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February 2013?

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KeepTryin Wed 13-Feb-13 00:09:26

Is there a born in February 2013 group yet? I didn't manage to keep up with the antenatal threads so thought I'd get a head start on the postnatal threads before I've even had baby! wink

Marcheline Sat 13-Apr-13 13:03:03

There is a postnatal Davina DVD? I must get one.

I'm eating constantly too, it is gross. We're going on holiday in a month and I'm all wobbly and dimpled. Need to find a really good tummy-tucker swimsuit that will accommodate massive boobs...

Who ever said having children wasn't glamorous? hmm

Gbnewbie Sun 14-Apr-13 23:49:55

Congratulations all!!! mind if I join you???

I was on the ante natal thread here and there but after my little fella arrived I didn't have much time for mn.
Ds1 was born on the 14th weighing in at 7.5lb (Not the birth I'd hoped for and quite an ordeal but lo arrived safe and well grin)

Spent yesterday and today reading the thread and wish I had thought to find you all in those early days as you've all been so supportive of each other and there's so much info which I would've found really helpful! I had massive problems bf'ing, so upsetting and frustrating. I persisted and now all seems to be well thankfully smile

It sounds like you all have more than the latest additions. Is anyone a first timer like me?

Does anyone have any advice re blocked ducts? I think that must be what's going on as I have huge tenderness in one boob and that bit is really hard, horrible hmm

Aldan Mon 15-Apr-13 14:13:08

Hi gbnewbie. Well done for persisting with BF. I haven't had a blocked duct this time but with DS1 I had mastitis, very painful hmm. The only advice I have is to just feed from that side and try to massage the block out when feeding. Hope that makes sense?

Davina DVD done again, and just off to pick DS1 up from school, it's a 3 mile round trip. I WILL get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes...

Marcheline Mon 15-Apr-13 22:29:05

Hi gbnewbie, try to clear that duct by feeding as often as poss an massaging it while feeding like Aldan suggests. If your DS isn't emptying your breasts, express if you can to properly empty them after he feeds (or even better, express a tiny bit before he feeds so that he still gets the really fatty milk from the end of the feed). Mastitis is really hideous, do whatever you can to try to avoid it but if you start feeling at all poorly get yourself to your up for antibiotics.

Don't worry, this might be my second baby but I'm still pretty clueless - see my thread tonight in the 'sleep' topic!

Well done with your bfing, I had a hard time too, as is evident from this thread) and am really proud of myself for keeping going. With DD1 she wad pretty much bottle fed by now so I feel as though it's a bit of a personal triumph this time.

Aldan I am in awe. I'm basically still superglued to the sofa with chocolate in permanent supply. I will not be beach ready this summer, I can tell you.

Aldan Tue 16-Apr-13 13:53:19

I haven't a hope of being beach ready but looking presentable fully clothed wearing spanx may be possible grin

NAR4 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:16:02

Nice to hear others are also thinking about tackling the baby weight.

I've been back in my jeans since 3 weeks post baby, but my tummy still looks pregnant at the top. Weirdly the bottom part has gone down fantastically.

Starting buggy fit tomorrow and very nervous.

Struggling to keep my eyes open recently so not sure how I will be managing tomorrow pm after the class.

CackleALot Wed 17-Apr-13 20:37:40

I am in awe of all of your motivation re baby weight - I'm still opting for sofa, tea & biscuits wink can just about fit into pre-preg jeans but can't button them yet so fastening with hair bobble! blush

Nice to hear from you gb how's the blocked duct?

Marcheline Wed 17-Apr-13 22:23:14

I'm not in pre-preg jeans confused I've become much wider around the waist but am the same everywhere else. It's probably due to my epic sugar consumption.

Aldan Thu 18-Apr-13 07:37:12

Me too march, I'm a way off me pre pregnancy jeans yet. I too am a sugaraholic grin

Gbnewbie Thu 18-Apr-13 18:18:51

Thanks March and Aldan!! I did as you suggested and (whispers) all seems fine now. Now I just wish I could get both boobs to be the same size wink.

Am very impressed by anyone even thinking about exercising! I'm just plain lazy and have got the most incredible sugar and carb cravings so the empty baby belly plumps up nicely after a munch. Feels like I'll be stuck with it for good.. In my pre preg clothes but have belly overhang hmm

Marcheline Fri 19-Apr-13 10:07:15

Oh great Gb, so glad it's a bit better. <whispers> mine have never been the same size BUT they mainly go back to normal after you stop bfing. They feel a bit sadbags to begin with, but after about a year they fill out again (mostly).

I'm not making it sound very good, am I?

Anyway... DH is doing his 'bit' for my sugar cravings and refusing to go out and get me chocolate in the evenings. I don't buy it when I do my proper shopping as I mainly have willpower, but when it comes to the evening I am desperate for sugar. I got very cross with him last night but I know he's right and once I start to break the pattern it will be fine.

BabyMarch is really poorly, she has a completely blocked nose and her eyes are streaming and full of gunk. It making it hard for getting feed and she keeps choking on bits of phlegm and being sick sad It's horrible and I feel so sorry for her. I'm trying to suck the worst if it out but he really hates it and it sometimes makes her throw up as well, so it's a bit of a lose/lose situation really.

