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Still brooking no argument whatsoever that these babies are happy, healthy and awesome for 2013 too.

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jaggythistle Wed 26-Dec-12 20:46:08

eh. attempt at new thread. yo.

BartletForTeamGB Fri 22-Mar-13 08:27:17

DH has brought me breakfast in bed and taken DD downstairs while he and DS eat breakfast so have a couple of minutes of having both hands free to say hello!

DD is a bit of a "nap-refusing wind-monster" too, Little, but thankfully she is great at sleeping at night. I tend to feed her about 9.30pm then we both go to sleep about 10pm, then she'll wake me for a couple of quick feeds overnight, before we get up for another feed at 6.30am. It is just the days that are a bit of a challenge at the moment, but she loves the sling and walking in the pushchair.

stacks, you must be tired. Hope T's sleep gets better soon. Keep eating lots of spinach - you'll look like Popeye in no time! wink

musical, hope a laundry fairy appears. The last time, DS had a vomiting bug we just spent the whole time in pyjamas (both of us) as it was just easier to change each time he was sick over me. Is she keeping much down?

too, we had a nursery nurse visit for a 1 year check to check that things were okay so it will be a list they go through. Do you have your red book? The list is in there somewhere. I am dreading DS's 2.5 year check that is coming up. He chats all the time with us and people he likes, but sometimes just doesn't speak at all. One of my closest friends has barely heard him speak, yet he chats away about all sorts with her teenage daughters, so it is not even as if he is shy and it is just that he doesn't chat with people he doesn't know. Anyway, I think children only need to have 50 words at the age of 2 and to be beginning to do 2 word sentences, so she has plenty of time.

scarlet, I saw Dr Ranj for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Gosh, if I had to work with him, I'd find him SOOOO annoying! I wonder if he makes balloon animals at work (or can even do balloon animals - perhaps it is all a trick for TV?!) DS, sadly, thinks after watching only a couple that he is great and has been singing the 'Get Well Soon' song since... hmm How is DS now? And how are you doing?

Is raaboonah a name changer that I've missed or a newbie? Hello, whoever you are! smile

green, hope you are doing okay. Will we get FB photos of DS smiling? Please!

Hello, jaggy, ninja, and anyone else I've missed.

Having funny dreams in between each of my feeds. Night before last, I was 7 weeks pregnant already. I couldn't quite work out how I had managed that. (Perhaps it is a sign that I really need to decide what I am going to do about contraception. Not very keen on going back on to Cerazette as I worry that it contributed to low mood last time (although that might have been because feeding DS was so much difficult last time, so that made everything much more difficult) but don't think I am brave enough just to rely on BFing despite what the stats on LAM say.

GreenOlives Fri 22-Mar-13 10:16:51

scarlet and musical hope your DCs are well on the mend now. DS1 had step throat about 18 months ago and it was evil! Took 4 courses of antibiotics to finally clear it up and only just escaped having to be admitted for IV abx as his blood tests showed a really high white cell count. DH got it too and he was really ill as well! Touch wood DS1 has never had a nasty tummy bug - hope the washing fairy came musical! smile
stacks Hope you're all better too annoyingly I also knew about the risks of dried kidney beans! At least you know for the future! grin
too Im guessing the same as the others that the HV was just asking standard questions. I can't really remember whether DS1 was saying anything at 1 but it wouldn't have been much that's for sure! He was definitely really chatty by 18 months but talking was his "thing", he was much slower with motor skills!
little T is really windy and makes a big deal about pooing too - I think its just a baby's lot so try not to worry about J. If you do decide to do cranial osteopathy then do let us know how it goes.
Breakfast in bed sounds lovely bartlet good old DH! smile Glad DD is being a good girl at night - things are so much easier with some decent sleep! I didn't manage to get any smiley pics of T as he was on my lap for the smile session - I haven't managed to get him to repeat it yet but if I do I will try and capture the moment! grin T is quite unsettled in the late afternoon/early evening, lots of crying and hard to pacify. No drawing up of knees so Im not sure its colic. It makes dinner, bath and bedtime quite stressful for DS1 but it doable when DH is here but next week he's on lates so won't be home until 11pm - Im starting to get very nervous about how im going to cope with a screaming baby whilst doing everything else with DS1!! Will need some brooking for that!! grin

justmatureenough2bdad Fri 22-Mar-13 12:12:11

Hello, I hope you don't mind me jumping in briefly, but i saw scarlets post about anti-depressants and cbt and thought i might just offer my perspective on the off-chance it is helpful...

