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Dec 08 Mums - Happy New Thread, You Beauties!

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beans37 Tue 01-Jan-13 21:04:52

Come join me....

spotofcheerfulness Thu 31-Jan-13 14:20:58

Eek, I have a job interview in a fortnight! F/t but based in Brighton grin. It's a big corporate job though and will involve a lot of work. I don't know if my sleep deprived brain is up to the task... Been sent a pre assessment "personality test" so they may have to weed me out as a weirdo there...

Honsandrevels Thu 31-Jan-13 14:41:58

That's fantastic news spot. Well done. More illness, poor B.

Arti Great scan news! Has dd2 been rested for allergies? I was really allergic to milk right up to being about 18 and then it disappeared. I drink pints of the stuff now!

Nolda Glad the move has gone well.

Thanks for the mirena info peeps. I've been reading up on it and it sounds ok, although painful to put in.

Dd2 is delightful at the mo. Learning new words all the time. Sleep still crap but there you go. She is much more stubborn than dd1 and is already having mini tantrums. DH reckons it is the red hair!

Talking of red hair, we call it ginger because that's what it is, and we don't want 'ginger' to seem like an insult. MIL keeps correcting us and saying it is 'strawberry' which is twee and just a euphemism for bloody ginger. It gets on my nerves a tad grin. Dd2 is gorgeous, all pale skin, blue eyes and gingery eyelashes and I want her to be happy with how she looks.

Ooh bit of a rant there!

Beans How's the sickness?

McKayz Thu 31-Jan-13 14:54:39

Everything crossed Spot!!

Indith Thu 31-Jan-13 15:16:54

That's great Spot! PLenty of time to freak out prepare too smile

Sorry for interviews that didn't go well, illness and any other rubbishy bits.

Yay for good scans smile

Sinusitis is indeed evil. EVIL. I used to get it every month like clockwork for years. Urgh. With me it was caused by allergies so if it is frequent and snotty noses etc are the norm then could there be a cause somewhere?

Ds1 is all itchy spoty and dry. He hasn't had a flare up in ages. All I can think of is the laundry stuff as we switched to Method but that was fair while ago, Igave it a good bit of time before switching to give any reactions the chance to show themselves. I suppose I shall have to wash his stuff on its own with eco balls or something for a couple of months to see if it calms down. Humph. Like I don't have enough washing to do!

Dd has a UTI and is miserable the poor mouse.

Ds2 is at really annoying pull up, fall over, hurt self. pull up, get pissed off at the effort involved, shout, scream, fall over, hurt self phase. Needless to say my house is a shit tip as I can't get anything done.


I may be slightly pissed off, grumpy and sleep deprived.

I love red hair. It is red, it is ginger, it is beautiful. I spent most of my childhood wishing my hair were red and most of my teens putting henna in it to bring out the red undertones it has. There is red in my family, why couldn't I inherit it? I have the pale skin and freckles I'd make a good one!

Vagolajahooli Thu 31-Jan-13 16:01:43

Hello ladies, I'm on the couch with a poorly ds1 & a hyper ds2 who I kept off school because ds1 was off. Was the worst day to have them both at home because a) I skipped going for a quick run yesterday because I thought I would be running today & I have had loads to sort out with the London house. Will fill you inon that later

Nolda ds1 had the same when we moved here, we left a lovely village montessori school to join a school that had as many kids in one class as the whole previous school has enrolled in total. But he settled in ok & more kids meant more resources so all good.

Spot sorry about dps job interview, thats a bit demoralising for him. Hooray for your interview. A friend of mine worked for a large credit card company in Britain they gave great perks.

I had a bit of a thing for ginger boys, their blues eyes and pure white skin. I remember revealing this at a girls night out once and all the girls fell about laughing due to who I ended up marrying.
So the bank has worked out we are renting out our place unauthorised so have started charging us 2% more interest. So we are applying for a buy to let loan & I have found a vaguely decent looking estate agent which is just around the corner from our place. I felt bad telling the tenant she would have to get out. Anyway I'm going to go to London for one night next week to sort it all out. I'd love to stay longer & try to have a little meet up but dh can only work from home one day so need to get back. Conveniently I have a friend coming to visit on Saturday until Tuesday so I'm going to fly back with her then on Wednesday I'll get everything sorted, have a little Shop at Canary Wharf then head back on a 7pm flight home.

Vagolajahooli Thu 31-Jan-13 16:02:49

Britain! I meant Brighton!

Nolda Thu 31-Jan-13 16:35:04

Well done on the interview, Spot. I hope it goes well.

Vag, I hope DS1 recovers soon so you can go running.

I'm pleased for my children that they now have a garden to play in, but do they have to keep leaving the door open?!! Especially when I'm so busy on MN.

Nolda Thu 31-Jan-13 16:42:12

Indith, sorry to hear about your woes. If it was the soap powder that your DS is reacting to, surely it would have happened on first use. As you say, you were careful and on the look out. My DS's eczema is playing up at the mo' too and I was wondering if he's too hot when he's indoors as I'm not taking all the layers off that I've been putting on him to keep him warm when we're out and about.

JamInMyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 07:12:27

Can someone please tell my inlaws that there is a farking time difference between NZ and here and to stop bloody phoning us in the middle of the night.angry

ShadyLadyT Fri 01-Feb-13 08:04:30

Oh Jam, there's nothing worse is there? DP's sister and also his ex sometimes text him in the middle of the night (both living overseas). He never turns his phone off and it drives me nuts because it's got a really loud ping.

I cannot believe it's been a week since I have been on here, and can't post now as I am helping at pre-school this morn then meeting FIL this arvo. A long post beckons! For now though - that's brillo news on the scan. Arti. Phew. And actually I would say N*** is pretty famous. If you listen to 6 Music.

Spot, that's great about the interview - I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a toddler with sinusitis. Oh my. Any improvement?

Glad your water is back on, Nolda! And you're starting to settle in a little.

Dash it, I have to go but I am really hoping I can come back late afternoon. Love to you all.

Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 09:29:10

Crap, am trudging to antenatal clinic again as my feet suddenly swelled up overnight and are puffy and big. I'm sure it's just normal (albeit early) preggo swelling but clinic said to go in. I'm annoyed, I have 3 hours a week with no work or kids and those three hours are Fridays 9-12 and they are SACRED.

Indith Fri 01-Feb-13 09:51:10

Oh Arti I'm sorry. Better safe than sorry though.

Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 10:02:42

Thanks Indith, road works have thwarted me. Have progressed 4 blocks in 45 mins on this bus. Hospital still ages away. DD2 will need collecting at 12 so going to turn back now. If still swollen tonight I will go in when DH gets home although he's meant to be travelling to Cardiff after dinner as he has tickets to the rugby tomorrow.

JamInMyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 10:43:15

Arti can someone pick up DD2 for you?

Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 11:01:03

Sadly not Jam. DD2 freaks out if its not me, DH or the nanny. Also all my close friends have their kids in full time nursery and DD2 is morning only. I don't really know the parents at her nursery, in fact I've only really chatted to the one I mentioned from her party last weekend, I must make more effort with chatting to the other parents but as I'm only there on Fridays and have to run off to drop DD1 I never get round to it.

Anyway I am home now with legs up, I called the unit and explained and they said they'd prefer me to come in but as long as my face isn't swollen and I have no headache they are ok for me to wait a few hours (I didn't mention it might be the whole weekend thanks to flipping' rugby, DH so excited to have 6 Nation tickets, he never goes away so I'd be gutted to stand in his way).

Vagolajahooli Fri 01-Feb-13 11:54:42

Arti that's exactly why more money should be going into community services. It should be possible to send a HCP out to someone like you to assess what course needs to be taken if any. It's actually cheaper than you fronting up at a hospital or clinic & it results in better outcomes. But no instead they just close unit & sell land & no involvement is made in community health services. Ok rant over.I need to get out more.

Still at home with supposedly sick boys.

JamInMyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 12:20:58

Well keep an eye on it Arti, go tonight when DH gets home. Then let the girls have a lazy wkend watching movies and stay resting. Oh by the way. DH knows of your DH, small world.

Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 13:23:08

OOh Jam, I will have to ask DH about your DH. I have to say my DH seems to be worked a lot less hard than yours despite being employed by the same organisation. I'm pretty glad about that!

MiL has let me borrow her home BP monitor. All looks fine, BP totally normal still. Am cuddling up with DD2 watching Alphablocks.

Veg, I totally agree about community health services. Here is London they are actually making things worse by abolishing existing A&E and maternity departments to ensure we all have to travel even further. I am worried for the NHS now, I feel it has noticably deteriorated in the last couple of years and I am not sure how long it can limp along. TBH is either DH or I qualified for private health insurance I would use it now and I never thought I would desert the NHS.

Enjoy your morning at pre-school Shady Lady!

JamInMyWellies Fri 01-Feb-13 14:16:26

Glad to hear you are resting Arti. My DH is a contractor working on a project which is nearing completion hence the 7days a wk slog.

ShadyLadyT Fri 01-Feb-13 18:42:05

Phewf! Pre-school wears me out. Done it quite a bit recently <buffs halo> But I will bore you all about pre-school in another post grin

Bought O new shoes today. I wish I'd got shares in Clarks! £34 for basic shoes? Cheeky sods. Well, Rubes popped in to see me last weekend and it was great. The kids all play so nicely together. Are yyou there Rubes?

We finally had our oven mended this week - yes, broken since 15th December. Smeg oven engineers seem to move about as fast as tectonic drift around here.

Arti, I hope you have still got your feet up. You poor old thing. I had that a lot when I was pregnant with DD1, didn't really get it with DD2! Hope it's just puffy old oedema. I read that Lewisham Hospital was saved this week(or was it just the maternity bit?) SIL had two of her kids there. Also read that the Whittington Hospital are halving their admissions for maternity! Just like that hmm

Sorry we won't see you when you're over, Vag. But we have in any case been dire about organising a London meet up and also this cottage malarkey. I am going to get on the case this weekend as I have a rare quiet one. But I was thinking we are too late for March for the cottagey thing and need to make it April or May...

