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4 month old sleep (any help or advice would be great!)

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Joanna91 Sun 14-Oct-12 15:49:10

I am getting sick of sleepless nights and waking up so grumpy and tired so I need to know if can do something about this..............

my 4 month old lg goes to bed quite well at around 7:30pm and is usually quite tired and ready for it (i have done a rountine of bath, quiet time and in the crib for a while now, she does have a dummy and i play a musical projector to help her sleep which does work) ......she will wake up again around 11/11:30pm and afterwards the sleepless night will start she usually wake up every 3 or sometimes even 2 hours after that! I feel like alot of the time its for attention i will wait a few minutes of her crying to go to her and will try and give her a bottle (sometimes she turns it away), change her nappy and give her teething gel! but she will still wake up 2/3 hours later and lately will be wide awake and happy at around 5am until she ends up in our bed and falls asleep (I dont want her in our bed!!) she will wake up fully around 7/8am

sorry about the essay but the dummy and projector do help her fall asleep but i know i shouldnt rely on these!

Anyway I need to know is there any way I can help her fall asleep on her own and STAY asleep???? any help would be great! thank you x

Joanna91 Sun 14-Oct-12 15:51:08

oh and if anyone asks about through the day...................most days she will have around 2 sometimes 3 1 hour naps ,so far today she had one long nap (must be nearly 2 hours) she also snack feeds alot which I find VERY anoying!!!

Joanna91 Sun 14-Oct-12 15:51:40

and I have given her baby rice before bed 3 nights now

McPhee Sun 14-Oct-12 15:54:01

My Dd is 14 weeks, so not far off of 4 months. I try and put her down in her cot on her own during the day, switch her music on and leave her to it. She's getting much better at falling asleep on her own. A while back she would feed to sleep, which I've been trying to stop quite so much. Sometimes she'll cry/scream for a while and NOT fall asleep. And other times, she'll play for a bit then fall asleep. If she's fretful, I do go and reassure her, but then come away again.

Is this something you could start encouraging?

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