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Still brooking no argument whatsoever that these babies are happy, healthy and awesome for 2013 too.

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jaggythistle Wed 26-Dec-12 20:46:08

eh. attempt at new thread. yo.

Hello all,

I'm a rubbish brooker just now, too tired to post, though I am reading, Yes, my boys were one yesterday, thanks for all the well wishes. They're fab, but poor S was sick 7 times on his birthday- I'm not sure if its a bug or just his 'normal' vomiting, which clearly becomes more abnormal as the months go on and it doesn't improve- and neither does his sleep. (4 vomiting episodes to get him to bed tonight, I am totally fed up)

Good to hear your evenings are back generic

olives, my boys adore the bath, B in paarticular so its every night here, despite B's mild exzema as he enjoys it so much- only thing that stopped him screaming in the early days.

wow musical, first steps are so exciting!! Hope your dh is around for them.

got to go, he's awake, again...

GenericDietCola Fri 05-Apr-13 22:36:30

Oh dream it sounds so tough. You are amazing. Brooking that your return to work gives you a break from things and doesn't add to your stress.

NinjaChipmunk Sat 06-Apr-13 10:58:39

morning! just a super quick post from me. you'd dropped off my threads list which shows what a crap brooker I've been lately.
happy birthday to the dream boys!
need to run as got to have shower and wrap present for a party ds is off to in an hour.
promise promise promise to catch up and post properly soon.

GreenOlives Sat 06-Apr-13 11:21:02

Lovely to see you gen grin
It must be tough with DH being away so much but lovely that he's getting to spend time with his dad - how is FIL doing? Well done with the dieting, still lacking will power here, have just eaten a donut! blush Well done with getting in the jeans too. I have 3 pairs of jeans that fit (they were all on the large side pre pregnancy!) but there's no chance of fitting in my favourite pairs just yet! My tummy is so flabby I can sort of tuck it in to some of my clothes! shock I remember having loads of hair loss after DS1 but it hasn't started yet this time. I got my hair cut yesterday and had a good 3" off, I think I quite like it so I may go even shorter next time. Are you planning a restyle or just a trim?
dream Glad the boys had a good birthday. I just hope you find the solution to S's vomiting soon.
DS1 has picked up massively since abx kicked in, no more temperatures and a much better mood! smile DS2 is still really snotty but no temp so hopefully he's just got a cold - he sneezed a big green bogey onto my boob when I was feeding this morning shock The last few nights he has done 5 or 5.5 hours between feeds but then he doesn't want to go back to sleep so Im generally up for a couple of hours between 4 and 6 and then I might get another hour of sleep if I keep him in bed with me. So overall we're getting about 6 hours of sleep a night which is not too bad - although I still feel knackered! T is no where near as hungry as DS1 was as a baby so I'll be interested to see how much he weighs when the HV comes on Mon. He'll be 5+6 then and by that stage DS1 was over 13lbs. I have a feeling he'll be less despite starting life a lb heavier.

scarletfingernail Sat 06-Apr-13 11:32:58

Gen I really suffered with bad hair loss after DD. It was at it's worse when she was 4-6 months old and then seemed to gradually improve. I found a new haircut made a massive difference and that the shorter cut really made it look thicker. I couldn't tie mine back because I had really bad receding hair at the temples. I have lots of fuzzy baby hair there now. I hope FIL's not suffering too much and that you're managing ok without DH.

Poor S being ill on his birthday Dream.

Good to hear DS1 is on the mend Olives

Stacks Sat 06-Apr-13 17:49:47

Happy birthday to the Dream boys. I hoped they enjoyed their day even with all the sickness.

I've forgotten who posted what else, sorry! I hope DH and FIL are doing ok (gen?). We've had lots of bad luck round here with dads recently. Mine in hospital and two friends dads with brain tumours sad one operable, one not.

My dad is doing much better now, he's home from hospital and staying with a friend. There's been a bit of a mix up with his follow up care but hopefully it'll all be resolved soon. He's happy to be home either way.

