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Still brooking no argument whatsoever that these babies are happy, healthy and awesome for 2013 too.

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jaggythistle Wed 26-Dec-12 20:46:08

eh. attempt at new thread. yo.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Tue 05-Feb-13 16:12:21

Rubber, that is exactly what we need! Except that we could check for free by remembering to go outside and look at the gauge on the tank. blush I am shock too - the thermostat is set at 20 degrees, which heats the house to about 18 (drafty Georgian windows, some single-glazed), so nothing too extravagant, and we've set it to go off during the day when we're all out and come on again at 5pm. Bloody Scottish weather. Anyway, the lovely plumber has been and the heating is now on, hurray! Plus he said that he wasn't going to tell a lie (to the estate clerk - we're supposed to pay for call-outs if the problem is our fault), but the photocell was dirty and he's cleaned it, so we won't have to pay for his time. He's such a nice man!

Dream, sad 8 times a night is horrendous! Bad little S. And eek at B having a temp of 39.9 - that's scary stuff. Is it a virus? Brooking hard for better babies soon. Poor little man.

Yes, being off, with no guilt because I'm properly officially signed off, plus M being at nursery, plus not actually feeling that ill, is like a holiday! Look away now, all sleep-deprived Brookers, but I slept from 7 when DH and M left up until about 11!

I hope going dairy-free helps S. M is finally starting to grow out of the constant puking. Now I've said that she'll probably throw up all over me tonight, but she is much better. She seems to puke mostly after a big bf these days - I think mainly because she doesn't want to stop, so she keeps going back for more (which is adorable!) and overloads her tummy.

RubberBullets Tue 05-Feb-13 17:01:57

You could remember for free but that seems to be a bit difficult for you at the moment grin Your lovely plumber will only be able to make excuses so many times so might work out cheaper for you in the long run? No idea what temperature ours is set to as it just has a number scale rather than temperature. I don't have it on timer as I'm home most of the day, just put it on for a couple of hours at a time and blip it again when I start to feel cold. It's a very old system, the boiler is about 17 years old I think now and the radiators don't have individual temperature settings but we are still on the same tank of oil that I bought in the summer.

I have reached a new low: sympathy from an estate agent when mentioning that I'm still on maternity leave followed by an explanation that I will be buying my new property separately from my husband... Sigh.

However I mustn't complain. I really appreciate all your support ladies, and I want to thank Too in particular. You're so right, living with a depressed husband is insanely hard, and there is a very real chance that life will be easier without DH around all the time. Of course that doesn't get rid of the guilt at abandoning my spouse just when he most needs support, but I just don't feel like I can continue to live with his moods when he won't even admit that he's changed or seek any real help.

Enough of the me me me though. Dream I am No Brooking my tush off for you! Little B had a temp of 39.9?! shock I cannot imagine how scary that must have been! I freak out when little A crosses the 38 mark. I really hope that the dairy-free sacrifice pays off (and fast!) with improved health and sleep for both DTs. Sending healthy sleepy vibes to the entire Dream household!

Hooray for the nice plumber guy and for fresh oil Too! I think our house would be constantly running out of oil if I was responsible for maintaining our heating. At the moment I struggle to remember to have food in the house. At least with standard mains gas heating all I have to worry about is an unexpectedly mahoosive bill! hmm I hope you get well asap!

Rubber I didn't realise that all schools were required to have prayers of some sort! How on earth do they justify that rule when government is supposed to be separate from religion?! Outrageous! At least in a standard state school though I think I could keep little A out of assembly and then religion wouldn't really feature in the rest of the school day. Whereas I think my local religious schools go out of their way to incorporate their faith into all aspects of school life - with religious school plays, religious art, religious speakers, etc. Thank you for the additional information though, I will be scrutinising the schools that I thought were secular far more closely now!

Smegs helloooo!! <waves> So good to see you. Your two little Es sound so cute!

