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Dec 08 Mums - Onwards and bloody well upwards!

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Beans36 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:17:44

How's this? Thought I'd just press on with it!

ZuleikaJambiere Sun 25-Nov-12 18:43:43

Rubes I'd love a mini meet up, with anyone who is free between 11 and 12 on Wednesday and in the vicinity of Kings Cross, Victoria or anywhere in between. But with that many stipulations, my chances feel slim. Or maybe there's lots of you in those areas and my geography is pants?

How did R like her food Kayz?

RTchoke Sun 25-Nov-12 19:28:44

ZJ - would you consider coming as far from Victoria as Westminster? It is a 15 minute walk from Victoria Station or 5 mins down Victoria Street on the bus. I have no meetings between 11-12 so could meet for a coffee. It would be great! Although I totally understand if it is too far.

JamInMyWellies Sun 25-Nov-12 19:33:37

Happy Birthday for O & H yesterday.

ZuleikaJambiere Sun 25-Nov-12 19:46:31

Ooh, RT I reckon I could tube it from Kings Cross to Westminster and then on to Victoria. It'd be very lovely to meet you and (slowly) increase the numbers of you that I have met. If you're sure it's ok? Didn't you say you've you got loads of work on at the moment? I don't want make your day even longer

McKayz Sun 25-Nov-12 20:09:51

ZJ, it was a disaster. She just looked disgusted and cried. Maybe she doesn't like carrot.

DeidreBarlow Sun 25-Nov-12 20:15:37

Thanks for DSs birthday wishes. He's had a ball! I just cannot believe they are turning 4!

Kayz, DS was almost 7 mths before he weaned. It didn't matter what he tried he simply wouldn't swallow anything other than milk

Happy Birthday to O, hope she's had a lovely day.

Rubena Mon 26-Nov-12 17:04:46

Ah ZJ, didn't think when I wrote that that you only had an hour! Hopefully RT is in the hood though.
Kayz, same here for DD. She was awful. Wouldn't have anything except milk until about 7-8 mths, then nothing with the slightest of lumps (even small ones) until about 18 mths [sigh] she's pretty picky now. DS still loves his fruit and veg but dd declares at tea every night that "Broccoli is dis-gus-tig!!" then tries to convince me to eat hers, but ds usually does as he loves it hmm guess you get one's who eat well and those who don't. Not to say that resistance to solids means all that to come, not at all. DS wasn't keen on solids early either.
Right, best go and collect the little treasures soon. DH on a late-ish one.
This weather is horrendous. Even the dog looks out in disgust then goes back to her bed not wanting a walk hmm

Beans36 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:07:59

DH has invited his parents for Christmas lunch at our house. My Mum is coming. I am not pleased. That's every Christmas in their presence since we got married. They are very nice, but I NEED A BREAK from them one year. It's not like we don't seem them at least every couple of weeks. GAAAAAAAH! The only father I want around is mine, and he can't be, so why oh why, do I have to put up with the prat that is my FIL!!!!!??? AAAAGH and again AAAAGH!

Deep breath, it's ony 4 hours out of my life and it's only Xmas, which is in danger of becoming shit.

Me me me anyone/???

DeidreBarlow Mon 26-Nov-12 18:18:45

Oh beans, did DH check with you first or just go and invite them?? I'd be pissed if he didn't check it was okay any year, but this year I think more than any he should have checked how you actually felt about it. Does he know how you feel?

JamInMyWellies Mon 26-Nov-12 18:19:12

Rubes same here. The dog has glanced at me in disgust everytime I have opened the back door today.

I am so ready to sell DS2 or actually give hime away. His behaviour is shocking!

Kayz isnt she still really little or am I getting confused surely she is only about 4 months or something??

