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April 2011: losing sleep and gaining shoes, toddlers share with us their news

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ecuse Mon 01-Oct-12 17:34:02

I have taken the liberty of starting a new thread.

Pile in!

brew wine biscuit etc

fraktion Thu 22-Nov-12 09:52:38

fizz I was trying to follow that but the blood threads kept getting deleted. What happened in the end?!

kitty hope A is better now. Really helpful advice to try harder there hmm Have you tried saline spray/drops to help shift the cold? They're a lifeline here where we just seem to have one cold after another.

sad on the BFN MrsW Fibgers crossed for next month for you.

I think I'm now out until next April TTC-wise.

You know how things come along at once? I have a job interview today at one of the local lycées and I've been asked to quote for ongoing communications work for a company. I hate quoting, especially as the answer is 'it depends how long you want me to spend on it' because with social media your output really depends on your input confused

Kittycatcat Thu 22-Nov-12 10:10:19

Oh I knowfrak I honestly don't know how age has any patients! I only see her if I have to.

Good luck with the iv and quotes.

Kittycatcat Thu 22-Nov-12 15:05:44

I just proved i can scream louder than both my children put together. I had to walk out and shut them in the living room. They're both still snotty and s didn't sleep long enough so is in a shitty clingy mood and won't stand for me comforting A. Bad day sad

chillikat Thu 22-Nov-12 15:53:36

Aww, Kitty hugs. I'm in awe of you coping with two.

I was horrible mummy last night sad M woke up and settled but didn't go back to sleep and would scream whenever we tried to put her back in the cot. After 2 hours she came in with us and was still whinging I got annoyed and shouted in her face to shut up which obviously created more crying and took me back to being 5 years old and annoyed with the kid next door. Cue a few silent tears from me as I immediately regretted it and spend ages comforting her and stroking her face. Eventually we all got a bit more sleep though I only had 6 inches of bed and DH 6 inches of duvet hmm how does such a small toddler take up so much bed?

In lovelier news my friend had her daugter by ELCS yesterday and I went to see them last night in hospital. She's in the same bed I was which was weird and baby is very cute making little snuffly noises and being startled every so often. My friends DH has gone into full gushy dad mode after realising how amazing it is. It was lovely grin

Kittycatcat Thu 22-Nov-12 15:56:58

Sounds familiar chilli. And congrats grin

GlaikitFizzog Thu 22-Nov-12 20:40:24

Guys need advice please.

my friend has he ds 5 weeks ago. was ebfing with expressing for the.odd bottle.

ay the weekend had a wedding where she was away from ds. ahem expressed but ended up with mastitis. gp gave her Abs today and role her to stow ebfing and go.cold turkey. I'm raging angry but need to make sure I'm not too push with her. she has asked me dorm advice and I'm going to see her in the.morning. she is a wreck. in pain and upset. I want to pike the doc in the eye.

in.better news I'm at the penthouse wait for.the proclaimera to come.on roundgrin

fraktion Thu 22-Nov-12 21:23:36

Jeez that's the fastest way to an abcess. angry

Are the ABs BF safe? If they are she needs to keep draining the breast and the best way to do that is with the baby.

Good leaflet

fraktion Thu 22-Nov-12 21:24:33

Oh and if she's not sure about the ABs she must pump and dump frequently. Just stopping will cause the milk to back up and worsen the inflammation.

fraktion Thu 22-Nov-12 21:28:47

Plus (sorry!) not sure if it mentions combing there but being under a fairly hot shower and combing the breast (literally with a wide tooth comb) from armpit towards the nipple can really help.

sad hope your friend feels better soon fizz

Kittycatcat Thu 22-Nov-12 21:37:07

What an a hole. Hope she's ok and takes fraks advice.

GlaikitFizzog Thu 22-Nov-12 22:49:21

thanks Frak that's exactly what I thought. I still have s the bfn sheet on safe Abs and meds somewhere.

my last sentence should have said. I'm at the playhouse waiting for the proclaimers to come on.

now.I'm on the train home.

Kittycatcat Fri 23-Nov-12 01:47:11

Were they good fizz?. 500 miles was the last dance at my wedding grin

GlaikitFizzog Fri 23-Nov-12 12:45:58

I very nearly walked down the aisle to Lets Get Married. only changed it the week before and settled to have it on the video!

They were fab! I'm quite proud to be scottish when it comes to music! I may have shed a wee tear too!

Visited my friend (with cake and choc) and thankfully she hasn't gone cold turkey, but is expressing off and slowly weaning herself down. She has had a really tough week with the mastitis and her 3 yo playing up too. she has had next to no sleep, so I made her tea, gave her cake, and sent her to bed while I got snuggles <selfless>. She managed to get a shower for this first time this week. She seems certain she wants to stop, and I cant really blame her, he isnt really hands on and she is left to all childcare and housework. If he would pull his finger out Im sure she might think differently.

I am really lucky with DH, I really am.

GlaikitFizzog Fri 23-Nov-12 18:16:03

Final call for Secret Santa!

