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December 2011 - they'll soon be one, put away the <haddocks> and bring out the bunting!

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seven77 Sat 03-Nov-12 09:38:45

I loved kate's thread name but thought we needed a birthday theme for this one. We'll soon have 6 weeks of birthdays to celebrate!

CheungFun Fri 28-Dec-12 10:18:31

Belated Happy Christmas everyone smile

DS had a lovely birthday and Christmas and has been spoilt rotten! He took quite a while to settle down to sleep at night on both days - massive overstimulation I think, and has a horrible snotty nose, but he's been very good.

I've packed away the bottles and he's not drinking milk at bed time, but I'm giving him a third of a sippy cup of milk after each meal and he's drinking that. I give him water during the meal, then when he's finished pour the milk in. So lovely not having to sterilise and boil the kettle and make up formula!

We haven't played with all of his toys yet, but favourites so far are the ball pit, the ride on, stacking cups, toy cars and board books.

DH is going to look after DS this afternoon and DM and I are going to brave the shops and get the party bags and check out the sales. DS and his friend are having their joint party tomorrow, so that should be fun.

CheungFun Fri 28-Dec-12 10:22:29

Oh and forgot to add....teenage boys are awful! BIL is 14 and bought DS 1 fruit shoot and 1 bag of jelly babies for his 1st Birthday shock Any thoughts on BIL's birthday present.....a can of coke and a Penguin bar perhaps...grin I'm slightly offended, but mainly wanting to think of a suitable present in return, a least it will be cheap!

ChristmasIsForPlutocrats Fri 28-Dec-12 10:27:24

As for nighttime screaming, I'm sure they dream, especially now, and the Christmas disruptions (and noise!) are great material for internal drama! Rich food (DD was bloody GUZZLING brandied Christmas pud, the piglet) is another shock to the system.

Don't anyone panic that the nightmares are here to stay! smile Even my over-anxious and imaginative drama queen 4.9 y.o. doesn't have bad dreams every night!!

MissChristmastRee Fri 28-Dec-12 11:20:14

Well, Christmas has been a blur of still feeling poorly (me and Freya), no overindulgence (food still isn't really interesting me) and lots of time spent with Jack! It's been lovely but quite stressful. Freya's cough and green snots have come back with a vengeance but the poops are looking much better - I think the last couple of days have been more to do with the fact that her second canine is coming through - still no too fronts though! She's going to look like a vampire!!!!

Now for the birthday prep - 2 weeks to go and I'm off to raid the January sales for her presents, the one bonus of a January baby!

We all got far too much stuff and I'm stressing at where we're going to find space for it all! We're already massively overcrowded here confused

There was other stuff I was going to say but I've forgotten...

Oh yes, downstairs neighbours had a party last night. At 12.30 DP went down and asked them to stop shouting and banging on the outside stairs (metal fire escape type stairs). They then all disappeared into town I think. At 3.30am they came back and woke Freya with their noise confused I have been banging and crashing around since 8am so I hope their heads are suitably sore!!!!

Feel so bad: Gave Sky some good ole Ashton & Parsons teething powder now my pharmacy stocks it and didn't realise It had lactose in sad she had such an uncomfortable night poor baby.

Been to New Look and brought some things in the sale smile

Now relaxing whilst Sky has a nap and DH cooks sausage & mash for dinner. Hoping my wages clear this afternoon as need to nip to supermarket have run out of apple juice for the girls and need a larger tommee tippee beaker for milk as now Sky is 1 the bottle has to go! I'm slacking as Darcie was weaned off a bottle completely by 12 months.

SevenElvesAndAReindeer Fri 28-Dec-12 14:37:47

dsm hope Sky is ok. It's easily done as its in so many things you wouldn't expect. I made the same mistake ages ago with teetha granules. How are you making her formula, in a jug or in a bottle then just tipping it in a cup? Still being on formula is so much more of a faff than just being able to give cows milk, I can buy lacto-free milk but it costs more and the nearest place I can buy whole not semi-skimmed is 10 miles away!