First off, It took a massive mental effort (and massive emotional to admit to the doctor that i was depressed and needed help. The help offered was medication and having asked for help, i took the medication. I can't actually remembered what i started on, but over the next couple of months, i went through 3 types of AD before found one that worked for me (Fluoxetine) ie it didn't make me too irritable/lethargic/nutty and didn't give me erectile dysfunction...thanks for that detail too. There are options and if you don't feel that your meds are working, go back to the doctor and ask to change them.

As too said, it is strongly recommended not to go "cold turkey", but at the same time, don't stress about it, because the medication has a bit of a half-life, so if you forget (accidentally or on purpose) for a few days, as long as you restart you should be ok. if you don't want to carry on, do it slowly, over a month or two.

I think it is really important to emphasise to yourself that by taking medication, for a health condition, you are helping yourself and those close to you. thats it! simple! Don't get hung up about people's perceptions of you (ironic huh too) taking medication. Depression is an illness and it is a marker of recovery to acknowledge that and that you need help and that you have asked for and accepted help. (thats a behavioural jump that might have come from CBT)

Also, on that said you didn't think much of CBt, and while everyone will be different and react to it differently, i think that the incident you have described, where you didn't panic at the first sign of swelling an didn't rush off to the doctor or call your DC is a classic sign of self-determined behaviour modification. You are aware that you can panic in these situations and this triggers the adrenaline rush that in turn triggers the bodies inherent mechanisms for self protection (or that of dcs). this causes stress and anxiety and its often what you believe to be your inability to cope with that that is a key factor in your depression. It does sound like you are adressing that with a calmer, considered response to stressful situations. Don't write yourself off yet! just noticed how long this post is...sorry for rambling a bit and hope that it might be in some way helpful....

round of applause for too for coping with me


GreenOlives Fri 22-Mar-13 13:18:33

Very well said MrToo! I agree wholeheartedly with everything and it you put it so much better than I could. Glad to hear you've found the right medication for you too. smile

musicalmrs Fri 22-Mar-13 13:42:59

Bartlet and Green, no laundry fairy sadly! Can only manage to dry one load a day in the house... think Iz now has enough clothes, even if I don't! This morning I considered raiding the maternity wear box, I was getting desperate... grin. Will have to raid the closet for something reasonable for me to wear for teaching tomorrow!

A little bit of improvement here I think. Still sick quite a lot last night, but longer gaps in between, and she seems to have perked up so I think some goodness and fluid is getting in (I hope!).

Lovely to see you MrToo, and wise words. I'm glad you've found something that works for you.

Bartlet, weird dream! My main weird dreams at the moment - for a few months actually, though not all the time are that I'm not with DH, I'm married to someone else, who's dull and boring and I hate, and each time I'm running away and having an affair with DH? And am often pregnant with his baby too. Really peculiar! I spend the dream feeling awful because I'm cheating but I really love my current DH (dream-affair!), who's not my DH in the dream! Does that make sense? Sounds very weird... feel free to interpret away, brookers.. grin.

scarletfingernail Fri 22-Mar-13 19:16:42

MrToo/justmature thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to post. You've made me think with regards to the CBT... I don't know, maybe it is helping. I have another session next week, it will be the first in about 5 weeks and a lot has happened since I last went so that may be the reason why I've felt a bit lost. So far so good with the pills. No nasty side effects as yet and I've even felt a little more motivated than usual. Although that is probably just coincidence as I've only been taking them for 5 days. I'm only on a short course of CBT (8 sessions) and next week is my last, so it will be a bit sink or swim I think afterwards. Thanks again for sharing your experience, its great to hear you're feeling positive and best of luck with your treatment too smile.

Musical really sorry to hear Iz has been poorly still. Did the doc think it was Rotavirus? When I was in Childrens A&E with DS the other day, every single other child in there was there with suspected Rotavirus (yes this did freak me out). Some of them had been poorly with it for over a week sad

Bartlet raaboonah is a name changer (used to start with H). Changed for being identifiable with previous name. Dr Ranj is very annoying, but nurse Morag more so. Have you heard the poo song yet?

