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Dec 2011 - Do that again, and you're getting sold on Ebay.....

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Aethelfleda Mon 18-Feb-13 22:52:04

Shiny new thread with no listing fees!

NorthernChinchilla Sun 17-Mar-13 21:29:09

Oh Xiao, your kindness goes above and beyond...DP has just knelt by me and muttered 'oh my god, oh my god' sotto voce for a while...
To be fair his beautiful blue eyes totally distract from the avant garde wonkiness above tries to make things better And I love the lizard jumper, where's that from?
We have also been informed by DP's brother that we need to get rid of DS's 'mullet', but are resisting.

If it's any help at all Queenie, I've found with my own half siblings that around the age of your DD they start getting an idea of who's related to whom and how, and it's a lot to get their head round. She's probably 'known' about him being her step dad technically, but now she knows what it means and it's sinking in. I think the only thing is lots of reassurance about how everyone loves everyone equally, and also answering any questions she has honestly. I guess it has upset him more than her?
Hope it gets better ((hugs))

Xiaoxiong Sun 17-Mar-13 21:45:15

Northern DH and I read your DP's comment. Clicked back to look at photo. And now crying with laughter in each other's arms all over again at what total muppets we are. DH just said "well thank goodness we never put him forward for baby modelling" grin I'm going to claim he got a bleeding edge Hoxton haircut from a hipster. I mean, DH does play both the ukulele and the mandolin, that's pretty hipsterish...

Gecko t-shirt was a hand-me-down but it has a Natural History Museum tag on it!

QueenofClean Sun 17-Mar-13 22:17:22

Northern it hurt DH a lot more than DD1. She is hurting him verbally a lot lately too sad

Hahahaha about hair cuts. I refuse to get Sky's cut as she is just starting to get curls grin

OiMissus Sun 17-Mar-13 22:18:40

I am dying to see the photo! Your story, and Northern's comments have really made me laugh, but the phone won't let me. sad
Who mentioned bananas? I have a fear of bananas. Not sure why, but they make me feel uncomfortable.
On Friday, BOi and I went to a soft play place, and half way through decided to get a drink and a snack. They had all kinds of cakes and chocolates and crisps, and nothing else but a couple if apples and bananas. I was v proud if the BOi when he pointed at the banana, so I Mummed up and picked it up.
When we got back to the seat, I tried to crack it open - 1st time in my life. I didn't work. It felt slimy underneath. The skin didn't break. I was a mess. Eventually, (because BOi insisted, I 'd tried to just hide it) I had to dig my nail in to break the skin to open it. I was probably sweating. I wanted to ask someone else, but couldn't bear the shame. I had to use baby wipes to break a piece off to pass to BOi.
I confronted my fear. I tried. And I realised that I really bloody am scared of bananas! Pathetic!

OiMissus Sun 17-Mar-13 22:19:57

Of. Of! Why does my phone always write if for of?!

NorthernChinchilla Sun 17-Mar-13 22:40:40

I'm glad it caused hilarity and not offence grin! I just have this image of your DH going at his hair with nail scissors and then you chasing DS round and round to do the back... But yep, I'd definitely go with the (may I add an extra bit) 'friend took our DS for a bleeding-edge Hoxton hipster haircut, never speaking to them again' cover story- if you've seen Nathan Barley, mutter 'geek pie' under you breath sure that'll mean bugger all to most

By the way, is there anyone on here who didn't cut their own hair at some point? I once did my own fringe a al Xiao, and did the same to my 'sideburns' as I had short hair.

Really sorry to hear that Queenie; I know it can't not hurt, but I hope your DH doesn't take it personally iyswim, and even though I know it sounds stupid, as it sounds like she's just pushing the newly-discovered) boundaries.

Oi that is the oddest fear- what on earth has caused that? You poor thing, it must be such a pain hating bananas with a baby. Good on you for confronting it though!

Aethelfleda Sun 17-Mar-13 22:56:43

DD2 has a home-done fringe because she has lush thick hair that refuses to part in the middle or be clipped. It's quite a mission impossible to get it straight but judicious use of telly seems the best soporific....

And poor DS has been grumpy and food refusing all day...I think he has hand,foot and mouth as just seen spots in the relevent places and he even cried when he had his nighttime bottle sad poor lamb.

<snurk> at the banana traum oi but I do sympathise with the slime phobia. I can't stand slugs for similar reasons.

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 07:10:04

BFN sad knew it would prob be that tho as DH was in London over the days I was due to ov.

Need something to smile about as there is nothing sad

Figgygal Mon 18-Mar-13 07:25:32

oi loving the graphic imagery of ur banana fear I have a balloon phobia I come out in sweats anywhere near them grin DS is going to be very deprived of them growing up

Sorry to hear that qoc always next month!!

