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October 2012 babies - over here nobbers!

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Smorgs Wed 02-Jan-13 19:36:21

This really will be the thread where all our babies start sleeping through the night... right?!

YompingJo Sun 20-Jan-13 22:09:03

And final post to finish this one <OCD organised>

YompingJo Sun 20-Jan-13 22:03:22

Link to new thread here

Elpis Sun 20-Jan-13 20:57:54

I'm 37 too. Can I pack another one in? That would take some persuading of DH... and my periods coming back a bit earlier... plus the evil disease staying away. It's more than five years since the first symptoms and I've read that if you can still walk 200m without a stick at this point then your prospects shouldn't be too bad. [crosses fingers] Well, I can walk miles carrying 8kg DS, which ain't too bad. Now my short leg is corrected I reckon I could even tackle Snowdon again. Maybe not the Horseshoe Pass. Really envy Squid in the Peak District.

Smiley - in this cold weather I thank God for Xbox Dance for Kids! DD bops up and down getting exercise, and sometimes I join in. I adore dancing, but am not very good at it and never been out with anyone who enjoys it. Being 6' means my crap moves don't go unnoticed on the dancefloor. Can you girls recommend any easy exercise DVDs with Europoppy music? Playing Dancing On My Own on my iPad isn't quite the thing.

Yomping - I've been using the BabyBjorn every day and haven't had any problems with dry skin. What's mini yomping wearing on her legs? I do find that when they reach around 7.5kg the BB really starts to pull on your shoulders because it has no waist or hip support. Wearing a thick top helps, though. I'm switching to Ergo next week when DS is 4mo.

Squid - sweet of you to say that! Kate is a Traveller and has written a bit about it.

Took DD sledging for the first time today! She loved it.

squidkid Sun 20-Jan-13 20:54:00

Still fighting (in turns) to get baby to sleep, sigh. A week or two ago you could just pop her in her basket at 6.30pm, switch the lights off and... asleep! AM NOT COMPLAINING as I know we've had it easier than most with sleep, but... well, I'm just glad I was grateful and appreciated the evenings when they were ours!

So, does this 4 month sleep regression thing pass, or is it permanent, or do I not want to know... grin

smileyhappymummy Sun 20-Jan-13 20:37:55

bora another one here who wouldn't be a great sahm - sometimes I feel I ought to want to but actually I think I parent better than I would if I were at home all the time, think I'd goa bit nuts being sahm 24/7 and admire anyone who can. In an ideal world I think I'd work 2 days per week, in reality I think it will be 3 or more likely 4 but since I've switched to locum work I take all the school holidays off which is a massive bonus and I love.
funch massive sympathy on the sleep. It will get better. Honest.
I'm 34 but feeling older after last nights lack of sleep!

BoraBora Sun 20-Jan-13 20:36:26

To those that have mild prolapses - what advice have you had? Mine had disappeared by the time I saw the physio, but has come back. I'm utterly downcast about it.

funchum8am Sun 20-Jan-13 20:25:01

Another 4th October birthday here! Sleep has never been good with babyfunch though, but maybe I should be glad that we won't notice any four month regression! It seriously cannot actually regress, I am generally awake between 1:30 and 5am, or at least for most of that spell sad

Bora I am totally with you on not wanting to be a sahm...I also feel really guilty about my feelings in this area. I am incredibly lucky that DH wants to be a sahd, and if we had both married people with more traditional gender roles in mind, we'd both have missed out on what we want, so counting my blessings there.

Right off to get some zzz before my 1:30am wake up call....sweet dreams everyone!

crazypaving Sun 20-Jan-13 19:55:15

bora no not just you, don't worry! I went back to work after DS1 and LOVED it - they were my sane days and I really looked forward to them. This time I may not have a job to go back to so am trying to reconcile myself to that. As squid said, seeing being a SAHM as a job. Time off would be nice wink

FirstTimeForEverything Sun 20-Jan-13 19:50:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazypaving Sun 20-Jan-13 19:49:16

wooly and smiley my birthday buddies - sorry but am glad it's not just me and seems to be an age thing. It'll be over soon, right?!! I'm tireder than I thought possible at the moment.

BoraBora Sun 20-Jan-13 19:47:32

Hmm, looks like its just me on the SAHM front. Feeling super guilty now <slopes away>

Londonmrss Sun 20-Jan-13 19:36:06

hi cranky!

I apologise if my flippant comment about private education sounded rude. everyone of course has a personal opinion, and I just happen to be very left wing! I make judgements about the system, but not the people who live within it and certainly not any of you wonderful mummies.