I have finally found a frock for my sisters do. I have gone for full on glitz. I spoke to her and she said the glitzier the better apparently one of her US pals is wearing a floor length evening gown. here it is

So what do you do when someone in RL tells you they have accidentally found you on MN? I know I am the most boring poster in the world and never discuss anything on here that I wouldn't chat to my RL friends about. But I just feel a little awkward. Change name or not?

RT on the tantrums thing DS2 has become the master at them agin <sigh> Its so frustrating. They are worse than a 2yr olds I think because he can now add real venom to the behaviour with some spectacular refusals to do certain things. I am hoping its a phase. Otherwise the thought of leaving him in the middle of Waitrose wailing is really rather appealing.

Right bedtime is calling thank goodness.

Rubena Mon 26-Nov-12 18:20:24

I feel your pain Beans. Didn't he discuss first? We seem to get frowned on if we even suggest possibly Christmasing overseas - with other family (mine, or dh's uncle) dh says its because we are the only one's with the kids. My family are coming this year, and I think mil is stressing already that she won't be taking control grin

Instruct them to bring loads of booze and that should numb it grin

JamInMyWellies Mon 26-Nov-12 18:21:45

Sorry crossed with you Beans, I would be a bit pissed off. But then I made a rule when we got together that Christmas would always be in our house. I don't mind people coming over but don't expect me to be dragging my children out of their house on Christmas Day. It can backfire though as we know are entertaining the entire family on Boxing Day.

Rubena Mon 26-Nov-12 18:26:22

Crossed with you Jam.
I bloody love it. Might buy it for DH's work Christmas party. On that subject, does work Christmas party generally mean not a floor length? I have a strapless floor length dress which is quite plain / straight down that I was toying with wearing but I'm just getting the feeling it shouldn't be long for a Christmas party? Why am I thinking that? Now I want yours Jam grin

Beans36 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:32:32

Jam, that is gorgeous! I saw this one on a thread on here and thought of you. But I like yours more.

To be fair to DH, his parents were meant to be going to Cumbria for Xmas and he said 'if you weren't going, you could come to us', never thinking they would cancel. But they did and asked if they could come to us. Just feel like they can't leave us alone and it drives me a bit potty. It's high time his sisters started pulling their weight. Next year have suggested Caribbean for us. But as its our year for going to his family, DH will not go. He is pathetically mummy's boy. Needs to cut apron strings.

McKayz Mon 26-Nov-12 18:38:21

Jam, she's over 5 months now.

Beans, I'd be really quite annoyed at that.

I'm seriously considering going to bed now. I'm knackered

sybilfaulty Mon 26-Nov-12 19:59:24

God, having the inlaws for Christmas is a bloody trial isn't it? I suppose it's only one lunch but it is rather crass of them to have accepted given that it's your mum's first CHristmas without your pa, and indeed yours too. We seem to have got into the pattern of MIL expecting to have Christmas or NY with us. DH's brother sometimes has them for the one we don't but not always. Now that she is on her own, she is even more needy. Wants to come on 23rd and stay til 27th, wants me to drive her car from the top of the A1 to our house (SE London) as she doesn't drive in town, blah blah blah. I can feel my heckles rising already and it's already 4 weeks away. I love Christmas though and won't let it ruin it for me.

Dresses all gorgeous. Feeling a bit fat for party wear at the moment. Must get a grip.

Rubena Mon 26-Nov-12 20:03:07

Don't think I'll do the long dress. Will need new shoes too in that case grin Jam, what shoes are you wearing with that little number? I've tried on so many shoes recently. I like heels, but most were way too high for having a few wines in me - classy I am.

kayz. Go to bed!

DeidreBarlow Mon 26-Nov-12 20:21:26

Ha ha ha, Rubes I buy shoes based on whether or not I'll be able to stay upright in them after a couple of wines! grin I took 2 pairs back for a wedding I went to in the summer as I was convinced I'd deck it when tipsy! Actually I walk better in heels if I am really drunk....

jam That dress is gorgeous, you will look amazing!