I've had pretty bad hair loss since having T. It's a real pain every time I wash my hair, but nothing outwardly noticeable to others. I want to get my hair cut soon, just waiting for it to magically organise itself hmm

I was watching T today and thinking I definitely want another DC or two. Not for a while yet though, thinking start TTC when t is around 12-18m (depending on how 'easy' a baby he is). I find it a shame I'll never be 'low risk' for another pg due to the CS, so I can imagine it must make it hard after much worse experiences. I'd never presume to say I understand but even for me it does colour the thought of future pgs - I can't choose the birth centre etc. Doors closed before I even start sad

Dinner is done. Will try and catch up more later.

GenericDietCola Sun 07-Apr-13 08:15:13

Olives, glad your two are getting better and sleep is going ok. I agree, more sleep would always be nice! Need a pic of your hair please! How did you manage it round BFing? Did you take DS2 with you? I fancy having a fringe, which I hope will make it easier to style. tis v long and messy now!

Scarlet I hope DD is better v soon.

Eek forgot what else you said, just a mo...

GenericDietCola Sun 07-Apr-13 08:19:55

Stacks, I'm glad your dad has been discharged. Hope his care is sorted soon. And how exciting you are thinking of DC2!

Thanks for asking after FIL. He is probably starting treatment, but it will just buy him time. Sadly there is no cure and it's so sad. he's only in his early sixties. V sad sad

GreenOlives Sun 07-Apr-13 10:48:40

Morning! I've uploaded a pic gen Why can't I ever style my hair like they do at the hairdressers! I fed DS before I went and its only down the road so I was back within 1.5 hours so DH just looked after him. I have started to express a little bit so I can venture further afield in a few more weeks though!

AF arrived this morning at 5+5 post partum - it is not fair!! angry sad
Gen I really hope FILs treatment buys him a little quality time with his family sad

GreenOlives Sun 07-Apr-13 10:50:32

Oh and stacks Im glad that your dad is out of hospital. I was so sorry to hear about the poor care he received in hospital - that's really not good. I hope they sort out his aftercare asap.

GenericDietCola Sun 07-Apr-13 10:50:34

Olives your pic is fab!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 07-Apr-13 11:27:53

I can't seem to see your profile, Olives. I must also get my hair cut - it's been cut once since M was born! blush Think she might have been about 4 months old, so it's been at least 8 or 9 months. Long straggly mess pretty much sums it up. I had a lot of hair loss in the shower too - and when I brushed it there would be heaps flying everywhere. Now I have lots of short ends and have had to discover finishing polish to smooth it down for work.

Happy birthday to the Dreamy twins! Sorry I'm a bit late with my wellwishing.

AF arriving at 5+5 post-partum is just mean, Olives! I think I was still having lochia then, much less AF.

Stacks, glad to hear that your dad is out and staying with a friend. Hope his aftercare is good!

Scarlet, I saw the pic on FB of DD's chicken pox - poor little her, and poor you! Hope it vanishes quickly.

Not much to report here - M has been a bit poorly and was sent home from nursery Tues and Wed with a high temp. We took her to the doc on Tues, who said she thought it was just the reaction to her MMR and that she could go back to nursery the next day if her temperature was down, which it was. She seemed fine in the morning so I took her in as usual, but they rang at lunchtime to say it was back up and please would I collect her. blush I felt like a terrible mother, but within an hour of being home she was fine again and was crawling around the living room creating mayhem as usual. We kept her off on Thursday even though she was full of beans, which meant me taking the day off work, which was a bit of a pest. I just thought the nursery would think we were terrible parents for trying to send her back in when she had been sent home 2 days running, but she wasn't really ill at all so I felt guilty taking the day off work! <head explodes> Anyway, she has been much better but now has a bad cough. She and DH are napping together in our bed right now, so I am taking the opportunity to MN in peace. <ignores total bombsite of living room and kitchen>