Little A is being just gorgeous and scrummy at the moment. Despite her horrible cough (poor thing) she's sleeping pretty well (ish - she's trying to at least!) Today she had her health review, she weighs 18 1/2 lbs which puts her around the 50th centile apparently, she's also around the 50th centile for length, however her head circumference is at the 91st centile! grin I've tried to convince my family that this is due to her big brains (grin) however they are now calling her ET... blush On the plus side scientists claim that a disproportionately large head is one of the characteristics that make people think a person / animal is cute. So maybe that's why I find little A so adorable? grin

RubberBullets Tue 05-Feb-13 21:55:33

The government isn't clear of religion as bishops sit in the house of lords. I think it is because the queen is head of the church as well as the country

scarletfingernail Tue 05-Feb-13 23:02:42

Great news Dream re the new nanny. That must put a new perspective on going back to work. What a relief to have found someone! When is it you go back? How did little B cope with a temperature that high? I would FREAK big time (I'm sure that's no surprise to you!)

Scream I've been thinking about you and hoping you're ok. I think you're amazing btw. Addressing and acknowledging your marriage is over within a year of having your first child must be devastating. I really hope you're not being given a hard time in RL just because you're the one who's called time on it? It must be so difficult to explain your reasons without breaking your H's confidentiality. Are people being generally supportive?

Your DS sounds like he's coming on well Pet. Has he had any sessions with the childminder yet?

Things must be going well Smegs if you're thinking bout number 3 already shock Great that your DD's are both so gorgeous that you daydream about having more!

How's it going Stacks. Any news? I hope things having become a little less stressful?

Talking of DC's loving each other and getting on well, I was in the bathroom earlier while DD was awake in her cot. DS was in her room showing toys to her and she was completely cracking up laughing at him. No one else can make her laugh as much as he does. She really does get fits of giggles watching him being silly. I'm going to have to film it sometime, they're so cute together.

I've had a couple of days away with he DC visiting relatives down south. It's been hard work away from home without DH, who's been working, but it's been lovely spending time with my Gparents. DS has started doing that annoying thing kids do, ignoring people when they ask him a question. Cue me " answer the question DS" every 2 minutes. Bloody irritating. Even more so because I swore none of my kids would do that, having felt annoyed by other people's doing it over the years when I try and show interest in them. He's never done it before so I can't understand it. Maybe it is just a common phase rather than rudeness after all confused

Stacks Wed 06-Feb-13 06:49:56

Quick post while T is feeding. My brothers girlfriend was sent home as her labour was decided not to be labour. Don't really know the details as my brother didn't really say - I gather she lost some of her plug. She's only 37w do hopefully it'll stay in there a little longer so my dad and brother can get more things sorted.

T was 6 weeks yesterday, and when weighed on Monday was 11lb 15oz. He's put on almost 2lb in 2 weeks, and has gone from 50th to 75th percentile. I'm quite proud, HV was shocked and impressed.

too. we don't have any plans for moving yet, beyond that we will move. This house was always a sort of 5 year deal. We want somewhere with a bigger garden, maybe another bedroom, and in a better area. However, our mortgage here is amazing so I'm not sure it'll make financial sense to move for a while, we'll have to wait and see what the economy does. In answer to your actual question - I think we'd stay around Edinburgh, but maybe move a little further out.

Dream you seem yo have the worst luck with illnesses. I really hope everyone gets better soon, and stays well for a good long time. Good luck with cutting out dairy, I hope it pays off quickly.

T is asleep, do I'm going to try and catch 40 more winks. Will catch up more later if I can. T has started fighting sleep during the day. HV thinks it might be wind/colic even though he doesn't have the classic symptoms. Going to try and get some infacol later and see if it helps.

GenericDietCola Wed 06-Feb-13 11:17:22

Hello, I'm still here, just never seem to get time to post! I have been thinking of you all and lurking when I get chance.

Stacks, sounds like you have some big decisions at the moment. I am brooking that your brother and his gf manage just fine and there will be no need for ss intervention. It would be a huge decision for you to foster/adopt the baby and I'm hoping it won't come to that. I'm also brooking for your dad to respond well to surgery and recover. How are you getting on with feeding T now? Must be doing well for him to have put on so much weight!

