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October 2011 - Learning to accept our babies are toddlers

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ClimbingPenguin Mon 18-Feb-13 12:51:17

New thread

I've hired someone to get all our babies to sleep while we go get sloshed in the corner

<hands out wine>

AwkwardAnnie Tue 26-Mar-13 21:16:17

So sorry strawb & Mr Strawb. We had to have one of our cats PTS a few weeks ago. I think I'd said he was ill with kidney problems. The vet said he was living on borrowed time, he lasted another 9 months. It wasn't his kidneys though it was his teeth in the end, he got really bad gum disease as a knock on effect of the kidney trouble, he couldn't eat and the vet said even if they removed all his teeth it wouldn't heal so the kindest thing was to let him go.
DH was prepared this time, it was me who was in denial and upset.

We've still got one cat, he's really missing his brother. We've said no more though. Neither of us have had pets before, we took these 2 in temporarily 13 years ago. They've been great pets, but they're expensive, they get old, ill then they wee on everything, then break your heart when they die. sad I sometimes think a dog would be nice, after 2 burglaries it's mainly to ward of burglars, but I'd be rubbish at taking it for a walk. It would also be nice to one day have a fur free house.... especially as I'm probably allergic to it.

Climbing Don't worry about the TT, unless it's very severe it's unlikely to cause problems, it would cause problems with diction rather than learning words too. S had his TT cut he's 17.5 months and only says "mama".

MrsHende Fri 29-Mar-13 21:01:10

It's been a bit quiet here...hope all is well and that all the illnesses have gone and you are all out having fun!

So glad to be off today! We do seem to always wind-up to the end of term rather than wind down. Parents nights, concerts, shows, Easter services, a lamb name it and I've done it in the past two weeks!

How are all the bambinos? L is such good fun just now, all the babbling is beginning to make a bit more sense to us and she's just so funny. It's a great age isn't it!

Have a fantastic Easter weekend, I hope you all have far too much chocolate!xx

PenelopeLane Fri 29-Mar-13 21:35:03

I'm enjoying easter here as well! Spent most of Good Friday doing an insane amount of housework, but feel great now it's done! Yes, I am terribly smug. Although I wish the house would just stay as is forever ...

PenelopeLane Fri 29-Mar-13 21:37:21

A q - what do you ladies give your DCs for easter? A is joining his cousins for a hunt tomorrow (the kids are 6 - 2 in age) and his cousins are all getting a giant egg each at the end of the hunt. It didn't occur to me to do that, but have got him a wee (non chocolate) gift so he doesn't feel left out and gets too much of a sugar high after eating other eggs during hunt. I guess it depends on age, but was still wondering.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Fri 29-Mar-13 22:12:29

S has had some choc and does have quite a few eggs by the sound of it! I have made her up a wee basket of things (something my parents done for us when younger) with a DVD, few wee eggs and some little bits and bobs. I don't mind her having some choc here and there so will prob just give her little bits at a time unless she decides to share with her mama wink. She's very excited looking at all the Easter things in the shops and my mums decorated her house with some things which she is fascinated by! It's all 'oooooo' and 'waaaaaw' grin

CheshireDing Sat 30-Mar-13 07:23:12

sad Strawbs about your DH's cat. They do drive you crazy these animals and pull at the heart strings too. I think it'sa pets perogative grin Nothing wrong with your DH being upset.

Annie there was still fluff in our house when we just had 2 goldfish!

P had a tiny chocolate at singing class last week and we went to see friends yesterday who asked if she could have an egg (before we went to see them) and I said no because I was worried that even those small Easter eggs are the size of her head - plus DH and I would have just eaten it.

Waiting to see what the weatheris like tomorrow as DH working today so will probably do something Eastery then.

MrsHende Sat 30-Mar-13 08:28:02

We're having an Easter Egg hunt at a friend's house who also has a one year old and we're putting a raisin in those plastic eggs!! We know they'll get eggs from grannies etc so are trying to rein it in a bit! We did laugh at our mean-ness!!

