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Dec 08 Mums - Onwards and bloody well upwards!

(996 Posts)
Beans36 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:17:44

How's this? Thought I'd just press on with it!

sybilfaulty Tue 27-Nov-12 12:20:16

Hons I am crap at sleep advice as everything I do seems to work in fits and starts. Currently have at least one in the bed but she's been ill so I'll let her off.

Just done the SS email. I don't know if we are specifying whether we want a present for ourselves or the niperoos this year - if it's not been decided, could we all buy for each other, as the kids all have birthdays and Christmas close together and I think we are worth it!

Right, must gather my thoughts and do something.

Rubena Tue 27-Nov-12 16:20:46

this weather sux

LadyThompson Tue 27-Nov-12 18:01:58

Waaaaaah, I am so behind again.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for O. She had a lovely day on Sun though we kept it quite quiet. Party next year when she's at school!

I have just managed to do my Secret Santa email, Hons! Yay. And Sybs, I have asked for a present for meeeeeee anyway grin

Rubes, the dress sounds lovely. I think full length for a work do is probably ok if it's not ballgown style, and it sounds as if it isn't. But probably most people won't go full length so it depends if that would freak you out or not. Some nice party dresses on Ebay if you know a certain size always fits you...

I have a do on Saturday night. Cock knows what I am going to wear. But I can just about jemmy myself into Frocks of Yore so must open Pandora's Wardrobe and see what's in there....A squidgy size 12 into size 10 dresses - yep, I'm gonna look grrrrrrrrrreat grin Actually Rubes, I wonder if any of those size 10 little black dresses would be ok for you.

Bumholes, need to do the girls' supper. Back for lengthy catch up when I can.

SummerLightning Tue 27-Nov-12 22:29:57

Helllooo all,

As usual am way behind!

rubes and lady I realise that I said on FB I might take a day off this week and come to london, have not been organised enough though. I still have 2 days holiday though and would like to bring the littles to London for some Xmas fun - is anyone around at any point in Dec - am thinking of winter wonderland?? (is it good btw?)

jam I love the dress, you glamster you.
On the fashion front I have a question, DH's work do (for geeky IT start up) is in a reasonably glam location (I think, i.e. a private poshish hall), but the invite says "wear what you want, we want you to be comfortable, Hawaiian shirts fine (they have a thing about hawaiian shirts on a friday apparently, no idea if they will wear them, I certainly won't) WHAT DO I WEAR? i find this distinctly unhelpful! Also cannot get DH to ask the girls at his work as there is only 1 (yes, only one, out of about 40 people). I don't know why I am worrying actually, is clearly going to be a supremely geeky event!

hons am gonna sign up for Secret Santa.

kayz neither of mine would eat for a couple of weeks after starting to try weaning, and didn't try until 6 months due to lack of interest. This either means that a) they will be nightmare and not eat anything, even until age 4 or b) after two weeks they will suddenly start to put everything in sight into their mouths and show no sign of stopping this lack of fussiness nearly 2 years later.

ladyt you are being very quiet on confirming or denying whether the wedding was the one we think it was grin

beans I would be furious and upset about the Xmas in-laws too.

LadyThompson Tue 27-Nov-12 22:39:53

Right, quick top speed catch up!

Beans, could you speak to your DH about Christmas? It's a little thoughtless. He is not an only child is he? Therefore they have other options? Can't you tell him you feel a bit raw this year and need a year off? Also, you don't really want them assuming they can come to yours every year forever and ever amen.

Did you get your application off, Vag? I am not being deliberately mysterious about the wedding, just discreet as the bride and groom are vv private and I would get into massive trouble if they thought I was blabbing online about their nuptials grin Basically, he's a comedian and she is a writer. ZJ, I did know her when she came onto that thread but can't really talk about the whys and wherefores of how that came about! So RT, I don't really know what I can tell you about the day itself. Er...however, WG is very well and looked great, I told her she needed to come back on here, and I had a long chat with Mr WG too, who is also in fine fettle.

Gorge dress, Jam. Glad you've found one. Going back a bit, what have you decided to do about the person who's found you on MN? I think a name change is in order. I am actually going to change mine in a day or two (have been toying with the idea for ages but couldn't quite bear to - however, this will just be a little change...)

Kayz, how is the flooding?

DB - I find that drinking and heels is a good combo, as the wine is a great analgesic.

