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antenatal and postnatal groups: your experiences?

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nickerdoodle Thu 18-Oct-12 11:34:24


I am completely new to mumsnet, so hello! I hope you don't mind me posting on here: I am a student health visitor and I am really keen to look at how we can improve services for the families within our area. I am talking locally with families, but I also wanted to get a wider idea of the types of groups that you have attended; e.g. antenatally and postnatally, run by your local children's centre, community nursery nurses, or health visiting team. What were the groups? did you enjoy them? did you feel they were relevant to your local area? did you have to pay anything? what worked well and what could've been improved?
if you could have gone to any group what would you have liked? Do you feel there is anything missing from community provision?

I am also particularly interested if anyone has been to exercise groups (antenatally or postnatally) run within the community that didn't cost the earth? There are a number of buggy-fit type classes in my local area, but at a cost of £5-10 per session they are out of reach of many of the mothers in my area.

I really look forward to hearing your responses!

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