DS is much better, his rash is already starting to clear up. His neck is still massive and his appetite is poor but he's much better in himself. I think the Piriton is a lot to do with that, he's been sleeping solidly for 12 hours after having it at bedtime. Now I know how to get him to sleep when excited about holidays/parties/Christmas etc

Too DD has her development check in a couple of weeks with the HV. She has no coherent words and I'm not worried at all. IIRC they just have a ticklist of questions and they'd only be a bit concerned if none of them were ticked. I remember taking DS for his 2.5 year check and I struggled to think of 20 words that he knew. She was looking for 30 plus and she still wasn't concerned.

I hope the rest of you are all ok and have nice weekends planned? I hope work's not been too bad Pet?

PetWoman Sat 23-Mar-13 07:36:51

Hi everyone!

Last night I dreamed I had DS and DS2, but could not for the life of me remember DS2's name! It wasn't until I woke up and realised I don't yet have DC2 that I figured out why I couldn't remember his name. Musical that does sound like a bizarre dream. No interpretations to offer though, I'm afraid!

Scarlet sorry to hear about DS's illness and your anxieties. FWIW I think medication is a step forward and I hope you see some positive results now you're getting more treatment. You'll be back to your old self in no time, and we're Brooking No Argument!

Work is ok. I'm enjoying being back in the classroom but am still unhappy with my HoD (though no further bullying incidents) and generally with the school's management as are most of the staff so I'm looking out for jobs in other schools.

I'm doing some general brooking for all poorly Brookers, baby Brookers and family members. We're living in a house of contagion here: DH has been signed off work till Easter with a nasty virus, I've got some sort of cold and DS has infected us all with mild conjunctivitis. Nice.

Bartlet glad DD is sleeping well at night, at least!

Green good luck with next week - sounds like a challenge but I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion!

<waves to all and drags self out of bed to feed DS>

TheLittleFriend Sat 23-Mar-13 08:37:49

Very pleased to hear Scarlett's ds and musicals dd are on the mend. It's so horrible when your lovely little one is ill.

Very jealous of your breakfast in bed Bartlet. grin

Green, I agree that babies all seem to struggle with wind/poo and I'm certain J will grow out of it. It's just the 3-6am constant struggling I'm finding hard. And the fact it's been more like 12-6am the past two nights hmm. I'm pretty sure we will give the cranial osteopathy a go next week. I'd be willing to pay the £40 fee for just an hours sleep I think!

Happy weekend to you all smile

GreenOlives Sat 23-Mar-13 14:55:24

12 till 6 is not good little! Definitely worth spending £40 to try and cure that! wink

Pet Glad to hear there's been no more bullying incidents but boo to more brookers/families being ill. What we need is some nice Spring weather to see off all these horrible viruses!!

DS1 has gone swimming with his auntie and nephew so I've had a quick blitz of my dusty and untidy house - it was starting to make me a bit twitchy! I do like a clean and tidy house! grin Now feeding T and enjoying brew and creme egg as my reward grin

<marks place tiredly>

Sorry guys, I'm so bloody tired I can't be bothered to post but I'm brooking

<brooks for end of sickness, no more wind, more sleeping all round, meds to work brilliantly>

jaggythistle Sat 23-Mar-13 22:55:17

<joins dream in tired post>

GreenOlives Sun 24-Mar-13 08:53:26

Morning all. Hope some sleep was had for tired brookers! smile
Did anyone else's baby have baby acne? T has a really bad case of it, started a couple of days ago - he looks like a spotty teenager! The skin surrounding the spots is red and dry - do you think E 45 would help? So far his skincare regime has consisted of twice weekly baths in plain water, daily face/bum wash in plain water and olive oil on his body when its really dry. Thank goodness we had photos before this erupted, he's not very photogenic at the mo! grin

jaggythistle Sun 24-Mar-13 13:51:42

Both DS a had it and DS2 looked particularly awful! Started at a few weeks old and lasted till he was almost 2 months I think. Just goes away by itself apparently! I googled a lot.

PetWoman Sun 24-Mar-13 20:48:04

DS also had it - milk spots? A bit unsightly but I didn't treat them and they disappeared after a while.

DS won't go to sleep. No idea what's wrong. Grrr.