I nearly wrote alan gesic. I don't think an Alan has ever killed anyone's pain. Which sort of reminds me, I did laugh at poor Susan Boyle's twitter hashtag, susanalbumparty grin

Oh yes, and DB, how is DS? What happens now he has seen this Inclusion Officer? I am not belittling your worries but all the kids in O's pre-school find it hard to share, you are not alone on that one.

I went to the gig on Sat night and it was fab. Loved it.

Right, I might have to have a mega early night. Listen, I need to go to the meet up thread tomorrow and see where we are with that. It would be a massive shame to let it go and not have one before the Festive Juggernaut comes and mows us all down. Although, like Sybs, I am a serious Christmasphile. No decoration is too tacky, no song is too jingly for me to love, I enjoy every element. Ok - except for mince pies. HATE mince pies. Yuck.

LadyThompson Tue 27-Nov-12 22:50:25

Ah good, SL, I was worrying that I hadn't come back to you about Winter Wonderland and I was worried that you'd gone today, all alone grin

Whatever you wear for this party, as virtually the only female, you will shine. Wear something you feel good in. They obviously don't care either way. How liberating grin And I just confirmed it about the wedding, above! Ha! DP asked the paparazzi outside the church "How do you want me?" and they all laughed tiredly.

I like Winter Wonderland but it depends what you's quite sprawling, millions of stalls selling Christmassy market stuff (plenty of crap, but somehow it sets a festive scene), quite a lot of rides including things for very small children...Mulled wine widely available...I am taking the girls on either Tueday 12th or Wednesday 13th Dec. If you fancy coming then (or anyone else, in fact - Rubes, I already mentioned it) - be super duper to see you.

But I would like to do an evening meet up as WELL.

SummerLightning Tue 27-Nov-12 22:51:32

ladyt x posts sorry for saying you were being mysterious! To be honest I didn't even know the happy couple in question were a couple until I saw the news story.

I am also excited about Xmas although mildly panicked as have not really bought anything yet. I also LOVE mince pies and DH has made home made mincemeat, soooo excited!

SummerLightning Tue 27-Nov-12 22:54:10

Ah don't think i will be pretty much the only female, it's just that it will all be guys that work together and their other halves. A bit strange. I am thinking of sparkly top jeans, and maybe some NEW shoes (as I only tend to wear my boots and converse at the mo)

12th or 13th sounds good for ww.

Rubena Tue 27-Nov-12 23:35:45

I HATE mince pies too. Hate them with a passion. Hate Christmas cake too. Very excited about everything else though grin we have ordered icicles for outside the house. I had to stop dh trying to buy an outside reindeer that lights up hmm we're going slightly Chevy Chase this year since my family are coming! The kids are so excited about Christmas though. I love it even more with the kids excitement!
Tree selection penciled in for Sunday, and turkey purchase from Costco shortly there after grin
SL - yes I would do that. Dressy top, jeans, nice heels etc. Oh I am fed up of this weather and so WW wouldn't have been good - but must admit I just read your update on FB to me now blush

Yes Lady, I've abandoned the long dress for my do. Thanks for the offer - very kind, and would fit, but the party is before we come to you (the night before) Will wear one I have, (as I do have one or two I could wear - just rather something new!) or perhaps look at shops on Monday.
I have tickets to Alan Carr next week - v excited, but need to get babysitter early - has anyone used in the afternoon - do they do that? MIL of course needed to cross check her diaries, then came back she's busy [rollseyes]
Right, I'm on a detox week of no booze until my parents get here - I see that failing miserably at the weekend with Christmas trees and decorations going up plus strictly. I see bubbles involved grin Doing well so far.
Quite pleased. Managed to get ds a new high bed off eBay so he could have more floor space in his teechy room, and put his old one on ebay, photographing in detail it's knackeredness and it went for £62 so v pleased.

Oh and on being discovered on MN - won't they see that you have written about it and then follow along or are they not that nosey? I'd be name changing yes.
Right, sleep for me

Rubena Tue 27-Nov-12 23:40:23

Oh and Lady will chat to you about WW on the 12th possibly! but not sure yet

McKayz Wed 28-Nov-12 03:22:04

Am I the only person who hasn't a clue whose wedding LadyT went to? I need to brush up on my showbiz!!

The flooding hasn't been as bad as first feared really. A few houses, the museum, memorial hall and a pub have flooded. They are all on the banks of the river.

I booked DS2's party yesterday. He wants a fireman Sam party for all his friends at school.

