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Brooking no argument for babies who sleep, eat, smile and behave perfectly at all times. Yeah right!

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scarletfingernail Wed 14-Nov-12 13:56:48

New thread, here we go...

scarletfingernail Tue 27-Nov-12 21:53:34

Ooh yes have a fab time Pomme

Those of you planning your next DC envy. Although I'm happy that we're done, I know i'm still always have pangs for newborn snuggles with my own DC.

Ooooo yes, good luck with last minute packing/prep for your weekend away Pomme!

Sending hugs to Scarlet, I hope you feel better soon my lovely, head colds are quite awful. No brooking hard for all the poorly mini No Brookers (Scarlet's DD, Dream's S and Jaggy's DS2, plus any others I've missed!) to feel better asap!

Poor little A has a horrible temperature tonight, still over 37 degrees after both paracetamol and ibuprofen. She doesn't seem ill in any other way, and she bit me hmm with her two new teeth for the first time today (ow!) so I can only assume there are more teeth on their way. Sigh. She's so hot and clingy that I don't have the heart to be as consistent at keeping her in her cot as I was last night, but I also don't want to confuse her by going back to co-sleeping. So I foresee a night of pick-up-put-down ahead, and that went down like a lead balloon when I tried it a few weeks ago. Sigh.

In other news she's officially a crawler now! Crawling all around the front room! Sooooo cute! Hopefully this will placate my Nan who had a 'Big Talk' with me the other day about how if I was living at home with DH little A would spend less time in the car driving between my house and my parents' house, hence she would have more time to cruise around her cot, hence she'd be walking by now hmm Somehow we got from me failing as a wife to me failing as a mother in only 2 moves! Sigh. She means well, and normally she's absolutely wonderful, but short of physical violence she cannot understand why I've moved out.

Hmmm, xmas pressies... Does anyone here have a Nexus 7? I can't justify the cost of an ipad mini given I already have a pretty shiny laptop that's less than a year old and a pretty shiny iphone that's about 6 months old. So I'm considering alternatives. Any recommendations?

I hope all the babies are kind to us tonight! Especially Dream's BBBBs!

DD was up and very vocal from 1.30 to 3. I think she's finally down again now. Is there any chance, any hope whatsoever, that this stint could be in lieu of the usual 3am-onwards screaming fest?! Or was this just an added bonus before the rest of the night's standard fun?! Place your bets now...!

DreamingOfPeace Wed 28-Nov-12 07:52:56

Instead of scream

5 wake ups from S (who still has the runs) 2 from B. I've got a headache and am feeling meh about it all.

What a brave boy scarlet . Hope it's negative. And head colds are so horrible, thank goodness your DD isn't super whingey yet for you to deal with too.

Best go, B woken up, (s up. Fed, nappied and playing of course) DD still quiet?!?!?

Biscuitsandtinsel Wed 28-Nov-12 09:28:16

I'm hoping it was instead of Scream

Sorry for another bad night Dream - am brooking no argument that S is better soon and back on solids (and of course suddenly finding a liking for sleeping through!

Now I've just had a thought - I haven't thought through the logistics of this at all so apologies if it is a silly idea but did B and S sleep better when they shared a travel cot? I just wondered whether they might sleep or self settle a bit better in the night if they shared a cot? Would they even both fit in one cot?

The only thing that made me think of it was I remember going to view a house when we were buying and one house we went to had a little girl and then twin boys and when we saw the twins room the beds were pushed together and the lady said (not that we commented on it or anything, she brought it up) 'Oh they always sleep together. When they were babies I used to find if I put them in separate cots that one would climb into the other cot by the morning'. Now they were older obviously than your two but only sort of primary school age.

Biscuitsandtinsel Wed 28-Nov-12 09:28:59

And hope you're feeling better in the Scarlet household. Hope DS's test results come back OK - when should you find out?

musicalmrs Wed 28-Nov-12 11:09:25

Scarlet, you have a brave DS. Hope the results come back quickly.

Dream, sorry you've had yet another bad night sad I wonder if Biscuit's idea would help? Didn't they used to share?

Also hoping it was instead Scream!

Not a good night here. After several nights of not co-sleeping I ended up chucking her in bed with us, just so I could get some sleep. I have lunch with some composery friends in London later, and wanted to be semi with it! Will try and be slightly more strict tonight - though I'm well aware that it's probably (still!) her teeth bugging her. I also have a concert tomorrow, so will have to ensure I get at least some sleep.. hmm.

Doctors went well. Apparently I have fanjo eczema as a result of the tear?! Anyway, I have cream and bath stuff (or at least, will when I hvae a chance to go to the pharmacy), and all will be well. Hopefully.