Scream, you are amazing and always sound so together. Please don't get hung up about being a single mum at 30. When I was 30, I separated from my first husband and I was so worried about being single, with no kids, when everyone else seemed to be pairing off and having babies. I took a year out from relationships, sorted my practical situation, moved house etc and started doing some interests of my own, then had a couple of flings to dip my toe back into dating! After a year, I signed on for Internet dating and had a great first date, we didn't stop laughing. Well that first date is now my husband! What I'm saying is that things can move on very quickly and you will look back in a few years and marvel at how happy you are. Hats off to you for sorting schools as well. We are having to do that for DD at the moment and its a nightmare!

Dream, you're amazing too! I really don't know how you cope with so little sleep and poorly children all the time. I am really brooking that your three get better soon and sleep improves in your household. Hurray for the nanny though, and hope that you feel more like yourself when you go back to work. Stay positive!

Scarlet, how is the anxiety these days? I think of you often. Anxiety is horrible. Sounds like your two are very cute together! I am starting to see cuteness from DD towards DS, although he's not reached the giggling stage yet!

Too, glad you have heat and hope you have health soon! How lovely to catch up on sleep, sounds like your body needed it. Sounds like DD will be walking soon, the behavious you describe is a lot like my DD was when she started to walk.

Smogs, hurrah for a full night's sleep! Can't wait for that myself, although I know I'm lucky that DS just wakes to feed, then goes straight back to sleep. Do you think you might try for DC3? I am curious because you feel broody when i definitely do not! I love my two, but I'm happy to know we won't have any more!

Hello to everyone else, sorry I haven't name checked all the brookers.

Thank you to everyone who replied re contraception. DH has been referred re vasectomy, but I think I'll go on the mini pill in the meantime.

Things here are good. DS seems to be growing fast, think I'll get him weighed again tomorrow. Can't believe he is almost 6 weeks already, time is flying. He has still got a bunged up nose, but sleeps well most of the time. I've coslept a couple of times, as he wouldn't settle. I never did this with DD, but feel a bit more relaxed about it this time and am enjoying the baby stage as I know there won't be any more babies here! We're off on hols next week with family, just in the Peak District, but I'm really looking forward to it.

NinjaChipmunk Wed 06-Feb-13 11:48:40

right, I will wave at everyone first as this post mainly concerns scream!

I believe in your borough, lots of people didn't get allocated a school at all shock, I remember well reading the YR threads in education when the results were given. If I were you I would get a copy of the primary schools booklet from the council for this year as it will have the distances in it of how far you need to be although be aware it will change year on year. It will/ should also tell you how many places were allocated and how. Also bear in mind how allocation works. For a religious school it will probably be siblings first then churchgoers linked to that schools church, then churchgoers at other churches, then SEN then everyone else. Even if you are close you may not get in. Also be aware you may get allocated a place at a school you did not put on your list. We did. So make sure you fill in all the places not just your top 3 or whatever. Also be aware that even if she gets into a schools pre-school when she's old enough this will not automatically guarantee a place in reception. Sorry if this sounds scary but I just remember lots of people in your borough having lots of problems. I think it was mainly in R (town by park which park is named after iykwim) so you may not be directly affected but I thought it may be worth mentioning. Also, speaking of religion, non religious schools have to have assembly/ christian worship by law but I think it is up to them how 'godly' for want of a better word, it actually is. DS knows both me and dp do not believe but he also knows he can make his own mind up as he grows up and seems fine with this. We've told him religious education is part of schooling and it will teach him about all faiths and that he should be open minded.

Will try to post more later as can't remember what else I was going to say. Off into work for a training course in a bit.

Yy about schools, we might not get into our only local one as we don't attend church. It's 500m from us, but catchement area is 5th or 6th on entry criteria list. We are debating attending church just to have it as a definite option. Any child from any other village near us/ town/ city would get priority if their family attend church. No way on this earth is my DD going to the most local (10-15 min drive) non faith school, its a very unhappy place...

