We want our bodies back!

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sweetheart Wed 29-Mar-06 16:59:42

Started for the Dec 05 ladies but everyone is of course welcome to join.

We'll be here for motivation forr all of us post natal ladies who are trying to get their pre-baby bodies back.

Good luck to you all, I personally am starting with 15Ibs to loose in 10 weeks (holiday time!!!)

I'm following weight watchers, visiting the gym twice a week (if possible) and playing netball once a week.

So, who else needs help to shift the baby weight?

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georgeandwigglyjake Wed 29-Mar-06 17:52:12

Me, me, I need to move some of mine too.

A fair amount to shift and I shall mainly be cutting out sweeties & chocolate.
B/f, so severe dieting out for me at the mo.

Should I declare my starting weight to really put the pressure on do you think?

jmum6 Wed 29-Mar-06 18:20:04

Oh me too! MAnaged to shift most of it but not from my tummy.
Need lots of help and advice, and most importantly motivation - don't do any exercise other than look after ds.
How come you have time to go to gym? My dp doesn't get home til late so by then I'm too knackered to go.

TheBlonde Wed 29-Mar-06 18:41:03

Yep still need to shift the weight

Need to stop eating chocolate

Any ideas for healthy snacks?

sweetheart Wed 29-Mar-06 19:17:55

Yeah george, glad you can join us. You may not be able to diet but you could get in some excercise - even if it's just taling Jake for a walk.

jmum - I'm still on mat leave and I'm very lucky that my mum, who is retired, lives just around the corner. She loves looking after the baby so I can have some time for the gym. Also my husband is home from work by lunchtime so I can leave the kids with him. Netball is at 8pm and it is an effort to get out the house but I always enjoy myself once I'm there.

For your tummy I'd suggest some gentle sit ups and reverse curls. I've been doing them and they seem to be working (slowly but surly!)

TheBlonde, great - another lady onboard. How do you feel about fruit for snacks (I know it's boring) Or you could try carrots, celery or cucumber - I love haveing these to nibble on and sometimes have them with a sour cream and chive dip. Or if you crave some choc try snacking on Jaffa cakes - they are my saviour. I buy the mini ones and have a couple when I'm really feeing the craving!

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jmum6 Wed 29-Mar-06 20:16:27

Sweetheart - you're too good to be true! How do you have the willpower to only have a couple of jaffa cakes?

What I need is low fat chocolate!

But will reluctantly concede to the sit up suggestion - oh but the effort......

sweetheart Wed 29-Mar-06 20:58:09

I have to say I have been waiting for the moment I could reclaim my body for the last 6 years so I am actually enjoying the diet and excercise. It's great to see the results.

As motivation I have also put up at home 2 photos of me - one fat and one thin. I'm finding it really helpful to keep the end goal in mind.

I'm not normally this good - I think I am just in the right mind set at the moment. It's something I really want and I'm detirmined to work for it!

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rachc Wed 29-Mar-06 22:44:33

i think i need some of your motivation sweetheart, wish my Dh was home at lunchtime, he does not get home til after 7pm, but and going to join the gym and run out the house as soon as he walks in.
i'm getting better with the eating thing tho and have lost a few more pounds in the last week or so.
i want to lose a stone before hols in june

ei23 Thu 30-Mar-06 11:37:21

i want mine back too!!
the only problem is im soooo hungry all the time!! im still bf sian and i cant keep my wandering hands out of the biscuit tin!! iv tried replacing biccies wit cereal bars and that worked for like a week and then i had a relapse and bought a kitkat and now thats all i want!! any suggestions of how to kick this latest choccie craving?? i am too lazy for any strenuous exercise right now but have been walking along the road widow shopping with sian almost every day so hopefully that might help beat the bulge!!
good luck to everyone on their quest to find their pre-pg figure as im sure mine in here somewhere as will yours be!!
love and low-fat snacks to you all!!