I think all this nightmare feeding is part of some giant growth spurt. she didn't sleep for more than two hours at a time last night and decided 2am was time to chat loudly to Ewan the Sheep, and I still have to be in a dark room and rock her while feeding or she cries and refuses. yet today, she's chatting all the time, she can suddenly reach out and grab things and seems to need a lot more stimulation than usual. she's doing things she couldn't do yesterday.

am hoping we go back to nice feeding and sleeping soon though, everything is so hard at the mo.

I would love to be a sahm. at the moment I'm not sure. I'm leaving my current job anyway because we're moving to a new city. I'd like to find a part time job at the end of this year, but only really for the money and to keep part of my life just for me and to get the odd break from motherhood.

but I spent so many years being a 'career' person.I was ambitious and I did well and ultimately it didn't make me happy or give me any fulfillment at all. I got far more fulfillment from things I did outside of work, and so I always made it clear to hubby that if we had a baby, I would take as much time off as possible and would work only part time for a few years. we don't spend much money anyway and are leaving behind the ridiculous immoral amount of money we spend on rent in London.

I'm 28 by the way. Mickey you're so young!!! I can barely remember being 21 because I was mostly stoned

well done to those of you with your healthy eating. I try and put lots of god things in my body... I just sometimes put bad delicious things too.

hope you all have a better night than I'm expecting.

Olivess Sun 20-Jan-13 19:17:55

Good evening! Well not such a great evening here. baby olives is overtired and upset so we're doing bedtime an hour earlier than usual - could work although will more likely backfire at 1am!

Childcare - it is likely I will have to go back to work part-time although meeting with head teacher on Friday didn't go entirely to plan, but if I get my own way then I'll do 3 days and DD will be in some form of childcare 2 days a week and with my mum for one day. Have see a great nursery with loads of great provision and outdoor arrangements (the mud kitchen swung it for me) - but I am still thinking about whether a child minder would be better so it's interesting to hear everyone's opinions. Really I want to be a SAHM and have loads more kids but finances make this difficult.

Education - I am an infant teacher and all my teaching experience is in inner city state schools. I love the mix of kids and diversity. It can be tough at times with difficult children/ lots of social care issues etc... But it is very rewarding. I wholeheartedly believe in good local state primaries. Good primary schools in nursery and reception will be child-led with majority play-based learning. In the schools I have taught in this play based learning carried on in year 1 and 2. Children are encouraged to follow their interests and learn through play/exploration. Having said that I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of freedom us teachers have. The government are placing huge pressures on us to do more and more teacher-led teaching with constant assessment etc...(don't get me started on the pointless year 1 phonics check!) I do feel like we don't get enough time to do what I call 'proper primary school stuff' although I do try to fit in as much cooking, junk modelling, painting, drama etc as I possibly can.

Sorry long post!

I'm 32 by the way.

CookieMonster88 Sun 20-Jan-13 19:16:51

Glad I'm not the only one with wee one. She seems nice and bodgy, probably just a short ass like her mum! Thank you for the reassurance.

Mickey, learn from my mistake, make sure any attachments to the pram are removed before it goes anywhere near the plane! Our car seat adapters are somewhere in heathow hmm

I'm 24. I'm the first of my friends to be married and have a family so feel a lot older!!

YompingJo Sun 20-Jan-13 19:14:14

I'm 37 too.

Sleep had just about fought its way back to 7 hours, took a week to get back there, then had a very unsettled night last night. Exactly 3 months old today so possible early 14 week madness?

Slings: tried Babybjorn today, so much more comfortable to wear than the stretchy Close Caboo. Think at 3 months that her hips are now developed enough for the Babybjorn to be OK?

Childcare: Total shock to me but we're aiming for me to be sahm. Never thought I'd want to. Under no illusion that it's the easy option but it just feels right. Teaching's not a job you can leave behind at the office door so I think even trying to do it part time would be very stressful and I'd feel I never had enough time for my job or my family. I also know that a lot of my energy and attention would be taken up by work, leaving not enough spare for DH or dd. I know I'll never regret time spent with them, whatever else we have to give up for a while in order to make this possible. We've spent January living on just DH's wage as an experiment and as long as we're sensible, eat cheaply etc, it is do-able with some sacrifices. Exciting, and I feel very lucky to be in this position with a DH who is also in agreement.

Mini yomping and I are off to a music group tomorrow, our first proper parent and baby group. We're a bit nervous!

