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Dec 2011 - Do that again, and you're getting sold on Ebay.....

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Aethelfleda Mon 18-Feb-13 22:52:04

Shiny new thread with no listing fees!

SevenReasonsToSmile Wed 20-Feb-13 08:21:47

queen I'm still not ruling it out until AF shows up.

gary DS is 4 and never went to nursery or a CM, and now we Home Ed so he doesn't go to school either. nothing wrong with that if its what you want.

I have DDs cold, I'm croaky and my chest hurts. I hate being ill when I'm pregnant.

QueenofClean Wed 20-Feb-13 10:39:15

Seven AF has just made her appearance about bloody time so roll on making a nov baby wink

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Feb-13 15:17:13

Queen ah shame! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for November for you grin

Seven you poor thing, hot bath, olbas oil help at all? I'm dreading getting a cold now I can't take anything.

Thanks for well wishes everyone! I'll be concentrating on working with our family fund for now in alternative energy. But I haven't given up on the bookstore, and will continue to research the idea and build a business plan. The more I research the more I realize I don't know the first thing about how the book industry works though...

jigglebum Wed 20-Feb-13 19:46:06

Completely and utterly fed up here. Half term week and DS ill and thus whingy, Freya clingy as hell and still waking every night and DH has just announced he is ill again. Of course it is not just a cold but what he had at christmas (three weeks of moping about, going to bed and doing bugger all to help out as he was too ill). I am so bloody fed up of illness and winter weather and useless bloody husbands.

Just phoned my mum hoping she might take pity on me and come for a vist to help out with the kids but she wasnt too keen to commit to anything so another 4 days of 2 whingy kids and no company or help - what joy.I could phone the inlaws but they drive me up the wall tbh.

Meant to be going away fro DHs birthday next weekend without the kids, at the moment I am tempted to just go by myself!

NorthernChinchilla Wed 20-Feb-13 20:09:59

There's a woman on here who runs her own bookstore near me Xiao - only reason I know is that she did a live birth thread where it was mentioned and then her DS was born on the same day as mine and we even ended up at the same hospital! I can't remember if I PM'd her about the weird co-incidence or thought it was too stalker-y, but obviously she (nicklebabe) sticks in my mind.
You could always PM her?

Sorry about AF Queenie, but as you say, crack on with a November baby!

And as we've said about FT working out of the home GBT, if it's what's right for you it's what's right for you, whatever your arrangements. As long as you're not putting him down to sleep and wiping his chin and cleaning his kecks when he's 30 it'll be fine wink

Good day out in London at the seminar, but I'm tired and my sore throat won't shift. Feel like an uber-early night is on the cards....

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 08:38:25

Ah jiggle, useless husbands - I hear ya, sister! Grrrrr! Sometimes... Deep breaths.
I'm off to Denmark this morning, so we needed to be up and out at 7:15, to have time to drop BOi at his new cm and introduce DH, before DH dropped me at the train station. At 7:15, I was ready and packed, BOi was ready with his bag packed, DH stumbled out of the shower. He hadn't ironed his shirt yet, ...etc. grrr!
Anyway, we dropped n dashed and I'm now happily on the train.
Thanks for the assurances about FT working. I know it's right. (And I found out yesterday how much bonus I'm getting for last year, so tis definitely the right thing! grin ) you are right, a couple of simple ground rules should see us right. And I absolutely should ensure that the time we do share together is filled with love, laughter and adventures. I need to remind DH of this. I'm going to start putting my phone away at weekends. (So I should only be on the thread mon-thurs). Figgy - your cm sounds great. Lucky you. I hope my cm turns out to be as good.
Queenie - onwards n upwards for Znovember - I'll see you there!
Xiao - brave girl! Well done you! And the very best of luck with the new venture! If you need any free marketing/creative stuff, let me know. smile
Easily - so cruel, not letting C bash the cat with a saucepan. Tis surely every boy's right? wink Tee hee!

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 12:43:06

Ladies my credit card is quivering in my purse it wants me to buy a £200 handbag......I must be stopped.

