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December 2011: They're one Jim, and highly illogical!

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LittleMissFantabulous Sun 30-Dec-12 22:29:23

I went with Gary's suggestion, as it was quite awesome and indeed factual!


<boots up the caffeine hose>


FestiveFiggy Tue 01-Jan-13 19:51:13

Ds is screaming in his bed again He has seemingly forgotten How to self settle ......bums!!! He is stood at bottom of his bed chewing it, it actually has teeth marks.

I'm 32 in a few weeks and am over worrying about it I can't stop it after all though I was a nightmare when I turned 30 moaned and moaned for weeks then within 2 months was pg so didn't care when I turned 31 grin

OiMissus Tue 01-Jan-13 19:54:25

I am going teetotal for January, and dieting. It is 19:53 and I want a martini. hmm

OiMissus Tue 01-Jan-13 19:56:01

(We have Macca Pacca here in the larger, push-belly squeaky version, and all the others in smaller versions. grin)

LittleMissFantabulous Tue 01-Jan-13 19:59:55

DSM there is a poem about growing older, and wearing purple is the theme. DNA is the author Douglas Adams, who wrote the Hitchhikers trilogy in five parts in which the number 42 is of great significancesmile He died, and this is a sad thingsad

Did the mumsnet coke gammon today. It went down very well. Tomorrow there will be a visit to the park as I am getting a bit cabin fevery.

mopsytop Tue 01-Jan-13 20:00:53

I'm having a gin, elderflower and Rose martini, Oi. bloody he'll it is ace! I'll be 35 in Feb. Being in your 30s is ace. I care so much less about what other ppl think and so much more about what I think. Fatter than in my 20s but like myself more. Itsjust all round better. Way less angst!

FestiveFiggy Tue 01-Jan-13 20:03:13

He's asleep after much cuddling don't want to get into that bad habit but hate him crying like that sad

Today we went to Weston super mare with some friends figgyboy came home with a big iggle piggle toy from the grabbing machines on the pier I am the queen of the grabbers!!! That's his 6th toy from them this year I have to play them when I see them blush luckily I seem to win a lot and never without spending more than a couple of pounds.

DS has been impressing with his walking today dh was in queue at fish and chip shop for about 20 mins and we were about 25-30ft away across a little square and he kept walking to him screaming dada much to his and the rest of the queues amusement. What was not so cool was at bath time he had a pooey nappy which had been removed per bath but before getting him cleaned up he ran off naked sat down on the landing carpet and smeared poo all over it dh almost had a coronary grin

Right off for some dinner and preparing for work tomorrow how I wish I didn't have to go sadsad

mopsytop Tue 01-Jan-13 20:04:28

P.s. Minimopsy has started having massive tantrums, just in the past week or so. Like proper lie on floor, scream, kick her legs, hit at her face tantrums. For various reasons. If I say no, or if she is walking and topples over (even though she's not hurt-the hurt herself falling crying is totally different) or if she can't express herself I think. I'm just staying calm and hugging her a lot. Buy it's bloody exhausting. Three full on tantrums today! I thought it was the terrible twos? J had no idea it started at one. Anyone else have experience of this?

Muffinpig Tue 01-Jan-13 20:24:34

For 2013 I would like my thighs not to rub and my belly not to wobble! I am still using bfeeding as an excuse to eat rubbish all day but not actually bfeeding that much...The thing is, I don't have much to lose - about 5lbs - and that means I'm not hugely motivated so never stick to my good intentions. Its also much worse if DD isn't sleeping as then I feel as though I NEED masses of sugar and treats to survive the day. Oh well, its not the end of the world anyway, I am just grateful that we are all healthy and happy smile

Tonight is the first night in 10 days that I've put DD down and she hasn't screamed as soon as her head touched the cot mattress. Very nervous now as it feels as though she is an unexploded bomb! Going to try and finish off a film with DH that we have been trying to watch for 3/4 days now...

Aethelfleda Tue 01-Jan-13 20:28:58

LmF, I've been wearing purple and a lot of black since I was sixteen.
Last year my fab brother bought me a ticket to the Hitchikers Live show, it was great fun. If the thread ever gets too excitable we could always bring in some Vogon poetry to calm us all down....

mopsy my DDs started to have the strops at about 13 months or so. It comes and goes in phases. View it as them sufdenly knowing what they want (though not being able to tell you means psychic ability is useful). We do a little baby sign and that can help, just drink/milk/all done/more and pointing. Sadly the signs don't include "go to bed child", as that's what DS is currently refusing to do....