Will be doing the draw on Monday.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 23-Nov-12 19:18:28

Did you get my pm about secret Santa? Just thought I would check smile

You're not lucky Fizz, your dh is. Well, that's what I always say about dh and I grin

Talking of selfless newborn cuddles, I get to snuggle one on Monday <excited>

I bloody love Let's Get Married, it's a wicked song.

Hope A is better today kitty.

TFI Friday <exhausted heap>

GlaikitFizzog Fri 23-Nov-12 19:45:11

I did ilike! you are on "the spreadsheet".

and obviously dh is very lucky too! we are both lucky in love and not much else!

sunshine on leith is my favourite. I blubbed at it last night and blubbed even more when the old couple, in their 70s at least, stood up in front of us and stepped into the aisle and had a wee waltz. <gulp> it was lovely.

Kittycatcat Fri 23-Nov-12 23:18:56

Rant alert. My dh just told me to piss off. Story behind it. I was out with the boys today and S didn't get to nap til 430 on the journey home. He slept for a hour and abit but woke up in meltdown which dh basically came home to. He managed to calm a. We had our dinner. He put s to bed. We had wine. A slept on me, then fed. I then put A on the chair in my lap and started dozing off. Dh spoke to me ANSI managed to open my eyes long fought for a sentence only he hadn't clocked I was dozing so got arsey and moaned I'd fallen asleep while he talked to me. I said I was already dozing and asked him to tell me again. Sentence was short and basically nothing. I watched a bit of tele holding a bug then gave him to dh and properly fell asleep. I woke to A moaning ANC dh trying to keep him going. In the end he said I'd better feed him. So i got up and bought A upstairs. Dh said try to stay awake for what you're doing. I said I'm not making any promises. I'm shattered. Us said that doesn't excuse the fact you fell asleep while I was talking to you. Repeated I was already dozing and he repeated himself. I said its been a shirty week and I'm nackered do hd said it again. I stormed off thanking him for his support to which he told md to piss off. And I said he could piss off. All sounds v petty as I write. He's great with the boys and does loads at home but I'm fuming. He knows I've had a tough week. FFS I have two small poorly children. I know he's annoyed s was in a mood cos he didn't nap early enough. Needless to say I'm wide awake and fuming now. Am I out of order? Should I apologise? Part of me thinks yes cos he does do much but he had an attitude when he walked in tonight cos of what he come home to. Jesus aren't I allowed to pass out once in a while?

Kittycatcat Fri 23-Nov-12 23:19:08

Sorry sad

fraktion Fri 23-Nov-12 23:53:18


No don't apologise for sleeping but do say you're sorry you told him to puss off if you are. When you're tired tempers get frayed and it's not nice to come home to a meltdown - DH had that today too - bit it's no excuse for taking it out on you. Did Heston to think that if he walked in on a meltdown you were already dressed because it had been going on before he came home? Or that whatever he had to deal with re bath and bed and comforting one baby you do simultaneously all day? He might be great and involved but at least he gets to pee in peace wink So I guess it's understandable that you're snappy and he's snappy but he could have been a bit more sympathetic re: the dozing!

Kittycatcat Sat 24-Nov-12 03:02:21

That's just it frak earlier he had even been saying its 247 for me. And I'm not saying sorry for telling him to piss off as that was in response to him saying it to me [childish sulk]. Last time we had a big row he told me to fuck off and I was furious and told him never to talk to me like that again no matter what.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 24-Nov-12 08:39:55

Tell dh what you've put here. You don't necessarily have to apologise, but tell him how you feel and why swearing at you isn't acceptable.

You're probably both tired and knackered - which of course causes arguements in itself. It's not an excuse, more an explanation.

Talk it through, you'll both feel much better about it smile

Kittycatcat Sat 24-Nov-12 10:09:00

He says it was me saying 'thanks for his support' which made him swear. I've apologised for that as he is usually v supportive. But still said he shouldn't talk to me like that.

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 25-Nov-12 21:03:35

Hey Kitty, how's things? Hope your Sunday has been calmer. I can't imagine the stress you must have with two littlies, but I'm sure we'd end up having similar arguments.

How is everyone?

We finished our Xmas shopping (bar secret santas, bugger) grin and this evening F pooed in the bath envy <-yuk face!

I've finally popped into the One Child Families topic, although we are not definite yet.

Kittycatcat Mon 26-Nov-12 02:49:37

Ew ubw.not fun.

Yeah. We had our nephews 4th party in one of those indoor play spaces. S loved it. Third day in a row he hasn't napped when he should so a hat trick on a grumpy wake up.

I've been having A sleep in with me every night, not all night, prob half d half. Trying to get him back into his cot now he's breathing a bit better cos dh is staying out wed night and s isn't one to sleep through the night so I need to be hands free in case. Co sleepers... Is sleeping with my arm round A ok or should he bd flat in my bed?

Starshaped Mon 26-Nov-12 07:27:25

Urgh. The lurgy has now hit the Starshaped house. <rings bell and marks cross on door or whatever they used to do in the days of the plague!>

I am very envy of those of you who've finished their Christmas shopping. Still loads to do here but I am now ridiculously excited about it all. When do you all put your tree up? I normally wait until about the 15th but am considering doing it earlier because I can't wait to see DD's face!

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