AwkwardAnnie Sat 30-Mar-13 10:36:37

MrsHende we're doing the same, they're only getting eggs off Grandparents, and they'll be rationed out over weeks. DD is VERY excited at the idea of the easter bunny coming. 2 years ago we were at a friends and she did an easter egg hunt (in the glorious sunshine) in the garden. Last year she'd just started reading so the easter bunny left a trail of messages round the house directing her to the egg I'd bought her. Grandparents eggs arrived later, that's why she's not getting any off us this year. This year I've bought a load of little garden decorations that I'm going to put outside maybe with some mini eggs for the kids to share, then I've bought DD some wooden bunting for her door.

That's if we're at home anyway. We've come up to my mum's for my niece's birthday party. On thursday I had D&V I thought I was over it, but it seems not.... so I'm not sure when I'm going to risk driving home.

CheshireDing Sat 30-Mar-13 13:32:22

Ooh I never thought of decorations in the house Annie [dim emoticon] am going off to figure out how to tie dye boiled eggs now. I am sure we did something like that at school (that's all I can think to do without much prepping)

strawberrypenguin Sat 30-Mar-13 15:23:56

We visited my parents yesterday and mum had done a little Easter egg hunt in the garden for W. was very funny because every time he spotted an egg he tried to add the ones he already had in his bucked to it rather than pick it up grin he was just there throwing little eggs at my mums flowers no one else would get away with throwing things at her garden

It made me realise that our Cassie cat is at least 10yrs chesh can't imagine not having her about. Sorry about your cat annie hmm

Hope everyone has a great easter weekend. I've had to work today but I'm stupidly excited about having two days off together sun/mon grin I never get two days in a row.

CheshireDing Sun 31-Mar-13 12:02:18

We exciting Easter Sunday today.

We have just got back from taking P to see some rabbits/chickens and have a go on an extreme slide (so now she is asleep) wink and I am cooking a November baby grin. Very excited.

Engelsemama Sun 31-Mar-13 15:55:01

smile smile smile

fantastic news cheshire
So pleased for you!

WEhave had an unev-egg-ful Esayer Sunday. <groan at awfulness of egg jok>

Coffee and cake with the ILs this morning and then DH fell asleep in front of Madagascar while I was tidying up the mess in the kitchen I made yesterday and was too lazy to sort out last night .

We had some good chats this last week about ttc and have decided to go for it after the summer which I'm happy about.

AwkwardAnnie Sun 31-Mar-13 16:10:27

Congratulations Cheshire!

Quiet day watching films at my Mum's S decided not to go to sleep until 12:30 last night, I've banned him from sleep today. He's currently entertaining himself by climbing on and jumping off a booster seat... and he's fallen... but he's back on. DD is still in her pyjamas and I'm introducing her to The Goonies.

The Easter Bunny left clues all round the house this morning with a mini egg by each. DD wants to go home to see what she's left at out house but I've reassured her they'll still be there tomorrow. I need another day to recouperate.

MrsHende Sun 31-Mar-13 16:33:47

Oh wow! Congratulations chesh!! Delighted for you guys.

Tough night last night - was out for dinner and mum and dad came through to babysit. When they come they sleep on the sofabed in the living room, which is also Lizzie's room. Lizzie work about 3.15am and I think because she saw mum and dad there she decided it was time to get up. Mum tried to take her into bed with them to no avail and I got up at about 3.30am and brought her through to us. Then followed three hours of being awake, kicked, scratched, rolled over, hit by a wide awake baby!!!! Mum came through at 6.30am and took her away and DH and I got a couple of hours more sleep. Tough shift!

She was then awake right through till 11am when she finally fell asleep for an hour in the pram going to Tesco.

We had a lovely afternoon though with an Easter egg hunt at my friends' allotment. The wee ones loved the eggs with raisins inside! She had a ball running up and down the paths, makes me want a garden even more. I must start the house hunting properly next week when we're back our holidays.