Got to dash, taking DD1 to gymnastics. Oh the joy. I wish I could go back to bed for a year or two!

Gbnewbie Sat 20-Apr-13 01:23:47

Oh March, I hope babym is improving. I'm dreading the first illness as I know I'll feel do helpless.

My boobs were on the non existent side so the fullness has been great. Small saggy and empty will be v.depressing!

Just reading about chocolate makes me want some (more).

I hope everyone has good weekends!

Aldan Sun 21-Apr-13 13:56:30

Hows baby march doing now?

I've just taken my boys swimming, only had DS2 in for 15 minutes he's 7 weeks today so a bit little for any longer. He seemed OK with it, it did feel cold though.

Marcheline Tue 23-Apr-13 01:35:52

Babym is ok, we had a terrible night on Friday with lots of screaming. I got 3 hours sleep total and was so worried I called NHs direct and 111 and ended up takin her to the OOH service at a local hospital. The dpctor reckoned reflux and a viral infection. He seems to be on the mend now.

Aldan, you are amazing! I and far too chicken to take both swimming by myself. DH takes DD at the weekend while I try to snooze with the baby.

Right, think she's dropped off so I must get some sleep. Hope everyone's ok and having good nights x

Aldan Tue 23-Apr-13 09:53:10

Glad he's on the mend now march grin

I tried a pilates DVD yesterday and I couldn't even do the basics like go from lying to sitting without using your arms. Does anyone now how ling it takes for your stomach muscles to go back together? On a positive note DS slept from 10-4 last night then fed and slept til 7.30 yaygringringringrin

themilkmonster Wed 24-Apr-13 14:37:48

Have just found this thread. Haven't been on MN for ages until recently. I had my DD at the end of Feb.

Hope you don't mind me joining you all?

How are the weight loss regimes going? I really need to start something - I have a few bits that fit me at the moment so I'm getting by, but have absolutely NO summer things that will fit. I'd much rather lose some weight than have to buy some huge summer clothes!

Gbnewbie Wed 24-Apr-13 18:19:54

March, I hope your little one is back to full health now

Aldan, so great when the manage a big limp of sleep!! Mine is really good and has been sleeping really well for a while now (I count my blessings daily!). I really want to know about the rum question too. I read something that said up to 9... sad

Hi themilk, congratulations grin is your dd your first?

themilkmonster Wed 24-Apr-13 20:17:31

Hi, thank you smile Yes she's my first, really getting into the swing of things now though and it feels like she's always been here if that makes sense? Are there many other first timers? From what I've read it seems like lots of you have toddlers too?

NAR4 Wed 24-Apr-13 21:44:54

I saw a physio about my tummy muscles. He said no sit ups or anything that makes your tummy bulge. Leg slides are good and easy Pilates that works the deepest layer of your tummy muscles. You have to strengthen your tummy from the inside working slowly out as the inner muscles get stronger. It takes months and varies from one pregnancy to the next.

You can strengthen your tummy muscles back up but only time helps all the loose skin go back. Massage helps with skin elasticity but there are no miracles.

Saggy, empty boobs do plump up again eventually but are never as perky again as pre pregnancy.

Its all worth it for our beautiful babies!

Gbnewbie Thu 25-Apr-13 05:52:39

My Ds is my one and only. Though I have got a dog who was my world before lo arrivedsmile (he's getting used to the new set up!). I do know what you mean about feeling they have always been here.

I hope my skin retains some elasticity despite being on the older side grin!!

themilkmonster Thu 25-Apr-13 07:27:44

I've got a dog too who was my baby before DD arrived, feel a bit sorry for her as she's been a bit left out since the baby came home, bless her.

Good to know that there's things that can be done for stomach muscles, mine is a bit of a mess at the moment to say the least! And as for the stretch marks...!

NAR4 Thu 25-Apr-13 08:29:33

Stretch marks fade with time. Think of them as battle scars. You earned them!

themilkmonster Thu 25-Apr-13 18:16:18

That's a lovely way to think about it NAR smile

Marcheline Fri 26-Apr-13 18:31:03

Hi everyone, thanks for your good vibes for baby march - she's definitely much betterbut seems to be getting another cold! It never ends...

DD1 is really getting into her big sister role now but still has her moments. Just like any three year old, really. Bedtimes are hardest still, because she doesn't really userstand the whole 'routine' I need to do for her sister.

So, who is back to work soon? I've been trying to get childcare sorts for when I Ho back in september but it's a nightmare organising it for two!

Want2bSupermum Fri 26-Apr-13 21:15:48

Hi everyone. I am finishing up my first week back at work. Has been interesting! DS starts daycare next week so will be fun trying to do everything and stay sane.

I am dieting now I am back at work. I had to buy some new stuff as my stomach area is just awful. I am going for PT for my stomach muscles and all of it is covered under our health insurance. They have me doing lots of pilates type stuff and doing these funny breathing exercises have really helped. Doing half an hour of quick walking on the treadmill every night. PT not allowing running until further notice.

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