Oh, and scarlet, DT2 was actually better in himself at 39.9 than DD was at 39.6 with a chest infection. He was lobster red, panting, lethargic and crying but ok, iykwim. Responding. Feeding. Temperature came down to 38.8 with nurofen and he had some breakfast. Dh wasn't too concerned as he was ok in himself, he says looking at the temperature in isolation is pointless. He was worried about dd though, as she wasn't drinking, weight bearing or opening her eyes at 39.6. She was very poorly.

Ninja the schools I'm talking about are in the town where my parents live, I'll be moving close to them. You're right about the schools in my current town though, it sounds like a nightmare trying to get a place here too!

Dream I'm so glad your DD isn't that ill anymore! So scary! It just seems impossible that your family have to face so many challenges on a daily basis - you are amazing to be handling it all so well!

Generic thank you so much for the support (thank you to everyone for your support). Your positive story really means a lot to me, thank you for sharing.

Stacks hurray for excellent weight gain!

Scarlet to be honest I still haven't told many people in rl. Even my close friends that I have told, I've said I don't really want to discuss it yet. It's just so hard, a lot of my friends are single, others are coupled up but still so far from getting married. I only have one married close friend, and she got married in Dec. I just don't feel like I can begin to explain how it feels to watch my marriage breaking down around me, to people who don't even know what it's like to be married. None of my close friends have kids either, and so much of what I'm feeling right now is tied up in wanting what's best for DD in the long-run. So many of my fears and doubts are about failing her. I just don't feel ready to have those discussions in rl. You ladies are keeping me sane!

I'm super ill right now sad Just a stomach bug, which thankfully hasn't come from DD so she's just dealing with her cold still. My parents have DD for today and tomorrow, and I'm lounging around at home feeling ridiculously sorry for myself. I gave my thermometer to my parents for DD, so I don't know what my temp is. However my house is currently 24 degrees according to the thermostat, I'm wearing thick winter pjs, plus my super fluffy robe, under my duvet, and I'm so cold I'm shivering with goosebumps. Grr. So tired of d&v as well! <in the background the world's smallest violin plays the world's saddest song just for me... grin>

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Wed 06-Feb-13 19:58:03

We have a tooth! A top tooth, weirdly - I thought babies got their bottom incisors first. M was chewing a bracelet and her tooth clicked - I picked her up and stuck my finger in her mouth and I could feel a little hard ridge, but she won't let me look at it properly yet. She has been renamed Fang temporarily because she keeps biting my nipples. grin

Scream, sorry to hear you're poorly! D&V is horrible. Btw, I picked up my sick note today and under Reason For Absence it says in big capital letters 'Diarrhoea'. Nice. That won't be embarrassing at all when I hand it to my boss on Monday! blush I hope you get better soon.

And <engages world's largest megaphone> You Are Not Failing Little A! You are an amazing mother. Fact. So put that on your needles and knit it, as they would say in the Chalet School.

The English school system makes my brain hurt. Actually, I'm not really sure how it works in Scotland, so I can't criticise, but I really don't get the English system. There are so many threads on here about catchments and religious schools and children in one family going to different schools... confused I really hope you get little A into a nice school close to your new home.

Scarlet, I remember my little brother going through that ignoring questions phase. which he still does aged 11 I think it's to do with them learning to concentrate - they focus on what they're doing and genuinely don't hear questions/conversation. DH still does it at the age of 33, come to think of it. And my boss is terrible for not hearing a conversation and then 5 minutes later asking about the very thing we've just been discussing, right next to him. hmm Girls don't seem to be as bad. <generalises wildly>

RubberBullets Wed 06-Feb-13 20:56:48

Scream doing this now is going to be easiest for DD. She will grow up having stability, if you waited a few years her world would be turned upside down and it would be hard for her to get her head around. Also she isn't going to grow up feeling guilty that you stayed together just for her sake and that it is her fault for you being miserable even though it isn't IYSWIM

scarletfingernail Wed 06-Feb-13 21:49:18

We're currently in the limbo land of having made school applications for DS but not having had the decision come through yet. We find out in April. We had to list 3 schools in order of preference and state the reasons for choosing. Luckily for us the one we like best is our catchment school so fingers crossed he will get a place and then in turn DD. I can't believe you're having to make these decisions already Scream when we've only just had to do it for DS who starts in September. Madness.

