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Dec 08 Mums - Onwards and bloody well upwards!

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Beans36 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:17:44

How's this? Thought I'd just press on with it!

JamInMyWellies Mon 31-Dec-12 11:38:24

Yay brilliant news!! And a boy woohoo. gringrin

McKayz Mon 31-Dec-12 11:38:56

That is brilliant!!!! So so happy for you!!!!!

ShadyLadyT Mon 31-Dec-12 12:01:24

Fan-flipping-tastic! Hope you can relax now and look forward to having your sweet little boy in the New Year. Will he be April or March? My birthday is April 16 so I am naturally biased grin

Hope you are having a lovely time, Vag. NY would be nice though. When's he back?

The day at home yest really restored my sanity though I woke up feeling hungover this morn despite not having a drop of alcohol yesterday hmm

Looking forward to party in London tonight (assuming no spots appear on DD2)...whenever we drive in, as soon as we reach the fringes of W London I just feel like I am going home. However much I accept, even enjoy, living where we are now, I will miss town forever. Ah well.

How did the move go, Nolda? How far are you from where you were? I don't like moving, I find it horrendously stressful, but the one thing that would persuade me to move from here is that the coal burner just seems so dirty and I feel it's blackening our lungs quite as much as living by the Westway would be. Anyway, moving is not an option for us at the moment.

I wish you all a magnificent New Year, brilliant girls, if I don't get on later.

DeidreBarlow Mon 31-Dec-12 12:35:42

Woo hoo arti that is fabulous news!! What a way to end 2012, I am so very pleased for you.

Hope you all have a great evening, whatever your plans are, and wish each and everyone of you a very happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.

I am off to be miserable as sin again now as my family parties away without us....

ShadyLadyT Mon 31-Dec-12 12:49:23

Nil desperandum, DB. A spot of champs and a cosy night in front of the box is still a nice way to spend NY.

Sybs - are you getting to do that or have you got MIL?

Honsandrevels Mon 31-Dec-12 14:52:59

Wonderful news arti!

Happy new year everyone! We're off to a friend's house for a party, just dropped the girls at the in laws. Hurrah!

Hope you all have fab evenings, whatever your plans.

Nolda Mon 31-Dec-12 17:32:10

Super news, Arti. So pleased for you.

DB, sorry that you had to cancel your plans because of the pox. I hope your DD is better v soon.

Move still in progress. DH failed to pick up the van as he forgot his licence, so will be trying again tomorrow. We have moved a lot of toys and clothes etc but need the van for beds etc.

Lady we are moving about 30 miles so DC will still be able to see their friends, indeed DS's best friend's mother has promised to drive over later in the week so the boys can play. Friend's mother is so lovely!

Hope those celebrating NY have a super time.

poisondwarf Mon 31-Dec-12 19:14:01


Happy new year to everyone! And Happy Christmas! And happy birthday to everyone's littlies!

Arti what fantastic news about the baby. V excited you're having a boy as well. Did you have an inkling at all - how are you getting used to the idea?

Nolda good luck with the move. Do you know anybody where you're moving to? I've been here 2 years now and although I know a lot of people to chat to I can't say I've really made any good friends. Partly because I work but mainly because I haven't met many people I want to know better and I'm a bit of an antisocial sod. V impressed by those such as LadyT, spot and Beans who have thrown themselves into it with considerably more vigour than I can muster.

sybs did you give in and invite MIL over in the end? I would probably try to avoid taking the hint then relent out of guilt, invite her, resent her & vow never to do it again, then feel guilty anyway!

Mind you I'm not as precious about NYE as I once was, even though it's our anniversary (12 years since we met). I used to go abroad for NYE pre-kids but these days we can't even get a babysitter. I would be quite happy to stay in and watch telly but as it happens we are going round to some friends' house with the kids. Went last year and it was quite fun and low key. Champagne & singstar, that kind of thing. Plus there will be some other people I don't know there so a chance to practise my antisocial skills.

