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Post delivery periods - what's normal ??

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JoGehani Fri 25-Jan-13 15:49:18

Hi all,

Can someone please tell me what's normal when it comes to post delivery periods ??

Here's a bit of background... after my delivery I didn't bleed a lot but it did go on for quite some time... almost 10 weeks. I did have 2 incidents of very heavy bleeding where I was asked to go into the hospital... it was very scary but they didn't find anything abnormal...

My DS was born on 8th Oct 2012 and sometime in mid December I finally stopped bleeding...
Then 15 days back I started bleeding again... but it felt like a very light period and went on for 4 days....
This morning I was bleeding again.... have I got my periods within 15 days or should I be worried ??

I would appreciate if you can share your experience.... smile

Thanks !!

P.S. Sorry if this not the right place to post this query....

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