Yay for first tooth Too! And thanks for the reassurance re DS and his teenage phase! In my experience I've also found boys to be worse for it. I used to feel quite offended when my nephew refused to answer or speak to me so I stopped bothering taking to him for about 2 years blush. I found it frustrating as no one seemed to pick him up on it. Maybe that's the best way. Anyway, he's much better now he's 8.

Scream I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you don't overheat. You've probably got a fever so you should really lose a couple of layers. I know it's horrible when you're shivering though.

Thanks for thinking of me Gen smile. I've been a lot better over the last fortnight. I've come to accept that I can't change the fact that I'm a worrier, I'm always going to be that way. I'm learning to change the way I cope with the anxiety when it creeps in. The CBT hasn't cured me of my fear of illnesses and sickness, but it has helped me change my thoughts about it and I've learned how to calm myself. The therapy is coming to an end and I'm a little apprehensive to say it's worked a miracle as I haven't had to face anything yet that triggers my anxiety so we will see...

I love your story Gen of you and DH getting together. I have to say that when I first saw you on FB I did think you look like the type of couple who have a good laugh together. Your DH has a very kind face.

GenericDietCola Thu 07-Feb-13 09:46:08

Aw scarlet smile Glad you're coming to terms with the anxiety, I bet you're a great mum.

yay for first tooth too!

gah. on phone so can't check back.

GenericDietCola Thu 07-Feb-13 09:47:04

scream, I hope you feel better today x

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 07-Feb-13 14:14:38

I need to have a shower and get dressed. It is disgraceful to still be in my dressing gown at 2pm on a baby-free day! I am covered in Calpol from a 4am Calpol fight with teething M - it's in my hair and up my sleeve. M's sleeping bag had to be washed first thing because it had also suffered. Not a drop of Calpol actually went into M's mouth - I had to get another spoonful and start again. blush

Scream, hope you're feeling better today and got a good night's sleep!

Scarlet, I'm glad that you've felt calmer this past couple of weeks. It's a horrible thing - Mum suffers really badly and she was on the phone earlier saying that if she gets worse as she gets older she'll be a gibbering wreck. sad For instance, she heard abut a serial rapist in Glasgow and was convinced he would get my sister on her walk to work, even though he's attacking women on their way home (ie, in quiet, residential streets) and my sister is commuting from Edinburgh and walks to work on some of the busiest streets in Glasgow at peak commuting hour, so v unlikely to be in an empty street...It really can wreck your head. I've had my moments, too, particularly when I was pg with M, of imagining horrible scenarios. I was convinced when she was v little that I would drop her on the corner of the coffee table and break her neck/skull - I was afraid to get up in case I tripped, because it had all played out in my head already. sad Being back at work helps with that sot of thing because I've got other things/people to occupy my brain a bit. I know that's not an option for you, but how are you getting on with your plans to do a course or an exercise class? Did you pick something?

musicalmrs Thu 07-Feb-13 15:53:48

Sorry for the radio silence here! My phone decided to completely melt down, which was my main way of acccessing MN sad I also had decorating happening last weekend, then family visiting, and to top it off I have four projects reaching completion in the next week. Trying to keep swimming..!

Scream, sorry to hear you're so ill sad Remember you're not failing A - you're doing the best thing for her. She'll have a much happier Mum as a result, and I'm sure you'll find a wonderful someone to share the rest of your life with, and to give A a sibling. smile

Too, I hope you're feeling better too? If you're signed off of work you're allowed to spend all day in your dressing gown! Hurrah for a tooth too - how strange that it's a top one first!

Had a hideous night last night. Iz is normally wonderful at settling relatively quickly - she went down for 30 mins (during which I did all my housework - DH away) before waking up, then didn't go back down til 11pm! shock. Needless to say that didn't help my stress levels! On the plus side, today my new phone's here and working, which is helping stopping me going into meltdown.. as is the fact I've just got lots done, hurrah!