I feel for all of you having to play the Christmas politics games. Its such an arse. Thankfully I don't have that this year, as we are entertaining DH's family on Boxing day.

JamInMyWellies Mon 26-Nov-12 20:21:52

these rubes Not too high and I think with such a flashy dress plain works best

Rubena Mon 26-Nov-12 20:27:37

Ha! Lovely. That's the height I'm looking for. Mind if I copy your whole outfit? grin Actually, I don't think I'll be spending that much so will be either a new dress or shoes for me, but unlikely both.

Deids, I've done those kind of returns too grin!wine

Honsandrevels Mon 26-Nov-12 20:44:32

Hello all,

I've had secret Santa emails from Kayz, zj, jam and beans so far. Deadline the 1st so hurry, hurry!

dd2 is wearing me out. She slept beautifully until she was one. where did the sleeping baby go? <yawn>

VagolaJahooli Tue 27-Nov-12 00:10:35

Ugh I feel physically exhausted. I've been trying to buy tickets to LA for the boys & I to go visit a friend who lives there. The stupid bank blocked our card so everytime I tried to buy the tickets the last few days I couldn't. Anyway finally had it unblocked today but most of the travel sites seemed to be down. I really wanted these particulate flights with virgin because they had the least transfer time and didnt require changing airports in London (Heathrow to Gatwick!) They were down to five seats argh and no bloody site would work. Finally DH managed to buy them on an Indian website! Phew. So done we are off to LA on the 23rd Feb. But I'm exhausted now.

Jam I love that dress & quite freakily I saw a sequined dress today and thought of you & your glitzy wedding. There is an embassy do here for the ANZWC here that I would go to and were a dress like that, except that I can't imagine anything more boring. Glitzy wedding would be much better.

Speaking of glitzy weddings, I wanna know whose wedding WG & Lady went to, would I know them? Is it a funny person?

Kayz how are you, weaning DS1 was never fun, so I went straight for a BLW thing with DS2. I would go with a whatever works & do not ask the HVS for advise they are crap. Also remember she is getting everything she needs in her feeds so this is all just having a go & a bit of fun. Let her have a go at the different flavours & textures, she's not picky, it's all just very different.

Poor DS2, he fell off their new bench chair we got the boys to use to sit at the dinner table. Turns out it's a little slippy. Then a lamp fell on his head & made his ear bleed & has a big bump.

Happy birthday to our first boy & girl DB boy & MadamoiselleT. How amazing they are all nearly...actually I don't want to talk about it.


VagolaJahooli Tue 27-Nov-12 00:15:11

Oh & rubes I can't imagine you looking anything other than fabulous in heels.

Beans sorry about the IL s I know it's not DHs fault he probably thought he was safe, but still a bit crap. I actually can't believe they could be so insensitive about this. How is your mum. I remember there were plans for your sister to come over from France. Will both your sister's be there too. Thinking of you.

McKayz Tue 27-Nov-12 07:33:44


Vag, I'm fine thank you. Just bloody tired. I got so used to sleeping through that this is exhausting. Weaning is fun though, the faces she pulls are priceless.

It's flooding here. Our house will be fine but we don't know about taking DS1 to school. It cuts the town in half and we're on the other half to the school. So he'll get stuck there if it floods badly.

Honsandrevels Tue 27-Nov-12 11:37:55

My post last night was really short as my phone was being slow. Am at work now so can't be long.

Jam Great dress! Wish I had a glam occassion coming up!

Secret Santa address is ItsChris tmas december0 8@gm No spaces!

Awful night with dd2. If she slept I'd be happy to put her in our bed but she often spends all night poking our eyes or throwing her comforter around. So we're going to her but not taking her out. I feel awful. This was night 2 of the new regime. Will tonight be any better or does the 3 night thing only work for babies rather than raging toddlers?

Dd1 astonishingly sleeps through the screaming. Amazing as they share a room.

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