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Dec 08 Mums - Happy New Thread, You Beauties!

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beans37 Tue 01-Jan-13 21:04:52

Come join me....

Vagolaeggooli Tue 02-Apr-13 19:16:55

Nice cages made me nearly spit my tea out Arti. That poor women, DS1's head was cocked to one side, which I think might be why his shoulders got a bit stuck. But his head was engaged so a different story, just took a bit longer and meant his head looked really super weird when it came out. Gosh that poor lady, this sounds a bit crappy but Arti would you consider making a complaint. Believe me the midwives would be grateful, things don't change unless enough people complain. You could relate it to yourself by saying it has made you very anxious about giving birth & you could go on about confidentiality as well. You can contact the PALS office. Unfortunately staff can complain until they are blue but only patient's complaints matter.

Glad you're having a nice time Kayz.

ShadyLadyT Tue 02-Apr-13 22:59:14

Arti, what a crappy Easter . I am so glad all is well. So they will monitor you ultra carefully from now on? I do hope so as you must feel so anxious. I hope it's smooth running now for the rest of the pregnancy and you are bearing up ok. Sounds awful about that poor lady.

We have had a quiet Easter - DP's been a bit ill and he really needed a rest so apart from having my lovely FIL round on Easter Day we have been keeping quiet and en famille. Which is nice. We popped to Blenheim Palace yest (Mike the Knight and a few other characters were wandering around - o joy) but it was so biting cold we left after 45 mins. Not before DD2 had forced us all on to the carousel.

Rubes, you have really suffered with the bugs this year. Bummer that you are still so rough. How is everything? Sorry to keep you on tenterhooks about our decision for Numero 3 grin It's taking a lot longer than anticipated to get our ducks in a row for our (by no means guaranteed, in any case) refinancing. So it all kinda hinges on that. Both girls are doing ballet now although DD2 just goes freestyle. Not really worth her going (in fact they are supposed to be 3) but she gets so upset at missing out we have to let her.

Jam, are you in Florida? Guess you didn't need my Egypt hotel, have a lovely time! Hope DH is ok on the flights.

Hope other holiday makers are having fun in chillier climes (PD and Kayz)!

Beans - I have also got one of those raven tops! I really liked it. I kept a bag of mat clothes (just in case...) I think it's in there. How are you feeling?

Good to see you back, Effie - I know you like daffodils so when I see them they remind me of you. Blimey, all that work must be hard but I am so glad it's working out for you.

Spot - the Mad Men party was lovely. In answer to your question I borrowed a dress from a friend and put my hair into a sort of beehive. It was great fun and rather a glam theme for a party. The only downer was that the trains were so screwed on Friday due to works that it took me hours on end to get home. I wish I could come up with a magic answer to your housing woes. I take your point about schools - but are you utterly sure there isn't an area near enough to London to get what you want, housing-wise, within your price range? ?

I am going to post this as I am using a prehistoric laptop.

ShadyLadyT Tue 02-Apr-13 23:06:03

Are you still running, Vag? Kiwi, if you are lurking, I gather you have got that bug super bad grin Have you seen that book, 'Runs Like a Girl'? Looks quite interesting.

Where's ZJ? DB? We have a lot of absentees again.

I am off to Mum's for a week tomorrow. Bliss-o. I think DD1 feels the same - she has asked me about 1001 times over the last few days when we are going.

We get the results of school entries on April 16 - does everyone else?

Oh yikes, I have got so much crap to do before I go to bed - not a very satisfying catch up but I did want to check in before I leave for a week. I will be lurking.

beans37 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:12:22

Where is everyone!

Vagolaeggooli Thu 04-Apr-13 13:40:45

Omg my brain is so fried I'm so close to finishing this first assignment but I'm doing the in text referencing and I'm trawling through stuff I have already read to find out where I read it. Argh. Sore brain.

Anyhoo thought I would pop in, say hello then go get the kids from school.

Yes Lady I'm still running but twisted my ankle playing squash last night so I'm resting it today so no run.

Rubes how are you, poor thing you got it really bad.

Vagolajahooli Thu 04-Apr-13 20:04:24

Hello there anyone around? I'm home alone and watching masterchef. Time to raid the boys easter eggs.

sybilfaulty Thu 04-Apr-13 20:40:40

I'm here vag. Have eaten like a beast today. Ls birthday so out for lunch and lots of wine. Am saving master chef for when my supper is ready.