We've had a lovely December. Lots of proud moments in nativity plays and stuff - fab. Christmas itself a bit of a trial tbh - got landed with doing Christmas Dinner for DP's family again. Seems like it's my turn every flipping year. And DD's birthday of course - she seems too small to be 4.

Hard to believe they'll be starting school in a few months - Vag I can't believe DS2 is starting school already. He's only a baby! I haven't seen any photos of him lately so I still think of him exactly as last time I saw him, which must have been when he was about 18 months old or something?

Well I'm not going to make a resolution to post more in 2013 as I seem to recall I resolved to do that in 2012 and failed on an epic scale. Still, I promise to come back as often as I can manage. In the meantime, the festivities have just commenced chez dwarf so I am raising my glass to you lovely ladies. Here's to yet another year of chat of the very highest order. Cheers!


poisondwarf Mon 31-Dec-12 19:23:44

By the way lovely to see a few old faces back in the last few weeks such as Turnip and snowwombat.

If this was a TV channel we'd be having a Top 50 moments of 2012 right about now. Unfortunately my memory is shot to pieces and I can never remember what I've read even when I've just read it (which is why I'm so bad at personals). Anyone care to proffer any? Obviously the birth of Rosalie (and urbanebaby?) Any other new babies? I honestly have lost track of how old any of the post 08ers are). Any poo-related incidents from Beans have got to also got to be near the top of the list.

poisondwarf Mon 31-Dec-12 19:47:12

LadyT not sure I can get used to your new(ish) moniker. You are definitely more light than shade in my eyes! How are your trips going? Weren't you aiming for one each month in 2012? Any still outstanding? I've got itchy feet at the moment and can really feel a city break or two coming on in 2013. Unbelievably, I had my first ever night away from DD last week (at my ex's wedding, which was a bit weird), but now I've finally done it I plan to do it much, much more (cash allowing). Oh and I've been meaning to ask you how your Italian is going - we'll have to have a bit of a chiacchierata when we next meet up (although mine has got just a tad rusty in the - gasp! - 20 years since I graduated).

I see there are a few up for a night away - hey, is anyone up for a trip to the Dam to get wasted see the Vagster? If not, does anyone have any ideas for a UK break? And failing that, when are we going to get a London meet-up off the ground? I think I jinxed the last one but if anyone fancies meeting say on a Friday in Jan I would be up for that.

poisondwarf Mon 31-Dec-12 19:50:09

Right I'm afraid that's all I've got time for folks. Off out and already shitfaced. Have a lovely evening all - as always I've failed miserably to namecheck most of you but hello hello anyway. See you in 2013!

McKayz Mon 31-Dec-12 19:55:15

Just wanted to say Happy New Year everyone!!!

I am sorry to see 2012 go really. It has been brilliant, got married and had Rosalie.

Hopefully this time next year I'll be about 6 stone lighter, have a driving licence and a new house!!

Love to all of you!! You're all smashing!! grin

poisondwarf Mon 31-Dec-12 20:02:15

Oh yeah forgot you got married kayz - see what I mean about my memory?

Right, I'm gone. And kayz is right - you are all smashing!

sybilfaulty Mon 31-Dec-12 20:29:39

Happy new year everyone. I am pleased to report that I am in my jammies on the sofa with a gin. MIL was invited for a quiet night but declined!

2012 has been a bit mixed for me but I am looking forward to less of the stress and more of the good times in 2013. Bring it on.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy abs peaceful new year. Love you all xxxx

McKayz Mon 31-Dec-12 20:53:25

DS2 has just come down and announced that he's not wearing pull ups anymore and thrown it in the bin. Very worried as he never has a dry nappy in the morning.

ZuleikaJambiere Tue 01-Jan-13 08:38:40

Happy new year to all, you definitely are all smashers. This time last year I had a fair idea of what the year would bring - only 6 weeks off DD2s birth and 10 months maternity leave stretching ahead of me - whereas right now we have no big plans. But that's quite nice to just wonder what life will send my way.