Nothing to report here really DS still screaming and crying over his teeth in very hysterical fashion, need more nurofen!!

Have headache today, am in a road depot in glastonbury supposed to be working but instead am trying to work out if someone who has emailed me about my car genuinely wants to give me £4.5k without even having seen it .....what do you think??

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 13:51:22


I'd buy the bag. wink
(Well, ok, maybe not. I'd like to think I would. I don't allow myself to look at clothes things for me anymore. I spent £185 on some shoes before Christmas and I'm still in shock. ... I was desperate to find a certain colour for a dress, for a corporate entertainment meeting. ...and then no fecker noticed them! ...but people see bags. Mmmmm bags. ;) )

Xiaoxiong Thu 21-Feb-13 16:09:28

Figgy I bought this bag last year just before I went back to work. I've carried it every work day since then so I estimate that it's so far it's cost £1.66/day. The real difference is that it looks as good today as when I bought it a year ago - I used to buy bags that were max £50 and they looked beat up within 6 months and died by a year. I don't think I would have spent the money if it wasn't a really timeless style and colour though. I wouldn't spend £200 on a bag with lots of fringes or dangly shit, or that was a really odd colour.

I think your car buyer sounds odd though! Who would offer to buy sight unseen?? Maybe they meant just to say they're interested?

Oi I had to really hold myself back from buying some things for myself on the weekend - I kept having to remind myself I was very soon going to shop my maternity wardrobe when it comes down from the loft wink

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 18:50:55

* xiao* that is a lovely bag I have to confess my new bag will be delivered to the local radley shop next week I figured by doing shop and collect I saved £4.50 postage blush. Another for the collection!! Don't feel too bad about it as its this seasons picture bag I've had a few in the past (still have 3 in the wardrobe) they have good resell value on eBay in a few months.

The car lady is supposedly in Ireland wants it for her son will get a guy to import it I've sent her a PayPal invoice devoid of all details even though I don't believe her for a second. Was trying ti sell before insurance needs renewed in April but If it doesn't sell just means I'm meant to have it for another year .......sorry dh grin

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 21-Feb-13 21:42:16

Queen, get some cheap pregnancy tests off eBay or Amazon, so at least you're prepared for next month! Sorry AF finally got to you!

Northen, Nickelbooks is down the A2 road from me too, I've fb 'friended' the shop & going on what she's said between here & fb she's making no money off the shop at all, which is a shame as I'd love there to be a local bookshop I could take DS to spend his money.
Hope the sore throat had buggered off by today?

Figgy, that all sounds really dodgy. Good luck selling it though, or not!

Xiao, that is a really lovely looking bag! Although I always just used to throw everything into a Berghaus, I is classy.
At least with having a DC in Dec & then in need to buy spring/summer maternity stuff now!

DH is very anti home-schooling.
Although there is only one decent primary school locally so if DS can't get into that we'll see if he changes his tune grin

Figgygal Thu 21-Feb-13 22:25:26

Sorry have I missed that xiao is pg????

OiMissus Thu 21-Feb-13 22:37:54

I brought my 185 quid shews to Denmark as the video guy offered to take me out for the evening with my Danish colleague. We went to a wine cellar called Nimb (fabulous) and then to Alberto k restaurant at the 20th floor of the radisson. It was supposed to be a 5 course tasting menu with accompanying wines, but we had 3 amuse-bouches taster plates before the starters began - with champagne. It was incredible.
Apart from the fact that I wore my fabulous incredulously high stiletto shews in a cellar wine bar that was paved...
I must sleep. Big day of presentations tomorrow. - after all that wine. One wine was a Pouilly Fume.,. My new favourite white. Is this available at Tesco?

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Feb-13 23:31:49

<goggles at oi>.
I am in awe at the lifestyle, my day involved wrestling DS away from various unsuitable foodstuffs, getting dribbled on, and persuading the DDs that cheese and bean toasties were the best dinner ever (as that's what the cupboard had to offer).

