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Brooking no argument for babies who sleep, eat, smile and behave perfectly at all times. Yeah right!

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scarletfingernail Wed 14-Nov-12 13:56:48

New thread, here we go...

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Nov-12 08:19:46

Me too, me too, B scoffed 3 whole fishfingers, minging soya mash, broccoli, soya yoghurt then woke at 10:15, (but hadn't managed to fit much milk before bed in unsurprisingly &/or woke himself coughing), then slept til nearly 8!!!! Now S of course....

Well done M and A!

Well done B! That's brilliant!

Oh, and M went down 'sleepy but awake' at 4.15 and dropped off on her own! I could hear her mumbling and coughing for a little while, but then she fell asleep.

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Nov-12 08:44:11

Im knackered though, as got b down, then s awoke 11:30 before I'd got to sleep, then 3 ish, then it got blurry...

BartletForTeamGB Thu 15-Nov-12 13:50:05

Oh, I have such rose-tinted memories of how good DS was at sleeping through - what will it be like this time?!

I'll join up properly with you all in February, I hope, but will keep lurking until then!

pommedechocolat Thu 15-Nov-12 14:01:20

DD1 was good at sleeping and properly stoically about her teeth <hollow laugh>

HOWEVER sibling interaction is the most awesome thing in the whole entire world. Yesterday in the ball pit at soft play my two little monsters made me heart melt. So it kinda makes up for it.

I reckon even sharing half chewed food sounds adorable dream!

You might get lucky twice anyway barlet!

BartletForTeamGB Thu 15-Nov-12 14:37:21

But he wasn't any good until he was about a year old - it has just all been forgotten about in the mist of time!

I am so looking forward to DS being a big brother to someone he can cuddle and play with!

scarletfingernail Thu 15-Nov-12 15:02:32

Bartlet I'm so excited for you. DS is delightful with DD, he just loves her so much. I was worried about how it would affect him when she arrived but my concerns were totally unnecessary.

<whispers> I've been extremely lucky and had 2 very good sleepers. Both have slept through from about 10 weeks. <ducks out of the way of flying objects aimed at me by sleep deprived brokers> But I'm sure I'll pay for it in other ways in years to come smile

Biscuitsandtea Thu 15-Nov-12 15:16:30

Yes, totally agree on the sibling thing smile. It is adorable. One of the hardest things (for me) about struggling ttc was that I really wanted a sibling for ds1, and then I would worry 'what if they don't get on' but ds1 has exceeded my wildest expectations with how much he cares for ds2 and just how much he loves him. They are so so cute together.

On the topic of sleep, just yesterday DH was saying 'oh ds2 is a much worse sleeper than ds1' and I felt obliged to point out that, given he is sleeping through the night, he's really not doing too bad! It's just if ds1 was a 9 or 10 for sleeping, ds2 would maybe get a 7? I think DH has selective memory about these things though as he seems to have forgotten that there were times that ds1 struggled too hmm

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Nov-12 18:55:57

Yes, the sharing is so sweet. She does give them better offerings than that sometimes too smile & poke whichever baby is next to her in the car, usually while trying to stroke/ kiss them but still really irritating when she wakes them as they don't go back to sleep I feel bad as DD loves her brothers so much I'm often telling her off or to stop at least for making them cry with too much kissing and cuddling...

I'm on tenterhooks. My job is being advertised for temporary cover right now, if they can recruit cover my career break application will be approved and I'll be off til Jan 4th 2014. Eeeeek, I've got everything crossed . We will make a huge loss on childcare otherwise and i don't want to go back in Feb/March. We will still make a loss in Jan 2014 but more do-able, maybe only lose £200 a month then shock

Biscuitsandtea Thu 15-Nov-12 19:02:28

Keeping everything crossed for you dream - I suppose paying for childcare for 3 would be hideous wouldn't it until dd gets her funding?

When will you find out?

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Nov-12 19:35:34

I'll hear if anyone suitable applied in the next 3-4 weeks, (there's no set closing date, they just wait til enough applications are in), then they've got to interview, if someone seems ok, then they'll offer the job, if its accepted then my request goes back to vacancy panel for approval. The joy of very long winded nhs processes. I put the application in in August, I'll probably hear in Dec/Jan, giving me 1-2 months to decide what to do/ sort childcare fully before I'm due back...

Biscuitsandtea Thu 15-Nov-12 19:49:24

Nice - gotta love a bit of NHS bureaucracy! smile

cakes82 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:13:08

On the topic of sleep, how do I try and persuade my little one to feed for longer and then sleep for longer cause they currently appear to be linked. She has a lovely long spell of sleep (well up to 5 hrs) and then it all varies from then on. Annoyingly the long patch can begin from 7pm onwards depending on when she decides she is hungry and what we've been doing during day. I like the idea of her sleeping through at 10weeks so she has 4 weeks to perfect that lol. She also still has her cold which seems to start annoying her in the early hours sad

Hope it works out for you Dream

jaggythistle Thu 15-Nov-12 20:23:12

good luck dream!

waves excitedly to Bartlet! look forward to you joining us. smile

coincidentally the boys have been super cute together this week. we put DS1 into the bath after DS2 had already had a wash and wee DS2 just giggled his head off with delight at everything his big brother did. even when he poured lots of water over his head. grin they had another bath tonight and were similarly giggly.

i just had a lovely bedtime where DS2 started to fall asleep feeding while i did the bedtime story. DS1 was stroking his wee fluffy hair and asking if he was still awake. "i like him awake mummy" hmm

then DS1 and i had a wee chat while DS2 finished feeding.

so they were both in bed at 8 o'clock, with DS2 asleep. shock <faints> We did a trial run of putting DS2 in his cot with DS1 still awake last night and it was fine. i always thought he'd get overexcited and wake the baby.

