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FEB 2010 Three is a magic number, yes it is......

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InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 07-Feb-13 14:34:41

Come and take shelter from the DC here, folks!

<offers tiffin, millionaire shortbread and other forbidden goodies>

StoneBaby Fri 05-Jul-13 19:56:52


You've been busy! Well, life is ticking around at the moment. My mum was here last weekend and this weekend I'm solo parenting as DH has gone with some friends on a motorbike trip to France.
FX the weather will be nice tomorrow as DS ad I are planning a picnic to the beach (or taking a boat journey to another island for lunch!)

I'm sorry to hear that some of you are feeling low.

I'm too from time to time lose my temper with DS blush and most of the time it's because the last action he does is the last drop in my glass (iyswim).

I can't comment on the DC1/DC2 situation but should we ever have a DC2, the age gap would be 4 years or more.

I'm kind of okay, just putting a foot in front of the others as work is a nightmare at the present (with my relocation and not much support from my soon to be former or new supervisor). We're dtd next week and fx it will work especially as if we're unsuccessful this month i may ask for some fertility tests (I think DH swimmers may be the problem)

DS is doing well at swimming getting some ASA badges that I then have to sew on his swimming bag smile

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Fri 05-Jul-13 20:05:25

Hello SB good to see that not everybody is stuck to the tennis! bored I haven't been interested since Lecomte and Barhami stopped playing
good luck with everything!

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Fri 05-Jul-13 20:08:59

show age I bet CP doesn't know who I am talking about! <sigh> my greys are coming on nicely and I have humm F*&k*& beard and tashe <go hide and tweeze>

JewelFairies Fri 05-Jul-13 20:36:38

SB dd2 came home with a duckling 2 badge and I was most impressed because she's only been swimming once a week with nursery since mid February smile. I'm sewing her badge to her special swim towel.

StoneBaby Fri 05-Jul-13 20:56:07

JF from the swimming club we attend since September DS got duckling 2 and water skills 1 (about two months ago). From the one he attends with school he got duckling 1 two weeks ago! And this week the puffin one. I'm now looking into what's needed for ducklung 3 grin

ClimbingPenguin Fri 05-Jul-13 21:42:21

No I don't. I feel left out now, I have no idea what these badges are. DD still isn't big enough to do breathing by herself yet. She can't break the water.

JewelFairies Sat 06-Jul-13 09:31:38

Dh suggested last night to take the girls out to the beach for the day today and possibly overnight with BIL. So I accused him of trying to get rid of me confused. Thought better of it this morning and couldn't wait to wave them off grin. Now, what am I going to do with the day? <carefully ignores state of the house and need to hoover and clean>

JewelFairies Sat 06-Jul-13 14:16:35

Does anyone else have no self control? I decided last week to only buy fresh things (fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs) for the rest of the m

JewelFairies Sat 06-Jul-13 16:28:59

month to save a bit of money. I have a soft spot for Costco so we have enough pasta, tins etc to supply the whole street. I did very well today, getting bananas, apples, pears and then somehow a few chocolate bars sneaked into my trolley grin. I have no idea how that happened <whistles>

StoneBaby Sat 06-Jul-13 18:42:33

I shop every week and get veg / fruits as and when needed (DS eats bananas as if they were goin gout of fashion and I need to stock at least 3 times a week).

DS and I had a great day, having a picnic on the beach on what was forcast to be a very sunny day. The sun was out on the east of the island but the north and west (where the beaches are) were in the fog. Still lots of sand castles, football games. He is now in bed as he was tired after that big day grin

StoneBaby Sat 06-Jul-13 18:44:39

DS was in his bath earlier and wss singing 'happy birthday', I told him it was his birthday now but in a lots of days and he very seriously answered me that it was his birthday as 'daddy was bringing him cake and a present tomorrow'. (DH is away and told him that if he was a good boy he will bring him a present!) grin

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Sat 06-Jul-13 20:13:39

We went to the beach grin so tired but the girls seem to be even more energised confused, look at SB with envy, turn to JF envy...

StoneBaby Sat 06-Jul-13 20:58:36

mous beach is only 10mn drive on each direction. But it's this morning swimming session which tired DS (if it makes you feel better ) <duck and run>

ClimbingPenguin Sat 06-Jul-13 22:47:55

I took DD to the beach today too

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Sun 07-Jul-13 07:37:20

Great minds and all that wink. I was so scared that it would be the only day of summer, and I haven't seen the see for almost 2 years, I did nag DH a bit blush I would have sat on the beach in the rain too
We went to the end of the world but so worth it! The girls were ecstatic! DD2 ran around like a loon doing some weird skipping dance of joy and sand "seeding", singing for the whole time to the amusement of a granddad next to us She was still up after 21h and came to sleep with me I fell asleep before her hmm

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Sun 07-Jul-13 07:38:26

doh! the sea blush

StoneBaby Sun 07-Jul-13 17:39:48

Beach again today shock in the morning but today we saw the sea and the blue sky!!

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 07-Jul-13 20:24:09

Ooh, the beach, how lovely - when the weather is like this I miss living in Cornwall...or Devon...or Dorset....still, we went to a local music festival today and that was rather fun - good rehearsal for WOMAD as far as the DC went and they were fine - DS demonstrated his buggy napping ability and DD eventually showed us she can stop being a grumpy madam and actually have fun at these types of events.....

DS is SO close to crawling now (it's taken him long enough..!!) but he's not doing that rocking on all fours thing they do when forward motion is imminent. DH is slightly disappointed that DS will probably be on the move by WOMAD - not quite so relaxing, then..!

DS is currently lost in adoration of his sister - he can't take his eyes off her and he's always "calling" or "talking" to her and he grins and laughs non-stop if she deigns to play with him. It's so cute. And a bit heart-breaking when she does horrid things to him. dear little fellow....
But mostly, they're great together at the moment. I suspect once DS is crawling and keen to be involved in whatever DD is doing all the time, there will be fireworks....

ClimbingPenguin Sun 07-Jul-13 20:40:03

Scones we certainly didn't so things the easy way by having a short gap. How did you get on this weekend?

IC sounds promising. I remember some of all talking about how DC2 being easier than DC1 made you sad about the things were harder with them. Funnily enough I'm getting that about DS now that he is a different boy to the baby he was. He was just soon hard and now he plays by himself and goes to sleep without even a quince all by himself ( and I did all the 'wrong' things by rocking him etc for ages). What I would give for DD to go off to sleep like that and for her I tried to do the 'right' things.

stoofadoof Sun 07-Jul-13 20:41:43

<wave> am knackered… veggies finally getting going properly - 3 hours weeding this morning. too hot this afternoon to be out… late morning we had family sports day (the 4 of us grin) with a score board and everything… three-legged race (me with DS) was ace - both the kids surprisingly good at egg and spoon… poor DD tied in knots about lots of stuff at school - moving up a year, sports day, etc etc … hum

JewelFairies Sun 07-Jul-13 22:01:28

Dh cut our hedge and found a crow bar hidden in it. confused Trying to come up with a perfectly logical explanation but both of us thought a potential burglar put it there...

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Mon 08-Jul-13 14:03:03

JF shock ... or an already accomplish burglar disposed of evidence.

JewelFairies Mon 08-Jul-13 14:39:02

Agree, that would make more sense.

JewelFairies Mon 08-Jul-13 19:49:30

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Mon 08-Jul-13 20:10:46

show off! wink
I am actually in T-shirt and sandals (but I can still bear the jeans) it is lovely and cool in the shade and right now.

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