Hope you are all well.

DeidreBarlow Wed 28-Nov-12 07:22:14

I'm LOVING all this Christmas talk!! I'm off to a few garden centres this weekend to checkout the Christmas displays, and mum wants a table runnergrin. If I find anything good rubes I'll take a pic wink

DS has his hearing test this morning. Lets hope he cooperates this time. I'm not convinced he has a problem with it but we'll see. Not sure what they intend to do differently with DS nowconfused They are going to spend more one to one time playing games/role playing about sharing. And I think getting him to manage 'his feelings' and try and get him to react differently when he gets angry at the other children ie, walk away, tell them he's cross,tell a teacher...all of which he does not just not that frequently!

Rubena Wed 28-Nov-12 08:32:00

Ah yes, Deids. Do take a pic - I haven't even got to table runners yet! I need to get the tree up and the decs and then think about table grin My parents are going to think I'm nuts. They haven't had Christmas with me since DS was born and it was 2 weeks post CS with brand new baby so I wasn't quite so regimented with my Christmas plans hmm
Good luck with the hearing test.
DS has a problem sharing with his sister - drives me mad. People assure me it's normal sibling stuff but sometmes he gets furious and I think veins are going to pop in his head.
Kayz, hope this weather eases for all of us, but especially you northern ladies.

DeidreBarlow Wed 28-Nov-12 09:14:37

Kayz, glad the flooding wasn't as bad as first feared. Apparently we have artic conditions to look forward to next!

DS shares okay at home, just school. I have 'parents evening' for him later this aft. That'll be fun, as if they haven't said everything there is to say about him!

JamInMyWellies Wed 28-Nov-12 12:59:56

On the subject of table runners, John Lewis have some lovely ones this yr.

Also on the namechange thing seeing as it took you lot a few days to even notice me wittering on about it. I think its safe to say my posts really are that dull that I need not worry if someone I know in RL reads them. wink

ZuleikaJambiere Wed 28-Nov-12 17:34:13

I' m pleased to hear you've stayed dry Kayz.  How are you faring Indith? It's been bad your way as well, hasn't it?

I love the frock Jam, is it black or navy? On my screen it looks navy, which I think is stunning

Your DH needs a bop on the nose Beans for being so thoughtless and not running it by you first, is there any chance he could retract the invitation? If not, then make sure that the other 20 hours of the day are all about you and your Mum and remembering your Dad.  And Sybs, treat your MIL to a train ticket for her Christmas present, the thought of hours and hours in a car with ILs in the pre Christmas traffic, urgh.  I won't even share the tale of our Christmas politics, but I had a blazing row with SIL about it so not I'm looking forward to having to be forced and polite and pretending it didn't happen (or worse, another row, which is likely as she doesn't like to let things drop, ever)

LA is v exciting Veg, but scarily I've just realised by the time you go DD2 will be 1 <sobs>

How was night 3, Hons?

I am in the Christmas mood now, yesterday I went along on DDs pre school Christmas trip, to see the decorations in our local stately home.  They were beautiful and I inspired to be creative and turn my house into a wonderland.  However I know my lack of creative skills will means it will look crapola. Ho hum

Do we have anymore November birthdays, or are we waiting til December before anyone else turns 4? 4! So grown up 

LadyThompson Wed 28-Nov-12 17:37:44

Just whizzing on cos I should be doing my Italian homework. AGAIN.

Jam, your posts aren't dull! Don't be a numpty! grin

Rubes and SL - should have said, whichever day I am coming in, either 12th or 13th, (Rubes, can you only do the 12th?) I am having lunch with DD1's godfather SOOO will probably there early, nip off to Holland Pk for lunch, and then come back for the rest of the afternoon. Say 2ish.

How did DS's hearing test go, DB?

And did ZJ manage to meet up with RT??

Beans36 Wed 28-Nov-12 17:51:55

Hello all. Have forgiven DH, he just owes me BIG TIME! And the ILs do look after the girls loads, so I have to do some lee-way for them. Just next year I might insist we're not with them. DH wouldn't do more than a year in a row with my parents, even when Dad was alive, and Dad was the one he really loved. I think he's fairly mortified.

I have googled whose wedding you went to. I had no idea, but it does look fun. Lovely. I'm a fan.