Great news about the scan Arti, it's been a while since we've had a boy join us (was Spot's B the last one?). I hope you can now enjoy the pregnancy without worry


McKayz Tue 01-Jan-13 08:59:38

Woo!! DS2 was dry all night. First time ever, he's so pleased with himself.

I've hurt my back sad everyone is about to take the dog out but I'm having to stay at home as I can't climb the stiles. Boo hiss.

poisondwarf Tue 01-Jan-13 10:24:30

Well done DS2 on the pull-ups kayz. Lovely when they're finally out of nappies isn't it (not to mention all the cash you save ).

ZJ so are you definitely done at 2? No chance of a DC3 in 2013? And how has being back at work been after mat leave? I could do with some more mat leave myself but that ship has long past sailed for me unfortunately.

sybs result on MIL staying away. Hope you get what you wish for in 2013.

Have just got off the scales and have managed to put on 4lbs in the last 10 days so I guess that's my new year's resolution sorted out.

DCs still asleep after their late night!

Well mumsnet has finally done an android app but I'm afraid it's not the answer to my prayers I'd been hoping. It's taken me bloody ages to write this post so back to the PC for me. I hardly go on the PC anymore though so I can't imagine my posting rate is going to be much better in 2013 sad

DCs starting to stir...

Indith Tue 01-Jan-13 10:26:50

So Christmas and the curse of the relatives is over for us all.

How are your heads on this fresh new year'm morning?

We were very boring, just another day.

I hope all the poxed ones are improving and we can all face the new year with a little pleasure at least.

I hit rock bottom on the sleep front a few days ago but let off some steam on another group (shock I know I'm a traitor, this was my local la leche) so I think I've got over the hump and can press on until he either sleeps or I hit the next dip.

This is the year I start my degree folks. Time are changing. Last year was my last year of being a SAHM and having babies. Last year was the last year I was always available to scraped knees, school run, reading books and homework. Toddler groups and baby groups and daytime meets with friends. Ahead comes a heck of a lot of hard work, a lot of missing my children until we settle into our new routine but hopefully a lot of satisfaction as I make my way towards a career that I will, fingers crossed, spend my life in. It may not seem all that much to a lot of you but ds1 came along before I had started work so at the grand old age of 29 I have yet to work as an adult apart from a spot of English teaching and various shitty studenty jobs.

Arti that's great news on the scan, I'm glad you can look forward to the arrival of your wee boy now smile

Kayz that's great that ds2 was dry, lets hope he has cracked it!

PD that's some great epic posting! Hope you had a good night!

Nolda how is the house move?

LadyT I hear you on the number 3 decision. It is hard. Like you I had very strong feelings about it and they wouldn't go away. When I was out with the dcs I was always looking around for a 3rd when it came to rounding them up an dI'd have to remind myself that he didn't exist. It felt very, very right when we decided to TTC and I became pg with ds2. He is fabulous and the big ones adore him. Time will tell how he fits into the little unit they make once he is walking and talking and joining in their play. I do look forward to being out of the baby stage though, what I enjoy about the big ones is being able to do things together and enjoy them together rather than always doing things for them.

Well I should press on and have a shower or something, I've just finished breakfast having gone back to bed this morning after being up with screamy for a few hours.

beans37 Tue 01-Jan-13 19:29:48


Hello my friends! Sorry for extended absence. Cumbria and Dumfries with no interweb. But here I am! Had a fab time, although found I could think of little to say to DH from 27th til now. We've bickered a lot. Not good.

Arti! Great news! Hurrah!
Lady, I hear you on The third. We are definitely going to go for it this year. Hurray!

Must dash. Back soooooooon! X

beans37 Tue 01-Jan-13 21:06:33

- come hither pretty ladies NEW THREAD

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