<makes some artisan hot chocolate for the thread with michelin-starred baby hand-extruded marshmallows in the shape of dodecahedrons>

Aethelfleda Thu 21-Feb-13 23:33:19

Ps figgy, yes she is! Apparently. Though as I've not seen her IRL for Far Too Long <stares pointedly>, it may be that she's faking and just has a cushion up her jumper??

Figgygal Fri 22-Feb-13 08:11:04

Ignore me in the cold light of fat have remembered xiao is pg I recall ur reluctance about telling her in light of her previous unsupportive behaviours.

DS is still asleep think this is latest ever I of course have been awake for what feels like hours. My head is all over the place Atm still no further forward on baby no2 discussions so thinking a out spending £11k on a new fiat 500 which would really nail the coffin shut due to finances

Figgygal Fri 22-Feb-13 08:12:32

Gah posted to early

oi hope the head is sufficiently defugged for work today

Today it is singing, swimming and dinner with in laws tonight at least dh is cooking grin

mopsytop Fri 22-Feb-13 08:41:29

Oil yum! yes pouillé fume should indeed be available in tesco, albeit in the more pricey range. your meal sounds amazing! having spent many drunken evenings wobbling about Oxford/Cambridge in heels I can agree about the cobblestones. The worst though was the grills on the floor in the church where we gave concerts. I got a stiletto heel stuck in one. Glamorous is not the word. But unwieldy terrain never stopped me! What are nice shoes for if not for wearing!

BJR Fri 22-Feb-13 09:32:27

ahh shiny new threadsmile

oi I'm very jealous of your glamorous sounding evening! waves at everyone else as sleepy brain can't remember what anyone said on last few posts.

Having fun with food here, DS doesn't seem to be gaining weight. Everytime he is weighed he drops further down the chart. Dietitian has suggested a gluten free trial to see if it helps with his uncomfortable tummy, so we are now gluten, soya and dairy free. Also having to bulk out food to give it more calories. It's making food preparing time consuming because he hardly seems to want to eat anything anyway. He just points at the fruit bowl and yells nana at megrin

Sleep also rubbish, last night was a good night with only 4 wake ups!

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 22-Feb-13 10:53:29

Hope everyone is ok.

My cold has now progressed to having completely lost my voice. Got a chesty cough and the linctus the pharmacist gave me isn't even touching it.

Does anyone know if kids BMI works differently to adults? DS had a hospital appointment on Weds, when they done his height and weight they worked it out, it's 15.1 hmm.

QueenofClean Fri 22-Feb-13 11:22:47

Oi your heels and night out sound fab.

Figgy love the bag.

Very hormonal here sad counting my chickens that this will be my last AF for at least another year grinwink

I just want to eat cake! Humpf.

DD1 CAHMs appointment went very well yesterday. She was given some techniques to try if she gets wound up. So fx they help.

DD2 is teething I think. She isn't settling at night and very snotty bless her.

BeeMyBaby Fri 22-Feb-13 17:56:26

seven the NHS website has a bmi calculator, which doesn't tell you if the bmi is high or low like adults, but instead what percentile the bmi is at. It only works for children over 2, but yes, the bmi is different and lower for children.

OiMissus Fri 22-Feb-13 19:14:43

I am on the train home. I am on the train home. La de dah de dah making up a song about being on the train home doo dah day - whey-hey!
Had a great day of meetings today. I got a load of Danish foundry engineers excited about Social media, I had a really positive meeting with the c.o.o., and then I got the sales manager turned on to our plans. They were really positive about my ideas. I am tres heureuse, mes amies, tres heureuse!
And then, on the flight home I had another brain wave and thought up a new slogan/tag line for the Danish brand.
In fact, some of BOi's genius must have rubbed off on me. wink
Whilst AF is leaving, and procreation would be for practice only, I may celebrate and quaff some vino this evening.
Vive Le weekend!
Hoping you're all happy and joyous, and that all the babies are calm and sleepy tonight. grin

QueenofClean Fri 22-Feb-13 19:28:33

I have a poorly Little Lady Sky sad high temp, snotty & very wheezy.

OiMissus Fri 22-Feb-13 19:48:29

Aw poor baby. hmm
Hope the CAHM exercises work well for Darcie.

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