Supposed to be at baby group, but Iz has suddenly zonked out on me (after avoiding her morning nap, hmm!) so will have to skip it..

Sorry to hear about Musical's Iz and Dream's DTs having a bad night sad Hope you have fun at lunch Musical! Sending a big bear hug to Dream to chase away meh-ness!

Little A slept from 3 til 6, which is a vast improvement on screaming from 3 to 6! She was then up until 7, before zonking out until 10 hmm Why exactly can't she manage 4 hours at night if she can do it in the morning?! I've been so good about getting her up before 8 this week, but today I was just so tired that I also slept until ten. Cue the midnight bedtime again tonight. Sigh.

Feeling a bit fed up with the whole sleep thing. I do feel sorry for DD though, her temp is still really high today, although I'm trying to give her a few hours break from the meds. I want to see how high it goes, in case I've been masking a more serious problem with repeat doses of calpol/nurofen.

Scarlet how is your DS's hand today? I hope the bruise has pretty much gone. No Brooking for good results!

pommedechocolat Wed 28-Nov-12 12:37:21

how are her naps scream? how long can see normally go between them? I'd be thinking one nap and early bedtime on a 10am wake up but then I'm all about 7pm bedtimes! I NEED an evening!

She usually starts slowing down / thumb sucking about 2 1/2 hours after waking. I've been keeping her up for a minimum of 3 hours between naps. Previously she used to have two naps during the day and be ready to go to bed around 8. Now with her late rising I find that if I stick to the three hour gap between naps, she'll still go down around 8 but she'll treat that as a third nap, and she'll be up dancing around from 9 til midnight.

I'm just not sure that I could get her to have only one nap in the day. She'd be so grumpy and fretful/clingy all day, and then it'd be a nightmare getting her down at 6 or 7 when she's so overtired. Plus she'd just end up treating bedtime like her missing nap, and get up at 8 or 9 again.

Thanks for the suggestion though Pomme. Apologies if I've been negative in response to all the help you lovely ladies have offered me. I'm just exhausted and feeling a bit hopeless about it all. My sister didn't sleep through until about 4yo (seriously, she'd get up every night and cry outside my parents' bedroom door keeping the whole family up). Little A's oldest cousin started school in Sept and he's the same, still getting up every night. I just feel like this problem is never going to end and I'm going to be getting up all night every night for YEARS to come!

Sorry, it's probably just AF making me such a grump. I'll go take my iron supplement and a medicinal bar of chocolate and try to find my No Brooking spirit!

scarletfingernail Wed 28-Nov-12 13:44:37

Sounds like wine is in order Scream. I'm the queen of negative thinking and always fear the worst, so I know I'm giving out advice that I wouldn't give to myself BUT, please try not to get yourself down by coming to the conclusion that A will be like your sister and other relative. She probably won't be. She's still so tiny and it's probably her teeth making her like this. I'm sure you'll find a way to break the habit over the next few weeks.

Musical so pleased you have a diagnosis! There is a name for it, but it escapes me now. I had the exact same thing weirdly caused by be going on a horrifically long bike ride a couple of years ago confused. I'd never had it before or since! The cream cleared it up within a fortnight IIRC. Probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen my GP for.

I spoke too soon about DD smiling through the snot. I had a horrendous night with her and she's also spent this morning crying and sicking up snot poor thing. I'm also feeling rubbish so am going to join Scream in eating some chocolate. DS has proudly been showing his friends at playgroup his poor hand and is absolutely fine today. I think it takes about a week to get the results.

Sounds like you've definitely earned some wine Scarlet! Poor you, and poor DD. I hope it goes quickly!

It just so happens that I picked up some M&S mulled wine the other day... but if I crack it open now my parents will think I'm an alcoholic. Only if they find out of course! wink <tries to ignore the fact that hiding alcohol consumption is a sign of alcoholism>

hohohohawthers Wed 28-Nov-12 14:16:30

Hey scream I don't know whether this would be possible but I saw a sleep consultant a little while ago for a seminar and she does one on one advice where she has a 99% success rate for sleeping through. She uses a variety of techniques depending on the parents attitude. I highly recommend her but it costs 175 or 199 I think. So not cheap but I'd totally pay her triple that for a full nights sleep can pm her details if you ate interested

Oooo Hawthers, that's a fantastic idea! Thanks! Please can you send me her details? What did you think of her?

pommedechocolat Wed 28-Nov-12 14:26:19

Dh and I had set Dec 1st as our deadline for getting a sleep specialist in hawthers and scream. I'd definitely sacrifice other things for sleep!