Dress chat. Loving it. I'm off to a drinks party on Saturday. Humming and hahing about what to wear... New black sparkly top with black jeans and stilettoes. Feel v glam in that outfit. Or lovely black dress I wore to Dad's funeral and therefore break the "curse" of it, so it doesn't become Dad's funeral dress. Don't feel as glam in it, but sure I could sex it up a bit with some jewellery... ho hum. DH is away this weekend, so am feeling a bit nervous as I don't know that many people going to the party, but have decided to grab the bull by the horns and go anyway. Have booked a sitter and everything! Get me!

I have done a terrible thing and binned my Book Club tonight and lied and said DD2 is ill. She isn't, but I just feel wiped out and fancy an early night and some TV. Awful me. But am rather weepy about Dad for the last few days and just want a bit of mopey time at the moment! Tooth clenching at night is at an all-time high!

DD2 just sat on the potty watching a poo come out, giving a little running commentary on it. The stood up, looked at it and screamed. She is so my daughter. Loving the poo obsession in its infancy, but will nurture it...

Beans36 Wed 28-Nov-12 17:53:00

PS Vag, sister no longer coming over. It was only for Dad's last Christmas, but sadly that was last year and he was so ill with pneumonitis, we didn't see him. Rubbish. I miss him a lot at the moment.

ZuleikaJambiere Wed 28-Nov-12 18:26:10

Poor RT is poorly, so I didn't get to meet her

Beans x

JamInMyWellies Wed 28-Nov-12 19:41:11

Beans you need to have my DS2 live with you then the poo ness will amplify approx million %

Sorry you are feeling rubbish. Grief is a horrid thing I saw the end of a doco last night about music and the elderly with altzimiers (I know that's spelt wrong but can't spell check on my phone) made me a bit weepy about my Gran and she died 10+ yrs ago.

Right am at my spinning class and it's about to start back later.

DeidreBarlow Wed 28-Nov-12 19:57:09

Oh beans am thinking of you lovely x

DS has perfect hearing. Just a bad tempered little sod then. His parents evening was okay too. His key worker basically emphasised all his good points and said that he was generally a lovely little man with a wonderful imagination. Cheered me up. Oh and when DD was doing her spelling tonight DS said he had to do his and promptly sat and wrote his name! Clever bear.

Rubena Thu 29-Nov-12 08:56:03

Bloody heck Deids that's impressive!
I have a awful headache. It may well be lack of booze hmm
I'm officially applying " you get what you pay for " to Primark pjs. They are now the back up ones. For the last 2 weeks have done nothing but sew buttons back on. Dd was in tears in middle of the night screaming that her "pjs were broken" I caved and bought the Monsoon ones grin as they were 20% off -she had them on five minutes and puked all over them from eating too much dinner while I was at the shops for 5 minutes! But the funniest part was dh texting me to ask where the cleaning spray was

Rubena Thu 29-Nov-12 08:58:32

To be fair to dh we did only have those dettol wipes here as we were out of the spray, but it did sound funny!

sybilfaulty Thu 29-Nov-12 10:27:07

Hello hello hello hello hello!

Well I am in the doghouse again as the illness moves round the family. I had a day off for T on Monday, went to work yesterday to face bitching from one colleague who had had ano colleague bitching about me and covering for me on Monday and now M is ill. He has thrown up all over me and the bed, temp is 103.5 and he has been asleep since about 8 am. Poor little fellow. I have a posse of 4 year olds coming on Saturday, and so I will need to decide if he is up to it. I also have a wine and fags (e cigs, natch) with an old pal, but I don't think I can leave him. Oh dear. Tomorrow I am off for a pedi with my pal who is 39.5w pregnant. I doubt that will be able to happen either. Oh well, they can't help it.

Rubes, I only buy spenny pyjamas now as the cheapies don't last. M has some Cath Kidston ones coming his way on Sat for his birthday, though if he is still throwing I might save them for Christmas. I sometimes get spenny ones on Ebay for about half price and they always look OK.

Beans, I am so sorry you are missing your dear dad so much at the moment. He was such a wondeful man and such a huge part of your life that I am sure it will take you some months / years to come to terms with losing him. I am not sure one ever "gets over" losing someone, but in time it does get a little easier to bear. Good on you for getting out at the weekend. Your dress was lovely and I think it is fab to use the dress for a fun occasion. Get that diary out! We might have to rendez in the NY now, but am longing to see you for a good catch up.

Talking of which, do we have a date for our meet? I will try to find the thread.

Love to everyone. Do you realise we have been chatting now for nearly 5 years? Result!

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