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October 2012 babies part 2: winding, yawning and grizzling, and first smiles?

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YompingJo Tue 13-Nov-12 05:20:10

Part 2: in which our babies learn to sleep through the night and make us tea in the morning <hopeful face>

Katla Thu 22-Nov-12 20:58:28

Loopy grin re norks in bath - mine are huge too, with blue veins, not that attractive but large for sure. DH bought Erin a 'pillow pet' ladybird - it's her fav thing to lie and kick at, she lies and makes funny noises at it with open mouth and she tries to grab it - and today I see why she loves it, as it's face is like a boob! She was trying to latch on to it's nose!!! grin It's got a flesh coloured big face with a big red nose - clearly like my giant bosums...

Angelico what a time you are having of it. I guess at least it's been spotted now and you're getting treated. Hope all goes well flowers

Bella thanks for passing on info from BF lady. Guess it's how to make it fit in with everyday life. At home on the sofa it's so much easier than when out and about. I miss my cushion to prop Erin up when BF out the house - she's so heavy! Also she's now into grabbing and gripping things so I have to be careful of small scratchy hands scrabbling at my chest - it's excruciating if she catches a nipple.

I am also so happy as managed to fit in pre-pregnancy jeans today for first time! My skin on tummy is still soft and more flabby than before but it's clearly shrinking despite my daily chocolate

WantAnOrange Thu 22-Nov-12 21:38:28

Squid took your advice and had a bath with DD. She loved it! Got a suprise though when she reached up and latched onto boob as I was washing her hair!

smileyhappymummy Thu 22-Nov-12 21:51:27

katia chuckling at baby trying to latch onto ladybird - thank you!
angelico lots of sympathy! Pleased that at least it will be sorted soon. I'm not an expert so please talk to anaesthetist but afaik you should be able to go straight back to bf as soon as you're awake enough.... Try looking at this leaflet
crazy if still bleeding st 7 weekd best get checked. Likely all fine but need to rule out infection or retained products. Sympathy on awful night too, I feel your pain!
We've been to GP today and returned with infant gaviscon to try and combat the mega pukes and howling post feed, strong steroid cream for my miserable hand eczema, an appointment to have mirena coil fitted and chocolate from the shop next door. A successful trip.
Baby smiley unhappy today. Howling at everything. Interested in nothing (except boob). Not settling. Can't wait for tonight.....

Zara1984 Thu 22-Nov-12 22:27:45

3 months!!! Hahahahaha! As if...

Although saying that, I know someone who found out she was pregnant at her 6 week check <horror emoticon>

hufflepuffle Thu 22-Nov-12 22:36:06

a) How the heck you all finding time to have baths??


b) Pregnant at 6 week check............ Sweet baby Jesus. I cannot comment.

(tho I hav 1 set of patients with 2 kids in same yr in school, not twins, smug dad loves telling people, always makes me feel slightly sick......)

Angelico Thu 22-Nov-12 23:53:02

'Irish twins', people. That's what they're called in Dublin grin Same school year but not twins... One of my DSILs only narrowly avoided this - think there are 13 months between hers <collapses at very idea>

Feel tired and shitty tonight and not one bit positive (but thank you Bella for the encouragement thanks and all for sympathy) and Bean is squealing next door and my throat hurts and I would give anything just to abscond to a hotel ON and sleep for about 12 hours... Oh sleep my old friend!!! How I took you for granted before... grin

Got some good info from people on here about Sat, largely positive, saying will prob just be a bit crampy afterwards (like period pains). Can't keep bleeding indefinitely so prob better it's getting sorted just wish GAs didn't make me boke. This will be my 6th and twice I've been kept in after so-called day procedures because I couldn't keep anything down afterwards including water. Hoping since it's only a 5 min job it will wear off really quickly.

Cherrychopsticks Thu 22-Nov-12 23:54:59

Angelico, poor you, that's rubbish! But on the bright side, once it's done lots of things might start to improve for you. You won't be so run down and will have more energy when the infection is gone, and the bleeding will be one less thing to think and worry about. Hope it all goes well thanks

Sorry to hear you're still having such crap nights Crazy, doubly so with DS1 it seems. Sounds like you cope with it all fantastically.

Loopy I also dreaded baths, but once you've done the first it's fine. I don't think it's at all a problem for baby that he hasn't been bathed yet, but I think the longer you leave it, the worse it'll be for your confidence. You'll be building it up in your head. I bathe in the morning, about 30 mins after a feed, when he's nice and calm or even asleep.. A washing up bowl in the kitchen sink might be a really good idea.
We also have the Rainforest gym, DS loves it but has a very short attention span!

