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April 2011: losing sleep and gaining shoes, toddlers share with us their news

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ecuse Mon 01-Oct-12 17:34:02

I have taken the liberty of starting a new thread.

Pile in!

brew wine biscuit etc

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 11-Jan-13 18:26:28

That's good that S had it badly - although I'm sure it didn't feel like that at the time grin

Early bath time in this house too. The return to pre school has knocked ds2 for 6. He only does 15 hours a week, gawd knows what he'll be like when he starts school in September. ds3 was woken early by a plane flying low. Gggrrr, that's the second time this week. Don't the bloody air force know my ptb is napping?! grin

Thank you for ordering the snow JKS grin Ds2 is desperate to build a snowman.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 11-Jan-13 18:28:27

Ps I hope you all know that Fizz is lying about NOT having a spreadsheet. She has documented EVERYTHING grin

GlaikitFizzog Fri 11-Jan-13 18:59:41

<notes ILikes suspicions on spreadsheet>

Kittycatcat Fri 11-Jan-13 19:52:14


Have had wine. My bm's sister went into a hospice today. Not long now sad

GlaikitFizzog Fri 11-Jan-13 22:38:29

Oh kitty sad

If its any comfort, if the hospice is anything like the one FIL was in, she will be well looked after and comfortable. And they'll be looking after bm and her family too.

Kittycatcat Fri 11-Jan-13 22:41:26

It must be fizz. Bf text to say her dsis looking more relaxed already.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 12-Jan-13 08:59:31

So sorry to hear that Kitty, I think I remember you mentioning her before.

Kittycatcat Sun 13-Jan-13 08:17:12

Mrsw I am incredibly jealous but hope you're having a wonderful time. Happy birthday.winethanks

GlaikitFizzog Sun 13-Jan-13 14:43:44

Oh yes MrsW happy birthday! Hope you are being spoiled! wink grin

Kittycatcat Sun 13-Jan-13 15:56:39

A just had his first bottle of formula. Didn't want it but we got there in the end. He had expressed bottles yest while we were out so I thought it was perfect timing to try. How many days do you think I should just do1?

GlaikitFizzog Sun 13-Jan-13 16:01:31

Maybe til the fussiness drops? I could be something as simple as the temp is depifferent. Have you felt how warm bm is, it's no as warm as I thought it would be.

Give it a few days at least, the formula is likely to give him more wind too, so give you a chance to know how much to wind him.

Kittycatcat Sun 13-Jan-13 16:47:04

Cheers fizz

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 13-Jan-13 21:14:51

As you haven't got to rush i would do it slowly. An easier transition for A's digestion and getting used to the change and also for your supply and possible breast discomfort.

Happy birthday MrsW. I hope you've had a lovely day.

I had a couple of hours on my own shopping this afternoon while dh took the boys swimming - it was bliss! I bought two summer dresses in the Monsoon sale ( a tea dress and a maxi) and the total price was £36 - bargain. They are timeless patterns so will be fine for this summer. I also returned some boots that I bought about a year ago (no receipt or packaging) which recently fell apart and they refunded the whole amount - I was gobsmacked!

I then met dh and the boys at Carluccios and I think we were probably THAT family. The boys were loud and boisterous and ds3 managed to get his hands on anything that wasn't fastened down. Dh and I were relieved to get out of there - as were the other diners no doubt grin

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 13-Jan-13 21:47:41

Sounds lush, ILTMI!

Happy birthday MrsW thanks

Good luck with the bottles, Kitty. F was crap at bottles, hope A does better. I've no advice, sorry.

I amazed myself with my domesticity today: I've sorted out our paper mountain, scrubbed the kitchen and bleached the floor, and made cakes! And yesterday I sorted out all the embarrassingly random crap that was hidden stored behind the sofas. And I'm even pretty much planned for the week.

I've got an odd feeling of satisfaction going on grin

Only thing is... We're on pox-watch again tonight. A few suspicious spots appeared today.

Kittycatcat Sun 13-Jan-13 22:25:13

I sympathise ubw. Alex is pretty much red and blotchy from the ears down with a few suspect spots. I want to cry. It's almost exactly a year since s had it.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 14-Jan-13 07:42:48

My pox watch updates for the spreadsheet I hope the blotches turn out to be nothing kitty. And UBW B gets suspicious looking spots all the time, I'm convinced its the pox, then they disappear overnight!

Car back in the garage today, different warning lights flashing now! Anyone want to buy a second hand corsa? Low mileage and other good things!

GlaikitFizzog Mon 14-Jan-13 07:43:24

Any not my!! confused

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 14-Jan-13 08:07:42

Hopefully it's not the pox Kitty, I think it incubates for 2-3 weeks before it presents itself.

I know so much about the pox even though mine haven't had it because I have googled the symptoms so many bloody times, thinking that it was on its way grin

How is F UBW?

I think I'll pass on the Corsa grin although I do have fond memories of them as it was my first car. I ran the poor thing ragged. It didn't cost me any money for years, but then it started costing me money quite spectacularly and he was fixed and sold on to a learner. I suspect he needed a quiet retirement but he was sold to a 17yo boy, so that didn't happen!

A light dusting of snow this morning (thank you JKS ) but not enough IMO <greedy>

Kittycatcat Mon 14-Jan-13 09:30:01

A isn't as red today but its still there. I did winder if he was allergic to the formula...

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Mon 14-Jan-13 16:56:57

Pox update: F's got several classic fluid filled blister type spots. They're smaller than I'd imagined they would be (but then, so is F!). But doc confirmed it on the phone to DH.

I've been at work, but so far he's been pretty happy and has eaten his bodyweight.

Any idea how long we'll he'll need to be quarantined?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 14-Jan-13 17:02:09

I think it's after the spots have scabbed over, but double check.

Do you have Calpol and Piriton? The Piriton can help with the itching. It used to be for 12 months and over, but do double check in case it has changed.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 14-Jan-13 17:10:46

Calamine cream, not the lotion, I also very good for the itch. Piriton is ok for over 12 months, we used it for B until we worked out what caused his reactions.

On that, he has been approved for a patch test. Hopefully we can narrow down what it is he is allergic to. End of the month, Monday patches applied, Wednesday a check up and marking, then Friday they take them off and see what has reacted the most!

Kittycatcat Mon 14-Jan-13 17:15:07

Oh no ubw

That's good fizz

Kittycatcat Mon 14-Jan-13 17:58:03

My friends sister passed away a few hours ago sad

GlaikitFizzog Mon 14-Jan-13 18:00:10

sad oh kitty I'm sorry.

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