ei23 Thu 30-Mar-06 11:39:09

* window shopping- im quite sure you cant buy any widows from the shops by my house!!

awayninahmanger Fri 31-Mar-06 21:05:35

I am bf at night still which is my excuse for eating sweet stuff. I really like those 'bad' yoghurts and kid myself they are healthy when they have cream in or lumps of toffee and the like.
To make matters worse our scales are about half a stone more flattering than weight watcher ones so I am about 10 and a half stone instead of nine and a half as usual. I don't think that's too bad really - what I REALLY object to is that I've changed shape completely and look frumpy and lardy whatever I try on. I suppose that's down to exercise - I have been going to the gym once a week - mainly to lie on my back on a gym mat and watch Bargain Hunters, if I'm honest. What are reverse curls? they sound deceptively gentle?

kangel Fri 31-Mar-06 22:32:14

Hi guys, although I am below my pre-pregnancy weight i will still join in as I need to get rid of my jelly belly. My c-section has left me with the ugliest scar that I am struggling to come to terms with and cry at most nights but I am still healing underneath so my tummy is swollen too. I hate it so much that I hide it, if I can't see it then its not there - I even get in the bath with my bikini bottoms on and wont let DP see me at all I tried some sit ups about a month ago and managed 8 before having to give up in agony. I am now back to trying again and will be trying around 300 a night which is what I used to do. Sounds loads but if you do it in groups of 50 with a break in between its done really quickly (and doesn't hurt so much)

So although I am back in my size 6's again I have a huge mental and physical battle with myself and therefore would like to join you guys on this thread.

awayninahmanger Fri 31-Mar-06 22:37:49

aaah, - kangel - size 6!
300 sit ups! bloody hell!
sorry you feel so down about the scar. I bet it's not half as bad as you feel it is, though that's no help really is it? wish you could feel better about it. Are you rubbing in Vit E oil etc? also take a vitamin supplement for quicker healing?

rachc Fri 31-Mar-06 22:52:22

hey all
kangel, they do fade in time, i had a c sec with my first and it did take ages. bio oil is supposed to be good for scars, i used it a bit and it did help, it is not too expensive either.
well i went for a 2 mile walk with dd2 in carrier today, still need to do more, am eating too much, just cant help it, must try harder on monday.

kangel Fri 31-Mar-06 23:30:44

Rach - do the lumpy bits go too and the hard scar tissue underneath? I hate the way it all indents in. I hate it so much that is knocked my confidence loads - I've always had an issue about body confidence so to me this is a nightmare and ahuge thing. My tummy is also numb but i've been told that the feeling comes bacl after about a year.

Ninah - I am trying to rub vit E in but its really hard to keep doing it as I refuse to look at it so I don't have to deal with it, if you see what I mean. It sounds a really small thing compared to what other people have to deal with but for me its a big thing. My scar is about 5 inches accross and sticks out like a sore thumb, its all I see as its still really red.

I say 300 sit ups but I will report back with how far I get........I'm guessing it wont be anywhere near that many. Wont be doing any tonight though as have just washed the carpets so they are still wet.....thats my excuse anyway!

m4ya Sat 01-Apr-06 00:19:38

ME TOO!!! I desperately need to loose the weight, and i hate the way none of my pre-preg clothes do not fit me!
It really gets me down but dnt kno where to start coz i put on weight easily n find it a mission to shift!
any ideas or pointers?

sweetheart Sat 01-Apr-06 18:06:32

kangel - I am so very that you are a size 6! I probably wouldn't even be able to squeeze one of my thighs into a waitband of yours!

M4ya - I'm sorry to be the bearer or bad news but I'm like you (put on weight easily and find it hard to shift) and I'm affraid the only way to shift it is strict diet AND lots of excercise depressing isn't it! I do two gym sessions a week each about 75mins and one netball night which lasts 90 mins. I'm also following Weight Watchers diet.