I'm off to scour the estate agents websites!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sun 31-Mar-13 17:44:24

Congratulations cheshire!!! You kept that quiet! So pleased for you and DH gringringringrin

strawberrypenguin Sun 31-Mar-13 19:42:20

Congratulations cheshire smilesmile

PenelopeLane Sun 31-Mar-13 19:56:11

So pleased for you Cheshire! That's so exciting. Early or late Nov? Exciting! thanks

You too engels that you have a decision on TTC now. Does 'late summer' mean 'conceiving a baby down under?' Because if you decide to be like the Beckams and name baby after place of conception you could end up with some interesting names grin

PenelopeLane Sun 31-Mar-13 19:57:53

We had a fabulous easter sunday here - we had a family day with the other cousins and A had a blast. The sugars highs were high and the subsequent lows were noisy but it was a great day

sassy34264 Mon 01-Apr-13 08:24:58

Huge congratulations Cheshire so happy for you. X

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

We turned the heating off 2 nights ago, as it is warmer now, and the side effect has been 1-2 hours extra sleep!

I always thought they would sleep better warmer - go figure.

Engelsemama Mon 01-Apr-13 10:53:10

sassy we never have the heating on in our bedroom and in M's it's never more than 18. though lots of our friends keep their coats on in our house and moan that it's cold

We didn't make it downstairs till 11 this morning blush

Feeling lazy. Should get on with some housework/decluttering/DIY but right now just enjoying peace and quiet and MN

Pen that would make for some interesting options <imagines trying to explain Whakapapa with proper NZ pronyunciation to MIL> but we're thinking autumn - Sept/October.

I have just ahd 2 chocolate cornflake nests for my breakfast and would love to carry on lazing around but M has now decided enough is enough and he is climbing all over me so the laptop is going off!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Mon 01-Apr-13 11:08:39

I was working yesterday but my mum and dad had S out for most of the day in the garden and park. Fresh air must have had an effect as the lazy girl slept for almost 14 hours!!! We never got up till 9.10am which was lovely and much needed (on my part!). Either that or she's growing again wink

I've not got the heating on at all through the day anymore. On for a few hours at night till she's had her bath and into bed. Heater in her room is down low and room tends to stay at 18/19 anyway.

What's everyone up to today? I've done a spot of cleaning and now off to spend the day with my parents, brother and sil. My parents off to India tomorrow for 2 wks so having dinner tonight with them and we will stay and drop them at airport in the morning smile

CheshireDing Mon 01-Apr-13 14:11:55

Is anybody using a duvet and pillow for their tiddler?

DH has bought one today as he thought it might help her sleep better. Our friends said on Friday they have been using one for ages (they also have an October baby) but P has still been in her grobag.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Mon 01-Apr-13 16:51:33

Cheshire, there was a night last week that S sleeping bag got covered in milk so I just put her into cot with blanket. I knew she would be on top of it by time and fell asleep though. I tucked her in when I went to becd, but it must have been on my mind and I woke at 3am to check on her and she had kicked covers off and was cold sad. She's such a wriggler that I guess being in her grobag stops her getting cold. I did but a single duvet last month though as they were on sale! It's stored away for now grin I have thought about a pillow... How does P sleep? S is on her tummy 99% of the time so not sure how it would work..

ClimbingPenguin Mon 01-Apr-13 17:03:36

DS has a pillow in his cot as he co-slept for so long. He sleeps on his front with his knees brought up. No duvet yet.

strawberrypenguin Mon 01-Apr-13 17:05:24

We still use a sleeping bag chesh W is still a wriggler though and can end up upside down in his cot some nights no idea how were going to get him in a bed eventually!

Cleaned the house all the way through this morning it hasn't been this tidy for months! Then took W to see the animals at Sparsholt college this afternoon which he loved.

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