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The other October 2012 baby thread!

(357 Posts)
ThunderboltKid Tue 23-Oct-12 14:23:27

Sorry for lack of witty title! 4 days post c-section = lack of sense of humour grin

newtonupontheheath Fri 26-Oct-12 19:26:05

RnB Am currently winning at 99p on one of those swaddles on eBay... Worth a try to get DD sleeping longer at night (even though she's the least of my worries- see previous post!)

Goodsense 1 DC, especially when they are so little, is really easy grin I wish we'd have done more when DS was little and easily transportable! We did have a lovely morning at soft play yesterday though. DD slept the whole time so I got to do something just me and DS and it really didn't feel so stressful!

ThunderboltKid Sat 27-Oct-12 00:12:00

Earnest thanks for posting that link; those tips have helped me fix a massively painful latch I had on the right hand side! Life-saving thanks

Baby had his first bottle this evening. MW recommended I started expressing to get my supply up (post c-section) then DH has started doing the 11pm feed. Means I can go to bed at 9 and sleep at least til 12...bliss. Hopefully one feed at 4am will be us until morning!

Thumbwitch Sat 27-Oct-12 03:03:47

Goodsense - Wriggler has a minor posterior tonguetie, same as DS1 had (I got DS1's snipped at 2wo) and what you're describing is exactly what I'm going through now as well. I have a referral to see the paed some time in the next week, I hope - and will be pushing very strongly to get it snipped as most, if not all, of the symptoms you describe can be caused by tonguetie. It made a big difference to DS1 and I'm hoping for a similarly good outcome with Wriggler.

Eurgh to pooey toddlers - I'm glad Ds1 is nearly 5!

elvislives2012 Sat 27-Oct-12 16:06:23

Hi all. Interesting to read all your bf tips and that link with diagrams is useful. DD has out on 7oz in 4 days so clearly BFing is working. I enjoy doing it but just wondering if its normal for it to hurt when she first latches on? That initial bite down? It's really sore but gets better once she starts munching, I just feel the pull on the nipple. Am bruised as last night I tried feeding lying down but I was obviously sleepy as she wasn't in properly.

Shellwedance Sat 27-Oct-12 18:42:15

Finally got a chance to get on here, so nice to hear everyone's news!

We're 6 days in and am loving it. Amelie is pretty chilled, just working on the latch. Last night was a bit tough, she was feeding every hour or so, then at 5 she was hungry but would suck a few times and then fall asleep. If you put her down she would cry again. This went on till 6.30 when she finally fed. Really hope it's not the same tonight.

Will namecheck next time but just wanted to say hi.!

pinpan Sat 27-Oct-12 19:10:51

Elvis, in the early days particularly, it does feel painful/weird in the first few seconds. Advice given to me was take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and count to ten. If it still hurts, then it's a bad latch and worth doing again. If not and you're just feeling the pulling (like you are) then it's all good. For me, that feeling passed away after the first week or so - it's to do with the milk coming down, I think.

Womble is going through a frustrating time of refusing to actually latch on at all, but getting frantic because she doesn't have boob. Does anyone else's baby go from waking up to absolutely crazy with hunger within about 10 seconds? It's a nightmare. She used to do feeding cues in her sleep so I could at least be prepared, but now she just goes from "I'm asleep, go away" to "oh god, you should have fed me five minutes ago." confused

RunningOutOfIdeas Sat 27-Oct-12 19:17:47

Evening all. I am in a lovely cottage in Dorset for the next week. Getting here was stressful - the car was stuffed full. DH has taken DD1 to a local fair so I have a couple of quiet hours with pip. She is more sleepy than I would like. Hope I am not in for an all night party.

I am on my phone so can't easily look back to check who wrote things. Some one mentioned coping with a toddler plus baby. DD1 is 4 but there have been a few 'interesting' moments. One night DD1 started vomiting at 11pm. Both DH and I were up until 2.30am with her (DH cleaning up DD and me cleaning her bed) then pip wanted a feed at 3am. Had to keep DD1 home from school for 2 days. Don't know how I would have coped if DH had not been home.

Pip is on infant Gaviscon for her reflux. It is helping but is such a pain to give to her. We have had to experiment with doses and how to actually get it into her. Adding it to a little expressed milk seems to be working best.

Pip does crack me up when feeding her. Especially early morning feeds. It's almost like it is her first experience of bf every morning. She bobs her head about, eventually latches on, sucks a little then comes off and smacks her lips together. It is like she is sampling a bottle of wine and deciding if it is acceptable. Finally she will dive at me with a growl and feed like mad. Does any one else have lo with daft feeding rituals?

