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October babies. Don't get lost

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lisbethsopposite Sat 08-Dec-12 01:11:25

Come in come in.

Beccus Sat 08-Dec-12 11:49:18

woolybob, my bean can sleep 5 hrs as well, so was also hoping there is some self settling happening during sleep. it is certainly not happening before sleep. smorgs, glad u finally got a rest

OctoberOctober Sat 08-Dec-12 12:57:32

Had mega lie in till 10.45 with dp looking after the kids this morning. Feel so much better for getting sleep catch up, I never seem to be able to do that during day when DS sleeps. Does anyone, or is it a myth thAt it is possible to sleep when baby does? Might be easier if there weren't a million other chores to do I suppose.

It is our 5yr wedding anniversary today (well civil partnership) and found out dp has lovely evening planned. Going for dinner and then comedy night and enlisted both sets of grandparents for divide and conquer babysitting. Ds1 going to my parents OVERNIGHT yay! Thankfully he is v robust and doesn't sit still for a moment do I don't think my dad will be able to sit on him winkDs2 staying here with mil coming over.
Here's to a lovely couples time, long overdue wine

elpis I don't think you overreacted about lo going to hospital at all. We've taken DS twice now in 7 weeks blush and both times I was a gibbering wreck, couldn't speak to the docs as I was crying too much. Would have lamped anyone who suggested I was too concerned about my baby angry

Angelico Sat 08-Dec-12 13:50:03

Quick wave and run smile Great 24 hours - got out last night for meal with friends and a few drinks, bean took her expressed bottle and DH took her so I slept from 01:30-09:00, then expressed another bottle this morning so I could go to writing workshop. So far all is peaceful...

Angelico Sat 08-Dec-12 13:50:37

October congrats on anniversary smile thanks

crazypaving Sat 08-Dec-12 14:01:18

marking place

MickeyTheShortOne Sat 08-Dec-12 14:10:16

congrats on your anniversary october! im off out tonight too grin now i have a question for you expressing ladies... pips is 3 weeks old tomorrow, have expressed 11oz of milk in total for DP to give her if she gets hungry- now i know all babies are different, but do you think that will be enough for 3/4 hours? how much were your babes eating then?

Zara1984 Sat 08-Dec-12 15:09:50

Hi chick! Congrats october! Thank you cherry smile

Marking place.

It's 4am here, just fed. Has anyone else here had baby flail around on bottle/boob during feeding? DS definitely wants the bottle and won't release his suction on it, but he grunts and wriggles like mad at times when he's sleepy.

Started bath-massage-bottle-cuddle-bed routine last night (much to DMIL's whingeing, she wants DS to be kept up so she can cuddle him while she watches TV... Even if he's overtired!). Knew it was going to take ages (esp as DS was tired as couldn't get him to nap after 3.30). Bath at 6pm, bottle at 6.30, took an hour to settle after he was in bed at 6.45. He eventually fell asleep on my shoulder and I transferred him to bed - he couldn't quite drop off in his basket. He then slept until 12.30!!!! And has done feeds then and at 3.30. Imagine he will wake up around 6.30.

He has not taken full bottles at 12.30 and 3.30 (even with me waking him to try encourage him to take more). Do you ladies find they do shorter boob feeds/smaller bottle feeds at night?

Ok back to sleep...

Am I had mum for using saline spray regularly in DS at night to try silence his snuffles?!

Will persevere with bedtime routine and see if it works (and gets faster to settle DS!)....

Zara1984 Sat 08-Dec-12 15:11:23

mickey when I was expressing would've found that just enough at that age.... Maybe express a wee bit more just in case??

Midgetm Sat 08-Dec-12 15:27:42

Marking my Place. Won't wee in the corner as yomping won't have time to clean it up now she has baby yomping to look after.grin

squidkid Sat 08-Dec-12 16:32:28

oh my - pages and pages to catch up on - yay for those of you going out tonight though - I am too - going to see PULP !!


Hope the baby behaves! Have had a marvellous saturday, managed my longest run yet, took boyfriend out for breakfast in town while parents watched jess, bought a christmas tree and carried it home through the city like the coolest kids in town, have been wrapping tidying and mooching and getting excited about the gig. Need to find something cute to wear... this will be my first proper night out!! I hope I don't cry, fall asleep or leak milk!

Smorgs Sat 08-Dec-12 17:08:29

Ahhh my cousin in Paris just had her twins 6 weeks early. Theyre all soing great apparently. She spent 15 years ttc grin

hufflepuffle Sat 08-Dec-12 17:13:25

I could actually cry at so many of you going out tonight...... sad envy blush

Silly Huffle

God, you all so much more together and chilled than me!!!!

Enjoy yourselves! That is brilliant!!!!!


Twobuttonsaway Sat 08-Dec-12 18:21:51

Hi all, I went out with school mums on thurs which was lovely and baby buttons slept through til I got home, even had a glass of wine with DH and a dance in our living room!!

DH is now in my less good books as he's buggered off to the pub leaving me to juggle bath and bed for 4 year old (who will want multiple stories) and overtired babe (who will want multiple boobs!).

zara bf at night def shorter, I assume because of good hormones and supply at night.

Must run now meltdown occurring. Hope everyone has a good night

smileyhappymummy Sat 08-Dec-12 19:32:21

october happy anniversary, it's our wedding anniversary too today, 11 years! We have a less exciting evening planned but still lovely - been to m+ s to buy yummy food that will be quick and easy to cook in between settling offspring! Hope you have a lovely evening and squid enjoy pulp, listened to them so much during university and sixth form,I am v jealous!