So excited, my best friend and her husband are coming to visit today! They're on their way from the airport now so I better get on and make myself half decent. So I don't know if I'll be able to post much over the next few days, but then there's always the night feeds I suppose...grin

Cherrychopsticks Thu 22-Nov-12 23:59:59

Oh, and pregnant after 3 months?? Or six weeks!! No thanks
If I could guarantee such a trouble free, easy pregnancy again next time, maybe I could handle that, but dealing with 2 babies on the other side? No way!

Angelico, it will wear off really quickly. You will not puke. Sending lots of positive vibes.

LoopyLa Fri 23-Nov-12 04:41:50

God what a night sad Had an amazing day yesterday with Baby Loopy, he slept & played like an angel...since 8.30pm though, it's like he's been possessed... I've only just got him to sleep!! Anyone got any matchsticks?!

And I got an arsey look from DH when I dared suggest working in an office was easier than looking after a newborn all day hmm

grin at Katla & the ladybird!!

I know you're right Cherry, thank you smile

And hugs to all those old friends who aren't posting but might be reading, miss you <waves>

bella2012 Fri 23-Nov-12 05:35:43

feeding on and off for three hours now. Have only had 2 hours sleep. Have to get up in an hour to get ds ready for playgroup. Want to cry!

meepsmum Fri 23-Nov-12 06:36:20

Whats with the wide awakes at 5 am???? Every night its the same and meep will only b quiet if in my arms and even then squirms and headbuts. Woke upq earlier with him in bed and had rolled onto him slightly so he was grunting at me. totally horrified i could have smothered him. Feel beyond awful and cry whenever i think about it...thank god i woke up. Meep not going on bed anymore. Eventhoufh this means many more hours awake in chair instead.

hufflepuffle Fri 23-Nov-12 06:54:21

Gosh this boy of mine can tell time!! Wakes at 6.30 every morning for feed!! Not saying what time he went down as do not wish to annoy non sleeping mummies- this may not last!!

Angelico so glad u got advice on here. Cheers to mumsnet!! Is there a reason why this cannot be done with epidural?! Sounds quite invasive obviously but just wondering. My post birth surgery, totally different, was so just wondered. My mums 5hr plus knee op was even done with spinal ( I think. ), thought it was anaesthetic of choice now.

Poor Bella and Loopy. That's a v long night for you. Hope u still asleep now!

LovingKatlas ladybird ladyboob!!! Flip, I want one for DS!!! He needs a friend!!

Cherry enjoy your visitors. That is great for you!!

He's asleep again!! Let's try back to bed.... Or is he just booby drunk?!


londonlivvy Fri 23-Nov-12 08:04:56

Hi ladies,

The gaviscon seems to be working, to my great relief. Things got a little tetchy last night around 6-7pm but DF magically happened to get home just as I was losing mojo and finally settled her around 8. Then mat nurse mk2 turned up and we went to bed. It turns out that DD was a lot better, though woke a couple of times (in addition to food times) needing winding and a dummy (I'm told the latter v soothing for reflux babies). This is going to be tricky for me - ie to work out what are I'm hungry cries vs the I'm in pain cries. Anyway, the whole reflux thing doesn't feel as depressing as it did yesterday. I was feeling pretty low about it.

And today one of my oldest friends arrives for the weekend. she loves babies nd has a fresh set of arms for winding and soothing purposes. Hurrah for that.

I am with everyone on the no way would want to be pregnant again. Holy cow.

angelico that sucks re the op. I hope you are not too wiped out by the GA. still, at least the bleeding will stop?

On the baths front, I do one about 530 every day. She loves it and it gets rid of some of the whinging from that time of day. We use a plastic insert, in the main bath, which saves my arms. Maybe try one of those, loopy

crazy I hope you've had some sleep. And bella have the prospect of a nap sometime in your future?

Eek gotta go.

hufflepuffle Fri 23-Nov-12 08:43:43

Londonlivvy smile smile smile

I think you are seeing light at the end of your tunnel. Hopefully the very worst is behind you. Lots of positive vibes winging their way to you

Xx xx

Midgetm Fri 23-Nov-12 09:12:36

<runs in throws self at Bella and bear hugs her>

Big sympathy bella. Nothing quite like the sheer depressive moment when you realise you've finally settled one and you have to get up for the next one.