RunningOutOfIdeas Sat 27-Oct-12 19:25:53

Pinpan, your womble sounds very much like DD1. She would go from asleep to screaming hungry with no warning. She was also more uncomfortable in the evening. We always said she was a drama queen and still is. Everything is either totally wonderful or a complete tragedy. However she is great fun, full of life, loves music and dancing and I wouldn't change her at all (wish she had an off switch occasionally).

goodsenseofdirection Sun 28-Oct-12 04:55:43

thumb thanks for the comparison - I'm definitely going to get it checked asap. Let's hope they consider it 'severe' enough to have snipped... Although pukiness has reduced a bit today apart from projectile vomit yesterday!

shellwe night time hourly feeds sound tough - I've been getting that the last 2 nights from 7.30-1.30am but then get to sleep apart from one night feed at 4.30/5.

On phone so my brain cant remember any more namechecks blush Hope everyone else is good and managing just enough sleep! I'm going back to sleep now- hopefully DS will not wake up when I put him to bed...

Shellwedance Sun 28-Oct-12 08:48:52


Much better night, feeds at 1, 4 and 6ish but she actually latched on properly so wasn't a faff.

How did everyone find the clocks going back.

We are going to attempt Sunday lunch out today with MIL and FIL. Hoping not to have to BF out, I managed when we went to Greenwich on Friday but that was just with DP. Not sure about in front of the inlaws!

Goodsense Hope you get the tongue tie sorted. At antenatal they said it was v common and important to get it identified and sorted. Apparently MWs just used to break it with their nail after birth!

pinpan Sun 28-Oct-12 14:16:07

Mmm, 2 am feed finished and womble snoozing again (I hope). Hope you're all having a good weekend!

LoopyLa Sun 28-Oct-12 15:55:33

Hi All, been very absent blush

I need advice!! Baby Loopy was a touch jaundiced & my milk wasn’t in on day 4 so I had to use formula to avoid him getting dehydrated & back in hospital. Then when my milk came in, he got stressed out at the breast and I couldn’t find any advice anywhere on how best to breastfeed baby – not just latch, position etc but the situation itself. It’s all very well advising you change your baby’s nappy pre-feed but then they are so stressed out, they won’t eat anything. Which then makes the bottle an “easy” solution. So now I feel a failure for relying on the easier solution, not what actually is best for Baby Loopy sad

Has anyone got any thoughts on re-establishing my breast milk supply?

Apologies for not name-checking or looking back on what’s been happening with everyone else, feeling rather overwrought & sad I'm missing out with everyone's news.

EarnestDullard Sun 28-Oct-12 17:34:54

Hi Loopy, my own BFing experiences have not been trouble-free, but I'll advise as much as I can smile I tend to do one boob, then nappy change, then offer other boob (or halfway through bottle, along with winding, if bottle feeding). As you say, when thy wake up hungry they don't want to wait while you change their nappy!

For boosting supply, I know some people recommend just spending a day in bed with your baby close by, cuddling and feeding and not doing much else. The best thing to get your supply up is feeding as much as possible, as the baby sucking will stimulate milk production. It helps if your DH/DP is available to bring you food and drinks (and look after any older DCs); if not you could have some sandwiches and snacks prepared in advance to make sure you don't go hungry.

Please try not to feel like you've failed. Everything you've done so far was what was best for your baby at the time. And it's not too late to get back to BFing, with the right support.

pinpan Sun 28-Oct-12 19:05:30

Hi Loopy, sympathies! I never change the nappy first - either do it half way through, or at the end. There's no way the womble would wait that long for food, plus she usually does her business while eating. Earnest is right that feeding is the best way of stimulating supply, but you could also express as well if baby Loopy isn't hungry enough to want to just eat all day. wink Here you can hire industrial hospital grade breast pumps from pharmacies if you don't have one, don't know if the same is true in the UK. Good luck - it's hard work, but it'll be worth persevering if you feel that it's worth it, which it sounds like you do!

LoopyLa Sun 28-Oct-12 19:55:12

Thanks both - don't know where I read about changing a nappy before a feed but it's never done us any favours angry And Baby Loopy usually does his business during a feed as well - as if he's making room! wink grin

Thanks for the support ladies - it's so hard to find advice that's objective & unbiased rather pro this or that.

I do have an electric pump & started today to express - think it's starting to impact on my hormones as felt uterus contracting afterwards shock

elvislives2012 Sun 28-Oct-12 21:56:08

Hi another one for changing nappy half way thru- mini elvis hates having her nappy changed! Hope u are all ok. Am nursing a cracked nipple from where she had a little nibble. Owwww! Am rating that side for 24 hours.
Finding it all a little over whelming tonight. Can't get her to settle but my mum is here helping which is amazing. Hurrah for mums

pinpan Mon 29-Oct-12 04:10:46

Hoorah for mums indeed - mine gets here 3 weeks on Friday and I can't wait!

goodsenseofdirection Mon 29-Oct-12 04:27:02

Oh yes, hurrah for mums! Mine's arriving on 12 November, it feels like ages away.. But since we had to book Flights in advance it cant be helped. MIL is arriving on Monday for a week so I'm hoping she'll be hands on and help out!

loopy sorry to hear you're finding bfing difficult but definitely don't feel like you've failed. Hope the expressing and skin to skin works, keep going with it all and I'm sure it will!