It's weigh in day for me - I lost 3Ibs this week which brings me to 1/2 a stone in 2 weeks. I've got another 10Ibs to go to be pre-pregnancy weight and then another stone to loose. Still feeling quite positive, give it another week or so and then I'll be fed up.

REVERSE CURLS are a lifesaver they get rid of the horrible apron bit you get after pregnancy - sit up's work the top of your stomach and reverse curls work the bottom bit thats the hardest to shift. What you do is lay on your back, raise your legs in the air and cross yout ankles. Then you pull in your tummy muscles which will make your legs gently rock backwards and forwards. If you legs are rocking you are doing them right but you can't just lay and rock with your bottom, you have to use your tummy muscles to cause the movement - trust me you'll know if your doing it right coz you'll be able to feel it after about 15-20 or in your case Kangel about 100!!!!

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kangel Sun 02-Apr-06 00:21:30

Sweetheart - don't get fed up with the diet it sounds like you are well on your way to the weight you want! Keep at it.

I will have to try those referse curls, they sound really hard but it is the bottom of my tummy that I need to do something about so will give them ago.

Hollyboo Sun 02-Apr-06 00:36:19

Hey all,
I really need to lose about a stone. I've been walking Hollie lots but it desn't seem to be doing much. Doing my sit ups as well. My problem is the sweet stuff, I just can't resist. I have an addiction to tea cakes and Kinder Happy Hippos! My stomach looks horrible! Jelly belly, c section scar and stretch marks! No bikini for me this year! But, I'm determined to lose it all and tone up as well. Glad I'm not alone. I have friends who just seemed to pop right back to their pre preg shape. Not fair!!

sweetheart Sun 02-Apr-06 16:02:15

For all those of you craving sweet stuff I've got some info which might help you control your cravings.

Eating sugar gets to be an addiction to your body and that is why you crave sweet things. If you cut them out altogether for a period of about 2-3 weeks you body will stop craving it and then you can slowly begin to re-introduce it but only in small amounts.

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Hollyboo Mon 03-Apr-06 07:55:39

That's why it's so hard to stop eating chocolate. It's my weakness, it's all that sugar? Someone told me once that when she diets, she always has a bowl of sugar fre jelly ready in the fridge so if she gets a craving for something sweet it's there. My problem is I'd want vanilla ice cream of lots of whipped cream with it! But I'm going to get skinny for the Summer.

leogaela Mon 03-Apr-06 09:05:41

kangel - if your scar is lumpy and hard you can get a special cream to put on it, ask at the pharmacy (I only have one given to me in Switzerland called Kelli-med). You MUST put it on (or vitamin E) everyday it really works. Be careful doing sit ups, you don't say how old your baby is but you may damage your muscles rather than improve them.

If it wasn't for stretchmarks around my belly I would be really happy with my body 13 months after ds was born (although a bit droopier and flabbier than before). I keep looking up info about tummy tucks on the internet.... ...!

kangel Mon 03-Apr-06 19:58:40

leogaela - thanks for the info I will ask the pharmasy and have surf on the net. My ds is 14 weeks old so I am being rather impatient really!!! I just hate the sight of it and so want it gone NOW............IYSWIM

leogaela Tue 04-Apr-06 08:07:16

Kangel, wow, only 14 weeks! Its easy for me to say now (as I remember feeling the same), but just be patient, it really does get better. Be careful with the situps though, could do more damage than good. Someone recommended a book to me 'get rid of your mummy tummy' (ordered from Amazon and haven't received it yet so don't know how good it is), its supposed to show oyu how to retrain your stomach muscles safely - could be worth looking at.

georgeandwigglyjake Mon 10-Apr-06 10:25:48

How is everyone doing over here on reclaiming their bodies.

Not much joy for me this week. Lost a pound but then had a rough night so ate a small mountain of chocolate!
Oh well, thankfully slouch jeans are in again so I can hide my fat under demin!!

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