I never reported back on the new parents session I went to... meh, really. It was about sleep and it pissed me off, all this bollocks about starting to enforce a routine, because of you're not careful, "baby will manipulate you". FFS. I find it hard to keep my mouth shut and not say anything rude!

Maybe sympathy to those suffering from sleep regression... having had a couple of nights of 7 hrs of sleep and then going straight back to waking every couple of hours, I can appreciate how hard it must be if you have had a good sleeper for a while and they then regress. I have discovered the MN live webchats, some of them are great to read through during night feeds. The High Grant one had me chuckling and the Steve Biddulph one got quite heated. Dan French one also good. They are [ here].

Exercise wise, I'm trying to be sensible; I don't have the opportunity to do much since mini yomping is ebf and turns her nose up at a bottle so I can't be out for long anyway. Doing lots of walking with her in sling or stroller, trying to do the odd bit of Pilates here and there, and trying to get to post natal class at the gym once a week where we do arm weights then do squats and lunges using babies as weights (mini yomping is gigantor baby so I reckon I get a raw deal there!)

Sorry to hear of illnesses,*Angelico*, squid's boyfriend and Crazy's ds2 (hope I got that right, typing on kindle and will lose this post if I go back a page to check). Hope you/they feel better soon.

Mini yomping has dry patches of skin on the back of her thighs, could this be from lots of time in a sling? Anyone else's DC had this? Do you think it would be OK to put vaseline on, or would something else be better? She is also getting dry red cheeks again like she had at 4 weeks old as well, I suspect this is just from the cold and being outside in it - vaseline again?

Mickey, I'm so impressed you're going to be flying with bean - and with those who have already done it! We're planning a couple of nights in a B&B over Easter and I find the thought of that scary enough!

Right, time to eat lovely pasta bake dinner, would love to be all paleo but have a carb-obsessed DH and figure I need the energy for bf. It's just cool that he does the cooking... when I met him all he could cook was frozen pizza. He enjoys cooking so much now that I have put him in charge of weaning (we're not planning on starting yet but I have tasked him with researching blw, getting recipe books etc) and he is really excited about it, and about having something to do with dd that he is in charge of!

Have a good night, all.

londonlivvy Sun 20-Jan-13 18:50:13

I'm 37 too cheesy!

that was a tough bedtime. lots of screaming. Oof. and now I need to go with my (elderly and old fashioned) dad to see a potential band for our wedding. it's only part of the band, playing an acoustic set but predict much wincing and grimacing from him!

Cheesymonster Sun 20-Jan-13 18:27:11

I'm 37 old bag

crazypaving Sun 20-Jan-13 18:10:58

mickey you don't check the buggy in - take it right up to the gate. of course, at the other side you have to carry all the way to baggage reclaim.

bora I'm 32 and in denial about it. had ds1 the month I turned 30 so didn't celebrate, therefore am totally in denial about being in my 30s at all!!!

MickeyTheShortOne Sun 20-Jan-13 18:08:21

also. i keep recieving letters from the blood donor people. I would so love to give blood, but because I had a blood transfusion after giving birth im not allowed too sad this really upsets me because, had someone not donated their blood, i probably would have died.
But the letters are really fucking annoying!!

MickeyTheShortOne Sun 20-Jan-13 18:06:42

oh and Bora I'm 21 x

MickeyTheShortOne Sun 20-Jan-13 18:03:45

thanks everyone r.e. flight info, glad i can take a sling, don't fancy carrying her round the airport once ive checked the buggy in. really need to practise the sling though...

my best mate is set to arrive from australia tomorrow afternoon, so this snow, can please fuck off.

<waves> at Crankymama Hiya!!

Woolybob Sun 20-Jan-13 18:01:24

Forgot to say huffle we have an over the crib mobile (wind up one that rotates and plays a lullaby). It doesn't make dd go to sleep, in fact she gets quite excited by it with lots of squeaks and smiles. So it does buy me time to get dressed sometimes! The instructions say to stop using them if the baby cab sit up and grab it which may not be far off?

CrankyMama Sun 20-Jan-13 17:50:20

Hi there, mind if I join in?

I just joined the site a few days ago. I'm a mum of 4, 1 dd and 3 dds. My youngest dd was born on 1st Oct.

BoraBora Sun 20-Jan-13 17:49:41

Oh and I would hate to be a SAHM hmm and I feel really guilty about it hmmhmm

BoraBora Sun 20-Jan-13 17:47:53

Hehe Oren you seem to have embraced Palio living - I have a wonderful image of you all barefoot running and catching mammoth pumpkin pie with DS in a bearskin sling! Love it!smile

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