NinjaChipmunk Tue 09-Apr-13 10:31:23

All this talk of hair has reminded me that I won a haircut at the PTA quiz night the other night, and she comes to your house to do it! Must call her and book an appointment. Mine hasn't been cut since before Christmas except when I trimmed the fringe myself. Its starting to look a little wild. I hope she's good, I don't actually know who she is...
Scarlet how is the pox doing? Is it on its way out yet? Hope dd hasn't suffered too badly. Has ds had it before?
Gen and stacks sorry to hear about everything going on with your families, it sounds very hard.
Too how is dd? Any better?
I can't believe it, I go back to work on Monday. DD has her settling in sessions at nursery starting tomorrow. How quickly has that gone? I must sort all the payments out this week. The breakfast/ after school club are totally shit at their admin though. They only verbally confirmed ds's place when I went in to ask and still haven't sent me an invoice to know what I should be paying! It's a good thing I know that ds's friends all really enjoy going to it or I'd be very unsure.
DD is starting to slowly cruise around furniture, I get the feeling she'll be a climber when she gets going. And she's a snotzilla at the moment, you know the type. Pick them up for a cuddle and they rub their noses right across your top grin Right, must get going on the tidying before taking the kiddoes out for the afternoon. <waves at everyone>

Just popping in briefly to apologise profusely for abandoning you all several weeks ago. I'm afraid everything just got on top of me, with the separation and the househunting. I was feeling really down, and negative, and I felt like I had nothing positive to contribute to the thread. I just didn't want to spoil all the fun chats with my doom and gloom cloud of misery.

For anyone who wants to know what I've been up to, well we put our house on the market at the start of Feb, and accepted a great offer from a cash buyer three days later! shock We had assumed we would have more time so we only really started looking for our own places to move to at the time we accepted the offer. That's when it started getting stressful, because our buyer wanted to move quickly but neither of us could find anywhere we wanted to move to and nothing new was coming on the market in the right area. Plus with STBXH living with relatives outside of London, co-ordinating looking after Autumn just became a total nightmare and we were arguing constantly. This went on for weeks and weeks and WEEKS. I think after the first month I was probably lower than I've ever been, to be honest.

Well finally, last week, some new properties came on in the right area (just as our buyer was threatening to walk away). So now I've had an offer accepted on an amazing flat that I absolutely love in a perfect location, and STBXH has also had an offer accepted on a great place just 5 minutes (on foot) down the road. We're a stone's throw from two outstanding state primaries so I don't have to worry about Autumn's primary school when the time comes (we have to apply for primary school by the end of 2015, and neither of us will have moved house by then, so it was really important to me to get a place close enough to get Autumn into the good local primaries.)

Getting this far with the move has changed EVERYTHING! STBXH and I are both a million times less stressed, so we're not having pointless arguments anymore and we've been able to work together really well on co-ordinating the moves. We're both looking forward to living close enough together to be able to easily share time with Autumn, and actually help each other out rather than having to do the scary single parent thing on our own. I really love the flat I have under offer as well, I've spent every spare second over the last couple of days mentally decorating it! The location is FANTASTIC as well! I never thought I'd be able to move to this particular spot!

Anyways, it is clearly outrageously rude that I've been gone for so long and I've jumped back in with a stupendously long post all about myself! blush I'm sorry, I just felt I owed you all a proper explanation for being AWOL for so long. I'm finally done talking about all this irrelevant stuff, and I'm ready to return to all the baby chat!

Autumn has been ill ill ill!! Relentlessly constantly ill. Ever since she started nursery in the New Year, it's been one thing after another. Three bouts of D&V so far, numerous coughs, colds, and high temperatures. Her sleep has been all over the place, and from Xmas to March she put on absolutely no weight. (She hasn't been weighed since March so I don't know if she's gained any weight at all this year.)