I need to make more effort getting Eva off bottles, I'm determined she'll be off them before the next one comes!

SevenElvesAndAReindeer Fri 28-Dec-12 14:39:53

Meant to say that Eva gave me her first proper kiss earlier rather than an open-mouthed slobber. She also dances now, it's very cute. Feeling better today, DH is only doing a half-day and will be home soon, and ham, egg and chips for tea.

jigglebum Fri 28-Dec-12 14:57:21

Freya is still on bottles. DS was only on one at bed time by this stage and everything else out of a beaker but F will only take water from a beaker not milk and she is a stubborn little madam! She eats so little during the day that I am reluctant for her not to have her milk.(haved tried cutting the milk to see if she will eat more - she doesnt!)

Terrible night again here. She goes to bed and then wakes 45 mins later and then every sleep cycle or two for the rest of the night. Have resorted to co sleeping just to get some sleep. She genuinely seems to be in pain at times and often spikes a night temp. She is never well for long enough to do any sleep training. She has not been completely well for a week since about August. I have just booked a cranial osteopath appointment for her for Jan - not sure if I believe it can do much and it is not cheap at £33 a half hour session but have to try and break this illness/crap sleep cycle. I am going to be mean and spend some of her christmas/birthday money on it. I did try it for DS s glue ear and crap sleep and it may have helped a bit. I feel better just having made the appointment!

DH has taken DS swimming. Freya seems quite well today but didnt want to risk it so we are chilling out at home. We have a panto trip tomorrow to look forward to.

KateKringle Fri 28-Dec-12 15:56:27

We have the house to ourselves again for the first time in a week smile. Peace at last....well, almost. BIL bought DD that bloody bear which recites "twas the night before Christmas" in a very annoying American accent. It may have to meet an unfortunate accident.

Seven as she has to be on Nutramigen till she is 2 I'm making in a bottle to get correct measurements and tipping into a beaker.

Will have to work on it during the day!

Am going to order an intolerances/allergy cookbook and see how I get on to help with diet but felt so bad after the teething granules ishoo last night.

MissChristmastRee Fri 28-Dec-12 17:47:56

New thread name needed!

My effort:

New Year; walking and talking, let the chaos commence!

LittleMissKitschmas Fri 28-Dec-12 18:07:08

December '11: boldly going forwards, independently, at speeeeeeed!

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 28-Dec-12 18:35:20

Dec 11;New Year, New Words..altogether now <haddock>!

Dec 11; They're one Jim and highly illogical
Mashing together two great Trek quotes, c'mon!

Am printing out a list of serving sizes tonight, found this list, does anyone know of a better place for food resources?
DS has been on/off/on/off the beakers a few times now, when he's teething (like now) he doesn't want me feeding him, all other times he lies there like Bacchus expecting to be feed.

<calpol> for all those still poorly babies/adults.
Avoiding taking DS to play groups until I'm 12wks as a virus now would wipe me out.

Cheung, I'm impressed a 14yr old got a present for DS himself tbh! Although a mega can of Red Bull and a packet of sickly sweets would be a great gift to give anyone else's children. grin

Hope Sky & you are feeling better now DSM?

ChristmasIsForPlutocrats Fri 28-Dec-12 18:50:18

Oh, jiggle, that's hard. If it makes you feel any better, my little creature is waking throughout the "evening" (ho ho, after DS is finished with me!) and night. She might he in pain (bringing the legs up) or just infuriated at finding herself alone! I do swear, and it does make me feel better... Swearing doesn't mean that you are unsympathetic, so you needn't feel guilty, either!