CheungFun Mon 18-Mar-13 09:00:03

Hehehe! That photo is brilliant Xiao! What you could do is make his hair spikes on top and that will hide the wonky fringe....this is what I did with DS (a tiny bit of olive oil from his cradle cap days did the trick!).

I remember cutting my own fringe aged 11 and the mean hairdresser telling me off! Hairdressing is harder than it looks! We have a quite old fashioned barbers in the village and the lady only charged us £2 for DS's haircut and he got a biscuit thrown in at the end grin the hairdresser said she likes the kids to remember getting a biscuit rather than their haircut so they look forward to going and don't get scared!

Oi that is quite funny, but good for you for getting the nana out for BOi! DS eats a whole banana every day...he's in love with the bloody things! They are excellent fast food for all though and quite filling.

QoC Better luck for next month! No advice re Darcie other than to keep reassuring her that you and DH love her even when she is being naughty and pushing the boundaries. Just lots and lots of love no matter how mean she is to DH, she's just testing him and he needs to understand that. I was pretty awful at one point to DM's bf and he said seriously if I wanted him to move out he would and I was horrified, he was more like a dad to me than my own dad and I loved going fishing with him just the two of us! I think I was about 8 or 9.

I have thought of some baby questions...should we swop to metal toddler cutlery yet? Is anyone using a pillow and/or duvet (DS is still in his sleeping bag)? And lastly...what are their favourite toys/activities (DS is obsessed with his stacking cups and wooden bricks)?

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 09:09:33

Oi just imagining your banana sweat yesterday lol.

I have a phobia about anything that flies birds. Freaks me right out.

Cheung you saying that about your moms bf is exactly the same as Darcie if DH says he is leaving she says no she doesn't want him to leave!

CheungFun Mon 18-Mar-13 09:19:32

It's wierd QoC but I think it's partly the age when you become more aware of other peoples families and start wondering what's normal? I was also having a bit of a shit time at that age as I had to visit my Dad once a month and he was horrible and that made me stressed and I used to come home in a foul mood and take it out on DM, DM's bf and my older half brother. Maybe Darcie is wondering about her Dad and has questions? Very hard to deal with for the grown ups I can imagine as it must be so hurtful, but just remember she's a child still and doesn't actually mean it.

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 11:13:29

Darcie doesn't know about her bio dad. As far as she is concerned DH is her daddy as he has been in her life from very early on and can't remember a time without him. We have never told her that DH is her step dad. Not many people know and it's a class mate who has put it into her head and I don't even know that child's parents! sad she will get through this x

Figgygal Mon 18-Mar-13 12:36:38

Xiao another one loving the pic he has changed so much from the earlier photos of him and so blonde!!! DS is really blonde too think it must have come from the GP's. We cut his hair last week as he had a lovely gollum look going on at the back with long wispy bits going on and he had a tin tin quiff which had grown down and into his eyes so it had to go!!

Cheung DS loves his sweeping brush (as anyone friends with me on FB would know as i put a pic of his beeming face up yesterday with it) and basically anything he can push around like his cousins toy hoover, he loves his lift the flap books and chasing after balls and motorised cars. Unfortunately he also still loves the TV and will get on the sofa and press buttons on the remote until it comes on for him we seriously have to limit his tv watching now as he has started snorting like a pig when he reads his peppa pig books and when it comes on tv.

I have been thinking of pillows too as he has a pillow pet which he seems to have now more nights than not and i think probably need to get something a bit more appropriate and less likely to give him spinal damage, he is still in his bag though. I have given him a metal little fork a few times but he didnt like it so we are back on spoons or hands.

Aethel sympathies on the infected baby hope it isnt what you think it is!!

SevenReasonsToSmile Mon 18-Mar-13 15:33:40

queen that must be really hard on your DH. To have been told by a classmate though must also be incredibly hard for Darcie, she probably has lots of questions and may not know how to talk to you about it. The best thing you can both do is be honest with her about it and not make a big deal of her horrible behaviour towards DH.

cheung we didn't bother with a pillow or duvet with DS until he moved into a proper bed, we'll probably do the same with DD.

I always cut my own hair, but my curls hide any uneven bits!

jigglebum Mon 18-Mar-13 17:16:32

In no particular order ! We have toddler cutlery (ie metal ends but plastic holding bits), no pillow or duvet as she moves about too much in bed, still use a sleeping bag and PJs and a cardi and favourite toys are her brothers old toy garage, riding around on her little trike and taking her walker outside!

aethel hope it is not hand,foot, mouth. Freya is ill yet again - another temp, cough cold and has just spectularly thrown up a lovely mix of banana, grapes and chocolate! oi would not have been happy! After a week of pretty good sleep (for F) we have just had a terrible week of wake ups - 2 hours last night - now I realise that it is probably because she was ill but last night my sympathy ran out after an hour and a half of going in and lying her down again and I left DH to deal with her before I truely lost the plot.