DS2 was of course awake within 2 hours and up every 2 after that, but at least we're not having to wait till DS1 is asleep!

jaggythistle Thu 15-Nov-12 20:27:37

i am also impressed that i got DS2 into his sleeping bag while feeding him and doing the story.

the day didn't start so well, DS2 hadn't pooped for nearly 3 days and chose to have a Poonami at 6.45 am while i changed a leaky wee nappy. i was a bit late for work...

tomorrow is Friday, yay! i get to finish 2 hours early and then it's the weekend.

off to wash my expressing dishes, boo!

Why, oh why, did I let M have an afternoon nap? She slept from 3.30 to 5 and thus is still wide awake and chirpy. I am not. I want to go to bed. But she had only had an hour's nap in the morning instead of her usual 2, and she was up earlier as well. <wails>

Dream, hope you get some great applicants so you can have your career break with no hitches.

Jaggy, week one nearly over! Yay for Fridays!

jaggythistle Thu 15-Nov-12 21:30:30

DS2's early night lasted till 9.15 so he's back feeding again...

at least my dishes are done.

NinjaChipmunk Thu 15-Nov-12 22:10:36

cakes i can't believe your dd is 6 weeks already, that has flown by. Can't help on the feeding I'm afraid, I gave up bf after a month as I got mastitis recurrently. Hopefully someone else will have some ideas though.
<waves at Bartlet>
dream hope the job thing goes ok and you get your leave approved. I dream of coming into lots of money and giving up my job, having a couple more babies and building my dream studio. One day....
Hoping all the babies go back to sleep.

scarletfingernail Thu 15-Nov-12 22:44:43

cakes the sleep thing for DD only happened here when I introduced a bedtime formula feed. Not a decision I made lightly, it was just so I could feel more human in the day for older DS's sake. I don't cope well on interrupted sleep and I was tetchy, impatient and too tired to play with him. DS was fully FF from 4 weeks and I found it easy to get into a routine with him but regret not persevering BFing for longer. But I wasn't on MN back then and was clueless about building supply etc. I was the first person in my family to attempt BF and all of my friends with DC already had all FF so no one told me it was supposed to be relentless at first. My HV was recommending to FF as he was slow gaining weight so I did sad

jaggythistle Fri 16-Nov-12 08:34:31

I am such a fuckwit!!!!

I was catching up on emails from when I was on leave and I thought I'd sent a question about one to my boss. Noooo, I replied to the sender and it was the boss of the whole flippin site. blush blush It was a totally trivial thing as well. He replied very nicely and sent it on to get sorted for me. Hopefully a) I won't see him for a while and b) he won't remember who I am anyway. Do you think it would be gimpy to send a reply saying thanks and explaining I meant to ask my boss? I have written it but not pressed send....

Must pay more attention....

Thank crunchie it's Friday.

cakes If you're getting several hours in a row at 6 weeks, I reckon you're doing pretty good! better than my 7 MONTH old is currently doing

I'm also a bad person to ask as my entire plan is to wait till DS2 fiures out sleeping by himself, because that worked for DS! blush It's frustrating when they have a big sleep early on then pop up and down all night though, eh! I've just let both sleep/feed on my knee till I went to bed out of complete laziness. DS2 does now go to bed in his cot in DS1's room though.

cakes82 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:49:22

Jaggy I guess as you replied to the person that sent the message in first place its not so bad even if you did mean to ask your boss.

Ninja I can't believe its 6 weeks already, time this year has gone so quickly and its nice she is starting to smile, even her windy smiles look more like big obvious smiles I guess as muscles are strengthening. She holds her head up well when being a chest frog but not so well when on floor on her tummy.

Last night she slept 9.45 till 1 then woke every two hours had a 10 min feed and went back to sleep confused I tried everything I could think of to get her to feed for longer in hope she would sleep longer but once asleep that was it sad

<wibble> I have just been organising my return to work - have got work all sorted out and phoned the nursery to check M's settling-in sessions are all booked. She's now doing an hour on Tues 11, an hour on Thurs 13, then the full morning Tues 18, full afternoon Thurs 20, then the Christmas break, and then she has her first full day on Thurs 3 Jan. I start back to work on Mon 7 Jan and she goes for her first full (well, 3 day) week starting on Tues 8th. sad How did it get to be mid-November already? I only have 7 more weeks at home - only 2 more on official mat leave, then the rest are annual leave.

Oh feck, must take baking out of oven. Laters!

FairiesWearPoppies Fri 16-Nov-12 11:54:58

Ooo just found this thread. Can I join? Ds is 25 wks tomorrow.

pommedechocolat Fri 16-Nov-12 12:00:41

hello fairies! <hands over some cakes>

of course you can join and we'd love to know a bit about you and your ds too? is he your first? Does he sleep?!

On the subject of sleep - A did 13 hours last night (brief sleepy cries at 8.30 and 4am). I think its the formula.

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