DS has kept us up half the night so far, feeed after feed. And he won't settle in his cot so currently he's asleep on me. As soon as I put him in he wakes- I've got to get this sorted soon... Not sure how though. And, it seems we both have thrush and I think my stitches are infected sad so a trip to the doc tomoro as well as the MW for 10 day check. Not feeling too bad but how annoying!!!

Bye for now. Zzzz...

pinpan Mon 29-Oct-12 06:40:01

Oh lordy goodsense, major sympathies! Make sure they take a swab of the stitches so you definitely get the right antibiotics if they are infected. And good luck with the settling - it does get better! If you can get him to fall mostly asleep in your arms while you are standing rather than sitting, the transition to bed might be easier? Also, try sticking a hot water bottle or wheat bag in the cot so it is warmed up before he goes down. I reckon it's all about fooling them into thinking that the hug has not been taken away!

LoopyLa Mon 29-Oct-12 21:37:42

goodsense I also could have written your post. Baby Loopy spends half his time in the carrycot & the other half in our arms/with us in bed shock I've tried to make carrycot cosier, we always put a hot water bottle in first to warm the bed before he goes in, he hates swaddling but just keeps waking himself up & wants attention. He's so tiny & lovable, it's impossible for us to resist but realise this is not a long term solution! hmm

I've been trying to express regularly & although my breastmilk hasn't dried up completely, it's definitely reduced. But if its still there, it's better than nothing. Not sure whether to keep the expressed stuff & give Baby Loopy a little of it, supplemented by formula or what else I can do with it. It's only 50ml daily at the moment, doesn't seem worth doing anything with? hmm

pinpan Tue 30-Oct-12 08:36:23

50 ml a day is better than nothing, I reckon Loopy - and if you've got it you might as well use it.

The womble just went to bed at 8.45! Thank you twinkle twinkle little star on the tinny baby monitor speakers. grin Hope it works as well at midnight and 4 am...

babybrain3 Tue 30-Oct-12 12:09:09

You can add the exposed milk together to make a whole feed. As long as the first lot hasn't been in the fridge for 5 days I think..

Omg I've just been to the docs for a smear and to have swabs taken so I can have a coil put in-she said that my vaginal wall is slack and I may prolapse !!! Omg!!! Yuk.

Thumbwitch Tue 30-Oct-12 12:20:07

Can you do exercises for that, babybrain?

Loopy, I agree 50ml a day is better than nothing - definitely use it smile

I have been given an appt to see the paed for DS2's tonguetie - 20th frigging November. Poor little sod, he's actually getting worse - latch is worse now, more clicking, more air - chuckin up more milk and so on. I am utterly pissed off about it but there's not a lot I can do, apart from ringing and begging for a cancellation (which, no doubt, there will be about 100 other people doing the same)
I'm having to shorten his feeds, sit him up after for a while, catch the right time to do the winding so it's air and not milk'n'air - and of course therefore do more feeds. sad

On a brighter note though - my bum isn't completely broken, I just have a haemorrhoid. Phew! Although it's still a serious chore going to the loo. I have a scrip for cream, just need to get it.

I am being mean to DH. I don't exactly mean to but it's just frustration and tiredness - he's taking it fairly well but it's kinda his own fault - he tells me he's "tired". He tells me he thinks he might have a haemorrhoid himself. He tells me that it's hard work holding DS2 for any length of time. I want to kick him! Argh!!

pinpan Tue 30-Oct-12 16:28:24

Loopy, babybrain is right that you can add the milks together - I was told that you should refrigerate the new milk first before adding it to the already cool milk though, rather than just topping up the cold bottle with warm, new milk. Have no idea why! Also, our official word is that breast milk will last 48 hours in the fridge, though the lactation consultant at the hospital said it will be fine for a week, they just like to be cautious with their recommendations.

Sucks that you have to wait until 20th November, thumb! My GP said I was going to see someone on Wednesday but they never rang to confirm a time. confused Going to call the surgery in the civilised time of the morning and give them a poke.

Damn, I'm sick of twinkle twinkle little star. grin

WeeSooty Tue 30-Oct-12 21:03:02

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay to me appearing here! I've been struggling a but emotionally with everything. Lack of sleep seriously affects how I can process emotions!

Might just be lurking about for a few days, DH back at work yesterday and I'm pretty freaked out looking after minisooty on my own all day. I feel I should be supermum, perfect house etc but minisooty does not like being put down so I'm kinda stuck to the couch a lot!

Hope everyone is doing well smile

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