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February 2013?

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KeepTryin Wed 13-Feb-13 00:09:26

Is there a born in February 2013 group yet? I didn't manage to keep up with the antenatal threads so thought I'd get a head start on the postnatal threads before I've even had baby! wink

KeepTryin Thu 14-Feb-13 01:35:07


bangersmashandbeans Thu 14-Feb-13 01:36:37

I can't find one either which is a bit odd! My DS was born on the 9th, how about you?

bangersmashandbeans Thu 14-Feb-13 01:42:11

Just realised in your post you said you've not had the baby yet - sorry! When are you due?

KeepTryin Thu 14-Feb-13 01:53:40

Hi! how are you and baby? I'm due on the 22nd but have induction date for the 18th. Were you on any of the antenatal threads? I dipped in and out of the feb one. Might pop on now and say hello again. I'll keep you company here though, much easier to keep up now I've finished work wink
Are you going to post your birth story?

bangersmashandbeans Thu 14-Feb-13 02:19:21

Hiya, we're doing ok thanks! I also dipped in and out but find when they get too busy I can't keep up so tend to lurk a bit and then give up! I know some people find it therapeutic to post their birth story but mine was very run of the mill and obviously special to me but don't feel the need to post it! How are you feeling? How come your induction is booked early?

LazyMachine Thu 14-Feb-13 03:22:36

Hi! I'm also a February dipper-inner-outer who never joined the Facebook splinter group.

You don't want me to post my birth story KeepTryin as it may be too traumatic for you prior to your induction!

LazyBoy was born on the 7th and I'm totally in love. It's quite a wonderful and different thing being on the other side of pregnancy. I much prefer this bit (even when he's grizzling at 3.00am...)

bangersmashandbeans Thu 14-Feb-13 09:59:52

Hi Lazy, congrats! Are night feeds great?! My DS is cluster feeding 1-5am at the moment which isn't great but at 5 days old I won't complain! I'm just really happy the feeding is going well. X

KeepTryin Thu 14-Feb-13 10:21:27

Hi Lazy I must have missed it when they moved to facebook, explains why its a quiet group. I'm worried I'm going to be so in love with my baby that I'll be a horror to my DH if he doesn't things my way. Ive got very protective over my bump and have criticised his driving, something I would never have done before, so goodness knows how I'll be when there's an actual baby here. Is this your first?
Bangers, Im being induced as I'd had a deep vein thrombosis during pg so the consultants want to 'manage' the birth. I can't wait to have baby here now, the last couple of months have been pretty crappy! I read some mums saying they got more sleep after the baby was born than during pg as you can at least get comfy, lie how you want... I hope this is true?? grin I'm missing sleeping on my back. I get what you mean about posting your birth story, I love reading others but not sure if I'll want to post mine!
Do either of you watch OBEM? I love it! I'm the kind of person that needs to know all possible outcomes/scenarios, so read up a lot and scared myself but good to see those things play out on OBEM and know that even when it doesn't go to plan it can turn out ok. Last nights made me feel a bit queasy though, I was hoping it was a sign of labour! grin

Are these first few weeks what you thought they would be?

LazyMachine Sun 17-Feb-13 14:33:39

These first few weeks are overwhelming - so much love and hormones and exhaustion!

Hope your induction went smoothly, KeepT!

Yes, yes to the 1-5 am cluster feeds - he's nursing for England...

ImGoingToCountToThree Sun 17-Feb-13 16:01:58

Hi everyone. I'd like to join my DD was born on the 14th f

ImGoingToCountToThree Sun 17-Feb-13 16:02:21

Oooops that's what happens when you try to feed

ImGoingToCountToThree Sun 17-Feb-13 16:04:26

smileAnd type at the same time grin

As I was saying ... 3days old.
Hi bangers, we were on the waiting for labour thread.

bangersmashandbeans Sun 17-Feb-13 16:40:32

Hi I'mGoing - congrats!! So pleased the waiting is over! Really struggling the hormones to be honest, I seem to dissolve into tears at the smallest of things. It's driving me mad as I'm not an emotional sort of person! Makes me feel (and look) like I can't cope. Rest if the time I'm loving it though! DH back to work tomorrow so just me, a 3 year old, a one week old, a broken body, and a bucket load of hormones! Terrified! How are you getting on?

bangersmashandbeans Sun 17-Feb-13 23:28:17

Anyone else up feeding and REALLY tired? sadsadsad

hildainstant Tue 19-Feb-13 18:48:14

Hi, can I join in here please?!

My DS2 arrived on valentines day, 2 wks early! I have a 2.6yo DS already so a lone female in this household!!

Congrats to you all on your new arrivals too grin

bangersmashandbeans Tue 19-Feb-13 19:23:43

Hi Hilda! Congrats!

katolla Wed 20-Feb-13 21:45:16

Count me in, dd1 was born on the 9th too. She's been doing 4 hours sleep at night, an hour nappy change and feed (mostly feed ..) and another 4 hours. I hope this is permanent rather than her just being a compliant newborn. Feeling really tired anyway from all the feeding.

Marcheline Fri 22-Feb-13 03:50:31

Hi all. I lurked a bit on the antenatal thread but it was too busy for me.

I'm up feeding 2 day old DD2. Forgot how exhausting the early days are, I'm definitely not a 'newborn phase' lover. Anyone else up?

katolla Fri 22-Feb-13 03:54:49

Hi marcheline! Did you have to wake her ? Congrats on new baby! As an old hand at this, how do you know when one breast is empty?

Marcheline Fri 22-Feb-13 04:27:02

Wake her? No, she is pretty alert. Sounds like you have a great sleeper! DD1 wasn't a sleeper so not expecting great things this tone tbh.

I just tried to make sure there weren't any lumps or hard areas in my breast after feeding - sort of went by the rule that if it wad nice and soft, it was properly drained. I massage a lot while feeding as well, my mill has just started to come in so I'm just starting to remember how it all works!

bangersmashandbeans Fri 22-Feb-13 04:42:55

Up feeding here too! Although not really slept at all as DS is really congested so not settling. Having to let him sleep on me so he's upright so I think I've had 2 hours max tonight sad Poor him and poor me!

Marcheline Fri 22-Feb-13 05:59:26

Hi bangers sad poor bOth of you. we just had a quick 45 min nap before DD decided she was hungry again... I am shattered!

I cant remember how I got through this last tIme and have even less of a clue how Ro do if again but with a 3yo too. Think I have a touch of the day 3 baby blues.

bangersmashandbeans Fri 22-Feb-13 07:01:52

It is so tough March, I have a 3 year old too so the old 'sleep when baby sleeps' is out the window. Baby blues is really horrid - it lasted even longer this time, to the point when DH asked if I had PND. Pretty much cried for ten days straight! Of course it's all normal etc etc but it doesn't feel normal does it? I felt like I was losing the plot. Not cried for two whole days now so turning a corner I hope. I still feel very panicky at how on earth I will get back to normality of cooking and cleaning etc as I can't expect hard working DH and my mum to do it all forever! Sorry, long post, lack of sleep has given me a touch of the verbals!

Marcheline Fri 22-Feb-13 10:14:43

Don't worry bangers, that's prettymuch exactly how I feel. I know this part won't last forever bit right now it's very overwhelming.

Its really nicw to hear that you've turned a corner though, gives me hope!

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