What are you up to? Snowing here today. Sick if winter right now.

beans37 Thu 04-Apr-13 21:42:00

I'm with you, Sybs. Bring on summer. We've been given the odd glimpse of spring, cruelly, then had it whisked away.

I've just eaten a whole Lindt bunny. Bleugh.

DD2 had high temperature tonight. Am meant to be going to London tomorrow for big NCT meet up. Please let her be better!

Vagolajahooli Thu 04-Apr-13 22:20:22

Hello there anyone around? I'm home alone and watching masterchef. Time to raid the boys easter eggs.

Vagolajahooli Thu 04-Apr-13 22:23:21

Oops posted that again.

Oh I could murder a lindt rabbit. I've eaten so many of the boys chocolate tonight, such a bad mummy.

McKayz Fri 05-Apr-13 10:27:24


It's our first wedding anniversary today. Absolutely mad that its been a year already. We're celebrating by going to an aquarium and visiting DD's godparents.

Still got beautiful weather thankfully.

Lady, I think we find out about DS2 school place then too. But we've only applied for the school he's at now so I think we just find out what teacher he has. It's a very small year in nursery this time.

Artichook Fri 05-Apr-13 20:55:09


Just back from a lovely few days in Devon. There were moments of proper spring with the girls paddling in streams while we sat almost comfortably in pub gardens on Dartmoor. There were also moments of freezing wind and snow...

And there was the moment we went to a petting farm and only after I'd helped the DDs feed the lambs was I told that pregnant women exposed to young lambs risk stillbirth. Have researched a bit and think the lady was scaremongering a little as the danger is from brand newborn lambs and placental products.

I hope DD2 is better for your meet-up tomorrow Beans.

I'm watching Masterchef too. Mmmmm. It's making my dinner of Crunchy Nut cornflakes feel inadequate.

Vagolajahooli Sun 07-Apr-13 13:20:31

Hello o o o echo echo echo echo.

Anyone home or are you all out enjoying the sunshine? I've just handed in my first assignment for this course woot woot. I think it's ok. We'll see. Had a bugger of a time referencing it but I have just been aquainted with a soft ware thingy that will practically write the next assignment for me.

beans37 Sun 07-Apr-13 18:48:44

What a result, Vag.

I'm here, but knackered after a busy busy weekend. Went to London on Friday and hung with NCT friends, which was lovely, but both DDs not 100% so was a little wearing at times. Then out for dinner, which was also ace. Shared a bed with DD2, which isn't really my bag, but it was fine. Then up and drove down to Mum first thing.

Was lovely. She's buggered up her hip and is on crutches. I don't honestly think we were much help and she will insist on doing everything herself. But the DDs loved it and so did I, to be honest. She is such a star and we had a lovely chat in the evening and even a little weep together, which we don't usually do. And it was rather nice and cathartic.

Then back home today. DH been at a stag, so he struggled in at 1pm to the roast chicken I'd made, then I baked two cakes, made a load of chicken stock and he's now doing bathtime, while I put my feet up.

Girls both up about a million times last night, so am on my knees. And then up and ready at 6am. They keep telling me how tired they are. I have no sympathy, little beggars. Both of them still full of snot and DD2's face is bright red from the cold with a sort of rash round her mouth. Stingy to touch. Am Diprobasing her to the gills. And on her dry arms. I know DH wants sex tonight, so think we'll do it at 7.30 ish, then we can both sink into watching telly and leftovers.

Got 16 week appointment with midwife tomorrow, then a walk with a friend in the afternoon.

Tuesday have promised the girls a cinema trip to see The Croods. Then in the afternoon I have to pack for our little trip to North Wales on Weds at sparrow fart. Leaving at 8am! Ouch. Taking dog as well. Ho hum. At least she's got her cone off her head and is being rather loveable. Think she missed us this weekend. DH joining us in Wales on Friday. Will be ace. And my friend is coming with her two DDs as well. Should be rather nice really. First time since Dad died and it's so very much his place, I suspect I might find it quite emotional. We'll see.

Right, must go and watch some urgent telly.

Where is everybody? I see Jam saw Chantelle Houghton at McDonalds. I am very jealous of the McDonalds!

beans37 Sun 07-Apr-13 18:50:34

PS trip on Weds will be a 6 hour drive with two girls and dog... What am I thinking? Should only be 5 hours, but with wee and lunch stops, I'm reckoning on 6.