Faffin Tue 01-Jan-13 20:47:57

New Year, new name. (It's Kate btw)

mopsy DS has just started throwing strops in the last week too. It's only ever over one thing - if you're walking him about holding hands and sit him down or prop him against something so that he can cruise about instead, he throws himself face down on the floor and does big dramatic sobs. It's hilarious! When he realises it's not getting the desired response from us he just sits himself up and gets on with playing again. Otherwise, we do basic signs like aethel, although DS mostly prefers to point and things and say "ner" grin

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 01-Jan-13 20:48:41

Muffin, I sped-read your post as 'my thighs not to rub my belly' hmm

Figgy, poo everywhere sounds horrible! Very jealous of your grabber skills, never ever won.

LMF, I love Douglas Adams (considered calling DS Arthur because of our shared fondness for Mr.Dent).

Aethel, hope DS goes to bed soon!
mopsy, DS is having small tantrums...I just ignore him & they're alot less frequent then last month (hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the arse).

Strangely, considering my past of eating disorders, I've never felt that bad about my body. Hoping that's something that continues as I get older & saggier!
Seven, I'm 25 but DH & I didn't get married until 2010.
I'm glad we're getting our baby years out of the way now, but DH is 11yrs older so I know there will be no surprise DC for me in my 30s-40s as he doesn't want to be an old dad.

It has been an utterly crap start to the new year sad

DH & DD1 have argued for most of it.

DH also made his position quite clear this evening about me becoming a SAHM. He already thinks 'I don't pull my weight' when In effect I do more than him. Should try and treat things like I'm a single parent in the week and he can help out at weekends. Must do this without moaning & breaking down with exhaustion & pain sad

DD1 is being a right cowbag. Attitude to the full and always answering back and never wanting to do anything with DH and it is upsetting him as he does try and sit with her or take her out but she wants none of it!

Normality resumes tomorrow as DH back to work, DD1 back to nursery and then big clean up for me & DD1 before I go back to work Thursday.

Just feeling sad, low and basically alone.

NorthernChinchilla Tue 01-Jan-13 22:11:14

Oh DSM, so sorry to hear that. I really hope the return to routine will smooth things out, but that's a blow about the SAHM plan and, more importantly, DH's attitude. Hope he sorts it out...

I'm 32 now, had a cracking time 16-25, went a bit crap late 20s, mainly owning to Mum's severe illnesses and DH being a bit of a tool, things improved greatly 29+. Am very, very content now smile

Figgy and muffin, DS is just the same here- won't settle in the evening, waking during the night. I'm going to give it a week after him being back at nursery before I worry though, as I reckon him getting back into routine will sort it. And we have teeth marks on the cot and teeth marks on the walls, the latter from the chinchillas thought grin!

Lovely day today- a walk out to a country pub in the sunshine for a drink, and then home for a curry. Tomorrow I prune trees and hit the shops!

LittleMissFantabulous Tue 01-Jan-13 22:37:02

DSM I'd tell your husband that if he has delusions of having a housekeeper and cook he needs to improve his wage-earning capacity! You're his partner - that means equality. If the remark about single parenthood was his I would be very tempted to tell him to fuck off and stay fucked, as it's no damn ride bieng a single parent. As for arguing with your eldest, he needs to grow up and stop moaning. She is a chid, he is the adult. If she kicks off you deal/punish but to stoop to her level of childishness is just twattery. He really does sound like the most self-centred knobbish arse.

I have three sleepy kids. Not sure that will last long as we're still on two hourly wake-ups. Next door is screaming and shouting at her kids so there's a chance their shenanigans will wake Squidge and Octoboy up. She gets uttlerly arsey with them whenever she has a new bloke, so I'm assuming there's one on the scene:/

Octoboy is also indulging in frustration tantrums. Regularly. It's mostly screaming and waving his arms. I laugh at him, which sometimes helpsgrin

Boo's pox are just about healed over. Poor sod is covered in them, and they're all over his scalp too. I suspect there might be the odd scar, as they've been big blighters that have just about exloded all over the show. Mind you, means he can go back to school when term starts if they're healing this fast. Despite the advice being that the're not contagious from 7 days after the rash appears they get a bit catsbum mouth in the office if you take them in looking too spottygrin

Right. Essay over, I'm away to bed to play Candt Crush, 'tis my new addiction for night feeds >_<

thekatsatonthematt Tue 01-Jan-13 23:05:10

Oh DSM no advice but have a nice big swordfish.

CMs youngest has slapped cheek. I was unconcerned other than sorting cover for tomorrow but have just consulted the nhs site which indicates dangerous to pregnant ladies. Guess I'm calling her tomorrow to check if I had any contact whilst contagious. Bleugh.