Ought to disappear now and take advantage of the rest of Iz's super nap!

<waves at everyone else>

RubberBullets Fri 08-Feb-13 17:15:06

This may be of interest to some

Stacks Sun 10-Feb-13 11:54:29

T slept like an angel last night in his crib. First time he's been in there. However I put him in bed with me after his first feed - I missed having him beside me.

Still no news about my little nephew. Think it must have been a early false alarm (she was only 37w). It's good however, as it got them doing things to prepare for baby arriving.

Not much time to catch up. I think T is having a growth spurt or something. He's stopped sleeping properly during the day. Not much time for MN.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 10-Feb-13 19:08:33

Yay for T sleeping angelically in his crib, Stacks! Good for him. Not so great about the growth spurt and no sleep during the day, but hopefully that will pass soon.

Thanks for the link, Rubber - I signed up originally and wasn't contacted, so I think they might contact me now.

Musical, hope you got a better night last night! Yay for a new phone, too.

Have had my dad, stepmother and the three kids staying this weekend, hence the silence from me. It is great fun to watch them with M, but I am knackered now! It didn't help that M got up at 5am on Saturday and I couldn't get her to go back down without her howling and waking the whole house.

<waves sleepily to everyone before heading to bed with cup of tea and bag of chocolate buttons>

RubberBullets Mon 11-Feb-13 10:19:37

<Dashes round tidying up ready for Bartlet>

scarletfingernail Tue 12-Feb-13 21:52:19

<watches the tumbleweed float past>

Where are you all? sad

Nothing much to report here. I'm needing eyes in the back of my head with DD, she's fast and so curious. She's had 2 bumps on the head in the last week but is undeterred. DS is less than happy that she is far more interested in his stuff than her own and has taken to just sitting clutching his toys.

Toohas your DH started his CBT? I've had a bit of a panic the last couple of days due to DS being under the weather again, but I've managed to freak out as much as usual. I haven't yet started any night school or fitness classes, mainly because I haven't been able to make a decision what I want to do exactly. But I have taken up a new hobby, knitting. It's helping me keep away from Dr Google and is quite relaxing.

I've been think of Scream a lot. I hope you're ok and are managing to get on with stuff. Are you better now?

Dream are your DC all better now? Have you started back at work yet? How's the nanny getting on?

How's everyone else?

Stacks Tue 12-Feb-13 22:15:39

Scarlet - I love the mental picture of your DS sitting clutching his toys. Not so great for him maybe, but a cute mental picture. I hope your DS wasn't too poorly, and that you didn't get too anxious. You say you did, but the context sort if reads that you didn't... I really enjoy knitting, and had all sorts of plans for things to make for T. Having him leaves me with rather less time than I thought though. I got my knitting out for the first time yesterday, which prompted T to wake up. It's out now, so hopefully I'll get some done soon.

Hope everyone is well. Nothing much to report here, T seems to have maybe started sleeping again in the day. Unfortunately it seems to only be when he has nipple in mouth. I'm rather sore again now for the first time in a while. I've tried switching to dummy or finger but he just won't have it.
Did our first baby massage today, and T slept through the whole class so I didn't get to do any. Hopefully he'll be awake for next week, it'd be good to have him all relaxed as his jabs are right after. Not looking forward to those. sad

DH just bought T back after nappy change. Back to being a human dummy now.

I'm lurking, but as I've had much less help recently I've had less time... Plus leaving the phone all day helps me play with the children more.

How's your ds2 sleep now jaggy? And how is your dh getting on juggling the two dc now he's more used to it?

scream, also thinking of you and little A. Anything new to report, she seems to do something new every week smile . I keep wondering if she's done her first steps yet?!

scarlet poor ds guarding his toys smile . I hope the cbt did help you stay a bit calmer.

Best go. I'm a bit dispirited as boys, mostly S, crying All. The. Time. argh sad

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