Artichook Sun 07-Apr-13 19:34:00

I'm here.

Good going on your first assignment Veggie. Did you find it interesting? I hope so as that will bode well for the rest of the course.

And Indith, if you are lurking, how is your course? Are you doing practical stuff yet, like actually seeing patients, or is it all classroom based at the mo?

It sounds like you had a really nice visit with your Mum Beans, are you closer now do you think? Good luck with the long drive. I managed Devon is 2hr 50 mins the other day. It usually takes 3.30 hours but we were really lucky with the traffic and I was desperate to get there before the first wee break!

I am going to take the girls to see my aunt tomorrow. She is my mother's sister and although we get on well she is TERRIBLE at keeping in touch and to be honest it really hurts as it is not like I have many relatives to spare. This will be the first time I have seen her in two years and its all at my instigation. She is welcoming if I suggest it but I have to make all the effort. This time I said I wanted to see my cousin too, who I was really close to as a child, and it turns out that since anyone last bothered to get in touch my cousin has had a second baby and divorced! Anyway it will be nice to meet her baby and catch-up with them all even if it means driving to Northhampton on my own with the girls and a huge braxton hicks ridden bump. The girls are bowled over to find out they have more family and are very excited. I asked them to be be on best behaviour and to talk about nice grown-up things (my aunt isn't great with kids). DD2 piped up with "Do you mean nice grown-up things like parliament, Oliver Twist and why you should never be friendly to Hitler?".

JumpChoccy Sun 07-Apr-13 19:57:25

Argh now I have an image of Beans and Mr Beans at it right now. Love you though I do, there are some things that just aren 't quite on... wink

Arti, have to agree with DD2 on her choice of conversation topics smile we now say grown up talk is all "bla bla" - you know how sometimes you're just having a conversation, and kids say What are you twlking about? And you can't be arsed to explain (or it's just not kids stuff) - we now say it's bla bla, like gas bills or laundry. Hope you're feeling reassured about the lambs, I saw your other thread.
Oh and re long lost family members, DH forgot one of his uncles when we were doing wedding invitations - one of his dad's brothers that he hadn't seen or heard mention of in about 25 years, there was an awkward phone call when his dad said Erm, uncle X hasn't has his invitation, did it get lost in the post do you think? Cue sudden panic... blush

Kayz, happy anniversary! That really has come round fast... Hope you had a lovely day wine <cheers!>

Schools - we get the results May 1, didn't realise it was different in other parts of the country. It says on our application that 1st is the national annoucement day?

Spent the day at my dad's - he's redecorated the entire house over the past couple of years so all my stuff and my brother's is in boxes in the barn and he wants rid of it - reasonably enough. Found a box of letters from my 6th form boyfriend when he went to uni, diaries etc - do I just bin it all, as it will be horribly embarrassing, or keep it for future biographers? wink Very pleased to find a full year's worth of my college gossip magazine, some weeks I wrote for it, others featured in it grin ah happy days!

beans37 Sun 07-Apr-13 20:37:09

It's ok Jump, we didn't do it. Too tired and hungry!

Arti, that's amazing driving skills. Have no DH to distract kids. Downloaded films galore on iPad to wedge between seats!

JamInMyWellies Mon 08-Apr-13 07:33:04

Am here will read back and catch up.

Vagolajahooli Mon 08-Apr-13 09:09:34

Good morning ladies. Taking a little break from cleaning. I've been ignoring the house for the past week while I finished off the assignment, so today is dedicated to getting bit vaguely liveable again. Thanks to my robot vacuum I'm having a coffee on the couch while it finishes up the Livingroom floor. It's had it's work cut out for him though. I was horrified what I had to clean out of him from the kitchen floor. Will give him a little rest before I get him to the rest of the house to recharge.

Vagolajahooli Mon 08-Apr-13 09:20:02

Oops forgot the rest of my post.

Beans you made me giggle with your pre TV sugar. We do that sometimes, gets it out of the way. So romantic he he.