OiMissus Fri 28-Dec-12 18:51:20

I like both suggestions. smile
Whose BIL was it that bought fruitshoot? (How very odd!) 3 of my DH's siblings didn't even send cards for BOi's birthday. Since I've known DH, he has always bought cards and presents for his siblings's birthdays and Christmas. They've never bothered with his bd or at Xmas.
This year, as they all have kids now, we just got the kids presents. And bizarrely, this year, the 2 brothers turned up with gifts for us. 3 for £10 JP Le Chenet wine, and an Asda cheese and wine set (we had to bin the cheese as it hadn't been refrigerated and the Stilton had leaked and gone orf.) hmmph!
Jiggle -cranial osteopathy - ? - I may have to look it up!
We have dancing here too, mooing, touching heads and toes (with Heads and shoulders singing), blowing kisses, touching his nose when you ask "where's your nose ?", and kissing properly on request.

LittleMissKitschmas Fri 28-Dec-12 19:46:09

We have waving and dancing. And shouting at Christmas trees. Singing to laundry baskets also. Still no teethsad

FestiveFiggy Fri 28-Dec-12 20:24:23

Evening all back from Scotland with a cold and a mountain of washing had a lovely time even if Xmas day was a bit of a wash out (aren't they always?!?£.

Am left wondering what has happened to my sweet sleep loving baby I now have a hysterical demonic 1yr old who won't go to bed......this shall not do!! I'm sat in our room watching him thrash around on the monitor have been hoping its been because he's been in a travel cot up there and so out of his own environment we've had such terrible evenings fingers crossed!!

We have full on walking, waving, dancing, shouting (a lot unfortunately), endless gibbering and 7 teeth however we still have the regular nappy battles, he's back on formula after cows milk bunged him up and he's still on bottles though will drink from anything so need to ditch them.

Sorry to hear of various aches pains and illnesses

NorthernChinchilla Fri 28-Dec-12 22:49:08

We had a total scream-fest this evening too, felt awful about it.

Off to bed shortly, will catch up soon...but wishing a peaceful, pain free night for all Mums and DCs, with lots and lots of sleep!

LittleMissKitschmas Fri 28-Dec-12 23:17:26

I am mid-dye of the old mop. 'tis going turquoisegrin

<refuses to grow up>

OiMissus Sat 29-Dec-12 09:04:12

He decided, after all, that sleeping through, in his own room, is not for him.

mopsytop Sat 29-Dec-12 12:19:56

What carseats have you all got? Wanted to get the cybex pallas 2 fixbut it's out of stock. Gah. Any advice on good ones? Not worried about cost if it's good and safe.

LittleMissKitschmas Sat 29-Dec-12 13:31:13

Still using the baby one as it is not outgrown yetgrin

We have pox in the house. Boo is rocking an awesome collection of pustules >_< He's feeling fine though, so is with his dad today. Dad wasn't keen, but tough cheese, he can't pick and choose the good stuff.

Sorry. I rarely post about him. Ignore me and my bitchiness.


GaryBuseysTeeth Sat 29-Dec-12 14:32:32

Britax First Class Plus, it goes from sizes 0-4. Only downside is it's a bulky feccker.
We'll still get the same again for the next one so it's not that bad.

LMF, hope you're having a coffee filled, child free relaxing time? And he's not just taken a couple of 'em off your hands?
How's the barnet looking?

mopsytop Sat 29-Dec-12 15:25:52

Ended up getting the cybex Pallas 2 without the isofix, it gets excellent reviews and fits our car fine. Thanks anyway ladies!!

LittleMissKitschmas Sat 29-Dec-12 16:32:43

Gary he refuses to acknowledge Octoboy. Tricky situation which at some point in going to have to deal withsad

Got the big ones back early, as Squidge has had a relapse of the excruciating abdominal pain she was suffering earlier in the week. At out of hours walk in right now. Been here an hour, looking at another before we're seen.

Hair is greeny blue in its awesomenesssmile

Right. Back to the inane music and trying to gaffer tape Boo to a chair so he doesn't interact with people. Being single sucks in this situation, having to drag all three out to get one seen. Gah! I'll be getting another coffee on the way home I thinksmile

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