Angelico Fri 23-Nov-12 10:07:52

Bella I feel like crying for you with the sleeping thing - hope you can hang in there today sad Huffle I think they give GA because you're up and moving so quickly compared to a spinal. Some people have no bother with them, I am just a champion boker (but thanks for good vibes Cherry and enjoy your visitor smile )

bella2012 Fri 23-Nov-12 10:34:08

Thanks so much for the sympathy everyone and for the bear hug midget! That made me laugh! Had Two bad nights so must be due a good one tonight. PMA!! At least DH is home tonight thank God, so i can have some help with bath and bedtime. We are going to try and have a date night at home- a nice meal, candles, music and a catch-up. I know i will probs have lil Will attached to my boob, a little goosberry, but we are going to give it a go. I might even get some slap on and brush my hair, you just never know! Gotta go...his majesty is nearly finished feeding and is doing his delightful shark attack bit. Love to all xxx

OctoberOctober Fri 23-Nov-12 10:56:50

Hope you get a bit of calm with older one at play group bella.

I am finally having long overdue day at home with both of them as ds1 still not great. Not as bad as feared although it is only 11am, could all go horribly wrong before long or if tv breaks.

I've been bathing bean in bathroom sink which he hates, might see if he prefers proper baby bath. One thing that helped when bathing ds1 on own first time round was this towel that poppers round your neck so you have arms free to get them out, also good when they are bigger and splashy little monsters! Will try to post link if helpful when not on phone.

hufflepuffle Fri 23-Nov-12 11:34:34

11lb 14 at 5 weeks. I am rearing a sumo wrestler!

Midgetm Fri 23-Nov-12 11:51:09

Bloody hell huffle

HoneyMum21 Fri 23-Nov-12 11:58:38

I was reading another thread and I'm worrying (yes, am neurotic first time mum). Should baby honey be reacting to me tickling him for example or blowing raspberries? He doesn't react to things we do/ he's 4 weeks. Yesterday he was fast asleep and didn't wake up when we tried tickling, shaking noisy toys or anything- not even during a nappy change!

YompingJo Fri 23-Nov-12 12:56:39

<jazz hands> We had sex!!!!!

It wasn't quite the romantic affair I had imagined... foreplay now consists of feeding, changing and rocking a baby to sleep, and the slightly offputting hillbilly Movember 'tache combined with the better-be-safe-than-sorry bright yellow, banana flavoured, it-was-the-last-one-in-the-kinky-drawer condom lent it a distinctly, um, interesting feel - but full blown sex was had, from start to (ahem) almost simultaneous finish (OK, he blew way before me, I take it as a compliment and nothing to do with the fact that he hasn't had a shag in nearly 2 months ). It was... nice. I was a bit tense and worried and self conscious, but things felt normal, nothing hurt, nothing was uncomfortable and when I am more relaxed and once I have toned up my plevic floor and can actually feel something in there again I think it will be much like before. <relieved face> (apart from the boob spurting milk, that never happened before blush)

Also, some co-sleeping questions for those who do:

Firstly, I am feeding lying down but I have to swap sides with her every feed as she needs the other boob each time - is this what others do? Seems a little weird clambering over her (easier than lifting her over me)

Secondly, much as I try to keep her on her back, when she is next to me on the bed, she rolls towards me and ends up on her side. Does anyone else have this problem?

Midgetm Fri 23-Nov-12 12:58:46

I wouldn't worry honey newborns can shut the world out and sleep for England. I would worry if he didn't react to loud noises when awake but not asleep. Have you had the hearing check done? They don't always start interacting and reacting to other people quite that early. Don't panic. grin

Midgetm Fri 23-Nov-12 13:03:05

Sorry yomping cross posted...

Pom poms for yomping and the sex. I am considering taking the plunge after my 6 week check. unlikely but a girl can brag right?. I salute your bravery. Re the co sleeping - I tend to only feed one side but often climb over MM and he always rolls towards me. So much so he sleeps on his side most of the time even when in his basket. He always has. Health visitor says he can't roll himself but he bloody well does all the time.

crazypaving Fri 23-Nov-12 13:24:34

meepsmum hope you're ok, that sounded really scary sad Big hug for you. Can you read a bit more around co-sleeping? Maybe surround meep with a bf cushion to carve a bit of space that's uniquely his?

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