Luckily the last 2 or 3 weeks have been better (although her runny nose and chesty cough haven't disappeared even for a single day since Jan). She's still a happy, chirpy little soul though. Now that she's slightly healthier she's finally starting to take an interest in walking again. After all her great progress up to Xmas, she totally regressed and didn't even want to walk with her hands held while she was ill. She's just been crawling around and refusing to attempt any steps, until about 2 weeks ago when she went back to using her pushalong walker and she now regularly stands up without holding on to anything just like she used to in December. There are lots of kids who still progress with their walking even when they're ill though, so I've been genuinely wondering if the poor atmosphere in the house the last few months has been affecting her as much if not more than the illness sad It certainly does seem like she's perked up as much as STBXH and I have in the last few days!

So how is everyone else doing? Please forgive my absence, and could some kind soul bring me up to speed? I've picked up that there's been lots of walking in NoBrookerVille!! Congratulations to Dream's S and Jaggy's R!! Is there anyone else I've missed? I also spotted Jen's BFP on FB - eeeeekkkk!!!!!! So exciting!! A thousand congratulations!! I must confess I'm not certain which No Brooker has nc'd to Dino?

What else has been happening ladies? I hope all No Brooking Mamas and Mini No Brookers are well? Happy birthday to all the gorgeous LOs who have been turning 1 recently!

I will finally end this painfully long post! I promise never to write such a monstrosity again! grin I'm still hectically busy with the move and with returning to work at the end of this month, so I won't be able to post the way I used to. I will be lurking though, and posting when I can!

<Lays out apology cupcakes on a nearby table>

Okay that post was even longer than I realised - if that's possible?! So sorry ladies. blush Anyone who didn't read it, you're not missing anything important..! blush It won't happen again!

NinjaChipmunk Tue 09-Apr-13 23:54:17

scream how awesome to see you! So glad things are back in an even keel for you. you sound happy and such good news re the flats. And thank you for reminding me I forgot to congratulate jen !

TheLittleFriend Wed 10-Apr-13 09:46:05

Great to see you Scream, and really pleased to hear you're feeling good about things smile

We're on holiday at my in laws caravan in Poole this week. And what a lovely relaxing morning I'm having - sitting in the launderette! Seriously, J is asleep in pram next to me, dp and dd are swimming, so I'm catching up on MN wink

GreenOlives Wed 10-Apr-13 10:16:09

Hi scream Glad to see you back on MN and very glad to hear that rl is settling down and looking good. Sounds like DDs immune system will be fabulous by the time she goes to school wink Nursery is a bugger for germs!
ninja Eek! - good luck with work, it comes round too quick! Talking of which dream is back today so hope it went ok my lovely!
little Ah the simple pleasures in life - laundry and MN! grin Oh and peace & quiet! wink Hope you're having a great holiday.

Well I've already bored you all on FB with my current woes so I won't repeat them here! Feeling much more positive today though despite crappy night's sleep! Just want T to be a happy boy and me a happy mummy and am hopeful we will get there with the right help smile

GreenOlives Wed 10-Apr-13 10:18:53

Knew id forget something - hope M is all better too!
And waves to everyone else! smile

musicalmrs Thu 11-Apr-13 04:31:53

Scream, wonderful to have you back! A fabulous essay too grin We've missed you! So glad you've found somewhere fabulous to live and that you and STBXH are feeling so much better as a result. Sorry to hear A has been so ill though. Iz was pretty ill last month and also regressed on the walking front. Can't blame them really...!

Belated belated happy birthday to the Dream twins! Hope S is feeling better...

Ninja, that has gone quickly! How do you feel about returning to work...?

Sorry for being a rubbish brooker. I'm sure I've started writing posts about five times recently and haven't gotten round to posting one.