Loopyhasanotherbean Sun 24-Mar-13 20:59:51

Hi all, can someone brook for health to visit our house, I have been ill since Mother's Day, and both ds's also ill, sick of coughing, not being able to breath, not being able to cough when trying to get baby to sleep, not being able to sleep myself, a shitty toddler (not of the poo type), vomit, snot, slime, a baby who screams whenever you try and wipe his nose (been like it ever since had ng tube in hospital at 12 weeks) and a Dp who has only had one day off since Xmas period which was in feb for running errands. Oh and a nursery and dp's mom who think ds1 shouldn't need 2 naps a day, yet he is miserable as sin when misses once, and has gone to bed twice this week without tea and twice thrown up tea due to crying (major reflux baby)

GenericDietCola Sun 24-Mar-13 21:44:12

Oh crikey loopy, sounds awful. Brooking everyone is better soon.

GreenOlives Sun 24-Mar-13 22:01:21

Oh loopy I am brooking really hard for you because that sounds tough with a capital T!

Thanks jaggy and pet, I think we'll just have to wait for them to go according to Dr Google. It is definitely baby acne rather than milk spots pet, milk spots are just the little white pinhead sized spots but poor DS2 has lots of patches of angry red skin with whiteheads all over his face, neck and chest sad At least Dr Google reassures me that it doesn't bother the babies (just their parents!!) smile I hope DS is asleep now!

PetWoman Mon 25-Mar-13 08:25:01

Oh Loopy that sounds dreadful! sad I'm definitely Brooking for you.

Green that does sound worse than milk spots! Hope they bugger orf pdq.

PetWoman Mon 25-Mar-13 08:27:49

I eventually fed DS to sleep at 9pm. Will try calpol earlier tonight. He only woke once in the night, which was a relief, but doesn't help to explain what the problem was last night. confused

TheLittleFriend Mon 25-Mar-13 09:58:32

Brooking for you Loopy. And Pet, Dream and anyone else who needs more sleep!

Green, J had acne for the first couple of weeks, but it cleared up on its own. Hope T's does soon smile

I've booked the cranial osteopath for tomorrow, after spending another sleepless night listening to him crying and straining. Fingers crossed for a miracle cure!

JenFreggle Mon 25-Mar-13 12:46:32

Loopy that sounds awful so brooking that things get back to normal ASAP for you.

Too have you checked your oil level?

GreenOlives Mon 25-Mar-13 17:04:52

pet hopefully DS will settle nice and early tonight!

little good luck with the osteopath - fingers crossed it helps little J. T spent a good 2 hours snuffling and grunting at 3 am before finally pooing!

scarletfingernail Mon 25-Mar-13 21:26:54

Brooking for good health in the Loopy house pronto. Any joy with selling up yet?

Yep, DD had mega baby acne Olives. Proper pizza face, lasted 2/3 weeks IIRC.

Good luck with the cranial osteopath tomorrow Little.

DS has chicken pox so we're housebound all week. It's his best friend's birthday party on Saturday and I don't think he's going to be well enough sad. I'm preparing for DD getting it, so that'll probably be Easter holidays ruined. I'm looking on the bright side though, at least we're not due to go on holiday or doing anything significant. See, I'm not always doom and gloom when it comes to the DC being ill! Poor little mite is suffering though, he's covered in spots and they look horrible. He's lethargic with no appetite and tearful and generally unwell. He's still on anti-biotics for the strep throat but I'm a bit hmm about that now. Although his neck still looks swollen.

PetWoman Tue 26-Mar-13 07:55:56

Aw Scarlet poor DS! sad I hope DD doesn't get it - that's the last thing you need! Will you take DS back to the doctor to check the strep throat diagnosis?

Little let us know how the cranial osteopath goes. Hope it proves to be a miracle cure! Whole nights spent straining and crying definitely don't sound good.

Still had problems settling DS last night. He was sleepy at 7.30pm but just wouldn't (or couldn't) actually go to sleep. He did eventually have a big drink of water so maybe he was thirsty? On the plus side, he's still asleep now shock so at least he's getting a full 12 hours... Though I'm at work tomorrow so will have to wake him by 6.30am, so I hope he doesn't repeat the shenanigans tonight.

Poor ds little. My DT2 was just like that before I went dairy free- strained and strained though his poos didn't seem to warrant it iykwim. And omg the crying... He was more often than not discontent though, not usually awake and calm and happy if not being carried/ cuddled, jiggled.

Oh, baby awoken and another bout of illness here. Temperatures over 39.5 fail to shock me any more <resigned>

Back later

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