Honeycantthinkofanxmasnickname Sat 08-Dec-12 20:27:38

Help. LO is 6 weeks and had spent the past 4 hours screaming blue murder. Normally he calms when I pick him up but he keeps screaming tonight. The only thing that helps is sticking a boob in his mouth but he's eaten plenty so I don't think he's hungry. He had wind earlier but think we sorted that before the screamathon started. Maybe I'm being naive and have been lucky up till now but is it normal for the intense screaming to just keep going? Or should I be really worried.

smileyhappymummy Sat 08-Dec-12 20:49:23

honey good sign I think that boob in mouth is working to calm him, would worry more if he didn't want to feed, could it be 6 week growth spurt maybe? Hugs for you anyway, it's exhausting when they start on a mega screamathon.

Honeycantthinkofanxmasnickname Sat 08-Dec-12 21:18:48

DH just home from work, have him DS and DS is now dozing peacefully in daddy's arms. My child hates me.

LoopyLa Sat 08-Dec-12 21:24:21

Holy moly, I've been so busy with visitors that a whole new thread has been created...

Marking my spot just in case I actually get 5 minutes to catch up with everyone!!

Oooooh, new emoticons!! Love 'em! grin

smile wink grin

(Where's the childish emoticon???)

Londonmrss Sat 08-Dec-12 22:12:10

honey I have the same thing. the fact is that often mummy is not the best person to settle baby because of the milky smell and association with feeding. mine often gets really frustrated with me and I think it's because she's feeling like she should feed but she doesn't really want to, she actually wants to sleep or whatever. try not to take it personally. it feels like it, but it's not rejection.

Elpis Sat 08-Dec-12 22:59:45

MickeyTheShortOne 11oz should be ample. Even if he wants more you know he's not going to starve while you're away. smile

How did DD self-settle? It was very different first time round. She was sleeping on her own in a cot and I would feed her to sleep, put her down, go to bed and then get up to feed her when she cried, feed her to sleep, then put her back in the cot. Sometimes I resented her so much for dragging me out of bed. sad When I went back to work I couldn't hack the broken nights any more and started taking her into the spare bed to feed when she woke me up. Sometimes I'd wake up and return to the marital bed, sometimes I didn't. She gradually woke less often until she was sleeping through, though I can't remember exactly when that was - around 9 months?

Now DS and I are co-sleeping, I put him in the cot next to the bed while DD has her bedtime story and a bit of milk. He generally falls asleep. She goes off to bed, I tuck her in, and when DS wakes and starts looking hungry I feed him to sleep. He's going for longer between night feeds now. As he gets older and more active I'll start putting him in the cot more often. But I do love snuggling up with him. smile

Honeycantthinkofanxmasnickname Sat 08-Dec-12 23:24:33

Oh, hasn't thought of that london thanks for the tip!

bella2012 Sat 08-Dec-12 23:32:33

ah huffle don't feel like that. I am still a million miles away from a night out too. Having said that, I am going to a party tomorrow but it starts at 2pm and the birthday girl is 3! It will happen for you though, you just wait! Soon you will have much more freedom. I keep reminding myself of how much I used to do and enjoy when I just had DS1. You are doing a bloody brilliant job, especially with all the bf crap you have to cope with so don't be hard on yourself.

I am a little jealous of all of you having nights out you lucky things! But not as jealous as I am of my husband though who is at our friends wedding in oxford with all our friends. Free bar all day...6 course meal...swing band...dancing... Jealous? Moi? Noooooo! Ha ha! To be honest, I feel aghast that he is able to exist outside of our home and family as it has been so long since i have done anything other than survive, feed and entertain my boys that I can not imagine having an hour out to socialise let alone a whole weekend. And if I was away, I would miss them horribly! I feel so frustrated that I am longing for something that I wouldn't want if I had it! I guess that ugly as it is, I feel resentful that he is able to enjoy parenthood and have a life too, whereas my life is totally and utterly consumed with it all to the point where I class having done a pile of ironing in a day as an achievement. I know it won't be like this forever and there is soooooo much about this period that I love, but sometimes it is hard to enjoy it when you feel you are the only one. I wish I had more generosity of spirit not to feel envious of him, because God knows he deserves a happy weekend after all the job stress. Must try harder!

Thank you for such lovely words cherry and well done on epic catch up! Looking forward to hearing your news!

Happy anniversary smiley and october!

Nothing from yomping for a while-hope you are OK hun??

Lisbeth thanks for the new thread!

Beeblebear Sun 09-Dec-12 04:13:46

Marking place.

May be mia for a while. Missed about 3 days of posts already.

Sil is in from australia, and my other sil just had a baby girl on friday so i hope to go visit her too soon.

Hope you all are well and managing some sleep.

Dh and i went out for a date night last week while grandparents babysat. Monday i am taking a card making class while sil babysits. Nice to be able to pump for some feeds.

Catch up again in a few weeks. Will try and read when i can and post anything urgent, sorry of i dont reply to you all.


Zara1984 Sun 09-Dec-12 06:46:45

Sigh. DS just had another 3 hour long screamathon. Late afternoon. Third time this week. Fuck. Absolutely nothing would console him. It's colic, isn't it?? Arrrgh. Fuck fuck fuck. Thank god I brought lots of Infacol with me as a precaution, will start it with every feed now.

Baby collapsed asleep in FIL's arms in the end. Amusingly FIL was convinced we had to take DS to the doctor because apparently there must be something seriously wrong with the baby for him to cry like this. "But it's so hard on us!!" he exclaimed. Oh, how MIL and I laughed...

Beccus Sun 09-Dec-12 07:01:10

thx elpis, am v. impressed ds will stay in cot while dd has story and milk. my dd would have a melt down! hope u guys enjoyed your nights out- i can do daytime socoalising but am too tired come the evening

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