Now that I'm actually writing I'm on the Android app and thus can't look at what everyone's said, and it has all flown out of my head. Grr!

scarletfingernail Thu 11-Apr-13 07:27:17

Scream! Welcome back lovely. Fabulous to hear from you, I've missed you. Sorry to hear A has been a poorly baby. Sounds as though she's as gorgeous as ever though and coming on really well. No need to worry about the walking regression, she'll pick it up just fine when she's ready. I'm pleased you and STBXH have made some progress in resolving things amicably and it's great that you've found somewhere lovely to live.
Have you gone back to work yet?

Dream, how was your first day back? Ninja I'm brooking that everything goes smoothly for you next week.

Great to hear you were feeling a bit better yesterday Olives smile.

Enjoy the rest of your week away Little. I hope you get a few more opportunities to relax before you have to come home.

I think the pox might finally be on it's way out. What a month! DD has been in a terrible state with it, far worse that DS was. I did find a miracle potion though. For future reference if any of your LO suffer with literally thousands of itchy spots get them some PoxClin. It costs a tenner but it was so worth it. The only thing DD has been able to tolerate having put on her skin. She looks terrible, I can't imagine her poor skin ever looking the same again. Her scalp is like one big crusty chicken pox [bleugh].
DS's spots are fading fast now though, so it does feel a relief in a way that it's all done with for both of them.

I have no other news. I've been stuck in the house with poorly DC for 3 weeks shock. You'd think I'd have made the most of the opportunity to get the house in order, but no. I'm feeling much better in myself since the anti-d's kicked in, but I still have little motivation for housework blush.

NinjaChipmunk Thu 11-Apr-13 09:53:08

scarlet glad to hear you're feeling better about things. Can't say I ever have much in the way of housework motivation either, especially with 2 kids. Apart from the dishwasher and washing machine I'm quite a slattern. Good to hear the pox is healing. 3 weeks would send me stir crazy shock
I'm actually looking forward to work again musical The people I work with are nice and while it's not a career job, it is very family friendly as it's a hospice charity and they offer bits and bobs in training and it's very varied work. I don't work with the patients, I work in the retail office looking after our shops (if that hasn't outed me then nothing will!). Plus it's only 3 days a week.
Am on phone so can't check back to namecheck but I do hope everyone is doing ok? How are all the newborns and not so newborns doing?

NinjaChipmunk Thu 11-Apr-13 09:54:12

oh forgot to ask dream how work was?

ScrambledSmegs Thu 11-Apr-13 22:33:14

Hullo. Remember me? It's been a while - well, ok, not really, if you're on FB you're probably sick of me by now grin

How are you all? Scream you sound so much happier, that's awesome news!

scarlett glad the pox is on the way out. Sounds like you had a really awful time of it.

Ninja back to work already? Blimey it seems like only yesterday you got your BFP!

Oh dear. I will be back, I promise, but I am sooooo tired. DD2, after showing early promise, is emphatically not a good sleeper. She wakes every 2-3 hours so I've cracked and we're now co-'sleeping' (hah!) from the 2/3 am waking onwards. I feel like a zombie. I KNOW it gets better, and she is 4 months old so that's the famous sleep regression too, but I find myself despairing sometimes sad

Stacks Sat 13-Apr-13 09:40:29

Morning all. Sorry I've been quiet recently, also been going through the dreaded 4 month sleep 'regression' except T has never slept this badly, ever. I wish he'd regressed to his newborn sleeping! I've had a couple of nights with at least one 3hr stretch, so feeling much better. We had far too many nights of 45-90m wake ups.

Still, I can see all sorts of new things T has learned. He's doing much better with grasping things and hand movements. He also seems to be learning how to control his legs better, especially during nappy changes. Locking his legs rigid when I want them bent and locking them groggy style when I want them straight. He's become fascinated by sounds too, I can interrupt a full grumpy shouting match by making a noise over and over, usually "uh uh uh uh". He's also giggling! He's not very consistent but sometimes finds odd things amazingly ticklish.

DH has decided it's my turn to hold the baby. I just gave him a 2 hour lay-in! However he's off to run me a bath so I shouldn't complain. I'll catch up more with everyone later. But welcome back Scream and Smegs!

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