hohohohawthers Wed 28-Nov-12 14:26:20

[[ nicola]] hope that works. She.did a seminar at my house and she just seemed down to earth and sympathetic and if f hadnt sorted it out himself I would have been booking the premium package asap. Life is just so much more managable in sleep as pomme will testify! It def helped my relationship with DH which alone would be worth it

That website looks good! Thanks Hawthers! I'll be talking DH into that later today... I like the idea of starting the 4 week period while I'm at my parents' house, covering the xmas madness, and finishing up when we're back home. Then I'll feel like I can implement the plan in any situation, rather than only when everything else is perfectly stable (which is about two weeks a year!)

musicalmrs Wed 28-Nov-12 17:56:50

Scarlet - a bike ride?! How bizarre confused Glad it cleared up for you so quickly though - hope it does the same for me. Haven't had a chance to fill the prescription yet, but maybe tomorrow. Yes - rather embarassing seeing the GP, but it wasn't my GP persay - plus I'd already had the conversation with the nurse when I had my smear test, so I think I'm all embarassed out!

Had a nice lunch in London, but it was Very Academic. It was lovely seeing other composers, but I'm so unused to talking contemporary art type talk that my brain has turned to mush. I think it's partly because I'm so shattered. I feel that bone-aching tiredness I last felt when Iz was a newborn. Ick!

While we were there, a policeman friend happened to be on duty (random!), and gave Iz a cuddle - photos of cuddling a policeman in uniform are very cute grin.

Tonight all I have to do after she's gone to bed is run through six pieces of piano accompaniment for a concert tomorrow and plan a rehearsal, then I think I'll go hide in bed...

Scream, Hawthers's consultant sounds good. She won't end up like your relative or sister though - this too will pass. For all of us who are stuck with it! Also very very glad DH has a long weekend this weekend - hoping he can help out a bit and let me get a little more sleep...

Biscuitsandtinsel Wed 28-Nov-12 18:00:21

Oooh musical can you fb the pics? Or is that against the law somehow? confused

scarletfingernail Wed 28-Nov-12 18:37:39

Musical sorry it wasn't vaginal eczema that I had. It was a condition called Lichen Sclerosus. My GP likened it to eczema which Is where I've got confused. I've just Googled it again as it was a while ago that I had it. It was bloody horrible anyway and I was sooo relieved when it cleared up. I don't know for definite that it was the bike ride but it was the only unusual thing that I had done that I could think of. I'd not been on a bike for about 10 years before then! blush I really do share too much information I fear.

Biscuitsandtinsel Wed 28-Nov-12 18:58:52

I knew bikes were Bad For You grin

DreamingOfPeace Wed 28-Nov-12 19:24:31

grin biscuits

scream I got up at least twice a night every night til I went to school, then it very rapidly stopped. I've always had difficulty falling asleep, from babyhood. My dad is an insomniac. My grandmother was an insomniac. My mum has problems with early waking. Sleep problems are rife in my family. DD sleeps through. A will sleep much better, soon. But I feel your despair. I've got the bone aching tiredness as musical describes. It bloody well must will pass.

Oooo you've terrified me now Dream! Sounds like insomnia could run in families, and I've been an insomniac since school! Argh!

However I agree, this MUST pass! Just for tonight though I'm afraid I've thrown in the towel. I've just been really down about the whole mess all day and my Mum very sweetly insisted on taking DD tonight. I know that means she'll have a night of inconsistent indulgent Nana cuddles, instead of strict Mummy, but she's still got a temp so she deserves a few extra cuddles and it's hardly like my techniques have been working!

2nd grin being sent Biscuits' way! I couldn't agree more!

2nd request for posting on FB of the police uniform pics Musical!

<Heads back to sofa to finish off medicinal pizza with medicinal garlic bread and medicinal ice cream (extra bad!) to be followed by medicinal mulled wine. Ahem>

DreamingOfPeace Wed 28-Nov-12 20:55:17

no scream, its encouraging- all my bad sleep genes, and I was expecting a baby who wouldn't sleep through for years and I got DD, nightmare at first but slept through at nearly 11 weeks grin . And I do think the Sleep Hell with her for those 6 months later was my pregnancy freaking her out. How's your dh's sleep?! And envy envy envy at your night off. Enjoy it guilt free. It's all different when they're ill.

3rd request for pics musical smile

Dream it's just that your Gran had a sleepless DC - your Dad. Then your Dad had a sleepless DC - you. Now you have the DTs... However they are mini No Brookers so the family trait stops here! We will Brook No Argument that the insomnia won't last in your house or mine! My DH could sleep through the Second Coming grin, unfortunately it seems to be the only area in which DD takes after me! The ginger afro mohawk is totally her father's fault grin

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