Mind you, must see gp and get midwife referral anyway grin

LMF it was me that said the single parent comment. I've been one so know how tough it is but think I can do better with that attitude rather than let him beat me down as I am a good person and I strive to be the best mother I can be. By working I guess I can say I've provided for my kids too without asking 'D'H. sad

Woken up with a sodding headache sad

AnAirOfHope Wed 02-Jan-13 08:35:07 sad

Its my own fault i was up late watching supernatural dvd and then Hope feed four times last night then got up at 7am.

Dh back to work today i miss him sad

Happy new year everyone xx

DSM sorry you are having a hard time right now

AnAirOfHope Wed 02-Jan-13 08:39:38

Im going to take a break from mumsnett for a bit but i will pop back to catch up from time to time.

I just want to fouce more on my children more smile

Have a good year and take care of yourselves and your families xx

Air. Hope everything is okay? Don't forget about us lol xx

CheungFun Wed 02-Jan-13 09:02:12

Air I think I know how you feel....I spend far too much time on MN and then feel guilty that I haven't paid enough attention to DS blush it's very addictive!

DSM sad I hope your DH changes his attitude. Maybe a bit of its down to Christmas & New Year cabin fever and going back to work will help him?

Glad it's not just my DS that's throwing tantrums....he mainly kicks off if I try to take something off him, put his coat on or change a nappy. Sometimes i do just watch and it can be funny, other times I just feel arghhh! I think I need to take up camomile tea smile

I'll be 29 this year....eek! DM says turning 30 was awful, but she didn't mind turning 40. I have definitely spent too much of my twenties worrying about what other people think! I think becoming a Mum has made me more confident, and I know my capabilities now.

OiMissus Wed 02-Jan-13 09:12:21

Good luck Air.
LMF - great feedback to DSM - you pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. DSM - he does seem to treat you like you have to be grateful for him. "oh thank you kind sir for your financial contributions to the household". As LMF put it, tis twattery in the highest. DSM assert your authority. You are working part time - financially contributing, and being a full time mum, and keeping the household running. He needs to buck up his ideas, and if he won't share his responsibilities by personally getting involved in cleaning etc., then he needs to start paying for a cleaner/house help!
What you write about not moaning about it, - "put up and shut up" makes my blood boil. Kick off!
You should be an equal party in your relationship. You shouldn't have to feel the need to write a facebook post because "D"H has bestowed upon you the means to buy a bottle of wine/pair of shoes.
I say this from a similar situation, but on the other side. I work full time, I'm often abroad. I keep the house running. I pay for the majority of our costs. (DH works full time too, but with a significantly lower wage). We have a joint account. DH never feels he has to ask for something. We're equals. If he wants a bottle of wine (or anything else!), he bloody well gets one.
We pay for a cleaner, once a week, to help keep on top of everything. But we both cook, clean, etc. Granted, I do a lot more than him. And this will change this year, our resolution to "get organised" means we will both be mucking in more equally to get stuff done.
He needs to grow up and grow some balls. He married you. He did not employ you as a house help. If he wants you to do all the work, then make him actually pay for it. My cleaner gets £10 per hour. Invoice the idiot.
OK, rant over. (Sorry for having a go at your DH.)

ChristmasIsForPlutocrats Wed 02-Jan-13 09:17:40

Oh, dear, DSM, you sound very emptied of everything! sad Do DH and DD know they are draining you like this? It sounds as though they are very jealous of each other, and although they both love you, you don't seem to feel loved; you just feel exhausted! With regard to the single mother business, careful that DD1 doesn't think she can push until that becomes a reality again. And DH has made noises about giving up, too, hasn't he? Sorry, but that's just a weakling's exit for him. I don;t know how you can get them to stop fghting over you, but maybe the Behaviour or Relationships boards might have some answers?

In the meantime, just looking at your MN name, you've got a name which is all about other people again, with "Mrs" at one end of it and "Mum" at the other end! Remember when you switched from being D and S's mum? What about just being DeterminedandSpecial for 2013? smile

Hope you're okay, AnAirOfHope...

OiMissus Wed 02-Jan-13 09:18:38

(Turning 30 is brilliant! Don't listen to your DM Cheung!)
BTW BOi is going for his injections later today. MMR and whatever else. I've tied myself up in knots about this - and read everything I could find online. Can't get the fear of autism out of my head, although I know in reality this is HIGHLY unlikely. gahh!
What will he be like after - any experiences I should learn from? What do you recommend in preparation, should I give him a dose of Nurofen before, or anything?

ChristmasIsForPlutocrats Wed 02-Jan-13 09:27:55

Oi, do you have a subscription to Times Online? Thee was an excellent article a few years ago, about the flaws in the original "study" about the autism "link", and the conflicts of interest involved, through Andrew Wakefield. If not, PM me your address and I'll e-mail it to you. Anyone else is welcome to this, as well.

DS didn't react to any injections, so I can't say, but I guess Calpol could be a good thing to have standing by it BOi reacts

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