Kayz, I never did redo my driving test. Wish I had. Still have plans to do it at some point! Really really really wish I could drive, can't afford lessons just now though. Is Singapore a definite plan now?

DB - how have the guines pigs fared in the shed? Any more rumblings from DH?

Hons - I am a ginger lover. Personally I think it is usually an asset.

Beans, are you booked for Oman? I love Cuba, am just reading a book about it, but love it as I do, there are aspects of it that can be a little depressing.

Invis, it is very good to see you back! Sorry about the 40th blues. As you know, I was very morose about it but actually, now I am there, I feel quite fabulous. And it's nice to be at the start of a decade rather than clinging desperately to the fag end of one grin

Nolda - that sounds like a fairly headachey project re: the old house. But with a decent gain. Have you ventured out to any groups in your new area? I am off to the pub tonight with some local ladies. There is talk of setting up a book club but I don't know if I have time.

Sybs, are you still under the cosh at work? How are you?

Where is ZJ?

Indith, I can feel another rant about phonics coming on and I may need you to talk me down grin

Right, must zoom off again. DP finding big trial in London tiring and stressful but no surprises there. I am finding it tiring as well, doing even more than blooming usual.

DeidreBarlow Sat 02-Feb-13 08:10:58

Good morning ladies. Apologies for not being around much. Not actually been doing much but day to day life seems to take up a lot of time grin. Back later for a proper catch up, my phone is about to run out of battery and DD is writing a story on the laptop!!!

beans37 Sat 02-Feb-13 08:50:31

Morning all
Had my romantic dinner with DH last night, which was nice. Delicious food. Had a set to about his cycling, but actually didn't ruin the evening. I had a glass of wine. It was amazing! Because it was on his work, we really went to town, and the restaurant had this deal that if you spent over £50 on a bottle of wine, you got 50% off... so, we got one worth £125 for £60!!!! Amazing! It was fantastic. Just wish I wasn't holding back at mo! I also had foie gras, and had nearly finished it before realising am not meant to have it! Oops! Hopefully no harm done.

Off out with Mum tonight in a Michelin starred restaurant in Tunbridge Wells! I am turning into Humpty Dumpty! it's my Christmas treat to her.

DH sleeping away upstairs. I've been up since 6am. Think will wake him now and go back to bed myself!

Lady, yes we have booked Oman. V excited!

DH taking girls to see his parents this afternoon and I'm staying with Mum. Trying not to tell anyone re pregnancy but will probably let slip! Actually not that excited about telling Mum. Suspect she'll be horrified! X

DeidreBarlow Sat 02-Feb-13 11:23:15

Right, guinea pigs cleaned out, cuppa at the ready time for a catch up! Lady thanks for asking the pigs seem fine in the shed grin. We will move them to the outdoor hutch/run when it gets warmer. They really are cute little things but I am glad that they are now outside. I do think DD is allergic to them though rather than the hay. She has just helped me clean them out etc though and was fine holding them as she was sat outside...inside is another matter she is sniffing/sneezing within a matter of minutes!

beans Your evening out sounds fab!! Hope you have a lovely evening with your mum too. We have friends over tonight for drinks. Will have to put DC's to bed here though as my parents are still in Goa...I do wonder if they will ever come home!

arti Hooray for the scan results - bloody brilliant! Rubbish about swollen feet though, did you go to the hospital when DH got home? Hope rest is helping it come down.

Eczema, yes DD's is worse than usual too. It often is worse in winter.

jam How long does DH have left on his project? Its hard being a solo parent. I get fed up just having DH work several late nights but at least he see's the DC's here and there. In fact I have a new respect for my sister who regularly had to cope on her own for 8/9 months at a time with 3 boys (BIL in the Navy).

nolda Good to hear you are all moved in. I cannot believe how well you coped without TV. I think that shows I watch way too much!!

DH is trying not to be such a knob jockey about money/my work etc. But every now and again he lets something slip. So he's trying (in more ways than one grin). Oh and the 'inclusion officer' came to observe DS again last week. Was really pleased with his progress, can see a massive improvement in his behaviour, was more concerned with some of the other children's behaviourhmm. Although he did knock someone over the other day, they stole his ball, wouldn't give it back, he got cross and shoved them over. Now while I think that it is wrong to shove, I couldn't help but just be narked at Nursery's pettiness...the other kid did take something off DS. But he seems damned no matter what he does. I would move him but he loves it and in a morning all the children shout his name and I just seem them all running about playing superheroes. I don't see anyone cowering in the corner at the mere sight of him.

Rubena Sat 02-Feb-13 14:15:41

Right just put dh on train to tackle biggest exams of his life. He's a bit of a stressed out wreck & thinks he hasn't done nearly enough.
Kids have been nightmarish no doubt due to stressful vibe the last few days. I've been role playing patient in between the solo parenting as dh studying. Am knackered, but certainly not as much as he is.
Back later I hope to catch up when kids in bed, and wine in hand.

McKayz Sat 02-Feb-13 14:44:00

Rubes, hope his exams go well!

Lady, I'm not sure about Singapore. It would be marvellous but I keep thinking the money would be better spent elsewhere. DH is adamant though.

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