Arti I did find the assignment very interesting. This unit is about health systems and frameworks & the assignment was about assessing them through the response to certain preventable global health issues. I chose Malaria & was it very interesting. The only problem is a part from DHs politely interested ear I can't really discuss it with anyone. None of my friends here are health professionals and don't find any of this interesting at all. Whereas I find it incredibly interesting. For example did you know that malaria has to live inside a host mosquito for most of it's little life before it can be effectively released into a humans bloodstream. If it is released too early it won't take. That's why it is so prevalent in hot countries because those mossies live longer. And there is evidence that the malaria parasites actually encourage the behaviour of the mossies to bite. Amazing.

JamInMyWellies Mon 08-Apr-13 09:29:02

That's really interesting vag.

Still not caught up properly but did chuckle at beans 7.30 sex date. We are awful always one eye on the bedroom door incase small people enter.

Arti are you feeling happier about the lamb thing? I knew there was an issue but I thought it was only in early preg and if you wash hands after you would be fine.

Kayz happy anniversary.

Back for a bit more later.

Honsandrevels Mon 08-Apr-13 12:20:37

Hello everyone,

I'm getting behind posting because DD2 is attempting to drop her afternoon nap. I am going to fight that every step of the way!

I'm just sneaking on quickly at work <slaps hand>

kayz Happy anniversary!

indith Hope the start of your course has been enjoyable.

arti I think the risk is small but they have to cover themselves I suppose. How is your BP now? Presumably your BP was fine when you had protein?

vag Was it Endnote you discovered? It is the most amazing thing. You can do travelling libraries and download citations direct from places like pubmed/sciencedirect etc. It makes referencing soooo much easier. Glad you enjoyed your first assignment.

beans Good luck with the drive. Not sure I've any tips except make sure you have emergency treats ready to dish out. Chocolate buttons, a sticker book etc.

jump I was presented with a similar box by my mum. I binned the diaries (just too embarrassing!) but kept all the letters from my 6th form boyfriend blush. They are in a box under my marital bed! There are letters from friends when we went to uni there too.

The Spring like weather over the weekend was wonderful. We spend it building a wooden playhouse in the garden. It took 3 of us 5 hours to get half way through. My dad is the most practical man and even he couldn't work it out. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it when we're done.

The DD's are getting to a lovely stage at the moment where they are playing together. It is all very nice until DD2 tries to assert herself and then all hell breaks loose. It is interesting how DH and I have different opinions of sibling relationships. I like to try and make sure things are fair, whereas he thinks we should leave them to sort it out for themselves.

My older brother used to ruin my games deliberately (just walk across and smash up lego for example) and if I told my mum she treated it as though it was a disagreement IYKWIM. DH's brother is 7 years older and therefore didn't have sibling disagreements to the same extent. I don't think he gets how powerless it feels when your parents don't listen.

Anyhoo, back to work....

Vagolajahooli Mon 08-Apr-13 15:14:18

Hi Hons. I know what you mean & I agree with both of you. I do think letting them sort it out is good, I can remember having little tiffs with my dSibs & feeling mum overreacted when she would yelled at us to stop. But I also don't want either to feel bullied by the other. So if I hear them starting up I usually wait to see if they resolve it then if it they haven't I usually call out "do you need me to come sort that out" this is usually to ds1 as it is usually ds2 kicking off. Most often they say no & they also know they can come to me if they need.

beans37 Mon 08-Apr-13 19:50:30

I did some terrible parenting today and am feeling v guilty; having behaved pretty well all holidays, today DDs have been absolutely horrid. Screaming for no apparent reason and just following me around wailing. I went upstairs this morning for a bit of a break and they both followed me bawling at the top of their voices. It was like something out of a zombie film! But noisier. Anyway, I just snapped as had been trying to discuss probate with my sister! Plonked DD2 in her bed, then DD1 as well. As I plonked (fairly hard, I admit) DD1 into her bed, she bounced and when she landed she clonked her head on the radiator. I felt a moment of guilt, but was so enraged and worn down that I just walked out. DD1 followed me screaming, so I shut her bedroom door, whereupon, her screaming reached such ferocity that she was sick on the floor. Felt terrible and immediately hugged her, but damage done. She's fine, but I honestly was quite scared by how furious I was. Given have done sole parenting, apart from 2 week holiday (which was marvellous) for nearly 7 months now, I guess this was coming. But still feel so bad. I. NEED. A. BREAK. So very very tired.

Anyway, had 16 week midwife appointment this morning and heard the heartbeat, which was nice. Home birth being recommended at every turn. Not sure.

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