon, hoping he'll have calmed down by bedtime... He's doing the painful tummy contortions again confused

StormyBrid Fri 26-Apr-13 05:53:23

eig we're not past it yet, though it's less than it was. Still got a few more days of treatment to go. Really hoping it'll clear up and that'll be the end of the fussy feeds, because I find them really hard to cope with.

We had banshee baby at 6pm as usual. The man could only get two ounces of milk down her at bedtime, she was fussing that much. He put her down calm but awake, and twenty minutes later she started crying, and happily took the rest of the reheated bottle. So that one was definitely a milk temperature issue. She and I both slept through the dream feed, and both woke at 2.45 for the next one. She got back to sleep, I didn't (but then, she's not sharing a bed with someone who snores horrifically). Hence I'm downstairs getting milk ready and ordering blackout blinds while baby sleeps. It's all good though, I got a solid five hours before the 2.45 feed.

...What's happened to me, to make me think five hours' sleep is good?

WingDefence Fri 26-Apr-13 07:31:45

Stormy I know what you mean. I am naturally a 8 hour person (9 if I could get it!) but you have to be thankful for what you can get!

pud hope your evening calmed down?
Eig and leni I really hope your thrush sods off soon sad Eig can you get the dose reassessed by a GP?
Leni I'm assuming the landlord's within his rights as per the tenancy agreement but could you request that he holds off on doing this for a few weeks?

We had a miracle night last night. I think DD was giving us a 4-week-birthday present! She went into the basket at 9 (in the lounge) for what I still consider to be her early evening nap (but I know is actually bedtime) and I decided to nap on the sofa and asked DH to wake me at 9:45 to give the last feed. Well I woke at 10:30 with a shock - DH had apparently tried to wake me but I was in such a deep sleep that I didn't wake up (not sure he tried that hard but he was a bit scared because I'm pretty ratty if I get woken up normally!). DD was changed and swaddled so I fed her briefly 10:50-11 but she fell asleep after 8 mins and I put her down.

She stirred loudly at 4:30 which I couldn't believe, and I got ready to feed her but she wasn't awake so I held off, carried on dozing and finally fed her at 5:15! shock

So that was effectively 9-5:15 with a change, swaddle at feed at 10:50! To be honest I needed it as DS played up a fair bit yesterday and I was shattered. I am under no illusions though that it'll stay this way and she'll probably be back to 3-4hr stretches from tonight!

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