QofC - sorry Darcie is giving you problems - hope DH and you and her have a good chat and help sort it out. SOrry on the BFN too.

Xiao - I have cut Freyas fringe a few times - wonky each time but because it is curly I kind of get away with it! Well I tell myself I do!

Aethelfleda Mon 18-Mar-13 18:42:03

We went to the new library today, DDs very happy about all the booky goodness on offer. I'm pretty sure it is hand, foot and mouth now as poor DS has whacking mouth ulcers and has been extremely clingy. (sympathy for the night wakes jiggle, we rarely get a sleepthrough over here) I even put the raincover on when we went to the shops and lo, there in the butchers was an extremely pg lady...hovered at the other end of the shop til she'd gone!

Sorry not to namecheck <offers up consolatory pre-dinner nibbles and mugs of tea>

QueenofClean Mon 18-Mar-13 20:47:12

Aethel hope DS is better soon.

Today has been peaceful and both my girls are asleep.

Cutlery is still plastic but will love to metal ends soon.

Pillows: DD2 doesn't have one per se! She has one tucked under her duvet - which she sleeps on top of - she still goes In a sleeping bag with jammies/babygro on & a muslin square which has drops of olbas oil on.

DD1 has 2 pillows and several cushions!

Figgygal Tue 19-Mar-13 06:27:35

Been up since 5.30 DS had a horrid tantrum when he finished his milk screamed so much he couldn't catch a breath and fell over banging his head on floor. He's now in his ball pit throwing his balls all over the floor and seems happy enough hmm

Devil child!!

QueenofClean Tue 19-Mar-13 06:32:06

Figgy I feel your pain. DD2 woke at 4am although feel very grateful for Winnie the Pooh on DVD!

mopsytop Tue 19-Mar-13 08:57:12

Oh dear figgy. Minimopsy started getting clingy and miserable yesterday late afternoon and was sick during the night and this morning and is looking very unhappy poor little thing. She's asleep now beside me in the bed but in spite of broken night I'm wide awake. But don't want to leave her in case she wakes up and falls off the bed...

Figgygal Tue 19-Mar-13 13:50:07

mopsy hope she is better soon, figgyboy fell off the bed one day last week when i was up at my parents, he was in bed with me and I woke up to hear him chuntering away, looked over and he wasnt there so i looked over the side and he was asleep on the floor......whoops!!!

He is massively tantruming at the moment it is horrible.

Xiaoxiong Tue 19-Mar-13 14:13:53

Well we have gone to the hairdressers and his hair is fixed (though really short now...) I kept him quiet by methodically popping grapes into his mouth but he panicked at the clippers at the end and had to be carried out screaming. At least he no longer looks like Frankenstein though! I discovered this morning he has a new tooth through - so he has the four in a row in front and then a way-back molar.

mopsy hope minimopsy is feeling better. DS has fallen off the bed a couple of times - after much screaming he is invariably fine. I do love to have him sleep in my arms though, so lovely smile

figgy your post made me laugh because I can totally imagine DS doing exactly that - screaming so much he bonks his own head on the floor grin Also yours sounds the same as mine with the love of cleaning equipment, white goods and chasing balls, though luckily DS shows little interest in the TV except when the six nations was on he banged on the screen for a while. He does like the buttons on the remote but once it's on he won't watch it - much prefers lift the flap books and bloody godawful Goodnight Moon.

queen sorry no joy after your 2ww - best of luck for next month.

cheung still using weaning spoons - DS can hold them and dip into a bowl, but on the way to his mouth he turns it all the way over and it all dumps out. I will get him a fork with metal ends though, good idea. And no pillows here and no more grobag as he kept standing up in it and falling over and screaming in frustration so we moved to layers of blankets again.

Aethelfleda Tue 19-Mar-13 14:22:20

DS is still in his grobag, he does a great Maggie-from-the-Simpsons impersonation where he goes shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-flumpf over, and then repeats. I understand kids who keep their grobags a long time are expert at school sack races later on smile

And no cutlery here apart from the occasional spoon. dS is still an insistant self feeder with the only exception being weetbix and sweet puddings, both of which he will go "aaaaa" for. Anything savoury on a spoon is spat out, accompanied by the most FILTHy look!

Hope minimopsy picks up, I still have limpet boy over this end, he's eating better today and gyzzling his milk, but still very watery smiles and cries if I try to put him down. Even the nightgardenBabyCrack didn't have its usual allure....

QueenofClean Tue 19-Mar-13 18:09:45

Really proud of my DD1 she has had an excellent school report tonight. Her teacher said she is a pleasure to teach and works hard. She is excelling in all subjects especially English and reading, by end of year 3 she should of acheived a 2a level but she is already on 3c but by end of year will be on 3a - which she should of acheived by end of year 4! So proud grin

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